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It took me like 3 or 4 times until the combat clicked with me.

But when it did, OH BOY

>reading enemy patters is for faggots, real men go balls deep upfront and fight using reflex

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zelda 2 deserves a remake or sequel

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They'd neuter it horribly.
Zelda 2 could only exist as a NES game. It's the right mix of difficulty and obtuse bullshit that was only possible then.

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Making another game like Zelda 2 would be retarded but hear me out: a segment/dungeon that plays like it in a new Zelda game

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>credits miyamoto
>actual directors were Tadashi Sugiyama and Yasuhisa Yamamura
>Miyamoto was just producer
>Takashi Tezuka was the story writer too

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Or you can just drop kick them with your sword and hit them every time.

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Glad you finally figured it out and can join the ranks of us patricians. Such a good game

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dumb game lo.l

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Ranking Time:

>S Tier
>The Legend of Zelda I and II TIED
>Ocarina of Time

>A Tier
>Link's Awakening
>Wind Waker

>B Tier
>Majora's Mask
(skipping C)
>D Tier
>A Link to the Past

>At the Dump Tier
>All the rest of them

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>S Tier
Majora's Mask
>A Tier
Link's Awakening
>B Tier
Ocarina of Time
Wind Waker
Zelda II
Oracle games
>C Tier
Zelda 1
Skyward Sword
Breath of the Wild
>D Tier
Twilight Princess
Minister Cap
>F Tier
DS games
>haven't played tier
Four Swords

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>>C Tier
>Zelda 1

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I tried to replay this game again recently and rather enjoyed the combat, but I got really frustrated and ended up stopping because of one really obtuse section.

If you don't know already, when you see a blue blob on a table, you have to attempt to talk to it multiple times without leaving the room or you can't make any progress in the game.
I have no idea what purpose this serves other than to sell strategy guides.

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Zelda 2 is fucking great. I agree with the other anon who says Nintendo would likely botch a sequel/remake.
Other games to scratch your Zelda 2 itch:
>Super Adventure Island 2
>Genesis WonderBoy / Monster World games

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>a segment/dungeon that plays like it
I really liked the 2d sidescrolling parts of Link's Awakening, there were bosses incorporating it in not just LA but Seasons and Ages Oracles

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Tbh, am not a fan of the original. It feels stiff to me.

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I just beat it yesterday and I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

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You're not gonna like it, but here it goes...

Demons Souls / Dark Souls are remakes of Zelda II

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armors are fun anything ranged isn't

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The Monster World games did the style of game play a lot better.

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Read some interviews that Miyamoto playtest everything in the company until it got right, but I never read about zelda 2 specifically

Zelda 1 is at least B tier, c'mon

Great games, but i needed the remake to get into wonderboy

no idea either lol

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This was my only childhood Zelda game and it made me rage. I still can’t figure it out.

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This. A zelda 2 remake would miss the point the same way Zero mission did.

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Play agressively. It's like:

>here's your small ass dagger, now combo the shit out of their heads
>the moment you second guess, you lose

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>Zelda 2 remake
>with Eiji "Octoroks in Zelda 1 made me stop playing because they kept killing me" Aonuma at the helm
I almost want to see it happen if only so I could kill myself with condensed hatred.

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Didn't IntiCreates express interest in a Zelda 2 remake once?

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I think he means inspired by

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>>S tier

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I didn't have much opinion on Zelda II until I sat down and cleared Side A over several play sessions.
Every enemy type is a kind of puzzle, because the hardcore types of enemies will often outrange you. The Iron Knuckles might be the posterboy for the game, but only because you need to outviolence them to reliably defeat them. Or just use the jump stab.
But there is so many more enemy types than the Knuckles, the Knuckles are just 10x the assholes because they got shields and run at you fullspeed.

Its kinda dazzling how many games copy a lot of the combat aspects, but without the fine tuned difficulty that makes it such a joy to play.

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>cleared Side A
Were you playing the FDS version or what?

