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Time for another dump

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>Super Mario Kart prototypes
Do they have that early version of the Vanilla Lake theme?

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super donkey

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>still no oot/mm

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I played through mushroom and flower cup on it, some of the music is early/different. not sure on vanilla lake though. seems fairly early, there's no powersliding, no two coin item from item blocks, the winning pedestal music is different. order of the tracks is different, and the layouts on them is different.

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Fucking die faggot

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Where do they get that stuff from?

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Some guy got access to Nintendo's servers 2-3 years a go, went for trial but didn't go to jail because of autism/disability claim. He backed up 2tb of data and has been leaking it over time.

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Whoever is leaking is probably saving that for last. The sheer volume of shit that's come out with this and past leaks leads anyone to believe this guy really got everything Nintendo had. Just a matter of time.

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So Miyamoto hates DKC because his Super Donkey game was cancelled so Rare could make their own. It's all coming together.

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>Star Fox 1 & 2
4k120fps here we come.

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Based af god bless that guy

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I was kind of skeptical how much they really got, but seeing that Yoshi's Island/Super Donkey proto stuff has renewed my interest. Really hope there's some Zelda 3 related stuff that comes out.

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Possibly. It looks like a majority of the work went into creating Yoshi's Island, so it's not like it was a total loss.

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This isn't retro, this is piracy

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Yes, and?

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>The game was presented to Nintendo for publication, and Shigeru Miyamoto expressed a strong interest in working on the game. However, Nintendo ultimately decided against publishing Plok. Ste Pickford remarked, "I suspect Yoshi's Island was in development at the time, and perhaps Mr. Miyamoto decided Plok was too similar for it to be worth working on both."[1]

It's all coming together

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>went for trial but didn't go to jail because of autism/disability claim
That makes little sense, autism doesn't affect your ability to discern right or wrong. Got an article?

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It's preservation of retro materials.

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So what does this mean for Mario 64 speedrunning?

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Yet another category on speedruns

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Oh really, just looked into it. This is fine I guess. Thought it was just a bunch of roms

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You can compile the source code into roms

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the fuck is this monstrosity

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A prototype.

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He's full of shit, no one was prosecuted as far as I know. Could be wrong but the way I understood it, dude apparently hacked Nintendos servers last summer and then disseminated this stuff to some other people to leak after sitting on it for a year first to be safe. Cryptic messages started showing up about this summer and low and behold the leaks start and this shit was the real deal.

I don't think the dude who did it got busted but maybe he did I honestly can't remember... Maybe he did and that's why he isn't actually doing the leaking himself

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A bunch of info is being compiled here.

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You can compile the source into working ports with bugfixes and other stuff.

the Mario RPG one is high priority at this rate.

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Aren't the codes useless without any kind of documentation???

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>Humans in starfox

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Nope, they are piss easy to mess with, kinda like the Starcraft Ghost leak.

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Holy shit fucking rad

I honestly had sort of stopped paying attention to these leaks because alot of it was just shit I didn't care about but there is full source code for some heavy fucking hitters like F-Zero and Starfox here... Is this the most notable leak so far? I don't remember seeing games this big have the sources leak yet

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That's a nigger bro, it fits with the animal theme.

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T. shitter.

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>t. newfag who doesn't know how to use t.

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I'm glad whatever that was was canceled.

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He's gunna get busted before he dumps them. Calling it now.

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It became Yoshi's Island.

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It wasn't cancelled it was just a placeholder prototype for development of Yoshi's Island

Its evolution from that to Yoshis Island is here:

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Look up
>microsoft nintendo hacker 2018
He legitimately got off the hook on his autism claim. He's on probation.

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"If you see strict DRM and copy protection that threatens the preservation of history, fight it: copy the work, keep it safe, and eventually share it so it never disappears. [...] no one living 500 years from now will judge your infringing deeds harshly when they can load up an ancient program and see it for themselves."

Benj Edwards from Why History Needs Software Piracy

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This is the biggest game-wise that's not just Pokemon. I think the previous one with all the console hardware specs and whatnot is "bigger" but far more inscrutable to the average joe.

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Nah the way he did it is he gave multiple people the shit no one has all of it and as far as I know they all have to collab to leak it

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Yeah you're right I remember now

Still the dude was quite savvy in planning for the leaks the way he did instead of just being a retard who does it themselves and gets caught immediately

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Yeah I mean I saw the massive value and importance of the console leaks and the implications of it but it just wasn't that personally interesting to me

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>it's fucking nothing

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>full source code for some of the most iconic SNES games ever released

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Green Wendy!

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Just ignore them

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> Star Fox 2 Winter CES Beta

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Which folder is this in?

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I've been trying to figure out how to get this to run for the past hour.

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damn, I wish I knew how to properly modify ROMS. You're doing Gods work anon.

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This isn't possible. How would a multimillion dollar company fuck up so bad as to forget the source code of all of its major products unencrypted on a machine connected to the internet ? I don't believe it. I think this guy made all that shit himself. He's the first autistic con artist.

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this is the weirdest URL

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It was always just speculation by the Pickfords, given that Plok and YI are colorful, set on an island and have projectile weapons and vehicle sections. But this leak all but confirms it, though the Super Donkey protagonist is closer to Rayman if anything.

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it was on another company network. the company that did the iQue IIRC

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it's the path dipshit
It's in the other.7z file from the leaks

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Is there a listing of all the playable ROMs that have been found? How much truly 3rd party stuff (ie not published or codeveloped by Nintendo)

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is that Link? what the hell?

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anything on the SMW2 prototypes? (besides super donkey)

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I swear I remember reading somewhere that an Adventure of Link remake was made for snes as some sort of sfc demo

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a bunch of proto stuff like Baby Mario crawling around when you get hit instead of being in a bubble and a strange random baby instead of Mario

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what the hell is this

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One of the snes test carts has a 16bit remix of the Zelda 2 title screen music on it maybe you're thinking of that

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is the pokemon diamond and pearl source code included in one of the original three files or do I need to download it separately?

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It's this that I'm, talking about:

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This is the only known screen of the Zelda 2 snes version.

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I think Link's leg placements look quite similar, actually.

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Anyone have a full directory listing? I'm too lazy to go through zips withing zips to fish around for what I want (not really, but why re-do work others have done? kek)

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we need TRAX's source code for romhacks

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Can't believe I lived without that garbage fire so long.

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It's a shame the leaker couldn't get his hands on the SMW beta or the Super Metroid source code. Don't care that much though, we might actually get a PC port of Star Fox with improvement mods like the Super Mario 64 PC ports.

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Some of it boils down to what Nintendo had and what they didn't. Given that there's all this SMW asset stuff and seemingly no proto ROMs (yet) leads me to believe they simply weren't on the backup system that the guy got access to.

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so is there anything here that the common man can sink his teeth into? Looking through these files, I don't even know what program would be used to view this data.

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I told you fuckers that the sprites without soft outlines were leftovers from an earlier build of the game. It's nice to have confirmation.

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>there's gonna be an active modding community for the games soon
can't wait to play some Kid Icarus Uprising demake in SF2

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Dig for these already I don't know what you're waiting for

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Holy fuck, the guy programmed some tools for F-Zero in C, in the year of 1990, and didn't use C89, but in fact, K&R 1st edition C. Disgusting.

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Yoshi's Island Proto

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So how do we actually play these ourselves? I downloaded the file but I'm too stupid to compile source code. Can anyone host this shit precompiled so dullards like me can play?

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eh? whats this uwu

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das wasist

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Damn, they really were commited to the pink hair.

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This is really cool. Thanks for posting OP

F-Zero source port when?

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>thinking your modern graphics card can handle mode 7 graphics

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He doesn't know...

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I wonder if this guy ever got to fix this error.

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What program is that?

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Mr. Anderson???

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SF2 CES build.

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Error where? That's a default switch statement meant to catch potential errors.


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Post more Zelda shit you fucking faggots.

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Is this the ROM that was stolen and leaked online anyway? Or am I thinking of something else.

Check the filename.

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This wouldn't even compile. WTF?

>> No.6634694

I think that was an incomplete file. The guy uses strcpy, but is not including the string library.

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Okay, it appears these are probably in there but the roms don't run easily due to being unheadered
I would think /vr/ would care more about multiple unreleased NES games in the same day? Sutte Hakkun for NES is within our grasp

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What are the consequences of this? Quick rundown please.

