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ALTTP is a super game to OOT in every possible metric. To me it feels like a far more cohesive experience and feels more honed, more polished to perfection. I feel its Dark World, Light World mechanic is both thematically superior and lends itself better to puzzles than OOT's time travel mechanic. OOT's movement and combat feel cumbersome compared to ALTTP's in my opinion. I've often felt OOT essentially being a remake of ALTTP cheapens it as a whole and diminishes its impact. Lastly I prefer its soundtrack over OOT's.

Unfortunately no one ever reciprocates these sentiments, it's hard having exquisite taste alone among the rabble.

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I think link to the past is garbage, links awakening is the only good 4th gen zelda.

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I dont know, defending shitty nintendo games is pretty cringe too anon.

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Defending, what?? I just like ALTTP better

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These baby games have bad action and bad puzzles and bad exploration are only good for letting us explore liminal spaces. For that reason Ocarina of Time is better, I can explore more interesting spaces than in ALTTP.

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Fine. But dont say my opinion is cringe and yours isnt.

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I like opinions. good job

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My unpopular opinion is: Zelda 1 and 2 are better than ALTTP. And I never played any of those games in my childhood because I'm a zoomer.

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>unpopular opinion thread
>just take a popular game and say its overrated, or X game in the series is actually better etc

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Nah this just a stealth 'I wanna talk about zelda' thread to bypass the seven or eight threads that are similar. Unfortunately this reddit faggot doesnt understand theres no karma system here. Besides he calls shit cringe in spite of his op talking about 'metrics' and being 'exquisite'

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So, like, I'm interested in understanding your reasoning for your opinion but everything you said is pretty vague. Can you elaborate?

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but yours is.

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>Can you elaborate?
No because it boils down to personal preference which can't be explained in quantifiable terms.

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Omg so much meme. Have an upvote XD

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Ok I'm the guy that asked you to elaborate. Remember in the first grade when you learned about writing paragraphs? The first sentence asserts a point. The next three sentences provide supportive details. And the 5ifth and last sentence reiterates the point and sums it up. Go ahead

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I share your opinion, OP

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Dont argue with him, he just wanted to vanity post.

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my first playthrough of ALttP had a profound impact on me.

I don't even remember most of my first OoT playthrough. Going back to play OoT again was a constant feeling of "I don't remember this shit..." asinine puzzles, absolute shit combat. The most memorable thing about Oot, of course, is the music but beyond that its no where near as fantastical an experience as ALttP.

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What specifically did you want me to elaborate on?

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>absolute shit combat
As apposed to the combat in LttP, which consists of mashing the attack button.

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>which consists of mashing the attack button.
Are you making a joke or do you actually not realize that's what all Zelda combat is like.

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Not in Zelda II, OoT and MM.

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The lack of self awareness is palpable.

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The only thing ALttP has going for it are pretty graphics, the original is a far better 2D game. OoT has a complete extra dimension of gameplay depth solely on account of being 3D. In light of what we have now, ALttP is one of the Zelda games that aged poorly, the replay value is close to 0.

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How is it more cohesive? What do you mean by more honed?

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>its no where near as fantastical an experience as ALttP.

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>And I never played any of those games in my childhood because I'm a zoomer.
This is the equivalent of "I'm twelve and..."

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that's the big problem here. Seriously with a CRT filter both but especially the left would look much better

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Not including zelda 2, 2d zelda combat is fucking shit. alttp is garbage

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I don't care for Link's Awakening. The dungeons are good but the overworld is so atrocious it just kills the whole game for me.
Also Link's Adventure isn't terrible but it isn't some overlooked gem. It's a pretty good game with a few fatal flaws.

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Just an idea... what if... OoT it's just a remake of ALttP.

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This is what people were saying for years before ALttP and 2D Zelda as a whole lost its luster to people. Funny that this is an "unpopular opinion" now. ALttP used to top "best Zelda" and "best game ever" lists all the time.

On-topic, not only is OoT better, but so is Zelda 1. And A Link Between Worlds, but that's not retro.

