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Outside of kiddy platformers, generic racing/sports titles and laggy FPS's, there isn't much else to play on it. I don't understand how anyone that's not a diehard Nintendo fan can love it.

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We have Tiggers Honey Hunt on it, what more could you want?

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Some of those european pcs in the 80s and 90s like the spectrum were worse

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Gotta love how N64 lives rent free inside certain people's heads.
Anyway, 5th gen in general is not something I'd say I love, but certainly N64 has some of my favorite titles from that generation.

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Doom 64 is alright.
That's the only good thing I can say about an N64 game. The N64 is shit, and only liked by manchildren still clinging to their childhood.

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It has a better library than any Sega console or European PC.

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Sega no, but euro pc god yes

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Tigger’s Honey Hunt and Mr. Bones were the biggest reasons I couldn’t decide between the N64 and Saturn.

OP, it’s got a small library but what it does have is really good. Mario 64, Banjo, the two Zeldas it has and Perfect Dark are widely seen as some of the greatest games of all time, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Despite it’s smaller library it still has some hidden gems, too - like Chameleon Twist and Space Station Sillicon Valley. There’s a great number of other classics both well known and obscure I didn’t even get to.

The Playstation is a great system. I get why it’s seen as superior to the N64, and I don’t even disagree. But the N64 is still a badass system in it’s own right, and as much as they try to rewrite history Sony fanboys will never be able to deny that.

Seethe and cope. Thank you for your time.

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Not even close. Consoles like the 3DO exist.
And the N64 does have more than people give it credit for. Pretty slim pickings compared to a lot of consoles, sure, but people will frequently repeat the meme that all it had was Mario, Zelda, and Goldeneye, because they would rather bazinga on the console, than actually try exploring it's library at all, which is sad.

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He said failed meme consoles of which the 3do is one. It’s still way better than any of those awful euro pcs

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What about Dreamcast, when you exclude arcade ports?

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Why would you exclude arcade ports? Seems like pointless mental gymnastics.

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Nah it wasn’t a meme console even without arcade ports and still is one of the best selling consoles ever when taking all consoles into account, despite being on market really for less than 3 years in the west

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>Excluding platformers
>Excluding racing games
>Excluding sports titles
>Excluding FPS
Then there's still Conker's Bad Fur Day, Castlevania, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Puzzle League, Star Craft, Body Harvest, Ocarina of Time, Shadow Man, Star Fox, Super Smash Bros, Paper Mario...

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Does the N64 get credit for Pacman and DK arcade then? Seems a bit silly.

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Then you still have Phantasy Star Online where you paid by the minutes where I live

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becuase USA USA USA, it was the only place where N64 got sold.

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People always conveniently forget the Star Wars games on N64. Rogue Squadron and Episode 1 Racer are really good. Shadows of the Empire's pretty good too.

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The quality of the small library is precisely what saved it from becoming one of those failed meme consoles.

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>Rogue Squadron and Episode 1 Racer are really good. Shadows of the Empire's
All better played on the PC.

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Depends how good they are, some people might just be happy to know namco museum exists on the console.

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Compared to NES, SNES, Genesis, PS1 and PS2, I'd say the N64 is a shitty meme console that failed hard.

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When I think of a console, I usually think of the original games it brought to the table. Nothing wrong with ports, but they're kind of beside the point to me.

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Yeah, that's the nice thing about arcade ports. They bring the arcade experience to your table instead of a table in a mall that shut down 20 years ago.

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"This console has a bunch of genres I don't like so it's bad"


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I understood OP to be referencing stuff like the Atari Jaguar.

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This, the N64 wasn’t a huge success but it’s far from a meme console that nobody bought and had basically no games

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I’ll also add though that if the N64 had been made by any other company it would’ve been a complete meme console as Nintendo’s first party stuff kept the system’s head above water

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Yeah, it was more of a blockbuster game console. You got it for the big games but not much else. Kinda like how modern systems are, some people just buy them for the big games like uncharted and last of us or whatever. Maybe get one or two small titles but there's not much choice there. Same with the N64.

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Modern consoles and PC have pretty extensive libraries though, problem is most of the libraries are shared. It’s like early euro pcs where all the shit is the same

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Sure, but I actually prefer to play SotE on N64. I don't mind the lower framerate (that the game was designed in mind with), but probably my main reason for preferring to emulate the N64 one instead of playing PC SotE is because of these sweet oldschool LucasArts sprite-based cutscenes. The CGI ones made for the PC are goofy as fuck and look really jarring. Someone was saying that they tried to add the N64 cutscenes to the PC version but seems like it's not an easy task.
>And the N64 does have more than people give it credit for
For sure. It obviously has less games than PS1 or even Saturn, but people who want to have a hateboner for it sure go out of their way to ignore a lot of games.
In a way, it's better for the people who want to collect it, I guess. If more people were into it, the market for the N64 would be even more expensive than it already is.