>> No.6634710

some people might want to fix those roms, but don't know how to (like yourself).

I'll log into my computer now, and see if I can help

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Literally nothing but fawning fanbois.

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So where's this build?

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somebody just posted it, some posts above you
its a very early build but not that early
here is some rough miyu/fay for your trouble

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Literally right here: >>6634658

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Ah man, no qt sheep girl. Still neat though.

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Is someone else playing the Star Fox 2 beta rom?

>> No.6634762

plays like ass
no auto aim or target so trying to kill an enemy takes a while since you have to boost into their face and blast them
missiles and ships spawn on the map very fast so it makes it quite difficult to not gameover

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I managed to get some of the roms to boot but only the ones we know about and can header-fix by using a script to compare to their retail version, for instance HVCZL0P is the Famicom cartridge release of Zelda 1, obviously nothing special
You bulk-rename the extensions of the files from the three-digit number at the end to .nes, and then you run a tool over all of them that header-fixes the recognized roms
Obviously the really valuable roms are whatever the header tool would not recognize, the leftovers, the ones for which there is no checksum in the database for them to be header-fixed with, because they're new to us and wouldn't have been documented
The tool can only fix the headers if it's an exact match for a retail rom, so anything unrecognized, not an exact match, is of interest and likely needs to have headers applied until one magically works
I suspect you can get these to boot by brute-forcing them with headers corresponding to common mappers, I'd start with the first-party mappers first, but it would have to be done on a per-game basis
Anything the header tool picks up are games that are already dumped due to being able to be fixed with the tool, so you want to be exclusively looking at the games the tool doesn't recognize
iNES headers are something the emulator community came up with so an emulator knows to run Super Mario Bros 3 as an MMC3 rom, for instance
Otherwise if you give an unheadered SMB3 rom to an emulator it won't know how to boot due to not having anything to tell the emulator what hardware configuration to use
this is the tool I got retail Famicom Zelda 1 to boot with, whatever this tool doesn't recognize and can't fix is a good candidate for our missing games, like Sutte Hakkun NES, check unreleased.png in this thread for the games we're looking for (that we know about)
there are other tools like this but I have not tried them

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where is this from? What archive is it in?

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Yeah, some things I noticed
>Lylat has no defense system, meaning that you have to be careful when you decide to go for a planet
> As >>6634762 said,auto-aim and target are non-existent in space fights (seems to exist on the stages though). Spawn rate of the ships/missiles also makes it hard for Lylat to not take damage
>Easy mode seems to have different objectives compared to the final: Mostly destroying stuff. None of the base stuff seems to be here, though I may need to try the harder difficulties
>A small one, but Andross now warps his base to the Lylat System rather than Team Star Fox taking the fight to him. You still immediately go there when it shows up though.
>I need to check the higher difficulties, but Star Wolf didn't appear thoughout my playthrough.
>Game doesn't have an ending, only a "To Be continued" sign

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Can't get it to run on my flashcart. Does this need a header fix?

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This picture was made using the master list that leaked a couple months ago with a bunch of the other stuff, by comparing what Nintendo recognizes internally as all of the official passed-lotcheck NES/HVC roms, with what we actually have available
We did not have Nintendo's NES/Famicom internal archives then, but now we do, they're the "NES" and "HVC" folders in today's leak
So now begins the hunt to try and find our brand-new missing games, like the NES version of the Super Famicom NP-cartridge exclusive "Sutte Hakkun"
The NES and HVC folders are stored in other.7z, and the filenames in unreleased.png are not exact due to being only educated guesses, even if we don't find the exact filenames in there the games could still be there
Don't get your hopes up for anything on that list that isn't NES/FC because we didn't get those archives today

>> No.6634794

do you have a link to the master list?

>> No.6634807

Thanks! I'll try adding files to the xml and trying known headers

>> No.6634812

It definitely needs something as it doesn't work in Bsnes either.

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File: 25 KB, 720x480, she still works.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

works on Snes9xbox 1.53

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File: 12 KB, 256x224, SF2_-_1-24-1995_CES002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also, one more thing:
>Andross' ships infecting the planets happens in real-time after the first batch, in Normal Mode onwards. This means that Andross can recapture planets you already secured.

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great stuff anon thanx

>> No.6634849

just leave silently retard and read next time

>> No.6634854

So the archive in the Starfox folder is called SG. Has anyone compiled it? SG could stand for StarGlider. It was a game Argonaut made before Star Fox. wikipedia says they showed off Starglider on the NES to nintendo using a beta SuperFX chip for the NES. And then ported it to the SNES after Nintendo said to focus on the SNES

>> No.6634859

this is a good thread, pls dont shit it up with your bullshit

>> No.6634860

if so, lol good luck getting that to boot in an emulator, we wouldn't know about the chip to emulate it with

>> No.6634864

any more info on that Zelda II beta for the SNES?

>> No.6634872

Is this actually real?

>> No.6634879

lmao just use your eyes and read and we're good

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nvm. Its probably star fox source code. But just shows that star fox started out as a SNEs Star Glider port until nintendo probably said to change it to a unique ip.

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It's in \SFC\ソースデータ\StarFox2\SF2 as SFROM.ZIP. It only loads in SNES9X for me and is a really early prototype.

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speak of the devil.

>> No.6634893

I'm gonna need to see more than just this gif. Anyone streaming a video of it yet?

>> No.6634895

you could play it yourself using almost exclusively information contained in this very thread

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Interesting Star Fox proto. Needs fixed header.

>> No.6634905

dstrats.asm, GB3STRATS.ASM, and GASTRATS.ASM all list the game as StarGlider too.

>> No.6634914

>wii shop channel server side code
I've waited 16 years for this
I'm going to figure out how to get this running
I'll get back to you guys

>> No.6634917

please put the donkey on smash

>> No.6634921

what could you even do with it? open your own wii shop?

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are all the working roms going to be uploaded somewhere?
I'm a bit worried because the rest of the internet is pretending the old pokemon leaks didn't happen thanks to the way they were found.

>> No.6634934

Yeah, if Flipnote Hatena could be brought back from the dead, then why not the Wii Shop Channel?

>> No.6634941

What I don't understand is, why can TCRF document other game prototypes that were leaked, but not these? They can document all those Sonic prototypes from that one guy, but not the Pokémon stuff?

>> No.6634942


>> No.6634947

They're in cahoots with the hoarders.

>> No.6634958

I can't figure out out how to get ys_romX_0.bin to work? Allegedly that's supposed to be a working prototype but I've tried 3 emulators and none of them are having it. ys_rom_16_0_save.bin works fine in SNES9X.

>> No.6634972

Turns out I can't because it references images and gifs that don't exist in these backups

>> No.6634976

Not sure if found, but in the in the news_05.tar, in the NEWS_05/home/kimura/ folder, there's a game.lha archive. Has a bunch of beta Konmai games. Maybe.

I can confirm Super Castlevania 4 is beta. Rename the game.exe to game.sfc. works in SNES9x 1.6.1

>> No.6634993

Don't lose hope just yet, maybe another leak will come.

>> No.6635005

i imagine it's either that or nintendo being super anal about taking shit like this down

>> No.6635013

Links to the roms?
It's interesting how much the concept evolved from being a StarGlider port to a brand new game

>> No.6635016

I gave you the filepath, just download the leak and you know where to find them.

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son of a bitch

>> No.6635034

this game is like playing River City Ransom while your brain is on fire

>> No.6635042

rom please

>> No.6635045

different anon, I found the path, how do I fix the header?

>> No.6635046

just google it this game actually got finished and released

>> No.6635048

That I don't know, I just load the zip with SNES9X and it just werks.

>> No.6635050

Which version of SNES9X are you using? I got the other SF2 prototype working with 1.53

>> No.6635051


>> No.6635054

i'll not download a massive fucking leak just for one ROM, faggot

>> No.6635058

then fuck off i guess?

>> No.6635059

would be cool if I could compile this zelda stuff, looking at the code is just boring

also why are there no other snes roms like starfox2 in this?

>> No.6635060


>> No.6635061

Because compiling shit takes time, fuck off.

>> No.6635063

>there are some bug videos of link's awakening dx some nip dev recorded on a super gameboy


>> No.6635064

okay then point me in the direction of learning how to compile this shit fucker and I can help you guys out

>> No.6635070

just download the "other" file from the leak. It's like 300mb, jeez.
Still dead

>> No.6635071

lol if you need someone to teach you how to compile the code then it seems like you are the one who needs help, not the one who is going to be helping anybody

>> No.6635072

Why not just.. replace those images and gifs with placeholders? Sorry if this is a stupid question

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>Original Mario64 metal cap texture

...well, where is it?

