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How is Mega Man X so good and Mega Man X-2 so bad? It feels like it's trying to hard or something.

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What's your opinion on X3, OP?

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Personally, I feel that X2 is the better game.

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you know it be true

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I feel the same way but about the entire X series compared to classic

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X2 had that stupid scientist boss in the spiked room near the end of the game.

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Yeah, it was pretty lame how you could stand in one spot and none of his attacks could hit you.

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but i tried so hard to love X3 the most.

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Mega Man is getting as bad as FF in terms of "my favorite game is great and your favorite sucks camel dicks".

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search "X3 The Zero Project"

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I theorise is that the first game got more work hours

its obvious from the ending to x3 that they were already thinking of the next game when the game drops in the one liner out of nowhere with no context about having to destroy zero in the next game

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more so with Classic really

but yeah you're spot on

why they fuck do people think X2 is bad is beyond me? its the most polished X game. I love X1 more but 2 is a great game.

Jesus I can't tell if its nostalgic clouding their judgement or they're just being contrary for the sake of it

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other than x1 being very easy i never felt a major difference between 1-3

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>its obvious from the ending to x3 that they were already thinking of the next game when the game drops in the one liner out of nowhere with no context about having to destroy zero in the next game
That's a mistranslation. The line is about X and Zero having to continue fighting against the mavericks.

Yeah, I don't get it either. For me, I think X2 and X3 are a little better than X1.

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I just love Mega Man X

The only games in the series I can say that I don't outright love are X6 and X7.

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>X3 The Zero Project

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If there was a time or place where civil Mega Man discussions existed, I'd love to go there. I have never been on a single MM thread without at least one asshole barging in to hate wank over a few iterations that just didn't sit well with him.

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I'm going to attempt to play this on my SD2SNES and see if it works on actual hardware.

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>Megaman X2 bad.


X2 is the best of the series, it improved everything of X1 except the music just because X1 had more memorable tracks.

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I don't know, X2 had better bosses and upgrades. The level design was at least as good as X1 too.

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Wow, a thread for me.

I've always liked/favored X2 over X.... but I honestly cannot answer why. I wish someone could state their reasons why so maybe I could see something and be like BINGO THAT'S WHY FOR ME TOO. I know that sounds screed up, but I have internally debated on why I feel in my heart X2 is better than X1. I just can't describe why. Nothing has concreted or pinpointed why yet, but I know if I had to choose between them I'd choose X2.

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Just got into Mega Man and I'm currently playing X2.

I really like it thus far, though the menu is kind of annoying.

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>Magaman music being anything but "beep boop crescendo.

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>having this bad of taste

why are you on this board

this board may as well be /mm/ for mega man, you faggot

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You mean Doppler? or Serges?
Also, x8 doesn´t get enough love QnQ

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i know man rite what kinda fag likes videogame music its all boop boop doop pacman

and the graphics are just squares

get laid nerds

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You think you have it bad? Try visiting a Zelda thread sometime. There have been Zelda threads where the things you describe constitute literally 100% of the discussion.

polite sage since I'm technically off-topic

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>I wish someone could state their reasons why so maybe I could see something and be like BINGO THAT'S WHY FOR ME TOO.

X2 is more dynamic about the controls; X feels faster by it's response.

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For me X2 always was the easier of the 3 first games. I like x3, i´ts a little harder.
X1 is probably my yearly game with the nes games

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>X2 is more dynamic about the controls; X feels faster by it's response.

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So, should I play X3 on SNES or PSX?
Which is better?
>inb4 they're the same game.
I'd rather play which game looks better and has the better sounding soundtrack. I know they'd have the same gameplay but I also want to have the better presentation.

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SNES for better music.

PS1 (and Saturn) look exactly the same aside from bits of shoved-in video cutscenes that don't mesh well. They also aren't as good of quality as MM8 or X4. Outside of that the graphics are the same except the wireframe effects are actual polys so they might look crisper depending on emulator settings and resolution. They aren't used as much as they were in X2, though.