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That's not exactly untrue for the N64 at the time either, it had a pretty widespread library of multiplats. Especially as time went on many of its games left the console.

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Pretty much quality over quantity on the system. It doesn't have anywhere near the amount of games as the PS1 but it does have some of the best games of that generation and at the time it had GOAT multi-player games like golden eye, smash bros and Mario kart.

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agreed. sony and sega fanboys love to omit that people actually played the N64 with their friends. 2 to 4 player couch co-op was king back then. another complaint was that the n64 hardly had any games. which is untrue, it had 2 to 3 good games per year even if they were mostly first party. people only bought that many games per year anyway, usually parents buying their kids birthday and christmas presents

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People typically didn't own more than 10 games for a console back in the day.

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I'm sorry your skank mother wouldn't buy you a Nintendo, OP. Time to forgive her and stop blaming Nintendo for your shitty childhood. You'd enjoy the games if you gave them a shot.

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I bought one just for super Mario 64. That’s it. That’s all I play on it, and I love it.

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no more mental gymnastics than excluding first party/rare N64A games

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10 games were a lot back then, more than what most people had. cartridge games were super expensive, don't forget to account for inflation. i just used an inflation calculator to adjust $60 in 1990 dollars to $118 in 2020 dollars. honestly most people i knew had 3 to 6 games MAX. many only had 1 or 2 games, and relied on borrowing, trading, and renting games.

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And what you gonna do when this mister slaps your girlfriends ass he costs 3 times more then the regular...

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No, those are very different kinds of games with little replay value. Being the most popular games on the console mean people likely already played them.

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First/second party games on N64 have more replay value than arcade games.

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I owned an N64 first out of a Nintendo habit due to the SNES being amazing, but I had to get a PS1 because I was missing out on the best games that gen, which were the survival horror games on PS1, like Parasite Eve, Dino Crisis, Fear Effect, Silent Hill, Resident Evil 1 and 3 (RE2's N64 port is ironically the game that got me to switch)

I also missed out on the shitty early PS1 JRPGs (FF7 for example, that game is fucking ugly, fuck nostalgiafags) and got the best ones like FF9 and Chrono Cross

Sure, the N64 did get great games like Perfect Dark - but you know how long we had to wait to get it while the PS1 kept getting great games on a near monthly basis?

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oh look at mister richman buying a new video game every month in the 90s

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I didn't get to buy every based game of that era and needed to rely on stores selling off the game for cheap or pawn shops

Symphony of the Night for example, I played on the Xbox 360, and it easily would have been one of my favorite games if I got to play it on PS1

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How? They're mostly 6-12 hour long collection sessions with unskippable story sequences and nothing changes between play throughs. To be frank they're pretty shallow so there's not much to really master either.

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First and second party games on N64 span a ton of genres. Stuff like F-Zero X or Goldeneye/Perfect Dark can be played for hours without mastering them.

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F-Zero sure but not quite sure what you see in Goldeneye or Perfect Dark.

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They have a sandbox design and encourage learning levels inside and out.

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Not him, but they have narratives and things to do outside of focusing on bad guys ala Quake or Doom or Duke Nukem.

But they are full of cheap moments where you will die a ton

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interesting how you are wrong because i spent years of my childhood playing those games with my friends. maybe you just didn't have friends to play with?

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I think that's more memorization to counter-act the frequent cheapness. They aren't really as tightly designed as something like the Time Splitters games. They definitely aren't sandbox games, most have a pretty strict or straightforward path of progression.

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>They aren't really as tightly designed as something like the Time Splitters games. T

Oh fuck no. Timesplitters 2 easily has the same problems as GE or Perfect Dark. It's a much smoother game, but it's still full of cheap garbo design if that's your metric.

>> No.6656765

There's checkpoints and more plentiful armor in time splitters. The design can be cheap but it usually has a buffer for bullshit sections, definitely more considered.

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>I think that's more memorization to counter-act the frequent cheapness.

You're definding arcade games right?

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No need. The arcade style games are much smaller investments, often 30 minute sessions to complete instead of 6-12 hours. Try to stay focused, we're talking about N64 games.

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Either you like trial and error or you don't.

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Why the FUCK do these threads keep getting 100 replies. The same thing gets posts EVERY WEEK
>hurr n64 sucks lol
and yet you fags keep replying

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No, level of investment does matter. So far you've yet to convince me the commitment to replay a 6-12 hour game I've already beaten in the past is worth it.

>> No.6656816

This. Buying a game nowadays is more akin to buying a movie ticket and snacks. Back then, it was more of an actual investment or something you thought about for awhile. It was more like an expensive toy, but more likely to provide more time and enjoyment than your average set of toys.

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You could try having better taste.

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Funny coming from someone pushing babys first fps.

