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ITT: post obscure add-ons and peripherals for game systems. pic related is snes hardware and software to allow you to access your bank account.


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it blows my mind that there's still more of this shit to discover

I don't know why, but old game peripherals are the thing that excite me the most... been reading about them for 25 years, and there's still more

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While not an obscure accessory, the dreamcast fishing rod does have some more obscure uses beyond sega bass fishing. It features motion reactive controls and games like soul calibur allow it to be used for combat.

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Did that come out in the states?

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Sure did, both the official and third party versions.

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This is unironically one of the best video game controllers ever made

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This was the way you could browse the internet on a playstation 1 by using the data on an ntt docomo phone:

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xband was a cartridge that let you play snes and genesis games over the phone modem. it was great, with 3 frames of lag max, and had a bunch of ex-apple engineers working on it


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Is it just me or does everyone with a dreamcast have this fucking accessory

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The music on this thing is probably the most 90s shit thats ever happened

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The uhh what was it called for the fuckin vectrex... the 3d imager? I think it’s rare asf

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Who was this for? Who is this person who needed banking at home in the early 90s but also didnt have anything but a Super Nintendo?

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Plenty of people didn't own a computer back then.

Snes was seconds away from having a tv too. It had sat. games.

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>Snes was seconds away from having a tv too. It had sat. games.
What did the zoomie mean by this?

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satellite, I guess.

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There's this for the SFC. From NTT in 1996, it was a modem and numpad on a controller. The first release was JRA PAT, horse race betting. It was also supposed to support banking but never caught on.

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Batter-up for SNES. Not all that rare tho

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TeeV Golf for Genesis/SNES. Has an optical sensor in the base that detects an emitted beam from the club.

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Nakitek Gamesaver. A hardware save state device

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Fishing games are kind of the whole point of why I have one.

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They had super noahs ark for the christian kids so I guess it's fair they had something for the jewish ones, too.

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The japs got games downloaded via satellite. They were kinda shit.

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>They were kinda shit.
This one's kino, especially in co-op.

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>video unavailable
Uh huh. Most of them were shit a few decent ones elevate them to kinda shit.

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If your lifestyle benefitted from home banking in the early 90s you probably did have a computer. Probably a 486 or something for the various productivity software.

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source: my ass

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Does your foot always live in your mouth?

You're the zoomer if you didn't know about the games they beamed to their snes's.

Money wasn't that infected online to the point it is today.

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Hey, there's a lot of room in there.
Also would something out of there be wrong?

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kek & a high five©

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did you guys know you can sew designs onto clothing and crafts with a game boy color?

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>t. clueless zoomy

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>They were kinda shit
source: your ass

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idk if unreleased add-ons count but the Dreamcast was going to have a Zip Drive

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>Boring practical software for adult use in a fun console for kids

Kinda reminds of this.

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There was almost nothing like the DMG at the time for its price point. The Atari Portfoilio was like $500, and laptops were thousands of dollars. And besides, everyone had a Game Boy to play Tetris.

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Yeah, for the two 3d games. Plus there's an art pen that lets you draw on the screen. Doesn't work that well desu.

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Zoomietard, even if the SNES was connected to a modem for sateliteview games it still had to be connected to a tv as well. Also satellite view was a thing for a Japan .

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>seething zoomie copes and seethes
>Snes was seconds away from having a tv too
What did the zoomie mean by this?

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I dunno how obscure it is but I had this TV tuner attachment for my Game Gear. Some really comfy memories sitting in bed in my room watching TV on this tiny screen

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A buddy of mine made a nice bit of money on the side making clones of those things. I think there was also a Linux driver, and some (ancient) chat-software plugins to allow their use in teledildonics.

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Satellaview was an optional service that cost quite a bit of money in both the hardware you needed at home and also the monthly fees you had to pay to access it.


So no, not every motherfucker who had a Super Famicom had this accessory.

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What's even fucking crazier is that the idea of connecting your console to the internet has been around since at least 1983

That's a modem for the fucking Atari 2600!

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The fact that this is not the dumbest idea from SEGA really shows mow much they didn't care about making money back then

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oh fuck me, as if Iomega didn't have enough problems dealing with the turn of the century...

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There was also a DVD player and VMU MP3 Player in the works, presumably to help it stay competitive with the PS2 before Sega's financial situation caused them to back out of the console market for good.

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The multi tap was in no way obscure.

Especially for bomberman

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That specific model of it probably was outside of Japan.

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The guy that showed up at the beach with one of those was the event of the summer. Then the battery died 10 minutes later.

