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SNES had better graphics than N64.

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you right

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Definitely less blurry, less fog too. Also higher framerates.

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>muh sprites

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4th gen systems overall have better looking 2D games than 5th gen systems.
The giant floating skulls on SOTN don't look as good as pic related.
Of course there's arcade ports like Vampire Savior on Saturn that look phenomenal, though.
Also, Wonder Project J2 on N64 have really charming 2D graphics too, but overall, 2D on 5th gen systems always have this sort of "flat polygons with texture" feel, you can notice it heavily in games like, for example, Strider 2, or Psychic Killer Taromaru. It doesn't look organic as they do in 4th gen systems.

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Emulation screenshots for Yoshi's Island always look fucked up, but here's a better looking one.

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NES : 2D :: N64 : 3D. So yeah of course the system that's a whole generation into its style has a more realized and detailed look than the one that was its first foray into the style.

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>perfected pixel art vs relatively new 3D
>pixel looks better
You don't say.

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k, but Rakuga Kids might be the fighting game with the most amount of animation frames per character. Maybe something like AoF3 comes close, but not sure.

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Nah, also the art direction.

Shit related looks so bland compared to the actual, you know, art in Super Mario World.

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rare and nintendo games on the n64 have such schizophrenic art design

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Don't fall for the falseflag bait

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nothing about this games graphics is charming, its actually very unsettling.

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I think it looks very charming, also like how it can handle so many sprites on screen at 60fps without slowdowns. Pic related would have slowdown on PS1.

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They were still working out the tweaks of the system when they were making Mario 64. There are plenty of better looking games than Mario 64. Here's a postage stamp Rayman 2, because I can't be fucked to find a better image.

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To be fair SMW looks like total shit compared to SMB3.

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you like the middle column because it's simple and doesn't challenge your mind.

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Those all look great though, collage-kun.

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lol this is the best way to describe it

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t.salty the chestnuts look like chestnuts

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SMW looks the best.

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N64 can't do colored lights addictive color blending like the SNES can so that already makes it the inferior system.

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based, NESchads rise up

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lol it's a fucking kids game you autistic faggot

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I want to throw those goombas onto the grill and then eat them

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Both of the Mario games mentioned were from the start of their respective systems’ lifecycles.

As for Rayman, here is a prototype game for SNES. Despite the questionable color palette, you can see it has loads of detail that you rarely saw on N64.

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...and the pic

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Man. Trial of mana is a great game. Beautiful graphics, soundtrack is good and the gameplay is a lot of fun. It’s tough to pick my favorite Mana game between Trial and Secret.

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Small-minded people raised on gaming magazines think art can be quantitatively plotted on a scale and so they might see the fidelity and detail of a 4th Gen 2D game compared to a blurry gouraud-shaded 3D 5th gen game and declare the 2D game to be better. Of course, another simpleton might say the 3D is better because of its extra axis. Both are misguided approaches to evaluating art.

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SMW is the worst looking Mario game aside from NSMB.

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>Buzzy Beetle
Look at how they massacred my boy.

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Nobody actually thinks this
SMB3 is downright soulless compared to SMB1

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SMB2 is the worst looking

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Early 3D was ugly and not soul and low poly is a meme

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64 is the better game/experience

but SNES Corneria is legit the best track in the entire franchise, and its insane that it never appears in any other Star Fox title

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I still think that SNES Star Fox has the better overall OST, its tracks are more... punchy i guess. 64's felt like they were too orchestral or a "cinematic" feel that I typically forget most tracks, or find it dull to listen to by themselves

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Agreed. 5th gen was necessary to eventually get into the 3d shit, but boy do I wish there were more beautiful 2d games in the style of late SNES.

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But does it have S O U L ?

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This game could've just run on a SNES instead

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Looking a lot shitier

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smw sprites look amazing. I love it

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I mean, if they remade the game to look and play worse. Anything could run on any other console by that logic. Resident Evil could run on GBC.

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Objective truth.

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SMB1 sprites look best. The black outlines detract

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>lmao art you are dumb and wrong
You wrote all that just to say nothing in the end.

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I preffer the colors music and sound effectson snes. I like starfox 64 but the levels feel like a chore sometimes, longer than needed, and the visuals are ass.

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Mischief Makers should have been a SNES game.