>Its kinda dazzling how many games copy a lot of the combat aspects, but without the fine tuned difficulty that makes it such a joy to play.
It is a shame, but it's a subtle aspect that's understandably lost; I think the gameplay limitations actually bred greater innovation. I mean, if Zelda II were 3D and made today, the Iron Knuckles would be painfully easy because there's too many ways to defeat them compared to 2D from back in the 80s.

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You don't get the middair downward thrust until later on though. You first have to face them without it.

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>S Tier
Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask
>A Tier
A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker
>B Tier
Breath of the Wild
>C Tier
The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, Minish Cap, Four Swords, Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass, Skyward Sword
>D Tier

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Even Dark Souls, you can kill most enemies by circling then and reading patterns

I don't think they made a Zelda 2, combat in 3d yet.

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>3d Zelda games
>anything but shit tier
God tier: Zelda, Adventure of Link
Acceptable but with tons of WORDSWORDSWORDS bullshit: Link to the Past, Wind Waker
Barely acceptable: Minish Cap
Can't fucking see the screen because you're playing on the fucking screen you touch to move with bad tier: the DS games
Shit controls and gameplay tier: all 3d Zelda games
LINK MAH BOI laughable garbage tier: CDi

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You don't remember the sometimes obtuse interactions with the world?

>talking to an npc multiple times until he says something different
>looking for the lost mirror
>the hidden village

Zelda 2 I like a lot but some of the hidden elements were bizarre. I'd have probably found them if I was a kid with infinite time though.

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This is a common meme, they say "Zelda 2 is the dark souls of NES games" which doesn't make much sense.

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From the descriptions presented, I'd think ninja garden (the 3d games) is similar. Go balls deep or get fucked, plus some ridiculous unfair shit in the levels. At least, that's how I remember it.

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Hmmmm nice, gonna look into it later, thanks

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You don't need the downward thrust to drop kick the Iron Knuckles, anon. Just jump and attack while aiming for their eyes.

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Isn't Ninja gaiden floaty?
I remember it being floaty.

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Fully convinced this was not supposed to be a Zelda game.

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best sword

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The down thrust doesn't even work on them anyway.

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I always thought that it looked like a knife on that cover, which I love.

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Zelda 2 is awesome, it's a shame it gets so little love because it wasn't just a clone of the first game.

I wish Nintendo did a remake of this game for DS around the mid-2000s. That's basically the only possible time this game could have ever been done justice. After that new Links Awakening I hope nintendo never tries to go back to another classic game again.

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Zoom zooooom

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>S Tier

Smash Bros, Breath Of The Wild,Hyrule Warriors

>C Tier
Minish Cap, Four Swords, Skyward Sword

>D Tier
Zelda 2, Zelda, Wind Waker, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass, Ocarina Of Time, Majora Mask, A Link To the Past

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Im not going to tell you your wrong and give my own list because thats borderline autism. I will however question your reasoning. I cannot comprehend how someone can pus LOZ in S then ALTTP in D tier. ALTTP is literally the same game just improved in every way. How is there a big gap between OOT and MM? they are the same fucking game, MM has better aesthetics and OOT had better dungeons. TP was literally OOT modernized with more zany characters and a fuckload more content but you put it in the dump? I guess TP isnt retro but neither is WW. Also LA and OOS/OOA were on par with LOZ and ALTTP

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>I cannot comprehend how someone can pus LOZ in S then ALTTP in D tier.
AlttP just looks bad to me. And the fact that the bombable walls have cracks thus making it dead obvious is for retards and thus less fun for everyone else.

>How is there a big gap between OOT and MM? they are the same fucking game,
what? lol

>> No.6628276

And the fact that the bombable walls have cracks thus making it dead obvious is for retards and thus less fun for everyone else.
So you actually enjoy bombing every single bit of wall and burning every single bush? or do you buy guides?
MM is basically an OOT romhack. the best Romhack that is. the only thing original in that game is the Form changing masks and the story. otherwise it plays more like an expansion rather than a sequel

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Please no....