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>not only is OoT better, but so is Zelda 1.
I agree, at least with zelda 1. If ALttP didn't feel so guided, perhaps I would feel differently. The biggest plus of OoT over ALttP for me is the music, but all the interruptions in OoT make it a bit more difficult to replay.

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I agree a CRT filter would help but most ALTTP dungeons use palette swaps of the dungeon tileset, with a few exceptions. They aren't really as fantastical or evocative as OoT dungeons like Jabu Jabu, the Forest Temple, Spirit Temple...they really take you to another place. I didn't get that with ALTTP, it's just a bit more gamey.

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you have shit taste

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Good taste by GOAT Zelda is ALTTP. If you've not tried it, you should. It could probably be completed within a week worth of dilation sessions or less.

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People got obsessed with 3d graphics right when 2d graphics approached their peak potential and 3d graphics looked like utter shit and continued to look like utter shit for many years to come. The forced requirement for every big budget game to have 3d graphics resulted in a lot of games that could have looked so much better, especially early 3d RPGs

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It will always be my favorite zelda game, thought I stopped giving a shit about the series after the n64 generation. Honestly stopped giving a shit about nintendo at all after then. Had some great fun playing some vs games on GameCube like time splitters and smash bros, but haven't cared about them since.

my wife made me buy her a switch, I think its a good concept but have only played it a couple times

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>If ALttP didn't feel so guided, perhaps I would feel differently.
The guided aspect is what makes it better.
Rather than aimlessly wandering a dull overworld with little to no direction and bombing random shit, you have a map and locations to work towards, and along the way you explore and solve puzzles.

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>unpopular opinion
>OP's a LTTPfag and shits on OOT because he hasn't had an original thought in his life
dude, we've heard this argument over a million times, 2012 is down the hall, up your ass and to the left. I've played both. They are equal in what they were trying to achieve. now fuck outta here.

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yet Zelda 1 is superior to both

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LttP with LA physics would be the best.

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Link to the Past was kind of boring when I first played it as a kid. You went around through a side entrance to get into a castle, had to fight some generic knight enemies, and then had to fight the black knight who was just a regular knight that took more damage and swung a mace around.
Ocarina of Time blew everyone's minds when it came out. It was a magical adventure from the beginning in an aesthetic elfen forest setting and the perspective intro of Navi flying around to get to your tree room was like the feeling of Christmas in cut scene form.
Link to the Past didn't have immersion and even at the time it came out there were already plenty of more intense and visually interesting arcade games you could play at your local roller rink. It was kind of like chess in that there was a game of skill there but not really an experience of a new world.
And the criticism of OoT's movement or battle controls seems blatantly untrue to me. It was ridiculously intuitive and effective, which is part of why it got rated so highly when it came out. You would expect it not to work well being the first attempt at a 3D Zelda game but they did everything right with the Z targeting middle ground between "can't hit anything because the added dimension creates too many ways to miss" vs. "can't fail to hit anything because the system automates it for you."
Honestly I don't believe anti-OoT fags even believe themselves. Either they're contrarians for its own sake or they didn't really play both games.

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Yeah god forbid you don't get handholded. I blame ALTTP for the "walk to X mark to win".

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Link to the Past ruined the Zelda series and BOTW saved it

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is this really unpopular the 3d zelda games were kind of bad

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Sorry kid, but both are shit compared to Ocarina.

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The only great Zelda games:
The Legend of Zelda
The Adventure of Link
Breath of the Wild

Honorable mentions for good "story" Zelda games:
Link's Awakening
Majora's Mask

Half-decent "story" Zelda games:
Ocarina of Time
The Wind Waker

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LttP is my least favorite Zelda game, I just find the overworld really boring to explore and there are no interesting characters like the later games would have. I will say it probably has the most challenging boss battles of any Zelda game though.

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Here's my unpopular opinion.
ALTTP is BY FAR the most overrated Zelda game around here. Yes, I said it. More overrated than OOT.
There's no reason to play ALTTP when better retro Zelda games like the LA or the OoS and OoA exist.