>> No.6656904

Goldeneye and PD are harder than most FPS games of its era.

>> No.6656915

That's nice, still babys first FPS.

>> No.6656928

When your only rebuttal is some stale inaccurate meme I think it's pretty clear who's correct.

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The pinnacle of your taste is an fps game you played on your first 3D console, You really can't come back from something like that.

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I'm realizing now most systems have awful game libraries. Dreamcast, Saturn, Wii U, Xbox One. Despicably small selections for any of those.

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GE and PE aren't even in my top 20.

>> No.6657082

PC Engine is pretty shit too.

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Unless you like shmups or really love bonk, it’s pretty bad. It does have Ys 4 on CD though too and that’s never been ported

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dude seriously?
do you even have a pc engine?
there are hundreds of titles available
its one of my favorite purchases this year
>n64 had no gaems
ocarina of time was worth it alone
mario 64, sf rush, cruiseNusa, waverace, mariokart64, pokemon stadium(it was actually relevant then), pokemon snap, quake2, japanese arcade baseball games, etc

n64 was a wonderful multiplayer console & you need to retain the perspective that times really were different back then.

part of the appeal was visiting your friends and sharing games as no one had more than 5-6 carts at a given time.

my memories of choosing games for the weekend at blockbuster are cherished & n64 had the advantage as disks/dvds were ALWAYS scratched so bad they were unplayable

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Does the N64 have any good shumps?

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>becuase USA USA USA, it was the only place where N64 got sold.


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why do Sonyggers have shit taste?
No one cares about your movie games.

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Star Fox 64 and Sin & Punishment

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He asked for shmups, not arcade crosshair shooters
That game is half finished dogshit compared to any shmup on PS1 or Saturn.

>> No.6657329

Go back to /v/ with your buzzwords

>> No.6657337

Star Fox 64 and S&P are better than 99% of shmups anyway.

>> No.6657345

No they aren't, stupid nintendo fanboy. And besides, they aren't even the best rail shooters.

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Most shmups are just the same game reskinned and no Panzer Dragoon is not even close to either. Deal with it.

>> No.6657356

>anon asks for shmups
>reply games that aren't shumps
>those are rail shooters
>b-but shmups are bad anyway!!
Classic sour grapes Nintenigger cope. Every time you're reminded how anemic your system is in certain genres, you just have to shift goal posts and act like genre deficiency is good.

>> No.6657358

>and no Panzer Dragoon is not even close to either
Fucking thank you.

>> No.6657361

>actually it's a good thing the N64 has no games
easily the worst fanbase on this site

>> No.6657364

Shmups aren't even good on consoles to begin with.

>> No.6657365

Yes yes, more sour grapes we know kid.

>> No.6657369

Which grapes are we missing out on?

>> No.6657370

Shmups aren't even good to begin with

>> No.6657372

>Most shmups are just the same game reskinned
You are either too low iq to tell the differences or barely spent enough time trying them out. Either way, apply yourself, Nintenkiddo.
>Panzer Dragoon is not even close to either.
I was thinking more Space Harrier, the GOAT rail shooter, brought to you by based AM2.

>> No.6657382

Shmups have very little variety and you know it.

>> No.6657407

>It's actually a good thing the n64 has no games

>> No.6657418

N64 is lacking in shmups, good thing that genre is pretty boring.

>> No.6657429

And horror games, and stealth games, and 2D fighters, and racing games that aren't shit, and games that actually run at 30fps, and puzzle games. Oh and STGs and RPGs. Shame, the shooting game genre is the best of all time and the N64 can only offer deflection and trash.

>> No.6657438

You seem a little upset over this 24 year old game console. Calm down buddy.

>> No.6657441

Thanks, I'm calm down. Now lets get back on subject, The N64 is lacking in horror games, and stealth games, and 2D fighters, and racing games that aren't shit, and games that actually run at 30fps, and puzzle games. Oh and STGs and RPGs. Shame, the shooting game genre is the best of all time and the N64 can only offer deflection and trash.

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>Thanks, I'm calm down.

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Maybe you gotta calm down too. Come to terms with the fact the N64 is an irredeemable piece of shit with the worst library of any mainstream console.

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Nobody cares pal, cool your autism.

>> No.6657459

Fuck off, pedo.

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Dilate, let's talk about the N64's lack of games.

>> No.6657471

>and racing games that aren't shit
Unpopular opinion. At this point you're outing yourself as just having an irrational hateboner for the system. If you actually want people to value your opinion, you need to learn subtlety.

>> No.6657472

It didn't have traditional shmups but it had some unique ones like Bangai-O and Sin & Punishment.

>> No.6657479

That and he's a pedoweeb.

>> No.6657480

Nobody wants to deal with an autist like you, learn how to socialize before posting.