Noone needs remakes and sequels. It’s cashgrabbing and 95% of those games don’t inherit the spirit of the original.

Stop asking for it.

>> No.6628307

>So you actually enjoy bombing every single bit of wall and burning every single bush?
Yes. Back in the day anyway, now I'll look at a map of a labyrinth if I get stuck. But the walls and bushes that I miss or don't recall are fun to find, yes.

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The new Links Awakening is soulless as fuck.

>> No.6628313

Zelda II could be good if they did it in 16 bit style, but leave everything else alone except for one thing: that game needs a fishing hole badly. I'm surprised there's no romhack of Zelda II that does at least that.

>> No.6628320

Why does it need a fishing hole ?

>> No.6628349

Surprise, surprise

>> No.6628376

The game needed an oasis that was more interactive and more relaxing than the towns.

>> No.6628410

>t. Aonuma

>> No.6628417

Aaaahhh. I thought you wanna fish like in OOT.

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Miyamoto is haram

>> No.6628427

You may be right and that it began life as something else (would explain the different composer at least), but you’d think we’d have heard something about that by now.

>> No.6628435

>So you actually enjoy bombing every single bit of wall and burning every single bush?
Only retards/zoomers do this. Learn to recognize patterns.

>> No.6628437

what's more relaxing than refiling your HP by sleeping with the town's whore?

>> No.6628440

Inshallah based

>> No.6628447

You can't even see what's going on inside. Yes, the game needs a romahack that includes a fishing spot where Link can just chill out between grueling palaces.

>> No.6628448

LOL, sure thing kiddie

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Found the Nintendo shill

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I do, but it doesn't necessarily have to be fishing, but at least an oasis where Link can relax, maybe go swimming and find some cool stuff to interact with and maybe a small side quest thrown in. Why not have fishing as well anyway?

>> No.6628470

And this is how we got Breath of the Wild.

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I wish Zelda give link tugjob in botw2

>> No.6628815

I think i'm the only person that didn't like ocarina of time. Can't really remember why. I know smb64 camera made me angry so i didn't play it for long. maybe it was something similar

>> No.6628847

It's a great game, but unskippable slow text can get on one's nerves.

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>Childhood Zelda
>Teen Zelda
>Best thing about the two of those
The intros. Masterpiece of intros, both of them, nice games overall

>S Tier
LoZ, AL,

>A Tier

>B Tier
MM, Minish Cap

>C Tier

>Dropped Tier

Still need to play: ALBW, BotW and Oracles

>> No.6628892

>Fedora's Mask
>above D

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if its getting remade, let another company do it.
in-house nintendo will fuck it up

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play Panoply of Calatia

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so on the lake you should be able to recognize that burning the 5th bush from the right is the correct bush? please stop. LOZ is a nintendo power game, and your silly "zoomer" remarks will never make it not so

>> No.6629556

>finding Bagu when you're 8 followed by death mountain
Shit was rough, but it leveled off after that. 5th palace took me a solid month to figure out and then two weeks later I cleared the game for the first time.

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Zelda 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. In my professional opinion, it has a perfect self-training difficulty curve, and is therefore one of the major influences in my own work. I'd put it on par with God Hand.

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God I fucking hate that meme

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Sell me one copy of Catalania plz.
Why is it worth playing? What does it add?

>> No.6629840

I always liked Battle of Olympus more

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No, but you should be able to spot weird empty screens. But this is the game where the final dungeon is located in the one map square you have not explored the entire game, trying to send you a not that its possible to get there.
Dungeon bombs are a bit harder, but they generally follow the rule of having being connected between visible map areas.

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How do you play the game? I can't find information on what emulator to use, it's bizarre.

>> No.6630116

This, Aonuma is fucking gay and doesn't even like games. He poored all his talent into the best game in the series, Majora's Mask, and then helped to completely ruin the series till the end of time.