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there were a ton of weird game boy accessories. i remember a few page spread in Nintendo Power about em in the 90s

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Sonar addon for Gameboy

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The Xband retrospective here has a good interview with the developers.


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i played a shit ton of pac man on my vmu in school 10th grade. having an mps vmu would have been fucking awesome

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>VMU MP3 Player
How different would things be if Sega accidentally invented the ipod and became a trillion dollar company?

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mps vmu ?

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Sega didn't make it, Sports Sciences Inc did. They made the SNES bat also

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ohh a typo. no ones ever made a fucking typo before. stop your juvenile bullshit

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I loved sitting in my bed at my grandmas house, while everyone thought I was asleep, staying up late watching tv. Shit was cash.

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n64 glove. thats it, no explanation for you

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Satellaview was also set up to fail like the tokuma direct satellite TV. The entire thing was a slide of hand because the US government really didn't want the Japanese government to have communication satellites. So they had a bunch of companies do silly satellite ventures, let the service utterly fail and then buy up the leftovers. The relay station for tokuma direct TV is a jsdf base these days for a reason.

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Wouldn't have caught on. There were cheap mp3 players long before the ipod.

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you say "invented the ipod" like the ipod was the first mp3 player (it wasn't, apple just jumped on a few years in once the kinks were ironed out like they always do)

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don't need an explanation, it's designed for kids with one hand

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>buttons on the top of the glove

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He said hands, you could still have the arm

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Pretty sure the glove has a handle on the bottom

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Similar to this device, there was a Dreamcast Karaoke machine that plugged into the extension port.

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Not obscure at all. There was something similar for TG/PCE portables as well.

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There's an alternate universe out there where Sega released this and went on to pioneer the concept of digital distribution for home console games, becoming even more of an industry giant as a result.

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You are all posting baby tier shit.
Here we have the DahJee RAM expansion for the SG-1000. Released exclusively in Taiwan, it expanded the RAM to 8kb.
Unlike the other add-ons in this thread this is actually very useful, the extra RAM meant that MSX ports were extremely easy (since both system were extremely similar aside from the RAM difference).
It greatly expanded the library with ports like Bomberman Special, Star Soldier and TwinBee.

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This is pretty cool. I have a home made Z80 machine where I can swap the port/address mapper to make it a SG1000, Coleco, MSX, CP/M, etc so I understand how this works I had no idea this was being done decades ago with an adapter and ports/ROM hacks. I'm impressed.

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What the fuck. Anyway, the game in question is Shubibinman Zero, slated for cartridge release in 1994, eventually becoming a Satellaview game in 1997 and re-released on cartridge by Columbus Circle 20 years later.

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That would make sense actually

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Maybe they would have been able to release them if the Saturn's failure didn't doom the Dreamcast from the start.

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did you even read what i said? yes, the buttons are on the top because its designed for kids with ONE hand.

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oh whoops, I misunderstood how that's meant to be worn

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You can buy these for 50-100bucks online, they are terrible and suck the battery from the snes which creates a Flickr.

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NES sewing machine.

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Rogue squadron was actually pretty fun with this thing.

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These things were only $5.00 at Electroncis Boutique at one point.

Came with like 30 minutes free time

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Our dollar store was selling these for like 50 cents back in 2004 so my mom bought like 10 of them for us. I still got them somewhere.

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Nintendo was already doing digital distribution since the Super Famicom days. Arguably even the Famicom days.

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Imagine link-dumping on an image board.

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seriously? i have one that i got years ago. i remember it working ok. nothing special

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I remember reading about Xband in EGM way back when and damn I wanted that shit so bad. We didn't have the internet at our house until my older brother bought his own computer and got dialup in probably 1999.
Knew a kid that had Sega Channel, and I'd basically live at their house after they got it. But being able to play against other people online blew my mind. I had just never seen anything like it. That UI is so fucking cool too. Was there ever talk about somehow resurrecting xband in some form? I'd get on that shit.

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>Snes was seconds away from having a tv too
What did the zoomie mean by this?

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Never seen a flicker, I use mine all the time. Your cheap power brick is dying or its time to replace the original.

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Can you lost a pic of your z80 rig? That sounds genuinely interesting. When did you build it and how much was the total bill of materials? I love projects like this. Thanks!

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Of course I was serious. What's with the juvenile reaction?

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I saw this in a goverment owned retail store like 10 years ago, It's always impressive to watch decades old hardware still on display on dying store.

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I too wanna know

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