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What am I in for? I’ve never played a paper Mario game on any system, just picked up some new n64 games for my collection and I’m gonna give it a go, is there anything I should know?

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Just play it instead of making a thread about it you fucking faggot. This isn't your Twitter, we don't need to be constantly told about whatever random stupid thing you're doing.

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>is there anything I should know?
Not really, there aren't any particular beginner's traps or super useful earlygame nukes as far as I know really unless you want to do Danger Mario in your second run or whatever.
Personally I'd just recommend getting Speedy Spin from the Badge Shop whenever it shows up and to grab Zap Tap with your Star Pieces in Shooting Star Summit when you can since both are pretty useful. Beyond that just play and poke around to find secrets and you should be fine.

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Zoomers can't understand that concept. They feed on attention, like women.

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>is there anything I should know?
talk to any flowers that are sticking out of the ground

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It is a watered down Super Mario RPG that fell short trying to be a spiritual sequel. Decent game though.

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Soul and merriment.

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>What am in for?
A better version of Super Mario RPG.

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So basically Yoshi’s Story all over again.

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All you need to know is that Lady Bow is the best partner.

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yoshis story is BASED BASED BASED

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post that in the physical collector thread and say you bought it "cheap" for 100.00 to make the guy in there sperg out shitting on people spending money on old games

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a nice nap

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Must be the estrogen in the water.

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Public opinion only decides quality in the eyes of sheep.