The music's redone but doesn't have the oomph the SNES chiptunes have.

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I couldn't stand the physics in X2 and X3 after playing X. The other parts of the games are fine.

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X2 is the most polished in the series what are you on about?

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X1 is the best game in the X series. Then, each sequel is progressively worse, adding in awful gimmicks, terrible level design, bullshit difficulty, retarded armor, horrible design decisions, atrocious load times, and forgetful phoned in music.

You know why Classic Megaman stands the test of time over X? Because you don't spend five minutes waiting for a boss to explode after you beat them.

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X2 had bad slowdown. Ugh
But the Zero battle was cool. X3 is superior to both. Dat music!

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>But the Zero battle was cool

God yes. My favourite part is parrying the charge shot he fires at you with the first powered up shot from the upgraded X-Buster and then watching the second blast that follows hit him right in the face. So fucking rad, so anime.

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Bos death in calssic MM was amazing. It was so satisfying. The whole game stops and the boss explodes. It takes, like, less than twos econds, the sound effect is recognizable and consistent, and it always comes as a surprise, even if your'e keeping an eye on boss health bar.

Nothing beats that.

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original was much worse in that regard

also X3 is really unmemorable and easy thanks to Zero

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>How is Mega Man X so good and Mega Man X-2 so bad?
No progress in gameplay or design, worse weapons, level design lacks polish and they aren't as interesting, not as good soundtrack and overall half-assed balance.

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Saturn version has borders.

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>Not liking beep blop boop music
>Posting in /vr/

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>worse weapons, level design lacks polish

what the shit? the levels are much more unique, and weapons are more usefull, like the flame dash and the hookshot

what does X have?

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Weapons of use, rather than... whatever the hookshot was uses for. That and the Flame Dash are almost completely interchangeable. X's weapons all were useful in an out in their respective special situations.

Unique level design doesn't guarantee better levels.

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>Unique level design doesn't guarantee better levels.

in case of Megaman it does, The slabs of crystal in Crystal caverns, Gators moving machinery theme, the Wire sponges weather changes, as well as that Ostrich level are pretty awesome because of the unique obsticles you encounter

running and jumping alone gets kind of stale fast

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I think X2 is alright
X3 is clearly better though

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Are snes mega mans worh buying?

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Fuck I was so glad when Megaman went back to its roots with 9 and 10. Fuck the X series. it's edgy furbait bullshit grimdark bullshit.

No level design no weapons no story fuckers

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>in case of Megaman it does,
No, it doesn't. It's like eating hamburger and you're served with raw fish.

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The only good track in X3 was the opening stage theme. It's actually my favorite opening theme out of any X game.

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X3 > X2 > X

The first is the one of the SNES games

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Yeah, I sure loved going so far back in it's roots that it took away charge shots and sliding. THAT sure was fun and in no way boring as all hell.

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X2 was here.
All other buster upgrades are losers!

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X2 has strike chain and speed burner which are two of the coolest powerups in the series, that game was awesome.

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X4 had the best arm upgrade. You could choose between Stock and Plasma; stock up 4 shots that deal the same damage as a normal charged buster shot, but takes less time than manual charging and shooting 4 shots, or fire a giant, extra damaging plasma shot that leaves orbs of death behind that deal rapid damage even to bosses.

Two buster shots has nothing on Fourth armor buster

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>level designs lack polish

OP here, this is my biggest complaint. Everything feels so slapped together, I fought the same mini-boss twice. That shouldn't happen, ever.

It feels like the designers were like "h-heres the next m-mega man..n-neat right?"

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X3 is the worst one for the SNES

X2, while largely unorginal, isn't as offensively slapped together or boring

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>That's a mistranslation. The line is about X and Zero having to continue fighting against the mavericks.


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X3 is awful. It's full of bland, stationary, bullet sponge enemies (those fucking mace chickens in every level, FUCK), and the bosses all have like three frames of animation.

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Not every weapon in X1 was Storm Tornado

>> No.664769

Man, I hated that two armed charge. Don't drop my shot down to green if I hold the button too long, that's bullshit.