>> No.6630195

And he only made MM because he was arguing with Miyamoto over being made to work on the 64DD port of Ocarina.

>> No.6630328

I didn't play it, because I watched some longplay of the beginning, and the remix of "sword search" triggered my autism. What all was bad about the remake?

>> No.6630340

I could be into it

>> No.6630375

I think the Zelda 1 hidden shit is totally fine for their target audience, namely little kids who have a very different concept of time than their elders. I've watched my 5 year old nephew play games before; in StarTropics, he spent 5 minutes talking to the pig in the first village so that he would flash his butt at the screen. Compared to that, methodically searching for every secret is a casual investment of time.

I think the sad truth for a lot of players is that they just missed the boat on games like this. If you didn't play it as a young kid with infinite time to fritter away on bullshit, then you can't really experience it the way it was meant to be played. It's not really a failing of the game though, as it's doing exactly what it was designed to do. Rather, the people playing it are just unable to deal with their no longer being the target audience for the game.

>> No.6630689

it's a ZeldaClassic quest
a bit of a mess on the design, but its still a very good Zelda fangame.

>> No.6630735

Zelda 2 remake would be literally 2D Dark Souls.

The point I'm making is that Zelda 2 is one of clear inspirations for DS. Even combat system has parallels.

>> No.6630829

>it's a ZeldaClassic quest
Wtf does that mean besides mixing Zelda I and II elements together? Does it run on its own emulator or what? How do you play the damn thing?

>> No.6630830

>How do you play the damn thing?
with a controller zoomzoom

>> No.6630836

No shit. I downloaded the game and it's a qst file that I don't know what to do with.
Someone actually helpful please tell me how to play the game. Thanks.

>> No.6631079

look up ZeldaClassic my dude, all one word

>> No.6631090

Ja, I'm learning..thnx

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File: 5 KB, 222x250, why yes I don't trim my nose hair, how could you tell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no prob mac

I forgot Zclassic even existed until I opened this thread, crazy stuff I used to find on there. Looking forward to getting into it again, hopefully this Z2 game will be good.

>> No.6632027

I'm pretty sure they just wanted to evolve the gameplay of the original and went too far. Still Zelda 2 is beloved by Nintendo and many of its elements still exist in Zelda such as the magic bar (now the stamina meter), names of characters (OOT sages), etc.

>> No.6632108

Site entry says it's only confirmed running on 2.50.3, granted that's from when the quest was submitted. Anybody know if it has compat issues on later versions? I'm looking at the download archive now and the link for 2.50.3 is dead.

>> No.6633131 [DELETED] 

ask Brellom on Twitter/Discord, he was the last person know for playing it, so he'd know and maybe provide you the proper build too.
or go on to the forums

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File: 25 KB, 711x315, 1595595705285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not true

>> No.6633143

>Site entry says it's only confirmed running on 2.50.3
>"Note: This quest was designed in Zelda Classic Version 2.50.2"
play it on 2.50.2

>> No.6633147

wait, i realized its not there anymore
https://web.archive.org/web/20170703034255/http://www.zeldaclassic.com/download/93/ (2.50.2)
https://web.archive.org/web/20181104092511/http://www.zeldaclassic.com/download/219/ (2.50.3 R1)

try downloading these

>> No.6633151

and if you're a linuxfag, it's also right here

>> No.6633584


Thanks my man

>> No.6634848

He didn't make or zelda 2, only the first one and that was co-directed with tezuka - ya dingus. But yes the combat is good.

>> No.6634867

Never had the curiosity to play Zelda 2, but your post just got me.

>> No.6635184

>vast improvement to the controls/inventory system
>new collectibles
>pretty much superior to the original in every way, gameplay-wise
cringe and yikespilled

>> No.6635319


Zelda 2 is literally Dark Souls, but only the first Dark Souls that has slow methodical gameplay with shield as the standard, the sequels allow you to double hand a weapon all game or even double wield.
I liked Dark Souls (the first one) because it felt like a modern triple A nes game, up to the difficulty.

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