>> No.6657481

Don't use twinbee to shitpost console wars pls

>> No.6657483

It does not cater to the weeb visual novel spreadsheet, i mean, jrpg demographic
also no shmups or 2d fighters so it certainly angers and confuses the weeaboo
It's all out speed, explosions, gunfights and jumps

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I don't hate the console, I don't think about it much because there's no games. I hate the fans, get it right.

Why would I want to socialize with trannies? That's silly. Lets talk about the lack of games on the N64. It's a real problem and it hasn't been able to escape this reputation of no games for 24 years.

>> No.6657491

Rogue Squadron is broken on PC, Shadows of the empire took a long time to be ported
These Star Wars games were clearly designed for N64 and ported to PC

>> No.6657492

You don't seem to understand, you are too autistic to communicate properly.

>> No.6657493

Fuck off, pedo.

>> No.6657495

Ironic. Why are N64 fans so afraid of conversation? Fanaticism has destroyed their brains. That or having no games. They need better taste too, maybe then they won't praise 11fps games like goldeneye.

>> No.6657501

I'm 100% serious when I say this: neck yourself, pedoshit.

>> No.6657503

It isn't those dang dirty N64 fans that's the problem here, it's you.

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They're in the wrong thread. If they don't want to face the truth about the console, surely there's an iceberg thread they can cling to. What about those leaks? Not the discharge in their undwear, but those ones from nintendo? They can go there. If they get their feelings hurt in this thread, they never should have entered it.

>> No.6657524

The only "discharge" I'm concerned with is the one that paints the wall with your brain as the cops bang on your door, pedoshit.

>> No.6657532

>kiddy platformers
oh please, every good console has E rated games with cartoon artsyles including PS1. If anything with PS1's big library it probably has MORE games like that. Secondly Midway made tons of great sports games that break normal rules and are fun with friends. THIRDLY The FPS games run better on N64 than PS1. OP you're living in lalaland and clearly never played an N64. And I love the PS1

>> No.6657539

Skies Of Arcadia is a masterpiece.

>> No.6657547

Did you make this thread expecting only other gigaspergs would show up? You really are autistic.

>> No.6657570

>If you disagree with me you're in the wrong thread
GTFO autist weeb

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>I don't think about it much
Doesn't seem to be the case.
>I hate the fans, get it right.
You're just claiming stuff like "all racing games on it are shit". You obviously have the N64 living rent free inside of your head.
Also, fanboys are always bad, no matter the console, so moot point. You're just as obnoxious as the actual n64 fanboys, if not even worse.

>> No.6657607

Castlevania sucked..

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Some people just like N64 style games, especially FPS, arcade racers and 3D platformers more than your weeb shit, the problem is, you're too autistic to accept that fact.

>> No.6657669

Fuck off this game was absolute KINO https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X6oq2Dh8Enc

>> No.6657687

Why are 64 fans so triggered in this thread? Did they see the OP and think this was a perfect thread for them to discuss their favorite games?

>> No.6657695

Anti-N64 guys seem more triggered.

>> No.6657696

You might be an n64 fan if you think that's the case

>> No.6657701

The N64 hater is the one seething ITT. As is usual, he makes threads about something he hates and then gets riled up when people arrive who disagree. Peak autism really.

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>the pedoshit didn't actually KYS itself

>> No.6657704

Must be hard for Nintencels to go from #1 to being the worst in the span of just 1 generation, and never recovering since.

>> No.6657705

Just look at the anon above who was desperately trying to shit on the N64 in every way possible while posting anime pics.
Anyway, I'm not a 5th gen fan to begin with, but I don't hate the N64.

>> No.6657707

Looks like they took it very well. 24 years later they're still very much not mad, and they're going to remind you of how not mad they are every opportunity they get.

>> No.6657710

Pedophilic anime pics, to be precise.

>> No.6657713

>dude, console wars!

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Reddit, can you stop posting here? Thanks.

>> No.6657719

If all redditors stopped posting here you'd be gone too.

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What I wouldn't give to see the look on your parents' face when the cops them exactly what they found on that hard drive in the microwave when they were cleaning up your an hero.

>> No.6657731

You know, people say that, but after trying it myself I'm not sure why. It didn't seem all that different from other 3D action games of the era

>> No.6657732
File: 5 KB, 700x700, ETGSUrYU4AUSLZy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not a redditer, I've never been there. Thank you for admitting you're from there I guess? It was pretty obvious. N64 is the reddit console after all.

>when the cops them exactly what they found
Can you say this in English? Maybe seethe less while you type?

>> No.6657739

You probably are a redditor just because you're such an autistic loser. You fit in pretty well with the userbase.

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File: 650 KB, 2000x1600, kiki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you projecting so hard?

>> No.6657746

You're triggering them with your japanophilia, pedophilia, lack of communication skills and shit bait arguments, not with FACTS and LOGIC. Sorry anon. I don't know what else you expected but the burden is on you and you haven't delivered.

