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Don't allow gen 6, but allow GameCube as an exception. No smash melee allowed ever. There. We're all happy.

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holy fucking BASED

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gba is more relavant due to it being retro tier and also able to emulate it as everyone here is a neet that emulates.

ps two is autism though. Fuck it. Also, xbox has no emulators, fuck that too, and it's too normalfaggy. Dreamcast is already here and that's uber autism. I'm not saying psx two doens't have good games but it'd be shitposted waaaay too hard over it's library and hacking capablitity on top of this, the psx two is only lacking in n64 really. Every post would be a psx two post.

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You know I had to sage and report it to em.

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>annoucing a report and a sage
>using an avatar at the same spamming time


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>at the same spamming time

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You are also spamming dumb ass so I could also report you for that.

Be more ironic.

But the word fuck is like word spam more than you think.

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I’m not spamming nor am I the poster you originally replied to. Bottle up the autism. ESL though, right?

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So you don't post that image over and over on /vr/? I see it often.

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No that’s really not me, I really just replied to your post because of the strange syntax.

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Work on your english, man.
t. ESL too

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I don't doubt you're special ed anon but my derploma was normal and fine.

I'm not obligamated to check my vernaculariino post aged 30.

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It’s your duty to make your own posts legible, if you don’t agree with that, then you aren’t allowed to be upset when you get corrected.

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Now that you mention. Please don't work on your english, in fact, don't even bother learning it anymore and forget whatever you may have.

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Gamecube aucka it has what 20 originals? Its mostly multi plats isn't?

GBA is a good idea tho

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You only think they're not le readable becuase of your admitted special ed anon.

First you fag post, then project retardation at me, now this shit?

come on anon you know you likerino

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Lmao show me where I “admitted” that my non native speaking friend

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Does esl not mean special ed?

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No, dumb fuck. It means English Second Language. Which btw, has just been confirmed by that very question.

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But where I live ese means special ed and it's just one letter away. are you sure?

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When does Gen 6 qualify as retro? One year? Three years? Five? Why does the Dreamcast qualify and not the PS2? The PS2 hits its twentieth birthday this year. Is that retro?

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Yes. And sorry for the "dumb fuck" that was a little too rude. Anyway, 100% sure.

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>Apologizing for being rude
>On 4chan
Nuts that that--
FUCK YOU, piece of shit ELS faggot! Go to /int/ and stay there with your 3rd world ass.

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Love you too, anon

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Never and it's hilarious to watch you cry.
Nope, keep dreaming little faggot child.

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>Just realized I typed "ELS" and not "ESL"
Maybe I was the ESL all along...

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You're an adult that plays video games. Calm down, bud.

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I hope you're not pretending to be me.

Yes, your ruderino aside, that original poster was baka level ironic.

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And you're a faggot that sucks dick

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Have sex.

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I already did today. You should have sex with something besides your Gaycube

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>I already did today.
Your hand doesn't count, bud.

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>No smash melee allowed ever

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Can you cry into a container and mail it to me so I can literally taste your tears? 6th gen tears are the best

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move over 64babbies, you fucking incels
Sunshinechads are taking over this shitdump
kneel to your king

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>6th gen tears
But I'm not crying, I am having fun with my 6th gen console, the Dreamcast

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Superfags BTFO

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What's your address? I'm send along some tampons, so you can deal with that bloody hole between your legs.

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>You should have sex with something besides your Gaycube
Is this what passes for "insults" on /vr/?

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Dreamcast is based but mommy won't let you buy one

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>allow the rest of what really made 6th gen insufferable
>but don't allow melee because FGCkek autism
have fun

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Can you guys stop saying 6th gen to refer to non-retro consoles? Just say post-2000 otherwise you would be excluding Dreamcast

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What if we start asking nicely? It may sound weird, but now that I think about it, every time I asked about 6th gen being included here, it was with anger, because understandably, I felt ostracized in relation to the rest of the board, especially since many /vr/ guys made fun of me for wanting 6th gen. So, in response, all my efforts to bring 6th gen into retro waters were with rather adamant and passionate anger, I reckon.
But... relax. Breath in, breath out. What if we asked nicely? They would find themselves conflicted. They can't be aggressive if someone is being nice. It might work.
Just a thought.

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Dreamcast is the same gen fag. Also, no one cares about the system.

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Dreamcast is 6th gen and retro because it's pre-2000. What matters is not the gen, it's the year the console was released

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Keep blogposting, 6th gen schizo. My sides are in orbit

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Are games released after 2000, but made for the Dreamcast retro?

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Yes. The same goes for any other pre-2000 console

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This is war.
/vr/ will not get away with it, PS2 will be considered retro.

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The problem is that /vr/ should have never let the Dreamcast in. Just cut it off at gen 5, but they let the Dreamcast in on a technicality and it's fucking stupid.

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>let's compromise: I'll shit in your living room but not in your bed
No. Seethe gen is not retro.

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Why would that gay torture a helpless baby?

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>PS2 will be considered retro

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Once the new PS5 and XBOX:SX are released internationally, it will be time to add gen 6. Not a moment before.

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You wish, nigger. Not gonna happen.

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Retro means 'three generations ago or older'. Try again this Christmas.

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There are currently 3 active threads in the catalog containing lively and informative GameCube discussion. Seeing as they have yet to be deleted, I think we can draw our own conclusions about whether or not 6th gen GameCube discussion is permitted on /vr/.

I’m very sorry, but the mods have spoken. Now, who is in charge of updating the sticky?

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Ree. It wasn't supposed to happen until this holiday season.

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>t-then it will happen, r-right guys?

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Just change /vp/ into /nintendo/, fixes every board

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Mark my words: the mods will allow gen 6 once gen 9 is cabled to our television sets.

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Fuck off nint0ddler

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It was mostly an SNES port machine

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