X2 was a fine game overall, though.

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>I fought the same mini-boss twice. That shouldn't happen, ever.

The bug infesting the junkbot in Mothmenos' stage? The second time you fight it the gravity screws with you, making the fight a little more interesting. Granted, still not a completely different fight, but it's not like either are terribly long either.

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Yo everyone stfu. It goes like this.

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X8 is the worst X game aside from X7. Awful gimmicky levels and it controls like shit.

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Pffffff, X8 is much better than X6, also on par with X5, the major problem with the game is really the lack of traditional levels.

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Nah man.


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They both have awful design, X8 just tries to mask it with OH LOOOOOK THE LEVELS WRAP AROUND IN THREEEEE DIMENSIONNNNNS

Plus X6 at least had the tightest control scheme in the series. As bad as the level design is, playing as Zero was fucking awesome once you were used to the levels and knew how to deal with their respective bullshit.

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I respect that because damn I loved X4 but X6 being above X3? What? Did you really like that magma stage where you had to fight the same miniboss that was harder than the final boss 4 times? And the boss that took 20 minutes just to beat? And pitfalls fucking everywhere?

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Zero was just to OP in X6. Like really really powerful. His Zbuster is insane

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X > X2 = X4 > X5 > X3 > X6

But that's just me. I like all of them, even X6 to a degree.

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X7 is pretty damn bad, but at least the final boss was cool and had some great music.


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>Did you really like that magma stage where you had to fight the same miniboss that was harder than the final boss 4 times
What. The donuts aren't remotely threatening unless you have the reaction time of a potato.

And the only boss that took anywhere close to 20 minutes would be Nightmare Mother or Gate if you have no clue what you're doing. Neither should take even half that time, though.

OP, yes, but still fun. And the Z-buster did have restrictions that limited its use a bit like only being able to use it on the ground, but yeah, they could have toned the damage down just a bit and made it a little slower.

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I understand that, and yeah that is the situation I was talking about. The whole thing just really irked me. It was just like..."really?"

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Nah, Zero was made of glass in X6.
In X5 he had a decent defense and an absurd Z-Saber, you could just trade hits with any boss and still win.

>> No.664934

Highmax. You do like 1 point of damage against his very predictable pattern. The battle takes forever. I don ´t remember Nightmare mother.
IMO Zero should always be harder to use than X. To me, he is hard mode. Canon he is stronger but gameplay wise, he´s for the ¨elites¨. I dunno. That´s how I see it. He definitely shouldn´t be able to square up to bosses and spam his buster and kill them all

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The donuts not being a challenge makes it even worse, it's just tedious as fuck. I can forgive a lot with X6, but there's no real defending that stage. It's just incredibly lazy design on their part.

>> No.664993

Let me guess, you watched HideofBeast's minimalist X6 run and haven't actually played the game yourself?

Unless you're using only basic weapons or don't have the common sense to experiment with different methods to make the fights less tedious, the minibosses don't take long at all. Both Zero and X's giga attacks reduce their health to about 1/5 in one go, and Meteor Rain and Ensuizan make quick work of whatever's left. They're boring and lazy, but they should only be minor annoyances since they're some of the easiest shits in the entire game.

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>Canon he is stronger
As far as canon is concerned, Zero isn't quite on X's level in terms of sheer power, but he makes up for it with experience and skill. Also helps that he doesn't have a chip in him that makes him worry constantly.

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Word? I dunno, he always seemed crazy especially in the Zero games.

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He has insane plot armor, but barring that, X is more powerful. Potentially, at any rate.

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The first boss is creepy as fuck if you ask me, there's something about the movement, damn.

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Can we all agree Axl killed the X series?

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red donuts did

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I think Axl is a perfectly fine character who brings interesting new things to the table with his abilities.

However, his appearance marked the deathblow to the franchise, so he's just kind of seen as the symbol for where everything went to shit.

