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>hehehe, my hilarious troll thread is sure to make everyone upset im a genius

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if this game wasn't $60 it'd be perfect

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Looking at the art direction I still cannot decide whether it screams love or laziness

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I like that they kept the caricatured look of the sprites. I don't like that it looks like plastic. Would have been much better with cel shading.

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(picture unrelated)

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>doesn't run with 15fps at max on original hardware with a shit ass controller
Already won

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Original: Totally appropriate for the hardware
Remake: Looks like a baby’s toy

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Yeah i fucking loved switching items every two seconds

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No, when you remake a game, it should look like a modern game. Otherwise, don’t remake it. Breath of the Wild is on Switch, why doesn’t this look like that game?

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Kys. You don't buy games

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Totally missed the point

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Correct, I will always pirate Nintendo games. Fuck Nintendo.

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Baby game with glaucoma blur

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Fuck you

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Imagine if The Twin Snakes remade MGS1’s gameplay, but made all the characters look like marionette puppets in a cardboard world?

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Who cares just watch it on youtube

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Fuck you in the ass, retro bitch.

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