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Yeah. I have no drive to ever replay that game. Doesn't put a smile on my face like the more whimsical games like Link's Awakening, or evoke any scarier or somber feelings like Majora's Mask...not fun to explore like Breath of the Wild. It's bleh.

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>I will say it probably has the most challenging boss battles of any Zelda game though.
lol no. Zelda 2 is better in that regard even if it's a shit game overrall sorry 2fags, you won't convince me that I'm having fun with that crap game with your constant shilling attempts.

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I like pretty much all Zelda games
Never cared for Link's Awakening though and I find its fans to be pretentious

>> No.6629543

It was fun when I was 9 so as an adult I keep coming up with elaborate explanations for why it's great. I do genuinely believe these pretentious arguments I make, but I also know deep down it's because I loved it as a kid.

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I like Link to the Past but for some reason I've never been able to beat it. I just get bored a while after the Dark World part of the game starts. I don't really know why. I've beaten OoT several times though and consider it my favorite 3D Zelda game.

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It's very samey after a certain point. I can't replay it for the same reason.

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ALTTP is boring. Couldn't even get through it

>> No.6629713

This, what a ridiculous comparison. ALttP is a poor man's OoT.

>> No.6629715

This honestly. Can't believe ALttP is the model for some people.

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Yeah really. The first two Zelda games were exploration-oriented, mysterious affairs. ALttP got rid of the mystery, threw in more story (but it was very simple), and filled it all out with lock and key puzzle design. Instead of bombing random walls to see if you could find a secret, you see a crack on the wall, the game tells you what to do. You're just jumping through Nintendo's hoops like a trained dog, and every Zelda game was like that until, finally, BOTW, but it sure took a while to finally ditch ALTTP's design.

>> No.6629738

It's like BotW is the real Zelda III and ALttP through to SS is a total sidetrack from what the first two games were about

>> No.6629740

It's the 6th gen autist arguer. Don't pay attention to him, he'll do anything for you to respond. He's very lonely.
Holy cringepost.

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That's not an unpopular opinion at all. ALTTP is clearly the better designed product.

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ALttP items > OoT items
ALttP has the best overall item loadout of any zelda title.

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lol no

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That picture doesn't say anything about FUN. Now compare OoT with a movie.

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>That picture doesn't say anything about FUN.
It does. It says "that looks fun."
>Now compare OoT with a movie.
Those aren't cut scenes. You actually get to move around and interact with them.
Having played Link to the Past as a kid when it came out and then playing OoT when that came out it blows my mind anyone could actually feel like the former is more fun than the latter. There's zero immersion with it. You're moving around a little representation of a character on a flat map-like surface, like a board game. OoT brought the idea to life. Nobody felt for any character in Link to the Past like they felt for Saria when leaving her behind.

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Both are great games.

>> No.6630293


Windwaker is the best one.

>> No.6630301

There's more going on in those blocky ALttP dungeons than in most parts of OoT

>> No.6630307

Here we have the typical OoT fanfag.
"If you don't like it you're either lying or never played it"
Fuck right off

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Ocarina is a goddamned chore. How can anyone find it fun? I recognize that it was an important advancement for gaming in general but, boy is it boring

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For me, what still holds up is that the spaces are interesting, it can make you feel things while exploring. The music, tone and environments work together to really take you to another world.

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People are retarded and generally go for the most average, bland shit possible. Ocarina doesn't rock the boat in any way and it's lauded as a result.

>> No.6630329

you big liar

>> No.6630331

Forest temple is the only remotely memorable part of OoT, and the only memorable music too. Seriously the rest of the OST is so fucking bland it literally amazes me it's as well regarded as it is.

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You sound like a zoomer who didn't try playing it until long after other games came out. If you play an innovative game after the time it was released it won't seem innovative anymore because everyone else will have since released their own new games with 3D environments and action that normalizes it for you and takes away the magic.
>Ocarina is a goddamned chore.
You can't possibly be serious. It's maybe the least chore-like Zelda game there is. Very minimal on the side-quests and cuts the fat out compared to ALttP when it comes to having a million filler rooms where you do the same stupid torch lighting and keeping buttons held down to make doors open. Even in the last dungeon where things should be the least like that ALttP still has you doing that shit over and over and over. Makes it a bit harder to beat than OoT but in a way that's more mindless button mashing than it is superior strategy involvement.