>> No.6635083

>Really hope there's some Zelda 3 related stuff that comes out.
already found in the leak

>> No.6635086

Just to be clear, the mediafire files are the same as the other links correct? Don't want to miss anything.

>> No.6635091

As in NES Zelda 3? 'cause holy shit if so

>> No.6635092

So after digging through the code a bit, it's not actually the wii shop channel server code, but a page for developers to upload .wads I guess

>> No.6635097

to add to this, the index.php file has <TITLE>VirtualConsole Page</TITLE> and the folder is named vc but I am not finding any files relating to the wii shop channel itself or anything relating to running it

>> No.6635103


has beta roms in it. rename from exe to sfc.

>> No.6635104

Is there anywhere we can listen to the remix?

>> No.6635109

furthermore, wallpaperpasswordmaker seems to relate to pokemon as it references trainerIDs

also noriko is the author of these projects so a woman wrote all this, interesting

>> No.6635119

ok, that's nice. Now how about panzer dragoon saga?

>> No.6635121

do you mean the lzh files?

there are no exes in kimura

>> No.6635127

does anyone have a link to the previous leak?

>> No.6635129


>> No.6635132

Actually, better version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39MtmsHJ3qg

>> No.6635135

I had no idea it existed this long. I shoulda searched harder. Thank you for spoonfeeding my dumb ass. And hopefully other anons here enjoy this.

>> No.6635137

nevermind, I'm retarded. Those are archives

>> No.6635146

From what I read this was basically just a hardware tech demo and wen no further than this

>> No.6635151

inside the lha archive named games

>> No.6635153

These are fantastic.

>> No.6635157

any way to use the .asm files in the polygon archive?

>> No.6635159

Someone said there was a masterlist of NES games leaked last time. Does anyone know what the file is called?

its the raw code for starfox. Need to use them to compile the game. Not sure how to compile SNES games.

>> No.6635160

seems they have servers listed and actual emails present and encoded in base85
pretty wild

>> No.6635163

NEWS/テープリストア/NEWS_09.tar btw.

I saw that. Tried a few base85 decoders and they didn't work. We probably need the master key to decode the emails.

>> No.6635180

>BS zelda code in /news09/nogami


>> No.6635196

Where's the code? I'm only seeing graphics files.

>> No.6635198

check the bszelda lzh file

>> No.6635210

just more graphics files

>> No.6635212

Is that what those are? Any way to see them?

>> No.6635215
File: 20 KB, 673x302, SourceData.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's something NES for Zelda: Triforce of the Gods
I don't know what, I'm a brainlet who can't read assembly.

>> No.6635225

Bros, check out
It's a sweet test rom

>> No.6635227

Triforce of the Gods is the japanese subtitle. We know it in America as Link to the Past.

>> No.6635230

Unironically kill yourself you newfag nigger.

>> No.6635237

Yeah, but there's NES data here. Zelda 3 is a SNES game.

>> No.6635239

If only we could decode the messages in the zel_msge files

>> No.6635240
File: 1 KB, 176x161, who is dis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go to the color this. This dude is at the bottom.

>> No.6635241
File: 23 KB, 1181x889, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you choose the invisible option 11 you get this weird mario game.

>> No.6635249

You fags don't actually have to follow the no racism rule.

>> No.6635263

Yes, now quit being a nigger and read the thread or search for the videos yourself

>> No.6635267
File: 7 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6635270

don't delete funny posts

>> No.6635280

Yes. Its real


>> No.6635282

Hook = フック = fukku = fuck

>> No.6635295

How does an average joe like benefit from this? Genuinelly curious, will this just be a "DID U KNOW GAMING?" type of shit for me? Or will I be able to play some cool ass shit, not just some unfinished version of a game I've already played.

>> No.6635298

Read the thread you lazy nigger and figure it out if any of this is interesting to you.

>> No.6635301

People could eventually make some pretty cool rom hacks. Otherwise it’s pretty much”did you know” kind of stuff.

>> No.6635307

This is basically video game archaeology. The average joe doesn't really benefit. Those who are interested in the history of video games do.

>> No.6635325

Wow nes versio

>> No.6635334
File: 97 KB, 1334x750, IMG_20200628_225750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We're going deeper into this rabbit hole, boys!

>> No.6635338

Nope, It's the US SNES version. append zel1.bin to the end of zel0.bin and you get the US ROM.

>> No.6635339

It's amazing how /v/'s had eight threads about this and /vr/'s thread about the topic hasn't gone anywhere.

>> No.6635340

/vr/ is slower.

>> No.6635345

Despite the name, it appears to be the retail build of LttP on SNES.

>> No.6635349


Half of the threads on /v/ are full caps autists and people complaining about it not being another e-celeb / pseudo-politics thread.

>> No.6635352

>Mario All-Stars internal name is MarioCD
>it was going to be a Playstation title

>> No.6635358

that doesn't mean it was going to be a playstation title

>> No.6635361

We could have had All-Stars with CD Audio back then? Sheeeeiiiiiit.

>> No.6635391

thank god its not more minestrone bs like last time

>> No.6635396


>> No.6635406

nintendo leaks

>> No.6635408

where in the leaks dumbass.

>> No.6635464

Found another SF2 beta very similar to the first ever leak of the game online, probably with mere days between builds.

>> No.6635481

is this a link or a file destination?

>> No.6635490
File: 7 KB, 256x224, SF007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can confirm.
File destination. Look there and you'll find it.

>> No.6635504

And we already told you that those were simply accommodated to fit the black backgrounds.
You're really invested in this huh. Weird agenda.

>> No.6635527

There are no unreleased games in the rom archive.

>> No.6635534
File: 25 KB, 872x480, 73783b43-941f-4240-810e-d1d442992250_screenshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no development repository for official N64 emulator
Who. Cares.

>> No.6635541

I keep hearing this, but who/what is the source for "this was stolen from ique"

>> No.6635548

Also, why the fuck would Nintendo give all of this shit to a company that basically made the equivalent of a pirate SOAC flea market controller that ran n64 games

The ique story makes no sense

>> No.6635558

iQue spawned BroadOn. BroadOn made a lot of the infrastructure for Nintendo's 2000's consoles. If you look at a lot of the leaks you'll see their fingerprints everywhere.

>> No.6635610

That makes a lot more sense, thank you. Will look into BroadOn and see what the deal is. So the assumption is Nintendo backed their shit up on BroadOn's infrastructure?

>> No.6635643
File: 34 KB, 666x542, SF97.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found a graphic of the final title screen with a 1997 copyright. The same year SF64 was released. The file is called E9_97.cgx and a duplicate called E9_97_A.cgx. Probably as a backup in case it were delayed.

>> No.6635645

of what?

>> No.6635653

The game that eventually became Yoshi's Island.

>> No.6635656
File: 34 KB, 94x375, character-Lhg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6635661

Diamond and Pearl source on google drive is always over-quota. Any mirrors?

>> No.6635662

what humans? I just see Andros's niece.

>> No.6635674
File: 4 KB, 367x139, 1595650631228.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6635680

>Will look into BroadOn
This page gives a good overview of what they did

>> No.6635682

Alright I'll bite. Where is this from?

>> No.6635695

how'd you make a long webm
most of the time when i make anything longer than about 30 seconds, i keep getting "your file contains an embedded file" error

>> No.6635696

Try copying it to your drive then making a copy of that, then downloading the copy.

>> No.6635697

ahhhh that music is fucking with my head

>> No.6635704

Star Fox 2

>> No.6635706

It's not from the rom, just so you know

>> No.6635718

Someone compile the NES version stat!

>> No.6635721

oh i know that

>> No.6635727

A few people in the /v/ threads thought it was, so I figured I'd clarify.

>> No.6635731

it's a shame most cool things that could come out of this won't or if they do, they'll be difficult to keep track of because no major site will want to host them due to the legal implications.

Like the Mario 64 stuff, wouldn't it be cool if you could just follow the progress of the several ports on a github page instead of some secret discord server or whatever they're using?

>> No.6635732

What is the 'master ROM database'?
It's obviously not just a list of games, but I don't understand what it is.

>> No.6635739

Bull shit. It'll all be up on tcrf eventually.

