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>I thought the Saturn was a mistake as far as hardware was concerned. The games were obviously terrific, but the hardware just wasn't there.

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He was 100% correct. The games were good despite, not because of, the Saturn.

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Objectively speaking, Saturn improved many games thanks to its superior hardware design

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Sins of a Stoler Empire

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take your pills tranny

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Superior to what? Certainly not the PlayStation.

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Objectively speaking, nincels are more likely to be trannies than any other group

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Certainly the Playstation
It also had better programmers working on it than the n64

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>superior hardware design
Worse 3d than ps1, n64 and 3do.
Cope Saturntranny.

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It was not worse than the 3DO that is bullshit

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Nobody cares nincel, dilate. Saturn 3D has also aged far better than N64's blurry 3D and fog out the ass.

Only thing that compares is PS1 because it actually had good 3D hardware unlike the competition.

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