>> No.6657750

The real takeaway here is that you're pedoshit and should end yourself sooner rather than later.

>> No.6657751

Why do you continue to post even though you've already been made to look like a complete fool? The answer is obvious but I'll let you figure it out.

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File: 2.91 MB, 2054x948, 64quakevsat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The facts were out there from the beginning, but we can post more facts. Why does the N64 version of Quake look 10 times worse than the god awful Saturn port? Lobotomy even had a 60fps PS1 version they didn't release. Is the hardware that fucking bad? Maybe that's why it had no games, it just can't handle anything.

>> No.6657759

>muh shitty Quake ports!
lol every time with this sperg. You think about this shit day and night, get a life dude.

>> No.6657760

Just keep calling it a pedo until the inevitable bullet-swallowing.

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File: 2.87 MB, 640x480, mml-n64-street.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you talking about? If this is how you react to facts that you start weaving fanfiction, I have to wonder if you've got someone living rent free in your head.

>> No.6657771

Hey that's my webm spergy. Glad you like it.

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File: 2.93 MB, 640x480, mmlps1-street.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for making it, any and all information hurting the N64 is beneficial to all.. The truth about this terrible console will be revealed.

>> No.6657781

I think your obsession may be just a little unhealthy. These comparisons sure beat the hell out of the emulated ones people (and likely you) were posting before.

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Legends on N64 has pretty bad draw distance, but it's not like the draw distance on PS1 is perfect either. Also, at least lines on N64 are consistent, instead of the wobbly stuff going on in PS1.
Also, Mega Man has legs on N64!

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File: 968 KB, 1280x1116, sat64svidcomp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Relax anon, don't worry about my health. It's just for fun. Appreciate your concern though, your heart is in the right place.

Whoa! All legs but no framerate. Hey why do people say the N64 has amazing composite compared to other consoles? Isn't it more like the N64 has awful s-video compared to other consoles? Was this just a meme by that "realer than real" weirdo?

>> No.6657794

Damn man Sonic R is such a shitty game compared to Diddy Kong Racing. Look at that shadow being a dithered mess too, what a shitty console.

>> No.6657798

oh nooo im mad at u now grrrr

>> No.6657804
File: 18 KB, 987x275, super mental breakdown 64.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course it's more primitive, it's 2 years older silly. The N64 still needed to use sprites for its 3D racing game and it runs a lot worse than the 3D racing game on the 2D console. Sad!

>> No.6657808

You are beyond obsessed with this console dude.

>> No.6657816
File: 80 KB, 1279x480, the n64 was a mistake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I just like to make posts about it because it gives me replies like your own. No actual argument, just seething fanboyism. In all my years I've never seen a fanbase as fanatical and easily angered as N64 fans. Nintendo fans as a whole are unpleasant but N64 fans are the most volatile, easily.

>> No.6657817
File: 439 KB, 1600x1200, MM64-comic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Whoa! All legs but no framerate.
Heh. Yeah the framerate is also worse, but again, it's not like the PS1 version is some 60fps buttery smoothery.
Also, here's an interesting thing about the localized version. On PS1, they censored the catgirl erotic book, and made it a super hero comic instead. Catgirl is still on the US MM64.
Strange how it predicted the modern trend of Sony censoring sexy stuff.

>> No.6657821

>I'm not obsessed
But you clearly are though. All 5th gen systems are very primitive. If you can't enjoy a single game on N64 (such as Goemon, Sin and Punishment, etc), then you are the fanboy, anon.

>> No.6657823

Now when I think calm, rational and not at all volatile or unpleasant I think dumping my pre planned imageset of anti N64 images which I have curated specifically for my thread about how much I hate the N64. You know a totally normal and not at all highly autistic thing to do.

>> No.6657830

Not to belabor the point or anything, but he’s a literal pedo.

>> No.6657832
File: 430 KB, 1104x1290, ssoft642.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's not like the PS1 version is some 60fps buttery smoothery.
It's a clean 30FPS, I can't really expect much more considering the kind of game MML is.
>Catgirl is still on the US MM64.
I wonder why that is.

>If you can't enjoy a single game on N64 (such as Goemon, Sin and Punishment, etc)
I do enjoy those games. Where's your god now?

Preparedness is normal for domination.

>> No.6657834

>In all my years I've never seen a fanbase as fanatical and easily angered as N64 fans.
PS3 fanboys were my favorite to troll back in my console war days.
Xbox 360 is so much better (and I own a PS3 lol)

>> No.6657837

You're really dominating this thread right now. I'm sure by being unbelievably autistic everyone will now hate the N64. I think your attempt might have the opposite effect. I know if I was neutral on the matter and saw someone like you I would choose the opposite just to avoid any sort of association.