It's exactly what it says it is. A full database of every single retail released game for NES. All the roms are there.

>> No.6635741

i've never been to /v/, but every time it's brought up, it's about how dumb they are
i don't see how you could mistake that as actually being a real part of the prototype
this predates sm64, sm64 isn't a snes game, there's no way even prototype music would be this musically fucked, the music plays even while he's setting up the emulator and resets it, etc, etc
i guess if you're young enough to be entirely unfamiliar with snes/n64/sm64 at all, then maybe you could think it was extracted and played over top, but if you don't know what those are, what interest could you have in a snes proto at all?

>> No.6635748

So far, what I found and tried:

>Star Fox 2 CES build (different font)
>Super Castlevania proto (different music, harder, gets quite unfinished later on)
>Goemon 1 SNES (very weird prototype, different music, images, font, everything, empty houses...)
>Chou Makaimura SNES (ghouls proto)
>Super Aleste (minor differences)
>Parodius Da

There's a giant folder with all NES roms from the US and Japan but its format is weird and there's yet something interesting to be found.

I found in the netcard a bunch of gba roms with the internet numbering and a version of vba (fucking lmao) and more importantly some hitherto unreleased gba ique games (chinese revisions, often had fixes planned for us revisions) like Kirby Dream Mirror and Advance Wars 2 but they don't load on emulators. I guess they were modified to work on their DRM'd NetCard add-on for the DS with downloadable GBA roms, but as it happens, they INCLUDED A README WITH OFFSETS TO MODIFY FROM THE STOCK ROM.

From other places, they also found:

>Pokemon Gen 4 sources, localization/censorship discussions if it looks like creationism or fat-shaming or a "sexualized teacher" (no surprise treehouse no longer does pokemon past that point)
>Satellaview Zelda: BS Zelda 1 (some unused bosses)
>Zelda 2 SNES remake (!!!!!!!!!!) : some sprites
>Super Donkey : scrapped game EAD was working on between 1990 and 1996
>Super Mario 64 tech demos

>Zelda 3
>Super Mario All Stars
>Super Mario World
>Yoshi's Island
>Star Fox
>Star Fox 2
Source code (!), Early graphics
weird-ass early sprites for Yoshi and Baby Bowser, Baby Mario was originally a complete OC (baby with blue russian hat or something)

Points of interest in the above I can't find links for yet:
Star Fox demos
Super Donkey
ANY of the Yoshi's Island prototypes

>> No.6635750

Awesome. I'm gonna make a ROM hack from this.

>> No.6635751

The closest thing for now is >>6633923
Hopefully more people will post their own findings and host it on their own sites, but maybe that's just wishful thinking for old web days.
After months of calling it "bad data" and infighting in their community over how 4chan users got to post about it before they did, maybe. Best to document what we can early now.

>> No.6635752

It went much further.
Hyrule Historia and other Zelda art books mention a Zelda 2 remake for the SNES was worked on as late as 1995 and was scrapped out of manpower/timing issues.

>> No.6635754

I can see how the assumption can be made. Nintendo has a habit of keeping things they've made and re-using them later on down the line. There's even a few instances of that in this very dump. One could assume that SM64 track was made for Super Donkey, but with-held with it's transformation into Yoshi's Island, but eventually re-used in Super Mario 64.
Of course, anyone with a little technical know-how would know the SNES isn't capable of producing that kind of music.

>> No.6635759

>reusing them later


>> No.6635760

I'm talking about things that could potentially be developed from source code, like source ports for example.

I believe the previous leak with the N64 stuff faced the same dilemma? Even if the stuff on it could help them improve emulation, they can't use it because muh legal implications.

>> No.6635762

>NES Ver2
>Germany PAL
>France NES
>France PAL
>Japan Ver3
>English PAL
NES probably means American SNES.
Zelda 3 got two French versions, one of which was a 60 Hz build for Canada (NTSC NES)
It was very unusual in that regard, that and the translation clearly mentions a triforce of GODS and has exclusive art assets that were never used until the GBA port elsewhere.

>> No.6635768

well sure, if it was a snes track that would make sense

>> No.6635772

>It's exactly what it says it is. A full database of every single retail released game for NES. All the roms are there.

How do you know this? Are they simply roms, ready to be put into an emulator? What file format are they in, and what is the naming convention?

>> No.6635780

>What file format are they in
separate prg/chr banks, for snes it's separate 1mb banks
>what is the naming convention
see master list

>> No.6635783

>separate prg/chr banks, for snes it's separate 1mb banks
so 1 file per chip rather than 1 file per game?

>> No.6635786
File: 221 KB, 611x444, 1595647550454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like? Like? It's well known that Nintendo re-used dungeon concepts originally meant for Wind Waker but scrapped for time in Twilight Princess instead.
There's a few ghost designs in Super Donkey that got re-used in Super Mario Maker.
Metroid Prime Federation Force was resurrection of an old DSi project on 3DS.
Star Fox Command and Star Fox Zero both used elements from Star Fox 2 in their designs.
Miyamoto wanted Mario to ride a horse in Super Mario Bros, and the concept eventually became Yoshi in Super Mario World.
Nintendo does this shit all the time.

>> No.6635793

OK but where's the Garfield Kart source code

>> No.6635803

Do you know where the Zelda 2 info is? All I found were some sprites, and I'd like to know if there's anything else

>> No.6635805

No source code, but 7 prototypes got leaked, apparently.

>> No.6635807

If you're talking about >>6634203 these, they were found in Yoshi's Island data.

>> No.6635812
File: 26 KB, 449x431, CsOYPbyXgAABDJM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It looks a LOT like the early sketches of the character.

>> No.6635827
File: 10 KB, 640x448, best sanic level ever.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6635829

I honestly don't have the time to start fiddling around with some dev tools to check what's real and what isn't, but cool beans anyway I guess.

>> No.6635832

Sorry, charlie, but it's legit.

>> No.6635885

Plus analog controls too.

>> No.6635897
File: 402 KB, 512x512, 1594282816358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6635902

I haven't gotten around to playing it yet, but damn that Yoshi's Island stuff is surreal. From the source code it looks like they started work on it in 1992, I think? Interesting how in early 1995 they'd pretty much fleshed out the look and some of the gameplay ideas, but overall it still looks clunky, buggy, and the levels I've seen so far seem more like kinda lazily thrown together concepts than truly carefully designed levels. And from there, within about 6 months, they overhauled a shitton of stuff and turned it into such a memorable game.

>> No.6635907

anyone care to explain

>> No.6635916

anyone care to explain why nintendo servers that host the source code of their games were connected to the internet

>> No.6635937

Doubt it. Unlike SM64 the only way they could do that is by actually using leaked materials. That's illegally obtained, copyrighted material that they'd be using. That's an incredibly easy way to catch a fat lawsuit. Doubt anything will come of it. Would be nice to play these games at a decent framerate though, yeesh.

>> No.6635945

A company called BroadOn does Nintendo's IT solutions.
BroadOn contracted a server in China for the iQue player, Nintendo handed them a bunch of source files because they needed to localize games to Chinese.
It was their contractor getting a bad Chinese contractor, Nintendo's actual servers are probably more secure.

>> No.6635954

why did they hand them a bunch of old stuff though?
anyway, does the guy ever say how he did it?

>> No.6635956

Or Nintendo sees blacks as animals...

>> No.6635971
File: 938 KB, 3264x2448, ACE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wack0 was obsessed with trying to hack the iQue Player. He likely found some vuln in some iQue related server. Maybe he worked his way through their systems from there. Nintendo announced the shut down the iQue services right around the time they detected his attack, so that makes this more plausible(easier to shut down an aging system than fix).

The very first thing he did after gaining access was release an iQue sdk through the scene.

He was also a part of the group that did end up hacking the console. He's "Riley" in picrel.

>> No.6635972

Some employee didn't want to shuffle through all those files trying to determine what was necessary and what wasn't. Easier to just give them all the SNES source code and tell the Chinese translators the basics.
Also they probably trusted BroadOn, they've been doing business with them since the 80s with (what I assume) no problems at all. Security policies tend to only be made as a reaction rather then a precaution.

>> No.6635982

They probably didn't even have an employee give these files a look over.
They probably just cloned their source code server and gave it to iQue.