I'd have no problem playing an SNES or even PS1 era game if he were a properly implemented character in them, but aside from Command Mission (which was a spin-off) and his kinda-cameo in ZXA, the only games he's been in have been some of the worst offerings of the X series.

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>not x5

c'mon fags

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Axl was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, yeah. He had nothing to do with the crappy SHIT WE NEED MORE SEQUELS EVEN THOUGH WE WRAPPED IT UP stuff.

>> No.667267

Nightmare Mother was the two big cubes with the eyes in the middle of them, right? What's the easy way to beat it? They're the sole reason I can't play X6 on Hard.

>> No.667282

Zero is powerful, but can't actually get stronger. X is infinite potential, so despite probably being weaker than Zero at any given point, he will at some point surpass Zero (and everyone else)

>> No.667651

I heard it explained in mathematical terms.

Zero (0) is only as powerful as what he's given. Whatever you add to him, that's what he becomes. If his upgrade in X2 was, say, represented in a numerical power value of 10, it would read (0) + 10 = 10.

X is just like the algebraic variable, representing the potential for literally anything, but having no assigned value. Whatever the situation is surrounding X, and his past experiences, are the factors that define his value at any given point. Sure, things can be added to him to make him stronger, just like Zero, but he has way more room for growth in pretty much every aspect of his character.

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Ugh!!; shitty graphics.

Also X has the easiest boss alongside X5.


2buster didn't fucked up too much as Plasma Fourth which is OP as fuck and kills the little difficulty of X4.

>> No.667850

...and if you cross Zero, he turns you into nothing.

>> No.667879

It does a bit, but it's still incredibly satisfying. If you're looking for difficulty in an X game, though, I have to wonder why you would take upgrades at all.

>> No.667986

I agree with you. At least give us the slide you fucking retards!

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X1 was always my favorite. I never really got into X3. X2 was okay.

I like X1 because, as a game, it is very direct, and not burdened by collecting, or too many secrets. Weapons and skills have just the right amount of usefulness without seeming farfetched. "Here it is, go with it" and I have always been drawn to that approach in gaming.

As an example, that Helmet Upgrade in X2 always left me going "what the hell is this shit?" It never really felt relevant, or intuitive, or in any way cool. That kind of stuff just bogs down the gameplay for me.

>> No.668013

Yeah, I hated the helmet upgrade in X2 because it just seemed like an excuse for them to be lazy and hide upgrades behind invisible walls and shit. And the one in X3 was really annoying when it forced you to stop for 5 seconds before every level to look at a map, especially when there weren't any upgrades to be found.

>> No.668061

Not just being forced to look at the map, but IIRC you couldn't even pull it up once you were deeper in the stage, so unless you memorized the entire path of the level and where you were in it, you couldn't even tell if you were close to where the secret was that you were hunting.

>> No.668068

Basically. You had to remember "oh, it's around the second 'hill' of the level" or whatever.

>> No.668081

X=X4 > everything else is debatable.

>> No.668085

Even those are debatable. X and X4 are definitely the easiest entries, so some people would say they're on the weaker side simply for that.

>> No.668113

I recently replayed X4 and holy hell did they fuck up on the Stock shots.

Seriously, that shit is near-unusable. Firstly, it's small as hell, which means it's really hard to hit enemies. Secondly, the control is all wrong. After you charge up, when you let go, it doesn't fire. You have to hit shoot again to make it fire the first shot. And it's also really easy to misfire and fire off two at once. They should have just done it X2 style stock.

I took to Stock shot to try to shake things up for a new playthrough, but the stage after I immediately went back to switch it for the plasma shot.

>> No.668119

So we're supposed to use desperation attacks and then specific charged weapons, for a miniboss we fight 5 times?

No man. I just played through X6 yesterday, I fucking hate the donuts. (Even now that I know how easily they are destroyed by charged metal anchors)

>> No.668138

Wait, let me make a point about X3. They really tried to give fans everything they wanted, even if it didn't turn out super great.