>> No.6657840

Call it a pedo and move on, my man.

>> No.6657841
File: 71 KB, 220x220, FFVII_Claw_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>considering the kind of game MML is.
Yeah, it doesn't really hurt the slightly lower framerate on N64 either. Having consistent, non-wobbly graphics and no loading times is kind of a good trade-off. Capcom still did a lazy job on the port, though. Same with the PC port (which is the best version, but still flawed).
>I do enjoy those games. Where's your god now?
If you actually played these games, then good job, at least you aren't as braindead as you seem. Still you reek of obsession though. N64 for free, inside of you.
>that pic
It's been speculated that Square only had access to early N64 devkits. There's no way that FF7's simple models couldn't be done on the N64. On the other hand, models like the ones found on Evangelion for N64 would probably not work on PS1.

>> No.6657851

I was a PC gamer at that time so everything was fair game for me, it was fun. PS3 has unfortunately gotten slighted and a lot of great games get pushed to the wayside. It's a shame.

>no loading times is kind of a good trade-off
Gonna be honest, I don't really remember load times really being a thing on the PS1. Transitions from area to area are basically the same length of time as on the N64, just a fade out, fade in.
>If you actually played these games, then good job
Of course, if you think I haven't you haven't been paying attention. I do own an everdrive 64 after all.
>There's no way that FF7's simple models couldn't be done on the N64
I don't think they could have FF7's battle models are really high poly, and they lack distortion on the PS1 because they aren't textured polys. All those polygons on the N64 however would need aggressive z-buffering and it would likely have dropped the console to its knees. The systems strengths aren't in polycount.

>> No.6657865

Can't believe fucking sega died for this shit console.

>> No.6657879
File: 19 KB, 480x360, eva6403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gonna be honest, I don't really remember load times really being a thing on the PS1
They aren't as bad as other PS1 games, but they're there.
>I don't think they could have FF7's battle models are really high poly
Eh. Also I mean, FF7 has turn based combat.

>> No.6657891

>but they're there.
sure technically, I recall the transition length being the same on N64.
I think that scene is lower poly than an FF7 battle.

>> No.6657897

>I think that scene is lower poly than an FF7 battle.
It's not, and also is real-time action.

>> No.6657906

I'd have to see it in more detail. FF7's got very high poly battles.

>> No.6657936 [DELETED] 

Imagine not playing PC shit instead.
5th gen kiddies get the rope.

>> No.6657943

Imagine caring about video "games" past 4th gen.

>> No.6657946 [DELETED] 

>console garbage again

>> No.6657949

Enjoy your simulators and uuuuh doom I guess.

>> No.6657961

PC got no gaems tho. Even less than the N64.

>> No.6657963


>> No.6657967 [DELETED] 

>this is what Sonyggers actually believe

>> No.6657970

I'm a PCFX fan, get it right.

>> No.6657973 [DELETED] 

ok zoomie

>> No.6657978

No, its library is insanely better than the Saturn’s. There are a few Saturn games I love, but they all sit below my top five N64 games.

>> No.6657982

This is indisputable. Nintendo‘s first-party library on N64 is better than any prior system of theirs.

>> No.6657984

Honestly, Saturn=N64>PS1 for me.
Saturn has better 2D, N64 has better 3D.
PS1 is like jack of all trades, master of none. Lots of shovelware. Lots of its most famous games aren't exclusive and are better on PC or other systems. It's the 5th gen system I go back to the least.

>> No.6657991

I don't got Cloud's model on hand.
But Squall in FF8 is only 886 polygons. I can see the N64 handling that.
FF9 is when they REALLY pushed the system, Freya is 2,486 polygons.

>> No.6657995

Keep in my polygon cost is not equal across platforms. Nintendo was pushing hard for devs to z-buffer everything. An untextured shaded polygon on PS1 is far less expensive than the same on N64.

>> No.6658052

The only N64 models I got are OoT
Adult Link is 388 polys
A boss like Queen Gohma is 546

Less then Half of FF8, but then again OoT has a LOT more going on in the background, a semi-realtime lighting system, collisions being calculated, a large 3D room instead of a small plane.
Maybe you could push more polys if you just had a simple scene like FF games had.

Sorry, I'm just talking what I know which is 3D models. I know shit about old time CPUs. I'll step out now, I just wanted to give poly counts for anyone who wanted it.

>> No.6658194

Confirmed for never playing Sin&Punishment

>> No.6658207

All those super scroller games were ugly trash and you know it

>> No.6658220

>getting filtered by the Super Scaler games

>> No.6658247

Why people here feed trolls?

>> No.6658380

because we think theres a chance OP would respond, its fruitless but its a habit

>> No.6658509

Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini and Rogue Squadron have zero peers on the PSX.