>> No.6635987

It would be interesting to know. Maybe Nintendo was just lazy and didn't feel like digging through their seemingly haphazard, minimally organized backups for specific shit and just said "here's a huge mess of files, the source code you need is probably in there somewhere, have fun."
I'm particularly curious about third party stuff. Those random Konami games, Aleste, and Makaimura have me hopeful, but they don't really seem to jive with the rest of what we got, seeming more like random occurrences that they happened to have protos of another company's games for preview purposes or just random bits that were meant to be deleted but wound up accidentally left in Nintendo's archive. Lone builds of random games in varying states of completion, without anything clearly organizing them or identifying the purpose doesn't make it seem like Nintendo had a practice of actively storing 3rd party in-development stuff that they seemingly had no involvement in... or at least that wasn't part of this particular archive. The Hamtaro debug build seemed similarly random, but Nintendo published that, so it checks out.

So yeah. Think we will start seeing some early Bebe's Kids builds in this?

>> No.6635994

is that fucking minecraft

>> No.6635998

>seeing the source code for mode7 by Hajime Yajima

holy shit this is awesome

>> No.6636001

someone post that i faked copypasta

>> No.6636005

Nintendo had a copy of the Seiken Densetsu 3 source code. When Squenix wanted to localize SD3 they had to get the source from Nintendo since they lost their own copy. Who knows what other third party code Nintendo's sitting on.

>> No.6636006

Well if it works, it works.

>> No.6636017

It is certainly possible. Unless Nintendo mandated it as part of the approval process, though, I can't imagine that too many developers would be keen on just sending their games' source code to Nintendo. It is also worth remembering that Nintendo and Square had a good working relationship in that era, co-developing Super Mario RPG, so they could've had Square assets as a result of that. But again, who knows, we will see. That is unless Nintendo goes nuclear and scares anybody who has additional content into hiding away forever.

>> No.6636027

Woah, this is insane. It's almost completely unrecognizable as the game that would eventually become Yoshi's Island. But then a dog shows up that acts much like Poochy, and the monkeys are clearly early versions of the Ukikis in the game. This is crazy. Wonder how it ended up mutating as far as it did.
This is one of those crazy beta things that's just a total mindfuck because we had no idea anything like this existed at all.

>> No.6636032

mister wont fucking load it. changed to sfc and bin

>> No.6636042
File: 193 KB, 128x512, iw-iw.cgx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anybody who's been taking a look at some of the SNES graphics files know of a good way to make use of the .COL files? They have the palette data, but the only way I've been able to figure out how to access it while viewing the graphics is to open the .COL file in a hex editor, copy the first 512 bytes, and then paste that into a ZSNES save state at 0x618. Then I can use that to load the palette data into YY-CHR or Tile Molester. It's just so tedious and I feel like there must be a better way.

>> No.6636050

It sounds like some of the archive backup tapes that these were digitized from might have been corrupted/unable to be copied, so even if he got everything that he could access from his breach, it sounds like there's a good chance that a lot of Nintendo's archival stuff might have simply not been on there.
It doesn't seem like this shit was particularly well organized, so who knows what else might/might not be in what we already have.

>> No.6636072

I always wondered, which build made it onto the SNES Mini? Was it one we already had or some distinct 100% finished build that Nintendo had lying around?

>> No.6636086

Which is kinda interesting. Did they purge them once the company confirmed they weren't going to publish the games? Makes me a little less hopeful about there being a troves of stuff from other developers, beyond random shit like the Goemon and CV4 builds.

>> No.6636091

i faked it. i reverse engineered the diamond, pearl, and yoshi's island source code and intentionally made the programming super incompotent as a joke. i did it in assembly, my favorite programming language, as a gag. i then proceed to do that 40 more times with games nobody cares about as a joke. i then wrote code for the gbc source that wasn't incompotent as a joke. i also made a new bad rom database as a joke. i then drew hundreds of sprites ranging from barely started to completely finalized for yoshi's island and designed levels and everything as a joke. i also wrote hundreds of fake tape backups, you guessed it, as a joke. i also intentionally programmed in bugs, to link's awakening, made fake bug reports, and refused to address the bugs all for a laugh. and i did this in two languages as a joke.
you all fell for it.

>> No.6636096
File: 11 KB, 225x225, HORJZMT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6636113


>> No.6636118

What happened to the castlevania leak?

>> No.6636124

it got merged with the metroid leak

>> No.6636128

An unfinished Japanese build of CV4 was in the leak. No real indication as to why Nintendo had it, since so far it seems like they only had a very small number of prototype builds from 3rd party devs in this archive (like CV4 and maybe 3 or 4 others?)

>> No.6636129
File: 17 KB, 512x448, TITLESCREEN.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found the stuff to put this together under NEWS_05/home/watanabe/3DCAD. I'm guessing a little on the position of the head and moving arm because I'm pretty sured they're supposed to be sprites, but I got the rest of it by copying the graphics (TITLE.GCX), palette (3DCAD.COL), and tile map (TITLE.SCR) into a memory dump from BSNES and then reimporting it.

>> No.6636130

There are people who actually believe this lmao

>> No.6636131

Imagine the smell.

>> No.6636132

Who the fuck just commits files that don't even compile. I'm sure workflow was different 30 years ago but what is the logic behind this?

>> No.6636145


>> No.6636154

The Japanese name is Super Mario Collection, the D could mean something else.

>> No.6636231

For a Russian port?

>> No.6636239

Regarding the Star Fox 2 roms, do they all run out of the box or do they need header fixes?
How do you fix a rom header in that case?

>> No.6636256

in c it's not strictly required to import the functions you want to use, though by assuming incorrect type sizes it can generate invalid code on some architectures

>> No.6636267
File: 9 KB, 250x202, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honest question: do you guys see any use for having the source code to some of these games? I was excited for Link's Awakening, because it's my favorite game. Not sure what I was expecting, but besides being interesting, it doesn't seem particularly useful. Protos and unreleased games I can see the use for, but the source code for released games is just 'neat'.

It just doesn't seem worth the hassle dealing with assembly to make a mod or a sequel. You'd probably be better of just re-using the sprites and re-creating the game engine in some modern programming language.

>> No.6636274

Even if nobody does anything with it, it's still good for game preservation's sake

>> No.6636276

For ROM hackers it's a gracious boon, I assume. And with the source code of these games a source port to PC can be made given enough time and there's no pressure from Nintendo's boot crushing their necks.

>> No.6636283

wake me up when they figure out how to convert these master nes and famicom files to a playable state, i need to check these for sure

>> No.6636346

No Super Mario World source code? That's all I want.

>> No.6636370

Take the code from all-stars dum dum

>> No.6636394

>And with the source code of these games a source port to PC can be made given enough time and there's no pressure from Nintendo's boot crushing their neck
Assembly isn't very portable emulation is still better and coding people are all moralfaggots so they won't use a single line from this

>> No.6636403 [DELETED] 

fuck off, not retro

>> No.6636406


>> No.6636414 [DELETED] 

<another non retro thread in \VR\
not retro, not retro, noy r to e

>> No.6636415
File: 44 KB, 320x320, yoshievolve2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6636421


>> No.6636443

Wow so Mario was originally black and gay

>> No.6636470

>Mario 64 tech demos
fucking what??? where??????

>> No.6636545

The SNES mini version has the lock-on (or the charge attack, one of them) hidden behind a bonus stage, so it's a different build.

>> No.6636551

The version from the SNES mini is in SFC\ROM\StarFox2\usa as SXJ03.COM. I wonder if that's the same exact file they included or they got it from another backup.

>> No.6636562

Not sure if it means anything, but the folder is dated May 2nd 2016.

>> No.6636564

The folder dates don't matter, they're all recent, it's the files.

>> No.6636567

Actually, looking again, I'm wrong: The folder is dated May 2 2016, but the actual file September 21st 1995.
Not sure what the SNES Mini's is dated and if there's any connection.

>> No.6636569

Older operating / file systems didn't store date information on folders, just files, so the folder dates are more likely indicators of when the archive was moved to a more recent computer, or when the leak occurred (i.e. the date from the hacker's file-system)

>> No.6636583

>Older operating / file systems didn't store date information on folders, just files
which filesystems do that?

>> No.6636586

>coding people are all moralfaggots so they won't use a single line from this
Not me, nigga. I'm programming it to both get better in C++ AND some assembly languages I already use for romhacking. I'll release the game with no names attached so people can play it and I'll not be C&D'd by Nintendo.