>You liked Mech-armors? Now you have 4 different mech armors, and they can be activated in different stages

>You liked Vile? Now Vile gets his own stage

>You like upgrades? Now you can get upgrades for your upgrades
>You don't like manually refilling subtanks? Head enhancement, go grab a sandwich, we got it covered
>You like air-dashing? Now you can air-dash after an air-dash. Also all your air-dashes also go up

>You don't want to choose between different enhancements and want to get them all? Sure, have the golden armor.

>You want to play as Zero? Now you can play as Zero in every stage

>You want to have Zero's saber? Yep, you get that too. Also it kills half of every boss

So much fanservice.

(Now imagine all that being sold as DLC in today's world)

>> No.668152

Wow, I just remembered how Mega Man X5 had the "WARNING" screen that took forever to come up

Like fifteen whole seconds. What's the point of that?

>> No.668158

Calling Zero in would be the easiest cash in dlc, along with Vile's stage.


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these sound so real
my head

>> No.668308

I liked X4 the best. Playing with Zero was a lot of fun, and the music was sweet

>> No.668314


Screenshot for posterity. Also; shut up, don't give CAPCUM more shitty ideas.

>> No.668425

>(Now imagine all that being sold as DLC in today's world)

Fuck, modern Capcom would do it too

>> No.668452

No, Capcom would just release a shitty iPhone game then whine that there are no Mega Man fans.

>> No.668467

i hate capcom as much as you, but let's be fair, they released MM9 and 10 for like ten bucks each and both are actually pretty good

>> No.668476

How is Maverick Hunter X? Is it a decent remake or total shit?

>> No.668495

Yeah, that's true. But then they went ahead and put in the GAME CHANGING PROTOMAN AND BASS MODES.

>> No.668496

Doesn't feel as good, remixes are pretty hit and miss, but playing as Vile is kind of neat. Also it looks better than X8, at least.

>> No.668503


>> No.668538

I always forget how much I miss airdashing until I play X1 again. It's just to useful and fun.

>> No.668556

Which they used to test the waters of expanded DLC

>> No.668560

A bit on the easy side, though Hard is a decent challenge compared to most X games. VAVA Mode is a lot of fun too, very unique experience for the series.

>> No.669486


OP here, Is that really what's going on? I only played up to X-2 and stopped because I found it so lame. I guess i'll try X-3 now, but all of that sounds so...eh...

>> No.669526

I really don't get it but I liked everyone of those. It ate my 8year old heart out

>> No.670192


All that awesome shit, and yet...for me, it doesn't hold me like 1 and 2 did. And holy shit did the bosses piss me off when I was a kid.


...Oh fuck me, Capcom today would totally pull this shit. Capcom, you nearly had me back with Asura's Wrath, why must you make it so hard to love you?


Sorry OP, but you're going to have to elaborate a bit here. What bits of X-2 did you not like?

>> No.670203

>Asura's Wrath

That was CyberConnect2 though. Mostly known for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm series and .hack//

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Mega Man X7 just came in the mail. I'm so pumped.

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I promise you, you really, really shouldn't be excited. That fucking game is just...yeah.

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File: 265 KB, 605x512, did someone say X7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.670362

Just amazing? That's what I hear.

I have a few errands to run, then I can pop this sucker in and experience one of the greatest Mega Man games to grace the face of the planet.

>> No.670375

X2 is the superior game mechanically and design-wise. X just has a lot of charm, atmosphere, and great pacing.

It's one of those games where you want to rate X2 higher, but you just can't bring yourself to do it. It's too charming.

>> No.670381

Music is good at least.

>> No.670408

Serious question...

All the games are the same. How can you enjoy one over the other?

The only exception being X7, obviously.

>> No.670421

They play the same, but level design, music, bosses and other stuff is different. Those things being better makes the game more enjoyable. For example, I'm not a fan of X3 because the level design is boring, and the enemies repetitive.

>> No.670432

Serious question, have you even played more than one of them?

There are big differences in level design from game to game, not to mention boss weapons, upgrades, character controls, character playability options, music, graphics, story, etc.

>> No.670448

Are you really going to tell me they're not the same game?