>> No.6658528

The comparatively compact library is compensated for having some real bangers

>> No.6658990

I played this shit as a kid. First video game that was ever considered "my own" and not by brother's. The trees always scared me

>> No.6659126
File: 833 KB, 1024x435, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As much as I enjoyed playing it from Steam, those fucking CG cutscenes are horrendous. The sprite images really use the likeness of Hamill, Ford and Fisher. Dash looks a bit like Kurt Russel and some Clint Eastwood.

>> No.6659939

It's not like you would see the wheels of DKR in a real CRT TV as inferior, in fact they look better than blobs of polygons many other games offered as wheels. That was a deliberate choice and you don't know that because you are a weeb zoomer that only plays emulators on LCD screens. That's the one example you offer, ignoring all the other N64 racing games that do have full polygon racing games. Shit autistic thread with shit examples to back shit claims, you are obssessed but can't do better.

>> No.6659952

Also the polygons on N64 are much more accurate, that requires extra processing power. Polygons on PSX shimmer and bend, the textures warp and are unfiltered. That's why it can use more small polygons on models, because the errors are less noticeable, but it has a hard time rendering full 3D worlds where these issues are much more apparent.

>> No.6660071

the problems only exist with textured polygons

>> No.6660135

still a true statement that n64 only was "succesful" in the USA

>> No.6660180
File: 32 KB, 395x830, 1592511497940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had PS1 and N64.

PS1 was full of games, but you had to sieve through a lot of garbage.
N64 had very few games, but they were proportionally higher quality/fun.
Also the fact that they were harder to pirate made it so people were more careful with their purchases, meaning most games, even the bad ones, were at least playable.

I probably spent more time playing the PS1, but going through +100 games instead of the ~25 N64 ones (I owned 11, then rented some).

>> No.6660218

Wrong. It's more apparent with textured polygons because the textures give it away immediately but the untextured polys are also low precision, bend when moving, and lack z buffer.

>> No.6660256

Wrong. Texturing limits precision on the PS1, untextured polygons are fine.

>> No.6660275

Every console from the 2600 onward had had great shumps.

Other than the N64, it seems.

>> No.6660289

Does the N64 have any good homebrew?

>> No.6660350

The location of the polygons is literally approximated instead of calculated causing warping, also it completely lacks z buffer to sort what is ahead and what is behind. As I said, texture is just the more obvious aspect of the imprecision. You normally don't see that because developers usually used very small untextured polygons on models. They didn't want their games to look like Virtua Fighter 1, also it's kind of ugly when mixed with the realism they aimed for as aesthetic choice in that generation.

>> No.6660381

i don't normally use the word "cope"
but damn man, if this isn't just plain cope i don't know what is

>> No.6660631

No, PS1 and Saturn do however

>> No.6660959

>n64 is for people with friends
>quality over quantity
the biggest cope ever, still going on for decades

>Star Craft 64

>> No.6660964


>> No.6660979

inappropriate name, you'll need a bigger tool to collect all the gems

>> No.6660989

You'll need a bigger tool to collect all the trash you mean.

>> No.6660995
File: 9 KB, 225x224, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6661014
File: 821 KB, 746x622, 1591119457808.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I loved this console growing up, but this is the first time I nearly regret getting an EverDrive for a Console. There just isn't much to play. I really thought there was going to be more Japanese only games.

>> No.6661030

>being this mad
>for a quarter of a fucking century
Embarrassing desu

>> No.6661035

Always do your research before making a purchase lad.

Luckily some zelda-speedrunning autistic tranny will probably buy it from you.

>> No.6661047

Notice how most of the people who shit on the N64 are, unsurprisingly, also praising the PS1 in the process?
It's rarely Saturn or PC fans who shit on it.

>> No.6661091

Oh I doubt I'll sell it. I bought it a few months ago. It's a V3 with the older CIC chip that makes you run patched roms for a handful of games. Paid around a hundred for it brand new and shipped straight from Ukraine. I could sell it for three times what I paid of it. So maybe I shouldn't bitch. I was just looking forward to more games like I got with the Mega EverDrive, SD2SNES, and the Turbo Everdrive.

>> No.6661287

>Outside of all the good games, there's no good games!
Jesus Christ. You can't make this shit up.
Please just go back to /v/ and stay there, zoom-lord.

>> No.6661298 [DELETED] 

yeah sonyggers don't play games,

>> No.6661516

Megadrive, PC Engine, Saturn and PS1 have some good ones, but yeah all the best shmups are for Arcade.

>> No.6661960

Didn't the Playstation just render visible polygons. Anything else was culled so it allowed higher poly models.

>> No.6662047

All 3D consoles do that and even 2.5D engines like Doom and Build do that
It had higher poly counts because the less precise polygons and textures cost less processing power power than on N64 though it came at the cost of looking worse

>> No.6662276

N64 > PS1
simple as
if you disagree you are a virgin.

