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> Hydro-City
> Hi-Drossity
> Hi-Der-Ossity

What is it, /vr/? We need an answer.

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For me, it's a pun on velocity.

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Now that the dust has settled, I think we’re can all agree that the fact we’re still having this debate over 25 years later only serves to further my assertion that Sonic 3 & Knuckles was indeed, dare I say it, the quintessential scotformer of the fourth generation.

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Hydro, from Greek hýdōr = water

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oh wow look we got a fuckin regular classical scholar in this thread, whoop de fucking do, congrats bro, you've got the biggest brain here you fucking retard.

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Just stating the obvious that the name means basically a city in the water

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slow down copernicus, i cant even keep up over here!

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How do you pronounce zone though?

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with a rhotic o

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You need to be 18 or older to post here

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yeah? guess you know that too huh? you're a pretty smart guy anon.

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I guess it's a city with water.

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Your ribbing was almost cool. Copernicus is a hack smart name to call someone.

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Alright what about Diodorus

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Most likely it's Hydrocity like Velocity. It's a pun. Sort of.

ハイドロシティ/ Haidoroshiti

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>doesn’t understand what pun means

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pretty much sums up that zone or any zone with water

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It’s “Hydro-City”
>the japanese name sounds that way
>sonic generations calls it hydro city
>archie comics calls it hydro city

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The Japanese sounds like “Hydro City” though. It doesn’t come close to rhyming with velocity.

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sounds better as a common name without the pause at half syllable thoough

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Doesn't make sense. How many Sonic levels are one word puns?

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Doesn't make sense. How many sonnets did shakespeare write?

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Finally some non-retarded posters.

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jokes on you, that was me again haha

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who said I'm pretending?

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the pun works even better in japanese fwiw

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Where did you get the katakana for “velocity?”

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If they had wanted you to say it with a pause, they would have spelt it like this: ハイドロ・シティ

It's "haidrawssity", deal with it.

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i just typed it out, おにいちゃん

wtf is haiDRAWssity and what the fuck is ・
supposed to mean? it's not even that deep. go be an hero

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i just got it from a e-to-j on deepl. throwing it into google afterwards makes it seem like its a common enough loanword to be believable

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>wtf is haiDRAWssity
Do you not know how a short o sounds?

>what the fuck is ・
An interpunct character used to represent a (short) pause.

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>interpunct character
Oh look at that, college boy is back, why don't you wax intellectual about universal themes you fucking mary

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>Hydro, from Greek hýdōr = water
That would still be the point of hydro if it were a pun on velocity you idiot. It would be velocity involving water AKA hydrocity.

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Absolutely based.

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"Hydro-" is a commonly unhyphenated prefix that would look rather silly with a space after it, moreover the non-prefixal "hydro" refers exclusively to hydroelectric power.

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It's Hydro City. Just refer to the original Japanese. I can't believe there are so many autists in the world who even question this simply because theres no space between HYDRO and CITY. Utterly retarded.

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>how a short o sounds?
Not like an AW, that's a long drawl sound. Do you say drAWp instead of drop? Or chAWp instead of chop? Your accent is disgusting and I cannot help but imagine you as the type of person who says 'ya'll'.

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>Do you say drAWp instead of drop? Or chAWp instead of chop?
That's unironically how a short o sounds, unless you'd like to vocaroo yourself pronouncing it your way.

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highdrossity, because it's so clearly a pun on velocity.
its not even a city, its some temple ruins.

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I use the rhotic o

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>t. cot–caught merged burger

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Can you post a vocaroo of you talking in a West Country accent

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None of the Zone names are puns or jokes.
Angel Island is the name of the location. Hydro City. Its a city in the water.
Carnival Night is a carnival...at night.
Marble Garden is an ancient greek ruin made of marble with lots of greenery.

Not to mention Hy-drosity, isn't a pun or a play on words at all. It's nonsense.

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its a common bait. Just like the barrel from the same game. No one alive back then actually had any confusion on the matter

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Hey-Dude-Rah Seethe-ie

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It means water city, duh

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I'd love to play Hydro City on an S-N-E-S, maybe even an PSX. Shame it wasn't on the Sega System version either.

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>Sega System
you mean the powerbase

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For me, it's HydrociSneed.