>> No.670458


I played all the Megaman games up to 8, X, and X4.

>> No.670489


If your argument is that he's playing them at the same time... Do you not understand how a multitask run works?

>> No.670513

Is he cheating or do the side spikes on Boomer Kuwanger's elevator really not hurt you?

>> No.670550

Yeah, they are insta-deaths. Probably some glitch or exploit with the tool-assist.

>> No.671748

Where should I go from the X series? I just beat all 8 main games, but I've only beaten a couple of the classic series games. I've been told that Zero is pretty similar to X and ZX is insanely good. I also enjoyed Battle Network quite a bit and haven't really looked into whatever succeeded it.

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I already said my reasons in this thread somewhere, I guess I didn't really elaborate though.

My main problem is with the way the levels are designed, it feels really mish-mashed together and there is no real flow. The same goes with the placement of enemies, it feels like there was no thought put into anything.

The bosses are retarded to "oh look this guy is a snail, cool..." It just feels like the developers thought they could just take everything from X, switch it up a bit then a good game would pop out somewhere.

>> No.671826


Battle Network and Starforce are both good. Ignore BN4 and BN1 though.

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>The best X series game

>> No.672045

No, that final boss fight was just bad. Having floating platforms + locked camera + no depth perception = continual falling deaths. The music was alright.

I hope I wasn't the only person who switched to the Japanese voice acting after the first level. The English in X7 made Megaman 8's and X4's voice acting look like Shakespeare.

I'll say one thing, though. I don't mind Axl himself at all. I actually liked him in X8 and Command Mission.

>> No.672087

The Zero games are really unforgiving, but once you get it right the game feels really badass. I'd recommend picking up the Zero Collection for DS--it's about 20.00 on Amazon.

I haven't played the ZX games yet, although I own Advent. How are they?

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If you liked Zero, you should enjoy ZX and Advent.


>> No.673430

It actually made the battle voices MORE annoying because they sounded fine in the dialogue, and then... BURN TO THE GROUND!!

>> No.673438

Yeah, but Alucard voiced Signas, so it was still kinda cool.

>> No.673452


>> No.673462


>> No.673473


they are the pinnacle of mega man IMO

>> No.673629

Why did Zero go to sleep at the end of X6?

>> No.673646

People say X6 is the worst game but nope that crown goes to X7.

X6 is somewhat fun.
>tfw I realized I've put 20 hours into X6.


>> No.673648

Because they had to make a link with X serie and Zero serie, since X6 broke it.

>> No.673654

>X7 worse than X6
Heh heh heh heh you dense motherfucker

>> No.673660

But it is.

Zero sucked
The 3D sections sucked
It was slow
Boring level design

I beat one maverick and that was it. I was done with the game.

>> No.673665

At least it was borderline playable

>> No.673672

So was X6 you silly Maverick.

>> No.673675

Okay, let me rephrase that.
At least it was consistently borderline playable.
Nothing about X6 was consistent.
If you liked it, you got reeeaaalllly lucky that it didn't completely gangrape you.

>> No.673683

Nah I hated X6 first time I played it.

I only like it somewhat now after I unlocked Zero because Zero is a rape machine.

>> No.673684

more like Ma/vr/ick

>> No.673686

I actually don't remember hating X7 that much. Disappointing? Yes. But so was X6. And to some lesser extent X8.

I only remember hating
1) Reploid that I had to save dying
2) Dying a lot on Red's stage.

I thought the glide armor was pretty sweet

>> No.673689

Oh and
3) Can't use X for half the game

>> No.673690

And how many times have you played it?
Because thanks to the nightmare system, it is really a roulette board where only the green square is even remotely tolerable.

>> No.673694


What about this?

>> No.673698

Twice, haven't played switched to another game on my PSP yet. I just leave it on stand by

>> No.673702

Annoying but nothing horrible.

MM games aren't particularly known for spectacular (or even sensible) voice acting.

>> No.673706

Tell me.
Either of those times
Did Commander Yammarck's stage go nightmare?