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Too bad SD3 is such a laggy piece of crap

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It's an unlockable track in 2 reserved for chads only

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Does anyone have any n64 charts similar to pic related? I looked through the archive and found this link but theres only one or two n64 charts

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Why? You need help pretending you aren’t a ZOOMER? Fucking retard.

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This is untrue, SMB2 is the best looking Mario game on the NES.

Mario and Peach are more refined versions of their SMB3 selves and Luigi actually has a unique design for the first time.

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>No Sin & Punishment or Legacy of Darkness, but includes a bunch of other useless trash
/v/'s list sucks

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>project 64

lol, do these /v/ faggots even know what accurate emulation is

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I actually wondered what the fuzzies would have looked like in this game and thankfully they didnt appear cause those fuckers always freaked me out.

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Well yeah. Did you get *anything* out of a single post in this thread?

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dat mirroring seam tho

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>Not using angrylion for accurate emulation
this retard

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>but SNES Corneria is legit the best track in the entire franchise, and its insane that it never appears in any other Star Fox title
Hmmm can't imagine why


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Lol no

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I too posted and bumped the bait thread.

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It's not that similar sounding.

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I learnt that you're a fucking idiot.

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Who the fuck saves a predominantly red image as a jpg? This compression is ungodly

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better music, too

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i agree
everything looks like a blow up plastic toy
it's just a bit too realistic, putting it in uncanny valley

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it's ok if you turn off colour subsampling, which he did not

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What game is that from?

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What game is that pic from?

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let me yandex that for you

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Why do sprites in N64 games not look like pixel sprites? They instead look like jpeg images

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So without that they would look like regular pixels?

Are the sprite assets from 2D N64 games anywhere? Do we have Yoshi's story sprites?

2D on N64 always looks bad to me. Like they have these really tough edges. Looks like someone photoshopped out a 2D image instead of pixel art. The most vivid example in my mind is the guns in Duke 64

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See if you can find anything here

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Yeah, they 100% made pre rendered 3D models for everything and then traced/Converted to sprites. It's why it looks so off.


Baby Bowser looks straight out of those pre-rendered promotional art from Mario 64

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I don't care much how they are made, as long as the style is consistent.

The blurriness might be due to how the N64 renders this stuff on screeen. I don't know. As a 3D system it probably projects 2D artworks on flat, layered polygons.

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probably because half the time they're scaled up lower resolution textures because big textures are expensive on that console

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I agree. I believe this was due to the limitations of the hardware, not as much colour palette to work with for example.

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thats impossible. thats like me saying The 2600 had better graphics than the neo geo

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both look like shit

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But the best music in that game is Space Armada and that one with all the sea creatures. Not saying the rest of the music isn't ace. I liked the Fortuna music (or is it Titania? The one with the stupid dinosaur boss runs at you even when you use your retro).

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Because they are not pixel sprites, they are pre rendered models.
Its not helped by the N64 shipping with Component by default, which has awful video quality.

But all prerendered sprites look like jpegs. Because that is the benefit of compressing a full CGI render into whatever resolution try to cache it at.
I would assume any peculiarities in Yoshi's story would come from fruits and lower quality assets being stretched severely, as opposed to native pixels running at native size on a 800x600 resolution. Or native 480p.
But there is a even bigger question: What resolution is Yoshi's story outputting? Because if its on the Wii it can do native 480p.

Even bigger question: People always say "4k texture cache", but that is meaningless.
Its what... a 128x64 4-bit texture? Thats pretty sexy, but its a meaningless statement without elaboration.

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>Because they are not pixel sprites, they are pre rendered models.
Please fuck off you embarrassment on legs

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U w8 m8?
Pixel sprites is very different from renders as sprites.

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Ta me....this IS real! Realer than REAL! Gyhuk, the graphics haven't aged WUN DAY!

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What are you even doing here?

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Did the Neo Geo have a hardware ball sprite? No, so it's clearly inferior to the Atari.

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You are retarded.

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>replying to his own post
cringe and fuck off /v/ermin

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LMAO cope

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Can't even have people appreciate my genious without oneangrynincel ruining it for me... Breaks my damn heart.

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Your 2 shitposts have made me laugh so much today. Thank you, anon.

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I'm glad, I'm just here to make people smile.