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>archie comics as a source

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>well if Jughead or Veronica said it then I guess it's true

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>Using the people who call Flying Battery "Assaulting Batter Blimp" as a source.

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Mmm. Assaulting Batter...

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Ahn-shell aye-luh-n-duhn
Hewey-aye dross-eye-tie
May-buh-rh-luh ghu-rh-dawn
Cawrn-yey-vhul nay-ght
Lhu-awn-sch buh-aie-uhs

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Was it autism?

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>insulting english phonetics

>> No.6682038

>greek prefixes

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>not stealing from every language

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I regret not making a thread to prune this pos thread.
Its hydro-city. Only a fool would think otherwise.

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It's Heed-Row See-Tay

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Nope. Shiti = city.

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I always said hee-yey dross-eetee

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I say fuck this bullshit

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that's what he said, it's a pun, adding a water element to the word velocity
christ, you're so dense it's a wonder you haven't yet collapsed into a black hole

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hymen doctor original content italy millenial

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I call it "zone I wish I could skip"

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It's not Angel Island, it's "Angel is Land".
It's not Marble Garden, it's "Marb Le Garden".
It's not Carnival Night, it's "Carniv al-Night".
It's not Ice Cap, it's "I Cecap".
It's not Launch Base, it's "La Unch Base".

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nieth lithp you haf there

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Isn't "Angel Island Zone" a bit of a weird name?
Isn't the whole game take place on the island? If anything it should be Angel Beach or Angel Coast.

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>his language leaves field for interpretation

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english won, go cry somewhere else

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allah u akbhar, my fellow english-speaking brother

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lots of islands have smaller islands off the coast of the main island

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Always read it as Hi-Drossity but Hydro-City is probably the correct one

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It's obviously Hi-drossity otherwise there would be a space in between hydro and city.

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Yeah but "Angel Island" is the full island that holds all the zones in the game (and Sonic & Knuckles). And you can see the coast part isn't a separate island.

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>otherwise there would be a space in between hydro and city.
hydro- is a prefix, not a standalone word

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No it isn't, the Japanese sounds nothing like velocity

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Do you faggots even read the thread before replying? It's been posted in the thread numerous times that all related Sonic media and even the original Japanese all clearly have it as Hydro City. Stop being retarded just because there is no space in game.

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occam's razor
it's a city ruin underwater, water city, hydro-city, it's the simplest explanation, and really blatantly obvious if you're over 10 years old and know what "hydro" means

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I just say Hah-Ee-Dross Ee-Tee

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Hydro City is named after Dr Thaddeus Hydro

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according to what, google translate?
go ahead and input 「ヴェロシティ」 and tell me how that sounds compared to 「ハイドロシティ」
>even the original Japanese all clearly have it as Hydro City
page 41 of the japanese manual shows youre wrong (pic related)
it's a *temple* ruin underwater; doesn't look much like a city at all.

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Huh-dhru Zay-tuh

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A Hydo city ... get the hint?

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It's not a pun. It's not anything. There's no hint of any other zones with speed puns in the name.

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just because no other level names in the game are puns doesn't mean it isn't a pun

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I subscribed to the first option, until reading this thread and seeing how much more fun it is to use the second option.

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Roaming Roman Zone

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I don't get it, explain it to me please?

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Proper nouns can be whatever you want
It could be Post Hydro Hexa Pre Chloro City Ic Ium Zone and still be correct

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BASED. But that was from Sonic 2.

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No, the fact that it's not a pun makes it not a pun. It being any kind of reference to velocity is just schizophrenia exacerbated autism

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it's Hay-Drow Say-Tee, stop shitposting.

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Maybe if you pronounce it slowly like someone who only just learned kana

>> No.6690206

Hoe-Droe Sueydey
It's not that hard.

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Hydro-city, anything else would just be silly.

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It's Hee-Dross-Etey

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>the theme of Hydrocity is characterized by some of the slowest movement seen in the 16-bit entries
Really percolates the old noodle.

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Its hydrocity as in water city. Why do people think it's a pun of velocity when no other stage in the game makes a speed pun? Why isn't mushroom Hill called mushvroom hill by that logic?

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my friends and I always pronounced Hay-Der'ou Seytuh

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Actually it is a pun of atrocity

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