>> No.6636596


Rom hacking is an awkward pain in the pass. With the source code you can make so much easier. Hell you don't have to hack the final game but make proper ports and modifications.

>> No.6636606

Directory date+time was not added until DOS7+VFAT and even then it was not standard that a file modification updated the folder's datetime too (too slow), I don't recall Win9x doing this(?)

>> No.6636609


>> No.6636673

Cool shit, maybe one day we'll finally get all that sweet stuff from n64 prototypes of OOT and SM64. I wonder how this can be used though, I'm not sure Nintendo would be happy about anyone releasing a game that takes anything out of the source code of these games. Or about newer "romhacks" with this.

>> No.6636683

Regular All-Stars, sold in stores, didn''t have SMW in it. There is a 2nd rom/cart that has World in it, but that was only included with systems.

>> No.6636740

I'm just glad to see literally anything about Star Fox or F-Zero get some attention

>> No.6636790

Hold the fucking phone where are the Super Mario 64 tech demos
Someone post proof please I beg you

>> No.6636821

>Cool shit, maybe one day we'll finally get all that sweet stuff from n64 prototypes of OOT and SM64.
Highly doubt the SM64 prototypes will have much to show. Considering most of the level designs in the Shoshinkai beta (stated to be 50% complete) were basically the final already and the game released not too long after that, doubt there's really much in the way of beta content that was actually incorporated into the game. I'd still love to check out that build and also the garden test level, but in terms of mystique I'd say SM64 ranks pretty low for me. It would be cool, but there probably isn't a ton to discover.
Ocarina of Time on the other hand... I mean shit, that went went through like three entirely different eras and there's gotta be TONS to see. Definitely excited for the future of that rabbit hole.

>> No.6636837
File: 133 KB, 709x626, SF2ALPHA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I know. There's a fixed version floating around. Someone posted a link to a fixed version from some random discord on one of the early threads on /v/

The only one I got working out of the box was the SF.zip one that is located alongside this one >>6634119 but only on SNES9X (pic related)

With Star Fox 2's source code and some documentation on the MARIO/SuperFX chip now public, I can see some new romhacks being developed for those games. This whole leak got my autism all riled up again and I might have a go at it.

>> No.6636851
File: 947 KB, 768x768, metal Mario.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

source image from SGI.

>> No.6636869


Yeah people said World source code was here but I haven't seen it. I think people were mixing up All Stars.

>> No.6636871


Use tor and upload to the deep web. It's untraceable.

>> No.6636879

Why doesn't anyone make torrents for stuff like this? Instead of dumb throttled file hosting sites?

>> No.6636887

People who don't know how to use i2p complain.

>> No.6636923
File: 19 KB, 605x157, SRC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I found the source code of several builds of SF2 between June-September 1995 (from the first "finished" build we got from 2004 to the final build of the game)

filepath is : SFC.7Z\SFX\ソースデータ\StarFox2\ZIPS

>> No.6637094
File: 6 KB, 438x158, WindowsTerminal_2020-07-26_01-17-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was looking at the 3D stuff in

I wasn't able to get the tools to compile with anything but DMC
Someone with more C experience probably knows why.
Compile them with the -j0 flag so the Japanese text is read correctly.

In NEWS_05\home\watanabe\INDY
I wonder if the demos are anything interesting?

>> No.6637113

I remember people saying japanese companies didn't save source codes way back then, that's why we always get emulation re-releases and not ports

Was that all lies?

>> No.6637118
File: 72 KB, 412x1199, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6637125


>> No.6637126
File: 330 KB, 1000x552, SMW_a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Realistically, how can we know for sure what's real and what's fake?
>nooooo nobody would waste time doing fakes ur crazy!
Yeah, remember when that fake Sonic 1 proto leaked? Even Yuji Naka was fooled by it, but it was fake. There ARE people with a lot of free time, especially during pandemic.
I'm not being a total skeptic, but this is extremely interesting and would like to know if there's any fake stuff we should be wary off.
Sadly, I have a full time job so I don't have the time to invest into learning how to run these source codes myself and learn about it, not a tech guy myself, but I enjoy video game history and art.

>> No.6637131

Anyone got a link to the original leak from.. may?

>> No.6637137

Where the fuck are that Castlevania and Goemon 1 builds some anons are talking about?

>> No.6637146

Square is notorious for losing source code. Only had beta source code of FF7 to give to Eidos for the PC port, asked 10 years later to Eidos developers "Do you still have our source code?"
People just kinda project Square's incompetence onto every single Jap dev.

>> No.6637149


Look, this dump contains the full decompiled source code to many SNES games, all this ancient art and info, and prototype roms.

I do get people can doubt after all the crimes against human decency the leakers have been behind of, but theres no way in any known hell even the most dedicated leaker troll group would actually make all this shit from scratch.

These things are the absolute real deal.

>> No.6637154

>dobson was right
my sides

>> No.6637161

I mean he is autistic after all

>> No.6637163

There is a reason Square failed. Advent Children was only the first visible blunder.

>> No.6637164

>Advent Children
Oops meant Spirits Within

>> No.6637165

>Working assembly files with Japanese comments
>Beta roms with never before seen content
>Bug reports written in Japanese
>Dylan Cuthbert confirming on Twitter that these are his lost programs

Try reading the thread some time. This isn't grainy youtube footage, this is a treasure trove of data files, way too many to fake.

>> No.6637173

Right, I'm not saying ALL of it could be fake, but there could potentially be some fake stuff that people sneak in.
Realistically speaking 99% of us don't really know how to look into these files, or don't have the time to learn how to do it, so it really wouldn't be hard for anyone to make up some fake screenshot and post it saying they got it from one of the leak folders.
I'm not a total naysayer, I WANT to believe, but also I am skeptic, because there has been instances in the past where ROMhackers tried to pass fake stuff as legit.

>> No.6637179

As I said here >>6637173 I'm not saying ALL of it is fake, but precisely because there's so many stuff, it'd be easy to sneak a few fake stuff, don't you think?
>why would people do it
I don't know, but fake stuff has been done in the past, that's why I'm wary.
Cuthbert confirming it is indeed pretty cool though, I'm gonna head over to his Twitter now.

>> No.6637181

No one who actually found stuff and leaked it would make anything fake to stick in there. It's not the personality type. Leakers do this to share things, and to be a sort of hero, not to manipulate people or get one over on them.

It makes sense someone would make a fake and hide it amongst other things, but that type of fake, which has happened before, is usually the fake things mixed with stuff we've already seen in other leaks.

It's like, if you have the gold rubies and other booty, why the fuck would you put some plastic coins in the chest too? Just doesn't make sense, even for a fucked up 4channer.

So as far as I am concerned, this shit is all legit. I bet you see snippets pop up everywhere claiming as new found leaks.

>> No.6637187
File: 8 KB, 256x120, SF2-CharacterCallSprites[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, Sheep and Human survived to a build that TCRF had covered. But this proto has a lot more of them than we ever saw, including many attempts at a design. >>6635656

>> No.6637190

The SNES files are only 500mb
Download it, confirm it yourself.
Whenever somebody makes a huge discovery you usually get a few posts asking the location of the files.
People are confirming these are in the leak.

You're exaggerating a problem, a simple "trust but verify" environment is all we need, especially when the files are right in OPs post.

>> No.6637192

>It's like, if you have the gold rubies and other booty, why the fuck would you put some plastic coins in the chest too? Just doesn't make sense, even for a fucked up 4channer.
I don't see it as impossible though. A lot of people are posting screenshots, some of them could be legit, some of them could be fake.
Unlike jewelry, which could be physically tested to see if it's fake or not, a .jpg or .png file of some sprite tilesets could either be real or fake.

>> No.6637206

Think about how many times a romhacker or modder said that certain features are "impossible". With source code, you literally have what made the game in the first place laid bare, and you can use it as a base to create a modification or an entirely new game altogether.

Even better, with the source code you don't need special tools to edit the ROM.

>> No.6637207
File: 94 KB, 463x375, 1595696015888.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6637220

Saw this same mentality around the Pokemon Gold and Silver leaks. If people who actually know their shit are telling you it's real, it's real.
Yeah bro just spent the last 15 years of my life creating the most convincing fake leak of all time no biggie

>> No.6637231

But I'm not saying ALL of it is fake (I repeated this like 3 times already), just saying it wouldn't be impossible for people to sneak a few fakes stuff here and there.
Anyway, seeing Cuthbert confirm the Starfox 2 stuff is pretty cool.