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I disagree.

>> No.6631196

The Gerudo Valley music is ace. And Saria's Song.

>> No.6631202

Damn, I haven't played OoT in years but I still remember this feel the first time. Even though the forest section isn't very long they really make you feel like you grew up with Saria and were abandoning her.

>> No.6631205

>get key in one part of dungeon
>unlock door in other part of dungeon
Yikes no.

>> No.6631215

*steel drums drop*

>> No.6631240

>game has gimmick
>learn the gimmick to clear it
Welcome to video games.

>> No.6631264

>e-every game is like that!!

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Could you elaborate? It would be pretty easy to speak at length about the interesting things in the Forest Temple or Water Temple but yeah I'd love to hear all about the Eastern Palace.

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No, that's just video game puzzles for babies.

>> No.6631473

>It would be pretty easy to speak at length about the interesting things in the Forest Temple or Water Temple

>> No.6631476

>You sound like a zoomer who didn't try playing it until long after other games came out
Which is exactly how you sound when talking about ALttP

>> No.6631485

Myst hardly even classifies as a video game

>> No.6631495

>a link to the past """"""dungeons"""""
They're joking, right? I feel like I'm being trolled when they post.

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And Zelda puzzles hardly even classifies as puzzles.

>> No.6631548

the N64 games are bad on every fucking metrics but pink tainted glasses forbid people to acknowledge that. I've been there too, the stockholm syndrome is far to real

CD-i and N64 Zeldas = Trash

>> No.6631553

I've beaten ALTTP once, it's boring. I've beaten OOT around 10 times, it never gets old.

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I've said it before in this thread but I think they're cool environments to explore. There are games I play for a challenge (like Zachtronics puzzle games or whatever, shmups), and there are games I play to explore interesting virtual spaces, like walking simulators. For me, Ocarina of Time is in that latter group, like no it isn't a walking sim but the "puzzles" are easy, the action is braindead, so I'm mostly in it just to see cool things while listening to great sound, and I think for those reasons it's a great game.

>> No.6631565

they're not trash but mostly Myst level with but with even more retarded puzzles

>> No.6631570

I respect your point of view. I still think they're ugly and bording as fuck. IMO the first "good" 3D Zelda was Windwaker and after that no 3D Zelda was even remotely interesting.

It's a chance that many LTTP hacks are very good, I'd love to see more Links awakening hacks too and maybe some Minishcap hacks even

>> No.6631602

There's nothing contrarian in asserting N64 being trash, only rabid autists who had to grew with it would try to tell you otherwise.

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Still has the greatest game of all time though.

>> No.6631626

Should I play that? I really liked The Thousand Year Door but I never felt a huge drive to play the first game since it looked kinda generic being set in the Mushroom Kingdom and all. Is it still worth playing, like is the writing as good as TTYD?

>> No.6631639

Wario Land isn't a very good series. Wario Ware is a much better series but a poor usage of the character. If they weren't willing to keep using Wario in mainline Mario games they should have just retired the character instead.

>> No.6631641

Delusional or just a shit post? Take your bets!

>> No.6631642

Definitely play it. I think the writing is as good but there's less of it - not as much "hip" writing with stuff like the Brad Pitt toad or the mobster pianta, and a more conventional storyline. Almost everything else is better though.

>> No.6631643

It's a definite step back in the writing department since a lot of the humor was lost in translation and they don't get as emotional but ti's still a great game and worth a play.

>> No.6631652

Pretty sure that's what ALttP fans actually believe.

>> No.6631654

Okay thanks!! I'll give it a try.

>> No.6633196

As someone who boycotted the N64 a got a PSX I agree withou you on this point.