>> No.6662283

>I don’t understand how
Then there’s probably no point in even trying to explain, just go about your life liking what you like you FUCK.

>> No.6662319

Master System takes the cake. Litearlly nothing but inferior arcade conversions and shitty 2D platformers and 1 overrated jarpig.

>> No.6662337

The only thing I missed were JRPGs desu, don't know why you're discrediting entire genres. If you do the same to the PS1 there aren't that many games leftover that are worth playing desu.

>> No.6662354

It has the best ninja gaiden though and good 8 bit sonic

>> No.6662739

>good 8 bit sonic
Shit version of the Game Gear original.

>> No.6662770

>Game Gear original
It came out first on the SMS, dummy.

>> No.6662787

Unless you born in Japan. The library is huge lineup.

>> No.6662792

Kys, ugly xbot

>> No.6662801

WTF I love Americans now?

>> No.6662803

Ok douche

>> No.6662806

No they're not, actually.

>> No.6662824

I know, but it was developed along with the GG version. The GG was just delayed a bit for more polish and holiday season.
Yuzo Koshiro himself says he founded Ancient to develop Sonic for Game Gear, doesn't even mention the SMS version, it was an after thought, and it shows.

>> No.6662830

>>Excluding platformers
>Then there's still Conker's Bad Fur Day

>> No.6662886

The demoscene is crap compared to other systems, but it's still there.

>> No.6662901 [DELETED] 

Does anyone really care if a console can do some weird lightshow or show a still of some graphically intense game?

>> No.6663135

I'm a pc gamer, never owned either console and I'd rather own a ps1.

>> No.6663147

Also a PC player (the word "gamer" is for zoomers), I'd rather own a saturn or n64 than a ps1.

>> No.6663151

Poor ass euros, bet you love your speccy huh

>> No.6663156 [DELETED] 

PS1 is /v/eddit favorite retro console.

>> No.6663161

Get a fenrir with that everdrive money. Lots to enjoy there

>> No.6663173 [DELETED] 
File: 97 KB, 343x500, bernie stolar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lots to enjoy there
>Sega Saturn
Pick 1

>> No.6663201

The bigger names of the time were pretty strong. Super Smash Bros, Mario 64, Kart, Party, Zelda games, Goldeneye, Pokemon Stadium

>> No.6663369

I had a SNES

>> No.6663398

Okay, but aside from the good games, can you name any good games on the Nogames Tendy4 sweaty? Yeah, didn’t think so.

>> No.6663421

>sega saturn
>lots to enjoy

>> No.6663438

What do you mean? Much more games than the N64.

>> No.6663447

It really doesn't. People always mock the N64 library for the same handful of games that always get mentioned when people recommend games but the list of recommended Saturn titles is significantly lower. Basically it takes less than half the amount of games for Saturn recommendations to start becoming inferior ports.

>> No.6663452

Sony can't into videogames.

>> No.6663462

I usually see a lot of games mentioned, lots of variety too
>inferior ports
depends how much you care, plus if it's not a problem that 90% of the n64 library is inferior ports, even the best games, it should matter to you less on the saturn where ports were often improved.

>> No.6663469

The N64 set the standard for all Nintendo consoles released after the SNES. The N64, Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U would all have limited 3rd party game libraries and were dominated by amazing Nintendo exclusives. Yeah Gamecube was actually a great library but its an outlier.

tldr: the N64 fits in perfectly with Nintendo's other modern console releases. Wonderful Nintendo exclusives help this console stay in gamer hearts

>> No.6663471

>I usually see a lot of games mentioned, lots of variety too
You see Nights, Panzer Dragoon and Powerslave every single time. All of which are extremely overrated simply because they're some of the only playable games on the system that aren't inferior ports.

>> No.6663478

Sonyggers always mention the same games and overrate shovelware.

>> No.6663492

Of those consoles I have the least amount of games for the gamecube. Could never find games I wanted for it.

>> No.6663606

I usually mention them because they are very good games and pretty accessible too. Plus many people haven't played them.

>> No.6663610

Very good by Saturn standards maybe and everybody who has played Saturn has played those games.

>> No.6663618 [DELETED] 

Better than movie games.

>> No.6663652

Definitely not powerslave.

>> No.6664591

yea not many third party titles after the n64
except for the gameboy colour, oh also the gba, the gamecube had a lot, the ds tons, the wii had plenty... and i stopped paying attention to consoles after that
wait, isn't that basically all of them?
what nintendo console besides the n64 struggled with third party titles?

>> No.6667005

It has an abundance of scotformers and what more could a guy ask for

>> No.6667048

Stop trying to make Scotformers happen.

>> No.6668416
File: 235 KB, 485x386, Screenshot at 2020-08-01 10:55:27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's wrong with scottish platformers?

>> No.6668426

You don’t like scotformers?

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