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Those are usually very entertaining (pic related), but why are they always fighting games? Surely a SRPG or a racing game would work just as well, no?

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Not exactly retro, but Sega Allstars Racing and its sequel are based.

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Well, the Super Robot Wars games are probably the best example of crossover SRPGs.
As for racing, Mario Kart kinda counts, as it has Donkey Kong (DK jr on SMK), Wario and Yoshi, all of which have their own sub-series.
Diddy Kong Racing has Conker and Banjo.

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About that...

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>He hasn't played Dragon Quest Racing

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If you're into beat'em ups and action games:

>Alien vs Predator
>Battletoads & Double Dragon
>RoboCop Versus The Terminator

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Playing that game as a kid was such an experience, not knowing who half of the cast was.

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Because crossovers are ultimately about its characters, and fighting games are the best genre to convey the differences between characters, with the vast array of attacks and specials.
In a racing game for example it's still just a bunch of characters in a car, SEGA All-Stars racing gave them a unique power-up but it is still not even close to the personality the characters could have had if they had been in a fighting game

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Is that Dynamite Dux?

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That's his son, Bean Dynamite.

...I know it sounds like I'm joking, but it's true.

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Not retro but project × Zone

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These beauties are classic JRPGs on the NES (not limited to RPG gameplay) that brings all Jump series from the era together (including Jojo, for those of you who are obsessed).
No translation as far as I'm aware, tho.

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Low story high character

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I remember that little guy in the second pic. From a Genesis game, I think?

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Magical Taruruto-kun

All of the characters there come from Shonen Jump comics.

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Wai Wai World is fun

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Getting the licenses from all concerned parties is probably a legal nightmare in many cases, and if the game is not expected to sell, the studios can't be bothered. Also, sometimes merging two completely different universes just doesn't make any fucking sense.

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>Corporate speak
>does it for free


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I know right? like he knows anything whatsoever