>> No.673713

To be fair you can game the system by visiting some other stage to reset it

>> No.673715

Yeah. The rain at the last stretch with all those mantis' showed up.

>> No.673716

Honestly, I really enjoy the shitty voice acting.
Are just too cheesy to not love

>> No.673728

MHX had good English Voice acting. But nothing beats Vile's Japanese voice. He always sounds pissed off.

>> No.673735


Simple: because they're good.

Until they don't fuck the core of the game it can be pulled off hundreds of times.

>The bosses are retarded to "oh look this guy is a snail, cool..."

Megaman X:

- "oh look this guy is an eagle, cool..."
- "oh look this guy is an armadillo, cool..."
- "oh look this guy is a penguin, cool..."
- "oh look this guy is a mandrill, cool..."

>> No.673750

I never liked X2.

No good reason though, I'm not even going to justify it. The real reason is probably because for the longest time, X2 couldn't be emulated properly, so I could only play X3 and X. So I loved those two (moreso X3 because ENHANCEMENTS ARMORS ZERO see: >>668138)

X2 just never caught up in my heart

>> No.673756


OP here, I understand what you are saying and it is a valid argument. I just didn't get that kind of feeling when I was fighting bosses in prior bosses. These just seem so...blah.

I forgot to mention, the power-ups are a joke to.

>> No.673764

Hey now, air-dash was the shit...until I realized that dash-jumping is just as good and feels more natural.

Head and body armor are shit though.

>> No.673767

No matter how many time I play through X and X2, they don't do it for me as much as X3 did.
It might be because X3 was the first Megaman X game I've played, but I can't seem to get into the other two nearly as easily as I do for X3.

>> No.673785


>> No.673860

Is the Zero Collection easy mode supposed to give you full health, four sub-tanks, and all cyber elves? It seems a bit extreme for an easy mode.

>> No.673872

X6 has awful design, but the best controls in the series.

X7 has bad design, the worst controls in the series, the worst voice acting in the series, even the worst story in the series (quite an accomplishment, actually). There's absolutely nothing redeeming about X7.

>> No.673881

>best controls in the series
Sorry, that's a tie between X1 and X4

>> No.673893

Yes. It starts you off in Ultimate mode(i.e. god mode) for every game. If you're playing MMZ for the first time don't even bother playing the easy scenario, you'll ruin it for yourself.

>> No.673894


I'll always said it: The collectathon killed X3, is just too much and sadly some of that is unnecesary.

>Good idea.

Put more mecharmors with specialities.

>Bad idea.

Unuseful mecharmors that you gonna use for getting items and nothing more.

The way you seek the armor doesn't help either.


Pa-pa pa-pa-paaaaaa.

>> No.673910

Not to mention it's pretty fucking lame that you have to discover the first ride armor to use any of them. I played through X3 the first time wondering what the fuck those platforms were for even though I had half of the ride armor powerups because I didn't find the first one.

>> No.673919

Nope. In particular, I'm referring to Zero's control scheme, especially with the speedster part. It's satisfying enough to somewhat balance the bullshit. The only argument I can hear for X4 is a the lack of ducking, which is personal preference more than anything.

And X1's control scheme is exactly the same as X2's, minus the air dash.

>> No.673920
File: 158 KB, 725x325, cantshootup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You like air-dashing? Now you can air-dash after an air-dash. Also all your air-dashes also go up
>air-dashes go up
>buster shots can't go up

>> No.673928

Bass and Axl laugh at your pitiful limitations.

>> No.673937

>Rockman & Forte
>Okay you can play as Bass
>He looks like a hardcore badass motherfucker with like eye lines and black armor and this scowl
>He has a rapidfire buster cannon
>It shoots in 8 directions
>He can also dash, and what the hell he can double jump too for no fucking reason

>or you can play as Megaman
>he has uh, charge shot, and slide.

>> No.673941

So what happened to Light after the Elf wars?
Wily probably becomes Dr. Weil, and then Model W, but what about Light?

