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Name ONE (1) PS1 game that had animated human faces and didn’t look like static, fish-eyed freaks

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Tons, like many fighting games.

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Vagrant Story

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That was easy

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Can't name on of the N64 either

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Loads. Even really small games like Incredible Crisis here had entertaining facial animation.

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Okay, now without PCSXR

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Tobal 2 had special model for the win screen zoom in that had mouth and eye animations

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N64 ver. destroy PS1.

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This was pretty common, even on the Saturn

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Hell Virtua Fighter on both the Saturn and the 32X has this in the character select screen as well as during victory animations.

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Pretty fucking obvious that they load higher polygon models for cutscenes but whatever, it's still rendered in-engine.

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No, it really doesn’t
The draw distance is horrible in the 64 version, not to mention the audio and texture compression

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>everyone itt using upscaled emulators to show graphics of old games
Really now?

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Pulling images from Google, I ain't loading mednafen just to win an argument.
Tobal is 480i so it looks pretty close to an upscale.

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Ignoring games like crash and spyro that were basically the pinnacle of expressive facial animation for the time, you've got shit like tekken 3, soul blade, rival schools, FFIX, legend of dragoon, other stuff already listed like re2, tobal 2 and vagrant, etc

OP needs to pull his head out of miyamoto's ass and check out the rest of the games industry

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>has this in the character select screen
VF1 character select screen actually uses pre-rendered sprites, but yeah, the characters do have facial animation during victory poses.

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upping the internal resolution is different than the screen resolution and not comparable in any way, it doesn't really matter because OP did the same thing

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man I love low poly

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The OP pic isn’t running on native hardware either.

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This man makes me uncomfortable

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not surprising, not many people can handle a man as chad as paul

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that's CGI

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Whereas op's example is live action?

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Checkmate. Bonus points because it was animated by ONE (1) dude only

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Cmon now, FMV’s are not rendered on PS1

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Read the OP. Nowhere it says that's not permitted

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But that looks exactly like a static fish-eyed freak.

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Did a double take just now. Need to try this.

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It's a really graphically impressive game for the ps1, also ran at 60 fps and a higher than normal resolution iirc

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Most 3D fighters on ps1 run at 60 FPS and 480i don’t they?

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Not sure

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Legend of Dragoon

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Will OP ever recover?

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op did as well

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It's implied. And you're also fucking retarded.

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Yes, everyone usually means just that

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He said PS1 game. FMVs are just videos, they're not tied to a console hardware. So it's fucking obvious he wants to see real-time graphics. But if you want to keep posting FMVs just to BTFO him over the fact N64 cartridges couldn't handle FMVs then by all means go for it LMFAO.

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Name a more emotive character than pic related

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are you kidding me?

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My bad, here’s a human character

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No one mentioned VR Missions Mei Ling and Naomi having real time models with blinking polygon eyes and shit?

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>Name ONE (1) PS1 game that had animated human faces and didn’t look like static, fish-eyed freaks
Where does he say that FMVs are not allowed?

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True, was pretty good

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Not most of them but 480i60 is surprisingly common on the PS1. Honestly the N64 is the only platform that generation with graphics that aged like pure shit. The system basically peaked at Mario 64 graphically and there was nowhere else to go.

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I don’t think that’s true, but the 64 really only looks good on CRT

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It looks worse than its contemporaries and the sluggish framerates of its games make it an unpleasant playing experience.

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Fear Effect.

Also do you enjoy sucking nintendo cock or are you just a naive idiot?

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the first part of that clip is actually an FMV, fear effect is littered with FMVs, they blend in really well due to the consistent model quality and use of the lower-quality 30fps video mode instead of the more common higher-quality 15fps mode

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I like both the N64 and the PS1 but holy shit did OP get wrecked. Also thanks for reminding me off all these good games I've still yet to play.

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I don’t think so, most people that play with upscaled graphics I could understand having that opinion because the 64 graphics don’t scale well but there are still some good looking games for the time

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We're playing on real hardware on CRTs anon, leave the scaling talk to /v/.

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between people who love their n64 too much to look at other systems, and people who probably didn't even play games in the 90's shitting on the psx because they don't like sony or the current state of playstation (3+), it seems like people don't pay that much attention to what the psx has, perhaps they're put off by the fact it has many thousands of releases, so they must all be low quality

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op didn't discount FMVs, many of the best examples will be FMVs, but not because the psx can't do it otherwise, but rather because it doesn't need to, face animations will be most noticable on these low resolution systems up close, and the only time faces will be up close while they're talking/emoting is during cutscenes, and since cutscenes are generally fixed with no input, they can generally be videos, and the psx has no storage issues limiting their use

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oh shit, I just watched some youtube gameplay.
are there no realtime graphics like this in the game?

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i haven't played it myself, so i'm not sure, but from what i have seen, probably not, they jump in and out of FMVs for even the smallest things, so it would make little sense for random bits not to be

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ps. i don't think this detracts from what op is asking, they work in exactly the same way as normal in-engine cutscenes do, and n64 games would do the same if they could
the fact it's even an option is a point for the psx

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A lot of it is console warrior shit which I find pretty ridiculous for retro consoles that are easily emulated by toasters. Just play the games you enjoy, you don't have to be a slave to the company that produces them.

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exactly, i was never much of a brand warrior, though i did tend to defend what i had, of course, being only properly familiar with what i had caused some bias
nowadays though, i just look at the games, there no need to pick sides

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>2/10 so unrealistic

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Any other playstation games that had modeled eyes, nose, mouth instead of just moving textures?

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I bet you feel like a right mong now OP

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from another thread but on the N64

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> instead of just moving textures?
What do you think the N64 example from the OP is doing?

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That's impressive. I'm interested in those sort of stuff, seeing it pre-sixth gen is cool.

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OP is so wrong, he tries to come up with a new excuse while ignoring that his own gif is a moving texture.

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Also Link looks kinda fishy faced too. Not sure if OP is dumb or baiting.

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You still didn't point out where in the OP it's stated that FMVs aren't allowed

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I don't remember Link's nose being that long.
What the fuck.

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It was, you can see OPs pic clearer than you can on a real system though, that might be the reason

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I know, right?
CGI. Hah.
Fucking spaz.

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re and mgs were behind the times with their static faces and bobbing heads during cutscenes
kinda feels like a sentai show

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They are 100% tied to hardware. Why do they not work on SNES or N64 than?

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what about the (also pretty ahead of it's time) japanese vr stalking simulator portion of the game?

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before someone goes "well that's just an empty room with one other person in it"
try comparing it to super mario 64's title screen head... which is just a head

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You can stop now