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As many Game Gear games are ports of Master System/Genesis, anything exclusive or superior for the Game Gear you would recommend?

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>Master System
do you mean the Sega System?

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I think theres a shining force game on it that only but it might have a CD port

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Not really a port from SMS since they were developed around the same time (and all evidence suggests GG was the primary focus) but Sonic 1 is better on Game Gear. More colors, more assets, and despite the screen ration being smaller, it actually works better for it, the SMS has a lot of inconsistencies despite the bigger resolution.

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The handheld trilogy are exclusives as I know.

Is it true for the rest of the handheld Sonic games?

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Ax Battler
Coca-Cola Kid
Crystal Warriors
Defenders of Oasis
GG Aleste 1 and 2
Phantasy Star Gaiden
Shining Force Gaiden - Final Conflict
Shinobi 1 and 2 (not ports)
Sylvan Tale
Tails Adventure

The first two games got a remaster/remake on the Sega CD. The last one of the trilogy (the one you posted) is exclusive

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>Is it true for the rest of the handheld Sonic games?
Couldn't say, but they were developed by a different developer than Sonic 1.

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Ninja Gaiden

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My man. I havent played aleste, gonne check em out. Same with PS. Whats the gameplay like? Havent heard of sylvan tale neither.

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Both Streets of Rage on GG are better than the SMS versions

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Mickey Mouse Legend of Illusion, it's easy but well designed Sega platformer, I can't really think of a better looking and sounding GG game, released in 95 or 96 even? Pretty much all of the Disney games are better on GG than SMS

Runners up:
Sonic Triple Trouble (not on SMS?)
Donald Duck Deep Duck Trouble

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I had a Game Gear and the only game I really played was Shinobi. Also Columns.

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>Pretty much all of the Disney games are better on GG than SMS
Interesting, why is it the case?
Could it be the same reason what >>6625520 stated?

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>this fucking autist again

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Sylvan Tale is probably the best game of the system. Jap only ARPG, there is a translation patch

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Tail's Adventure is one of the Game Gear's best games
Play it

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yeah, OP here, my bad, the Sega System.

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Good try...

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Oh, so the Sega Master System?

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it was originally marketed as just the "sega system" here in the states

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So, the Sega Master System.

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anon, are you trying to troll me?

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were you talking about a different system?

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the sega system was known only colloquially as the 'master system' and this was part of a clandestine, grass roots advertising campaign conducted by sega after the console was underselling expectations in the first quarter.

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The Sega.

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Good list, but I wouldn't recommend Phantasy Star Gaiden. It's a disgrace to the Phantasy Star series.

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>The Sega.

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It was just The Master System in the 80s because no one really knew what Sega was or cared.

It didn't gain the moniker "SEGA Master System" until the NES really took over as "Nintendo Entertainment System" in the late 80s.

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The Sega System is not a particular console, but rather a series of them that evolved through time. Here we have the Sega System 1, one of its most notable games being Wonder boy.

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>>The Sega.
Oh glad we agreed.
Now, go play some Megadrive and have a nice day!

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you mean the sega powerbase

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And here we have the Sega System 2, which is just a Sega System 1 with some upgrades.
Notable game: Choplifter

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what's your favorite powerbase title, anon?

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The Sega System series was characterized for being mid-budget arcade machines. Noticeably better than home consoles and arcade boards based on them, but still not as impressive as the more revolutionary SEGA machines.
Here we have the Sega System 16, the first Shinobi game was released on this board.

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The Nintendo System
The Sega System

I can get a liking to this. Easy to remember.

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The Sega System had beltscrollers and scotformers, the Nintendo System had them too.

So we have... Sega System
The Sega Drive
The Sega
And the Sega Cast

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>the Sega
holy based

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And then
The Enterainment System
The Super System
The Boy
The 64
The Nintendo Cube
The Nintendo
The Nintendo U
The Nintendo again

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>Sega System
>Sega Drive


Yeah, I'm thinking The Sega's fucking based.

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Also Nintendo's The Virtual after The Boy.

And the other handhelds, The Nintendo Dual, and the Nintendo 3 Dual (Nintendo 3D handheld)

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Fuck it, the Hyper Super Nintendo Entertainment System is better

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that's an Ultra Nintendo

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So are taking words out? So like ... Sega Master System is just Sega System? So what do we do for Nintendo? Nintendo System makes sense but Super Nintendo System sounds odd.

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That's just Ultra. You remove Nintendo and 64 from it. You could say Nintendo Ultra but I'm not sure how we're doing the naming.

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it doesn't matter if it was called "sega system" nowadays you have to clarify because sega has more than one system you fuckwit.

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The Nintendo Gamecube/Wii System sound even more off...

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It's not those.

You just say nintendo cube and Nintendo. You don't say Wii. That would describe what it is (based on Sega Master System, remove master, so it's just sega system) you can't describe what it is with the name or it violates the Sega System rule.

Basically if you say the console title and someone knows what console it is, you did it wrong.

All Nintendo Systems are just "Nintendo Systems" and all Sega systems are just "sega Systems" so people have to ask "What system"

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Nintendo Ultra Mini

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Another thread ruined.

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thats a Nintendo Dolphin System

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actually it's just 'the dolphin' which is french for prince.

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It's not a thread. It's a 4Chan Panel

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THE panel.

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It's just "The Nintendo System"

My logic? It was the main Nintendo System when it came out so when it was advertised it was just "The Nintendo System Nintendo was releasing" so no one needed to say Dolphin.

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It was actually called The Sega Gear. Just wanted to let you know.

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i dont remember that, i remember calling it Dolphin

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>all these plebs calling consoles with weird names
>not calling them Bob.

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Bobs your uncle

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*Bobs The Uncle

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Mine said "Game Gear" on it, so that's what I'm gonna call it.

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That’s just because it’s a “game” for the sega gear. The video/movie cartridges would say “video gear” there

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I only use youtube for music, you'll have to explain this new meme to me.

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no one is going to talk about the dead person with the deformed foot at the top of ops pic? is this an ai generated image and thread?

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>another thread derailed by australia-kun

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Yeah. Fingernail clippers are pretty cool. You should try those on handheld.

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The first is actually worse than SMS, but 2 is way better and actually adds to it.

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2 is a shitty game, no matter the system but it is marginally better on SMS.

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Sonic Triple Trouble is one of the handful of Sonic games not ported.

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'These are your friends? Minorities, jewesses, the unseasonably tanned?'

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