>> No.6637235

>If people who actually know their shit are telling you it's real, it's real.
This is kind of like saying "bro just trust everything you see online".
Many of us aren't into the hacking scene so we don't know who the leakers are, we don't know how much trust worthy they are.
Regardless, all of this is pretty interesting, and from the looks of it, it seems to be real.

>> No.6637240

about what

>> No.6637241

>committing serious crimes and stealing a massive archive of Nintendo data and meticulously adding convincing fake stuff to troll nerds interested in source code for the lulz
Does that really make sense?

>> No.6637246
File: 3 KB, 256x256, FILE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The title screen I posted here
seems to belong to some sort of 3D model viewer that would run on actual hardware (or at least a devkit).

>> No.6637252

The people who could potentially sneak fake stuff don't necessarily need to be the hacker who originally got the leaks.
Anyway, you guys are getting too defensive about my skepticism. I WANT to believe, because all of this is pretty damn cool, I'm just wondering about potential fake stuff random people could be posting on these threads.

>> No.6637253
File: 7 KB, 512x512, EYE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These are still just recreations from the GCX, SCR, and COL files though. I don't know if there's an actual ROM in there anywhere.

>> No.6637256

>just saying it wouldn't be impossible for people to sneak a few fakes stuff here and there.
Provide a motive for spending months of your time making an extremely convincing fake leak (when you've already spent years honing your ability to the point where you can even make an extremely convincing fake leak in the first place) and then somehow finding a way to sneak it into a release of real leaks without anyone else realizing something was added (unlikely to say the least)
>This is kind of like saying "bro just trust everything you see online".
>Many of us aren't into the hacking scene so we don't know who the leakers are, we don't know how much trust worthy they are.
I'm not saying to take the leakers work for it, I'm saying to take people who know their shit and look at it objectively and can tell you that it seems legit to them. These people can tell when something is bullshit and when it's most likely real. It's like how someone fluent in Japanese can easily tell when someone is also fluent and when someone just uses Google Translate. If they're a respected face in the community and have plenty of people to vouch for their knowledge and capability then it's best to take their word for it when you don't know anything on the subject.

>> No.6637270
File: 36 KB, 892x683, 1595694621653.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6637361

Don't believe anything Frank Clifaldi says

>> No.6637365

They let people off if they feel sorry for them. Women get off the hook constantly over being 'cute weaker beings' and autistics are thought to be screwed as 75 percent never get employed Prison is for street smart guys and would kill the tech smart autist and they didn't want blood on their hands again. One of the redditor admins that created reddit was forced to suicide you know if they see death coming they are morally obligated to baaaaaaw for the person, but the redditor faggot was overly balsy and attractive and had a gf and such so he died.

They often fbi employ such types as well. Like that Frank guy with the checks

>> No.6637373

I think that every comparison so far of NES/SNES ROMs that have been extracted from official rereleases have been identical matches to no intro/redump. Probably a waste of time.

>> No.6637374

Whites can't jump so.. that shit on his face only older gays used to have also.

>> No.6637375

If you live in Kazakhstan maybe

>> No.6637378

Yeah man let's just send people with mental problems to prison to get bullied and beaten for no reason by asshole inmates for the crime of leaking vidya game code

>> No.6637393

They should just make different prisons for white collars, really makes no sense to me to send a pirate or hacker in cell with Tyrone the serial rapekiller.

>> No.6637402

That's how they are on the actual cartridges. a PRG file, and a CHR file.

>> No.6637405

Why do that when just putting them on house arrest/probation does the job fine for non-violent crimes

>> No.6637416
File: 73 KB, 806x673, GVehpLu[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

use this to open .COL, then save it as .PAL file. you can use that file to view the .SCR files, for example the beta SMW world maps

>> No.6637435

Because you still need to punish them harshly for serious stuff like corruption, embezzlement and the likes.

>> No.6637443

That's what the the demands to pay lots of money is for, along with the entire idea of probation/house arrest being "if you do any more shit like this you actually are going to prison". Also court fees, jail time that you have to chip away at, community service, etc

>> No.6637465

You can just create a company, dump your debt in it and declare bankruptcy, it's what many people do. Look at the wolf of wall street dude, lorena Bobbitt husband and many others. It will make you unemployable probably, but it's still better than hundred of millions of debt.

Also, but this is purely personal opinion, a hacker stealing data is way worse than a random thief stealing a TV to sell for a living for different reasons.
The hacker has skills that make him employable most of the time, so him committing a crime is pure malice, he's not stealing to feed his family, and while the recent nintendo hack is a nonissue for them (no Switch or 3DS product was leaked) so the hackers should not go to prison IMO, the faggot redditor stole academic papers.

>> No.6637482

Where are you guys downloading it? I'd love to see the source code of the games.

i've wanted to make games all my life, but i ended doing something else, so reading code is my fetish

>> No.6637486

there's a literal link with all the stuff in the OP you absolute retard

>> No.6637493
File: 21 KB, 120x160, g4BTY15.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6637501
File: 49 KB, 450x327, blockarf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nintendo can suck the farts out of my asshole, their opinions on this do not matter

>> No.6637523
File: 77 KB, 902x528, links.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's all of the link graphics from NEWS_11\hino\z-sword\CHR-stock\ with what I believe to be the correct palette.
Thanks, anon. I had no idea that program existed, but it's really handy.

>> No.6637528


>> No.6637530

The posing there is fucking amazing

>> No.6637532

i faked it. i reverse engineered the diamond, pearl, and yoshi's island source code and intentionally made the programming super incompotent as a joke. i did it in assembly, my favorite programming language, as a gag. i then proceed to do that 40 more times with games nobody cares about as a joke. i then wrote code for the gbc source that wasn't incompotent as a joke. i also made a new bad rom database as a joke. i then drew hundreds of sprites ranging from barely started to completely finalized for yoshi's island and designed levels and everything as a joke. i also wrote hundreds of fake tape backups, you guessed it, as a joke. i also intentionally programmed in bugs, to link's awakening, made fake bug reports, and refused to address the bugs all for a laugh. and i did this in two languages as a joke.
you all fell for it.

>> No.6637539
File: 78 KB, 918x597, 1589957981205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God.. god damn it... I got fooled again... fuck...

>> No.6637550
File: 45 KB, 410x598, 1593639218219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the phone's for you

>> No.6637556

holy shit you are a fucking faggot

>> No.6637567
File: 200 KB, 1024x1024, Event Horizon (1997).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6637569

Pretty sure it was never intended to be what it is in this prototype, these were just quick and dirty assets in a relatively similar colorful style for them to develop the actual play mechanics, etc. I am not sure if it was always planned to a Yoshi game though.

>> No.6637576

The fuck is that?

>> No.6637606

Seems like Nintendo is the odd one out of these

>> No.6637612

>coding people are all moralfaggots so they won't use a single line from this
It's all bullshit posing, believe me. As someone who has been working in this field for many years. They will all moralfag and publically refuse to even view it and condemn anyone who does because it's "unethical" but you can bet your fucking ass they are tearing through it behind closed doors and undertaking or assisting in projects under anonymous handles

>> No.6637615

which one gettin the best head

>> No.6637618

This. All this stuff is way too valuable to ignore. Plausible deniability is important.

>> No.6637637 [DELETED] 

>"Oh, by the way Star Fox team, we installed a new device into your Arwings that cuts of your legs and replaces them with metal prosthetics so you can endure the g-forces better and don't lose consciousness."

>> No.6637649

>"Oh, by the way Star Fox team, we installed a new device into your Arwings that cuts off your legs and replaces them with metal prosthetics so you can endure the g-forces better and don't lose consciousness."

>> No.6637665

Slippy's the only one with his hands up

>> No.6637670

Because he's a fucking amateur who can't keep his god damn hands on the controls.

>> No.6637672

The suck is too damn good

>> No.6637674

Or maybe they don't want to become unemployable just to appease random assholes over the internet who won't even pay them.
Same for cracking groups, once it became too hard to do for free they disappeared, what's the fucking point?

>> No.6637714

Don't forget you made an exact duplicate of an Argonaut employee's tool they personally made and used to learn C++ software.
As a prank.

>> No.6637723
File: 65 KB, 515x528, forest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some WIP Zelda forest tiles from NEWS_04\home\arimoto\DELDA\soto\

>> No.6637776
File: 11 KB, 256x224, shiiii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6637787

Deku tree in the top right? With the big nose.

