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It's been bothering me for thirty years. Somebody please tell me.

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A skull and some bones

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Why pic that ratio of all ratios?

It's two rats fucking.

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>It's been bothering me for thirty years
>What is it

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Anon this game hasn't even been out for 30 years.

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An overrated CV game, obviously

And I'm not even Australian.

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What is it bros? It's been bothering me for seventy years. Somebody please tell me.

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Rent free

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What's been bothering me is why do ropes on the bridge of the second level vibrate when you jump or crouch. I like the detail, but somehow there seems to be more to it

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What is it? Not that the question has been haunting me for years, but I'm just curious. It always looked like a useless crumpled cardboard box to me.

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how did you have a game from 1991 in 1990. you mean 28 years

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definitely boots

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two yellow boots

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I did this to my mom one time lmao

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1991 2001 2011 2021

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More like What is this?

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Here's a better screenshit with that little guy, I love it.
I'm so happy about the proto surfacing, easily my favorite thing out of the whole leak.

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Its weird how devs do a ton of work say on the enemy sprites and then boom someone just says redo it all. A lot of the enemies are either redone or palette swapped

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It makes sense, all artistic process is similar. Think about how musicians do a lot of demos before releasing their music. A lot of albums may have the same amount of outtake tracks as the finished album that weren't even used.

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>Its weird how devs do a ton of work say on the enemy sprites and then boom someone just says redo it all.
No, putting forth the effort it takes to do things right is how people make money.

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Whos to say our little ghost friend is wrong? The Nunlooking ghost dances as well look better than the final to me

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I really like the little floating skelly, but the final one has a more distinct, unique look.
I still haven't played all of the proto so I haven't seen the ghost dancers yet, pretty excited to see how they look!

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The female ghost dancers have a much more gothic look in the proto than the final. They fit the game well I'd say, very cool.

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you can't have one enemy visual design that clashes with the design of other enemies. For example if you have one enemy that looks fantastic, or has a ton of animation frames, you have to scrap it if all other enemies looks worse, or have less animations frames. Its the difference between a well designed games and a cheap, unprofessionally made game

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Pretty sure they are nuns my dude

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What game?

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does anyone know WHAT GAME that is?

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I am not a doctor but it looks like d2 to me

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and I think that's a bit too silly

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man, i love d2, such a fucking weird game

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In the final they are called Dead Nobles or something like that

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