Here's the only good games on this system IMO :
Perfect Dark
Paper Mario (I'm yet to see a bad Paper Mario, tough the switch one isn't looking great I fear)

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I always find it funny 2 games released within the same month of eachother had the same twisted hallway. Both for a forest themed place to.

>> No.6633492

You're right, OoT is a remake.

>> No.6633667

what game is this?

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File: 512 KB, 867x1500, 1570060064654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thief: The Dark Project.

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File: 15 KB, 220x146, MaximumcarnageSNES_boxart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related is the best belt scroller on the super. genesis version gets easily overtaken by SoR3.
Zelda 1 > every other zelda made since, including 3 and the 2 64's easily
MegaMan X3 is the worst of the classic series but the funnest to blast through given its terrible stage design and forced discovery route for needing drill power.

>> No.6634369

LttP has a great overworld but the dungeons are really basic and bland with barely any puzzles. OoT has a bland overworld but the dungeons are great with puzzles. It's just too bad we could never have that perfect mix of both.

>> No.6634378

Obscure games will be forever inferior to acclaimed games.
Sorry hipsters.

>> No.6634418

>OoT has a bland overworld
I prefer OoT's overworld. It feels very medieval. It wouldn't feel as much like an adventure if everything was right next to everything else.

>> No.6634420

bro what are you talking about drill power in Mega Man X3? Like for killing Bit and Byte?

>> No.6634424

Mighty Final Fight is a boring game. I don't even usually play beat em up games but I made it through 3 stages in 1 life just jump kicking them quit out of boredom
Don't take it so personally homie. The guy is just some other rando with a computer, and probably a loser since he's on this site, not some kind of authority on what's "cringe". Just ignore it

>> No.6635429

I'm sorry you need your diaper changed. tell your dad

>> No.6635478

KEK even ALBW is better than pic related.

I was skeptical at first but trust me on this one, OP. I had so much fun playing it.

>> No.6635505


My unpopular opinion is Zelda should be a shooter
The best Zelda is the first one, and you shoot with your sword when you are at full health

>> No.6636184
File: 582 KB, 765x1023, __link_and_princess_zelda_the_legend_of_zelda_a_link_between_worlds_and_etc_drawn_by_shiseki_hirame__014b85360f54fe601a91878fcb9fee0b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ALTTP is a super game to OOT in every possible metric

Anyone who's got his priorities straight can tell you that ALTTP is a much better game than OoT. Why do you think the 3D OoT sequels kept sucking harder and harder with each new iterations? Because they chose to build them up on everything that was wrong with that game, and there's quite a bit of it if you take off the apologist goggles.

ALTTP still broke a lot of the best design choices the original game did, so it's not innocent either.

>> No.6636186

>The best Zelda is the first one
Can you believe we had to wait until BotW for nintendo to reattempt to draw from the genius of the original game?

>> No.6636192

Links awakening is great for what it is. It's charm makes up for its super linear gameplay but original Zelda is the best one

>> No.6636193

You lose feeling of playing with miniatures with the jump to 3D

>> No.6636195

Literally what?

>> No.6636196

GBC Mario Tennis is the only GBC mario game which has stood the test of time and still enjoyable. Same is true for Pokemon TCG vs the other Pokemon games on GBC.

>> No.6636205

You heard me

>> No.6636207

Links awakening is great for a GB game, playing this on the original system was a blast, remaking it for switch was just pointless endeavor, even worse, they tried to make everything look like plastic toys.

>> No.6636216

I liked it, my only complaint was the lack of end game content

>> No.6636230

One great thing about the original is that the dated and limited graphics allowed for you imagination to run free, and such a game running on a monochrome portable made it even more impressive. The remake was literally nothing but telling the players "we can run game boy mechanics on a switch!". If they have resources to spare for making a game boy tier game, just make it a new thing already.

>> No.6636232

I wish they had made more Zelda game boy games

>> No.6636241

It’s text.

>> No.6638838

That's not unpopular at all. Considering LTTP set the template for the series for like 20 years and did it so perfectly. Thank Tekashi Tezuka for that.

>> No.6638843

Play gunman's proof for super famicom. It's exactly what you want

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