>> No.6637793

Trees with faces on them isn't exactly a concept Ocarina invented but if you want to take that down that path it does make some sense.

>> No.6637794
File: 171 KB, 960x413, 1595707889469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6637796


he's so kawaii

>> No.6637815
File: 4 KB, 256x256, 1595695883439.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6637827

Has anyone been able to play the ROMs in other/Famicom_NES/NES? Those are clearly NES ROMs but I don't know what they're missing to be playable in an emu.

>> No.6637838

I'd rather see that one autistics Link's Awakening 3D source code leaked to be honest.

>> No.6637839

What? Where?

>> No.6637841

who the fuck is shara

>> No.6637843

More likely to just be Virtual Console.

>> No.6637849

What did you use to view them?

>> No.6637854

They're missing the header information that indicates what chips (most importantly the mapper) a game is using.

>> No.6637869

Nevermind it's shit.

>> No.6637872

iQue Player

>> No.6637873

Well that sucks. Has anyone opened them up in a tile editor to see what's inside?

>> No.6637875

I use Tile Molester mostly. YY-CHR is good too.

>> No.6637876


>> No.6637881

Nice, to say the least.

>> No.6637883

Ehh... I still wouldn't say there'd be much to discover in them. But I've been known to be wrong.

>> No.6637889

Doing that right now. They're split into separate PRG and CHR files and no header information, some of them have multiple PRG revisions. So far, the strangest thing I've seen is the French rom for Kirby's Adventure in the NOA folder.

>> No.6637891
File: 39 KB, 575x575, 1595708826139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6637895

It's Saria, the elf girl from Ocarina.
Oh shit, they actually planned Boy/Girl versions of ALTTP.

>> No.6637898
File: 1 KB, 96x64, 1595708943921.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6637904

Except those are clearly Gameboy tiles.

>> No.6637910


>> No.6637917
File: 81 KB, 319x445, 1595709972256.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>L is Real

>> No.6637918

Do the e-mails appear this way because they're in Japanese, even the ones in the NOA folder?

>> No.6637924

I want to believe.

>> No.6637928

someone said they're compressed and encrypted with an xor ciper.

>> No.6637929


>> No.6637978

I'm aware of that, anon.

I'm trying to say that a ALTTP port for the GB might have been a possibility. Two versions, one for boys (Link), one for girls (Saria), something very common in the GB days.
Saria might have been introduced years before her first appearance in Ocarina. I wouldn't even be surprised if her character was repurposed from this unfinished game.

>> No.6637992

cool thread, although 4chan doesn't allow stuff like this to be as comprehensive lol

>> No.6637995

>Two versions, one for boys (Link), one for girls (Saria), something very common in the GB days.
Name examples that aren't Harvest Moon

>> No.6638007

Pokemon and all its associated knock offs? He meant it was common for games to have a two release gimmick like this

>> No.6638009

Because law enforcement doesn't care about copyright infringement of prototypes that were dumped from stolen carts, but hacking into servers is instant "4am no-knock raid" territory.

>> No.6638018

Name examples of dual release games that weren't specifically trying to ape the success of Pokemon (e.g. examples of releases like this that happened before 1996)

>> No.6638023

can't wait to see it all animated

I was gonna do it, but maaaan, those are some poses

>> No.6638025

Is it possible to load any of the .sfc files in /SuperMarioRPG/?

>> No.6638027

Zelda: Oracle of ___.
Perfect Dark GB and N64

>> No.6638036

The Oracle games were obviously inspired by the success of Pokemon
Perfect Dark isn't even an example of the kind of thing we're talking about

>> No.6638037

beep beep i'm a sheep

>> No.6638038
File: 107 KB, 309x347, DWM2-Coby-Tara.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I meant different versions of the same game (Pokemon, Medabots, Telefang, etc), but there's some with the whole male/female schtick like pic related.

>> No.6638041
File: 216 KB, 1044x500, latest[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

also Zelda: Oracle of Ages / Oracle of Seasons

>> No.6638047
File: 169 KB, 3785x1983, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm digging through these folders not knowing what the fuck I'm looking at or how to open even half the files. It's like trying to drink from a fire hose through a straw. Overwhelming.

All I know is this endata.txt is some kind of Zelda thing and it refers to a FUCK SHOT

>> No.6638049

>I'm not saying ALL of it could be fake, but there could potentially be some fake stuff that people sneak in.

>> No.6638051

So, stuff inspired by Pokemon. The entire dual version fad happened because of Pokemon. If it existed at all during the time of Link's Awakening's development, the fact that nobody can come up with examples shows that it was rare at best to do such a thing. So it would be completely incorrect to call such a thing "very common".
Thus it would be illogical to speculate that Link's Awakening was intended to be a dual release game.

>> No.6638052
File: 74 KB, 1072x1095, EbN5eTdX0AcT6Mr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what are you hoping for anons? i wish they released the Dragon King beta if it even exists

>> No.6638062

The Mario Kart 64 / Super Mario Kart R Kamek sprites.

>> No.6638078

Have some further N64 leaks/dumps happened since the ones in the OP?

>> No.6638079
File: 987 KB, 800x453, atlas2.width-800.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If any of you find the M64 physics source, for the love of god, don't touch it. Really don't want reality to collapse on a Saturday.

>> No.6638082

Not sure what this means, probably something retarded though

>> No.6638085

Mario if he real

>> No.6638086

They're rolling in ATM. Go to /v/.

>> No.6638089

i'd rather not

>> No.6638090

That's the Hook Shot

>> No.6638093

no thanks, they're more interested in furshit and mario 64 memes than actual cut content.

>> No.6638095

You're missing out, old man. We're making history today.


>> No.6638104

How do you explain that title screen then?

>> No.6638105

That's what I figured, just thought it was funny

>> No.6638106

nah, discord trannies are doing the job I'll wait until a website like hidden palace makes an article about it.
Nice audio tho

>> No.6638107

What about the .scr files? What can they be viewed in?

>> No.6638112


>> No.6638113


>> No.6638114


>> No.6638115

It's a beta title screen. Where is "part of paired versions of game" even said besides you jumping to illogical conclusions?

>> No.6638120

Those motherfuckers didn't need to re-record for the 3DS version, but did anyway?

>> No.6638121

I got the biggest fucking grin on my face when these played
I'm gonna follow the threads on /v/ and here for the rest of the night

>> No.6638123

they will never find their precious wario head in them

>> No.6638127

>ura zelda was just master quest all along

well thats fucking dissapointing

earthbound 64 when

>> No.6638128


>> No.6638139

>all along
We've known that for fucking ever you retard

>> No.6638140

Someone make a new thread.

>> No.6638143

Where did you see anything Ura Zelda related in the leaks?

>> No.6638148


>> No.6638167

Why would they ever call it that?

>> No.6638170

They probably didn't even know they had them

>> No.6638172

Why would you assume it was following a trend that wouldn't exist for years because the title had a girl's name in it for an unknown length of time in development?

>> No.6638175

Not him, but imagine it's early in the dev process and someone wants to a placeholder on the title screen just to test it out. Imagine that person, or a co-worker of that person, was named Nishihara, or nicknamed "Shara" for short.

>> No.6638176

Because that is clearly what it is

>> No.6638182

Why is it when it comes to this prototype stuff everyone suddenly goes full retard and logic gets thrown out the window in favor of the dumbest thing you can think of

>> No.6638184

new thread

>> No.6638408

Fuck me it looks like Chrono Trigger

>> No.6639045
File: 172 KB, 794x888, 1428472815553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is making me long deeply for Mischief Maker's source audio.

>> No.6639068

Hopefully btfos the supposedly gamma ray bit flip bullshit.

>> No.6639080

That betrays the definition of code, anon.

>> No.6639104

From a preservation or asset standpoint it's cool but it's not like there's anything to learn from 30 year old assembly games.

>> No.6639250

this please

>> No.6639471

It has the same face as the baby Yoshi's in the final version. Does this mean everything on star road is cut/hidden content not just the Special stages?

>> No.6639685

if only the n64 used cd-rom, you would have had that from the beginning

>> No.6641027

The last 10% is always the hardest and longest effort, but it is generally what "makes" the game

>> No.6641056

>but I got the rest of it by copying the graphics (TITLE.GCX), palette (3DCAD.COL), and tile map (TITLE.SCR) into a memory dump from BSNES
Can you elaborate on how you did that? Please.