>> No.673943

I still haven't touched Mega Man in that game

>> No.673945

He's forgotten.

>> No.673954

Bass rapes normal enemies, but his lack of charged shot makes him pathetic against robot masters.

>> No.673960

Which becomes moot as soon as you beat one of them

>> No.673962

I actually liked Megaman more in that game.

>> No.673969

B-b-but he was still alive in the X series, why does he just disappear?

>> No.673971

>Dr. Light was still alive in the X series


I have bad news for you, anon. Those capsules weren't a communication device or anything. They were supposed to be prerecorded messages.

>> No.673985

He's had actual conversations with X and Zero from the capsules.
Obviously, being an old man in the 2000s, he wouldn't be alive in the flesh in the 2100s, he would be more like a cyber elf like thing.

>> No.673986

I don't remember having to use mecharmors to get any items. Except perhaps the one in gravity beetle's stage, but that's an enhancement, and that's the only one.

>> No.673987

He's not dead, but the messages aren't pre-recorded. He talks to Zero in X6 through the capsules, and I'm pretty sure he didn't know about Zero at all before he died considering he was Wily's secret project.

>> No.673989

Until you get to 3D X, I think he had auto-aim in X7.

>> No.673993

That's more just inconsistent bullshit. The capsules are supposed to be all that is left of Light.

You can say that they just weren't paying attention when they involved replies, or that it's some kind of AI programmed with responses, but...Light is dead as of MMX. It's canon.

In fact, it's pretty heavily implied who killed him.

>> No.673996 [DELETED] 

He sure as hell knew about Zero at some point

>> No.673997


Which allow to Dr. Light to respawn for the sake of the plot just in time and without capsule to save X at the end of X5.


I don't see that as a bad thing, you always had to explore a little the stage to get the item, but having to pass by that and in the end the power-up is pretty much irrelevant made it as a bad thing.

X3 start the mess about getting armor parts and took away the utility of it, but it doesn't hurt the game overall.

>> No.673998

He also magicked out of a capsule and repaired X in the ending of X5.

>> No.674001

>X3 start the mess about getting armor parts and took away the utility of it
How do you mean?

>> No.674002

You need a mech for I believe 4 items in total.

>> No.674005

Inafune has denied the cataclysm, if that's what you're saying.
And there are things that Light, nor an AI could've possibly known about X series events.

>> No.674006

>In fact, it's pretty heavily implied who killed him.

Who? It's been forever since I've played and I don't know who you're talking about.

You're not talking about the theory with Zero killing the Classic cast, are you? Because Inafune personally debunked that.

>> No.674007

I thought at some point it was implied Zero succeeded in destroying Mega Man and/or killing Dr. Light.

>> No.674012

oh, well, now I'm disappointed

>> No.674013
File: 72 KB, 363x568, it is happening.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dr. Light has already been born and is between 4 and 13 years old.

>> No.674015

When was that

>> No.674018

2 hearts in Crush Crawfish and Blast Hornet's stages.
Sub Tank in Volt Catfish's stage.
2 chips in Toxic Seahorse and Crush Crawfish's stages.
Even another carrier in Toxic Seahorse's stage.

>> No.674027
File: 233 KB, 414x650, TadashiHikari[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the MMX timeline is shitty as hell

I hope we get the other one where Dr. Light decides robots are for losers

>> No.674028

Light was born in the 50s, wasn't he?

>> No.674031

Except the first Mega Man happened in 200X. Pretty sure Light wasn't a bearded old genius in his double digits. Artist just can't be bothered to look things up.

>> No.674032

>double digits
single digits, fuck

>> No.674048


That, my sexy anons is CAPCOM fucking up the timeline of MM game series.


Play X/X2 and then compare it to X5/X6. That should do the trick.

>> No.674058

I THINK he meants Zero's flashback(s) in X4. Zero's opening cutscene is Zero having a dream about being awakened from his capsule by Dr. Wily, who says:
>After him! He is my nemesis. Our rivalry is what gives me motivation in life. Now go! Destroy him! That's an order!
Presumably, he means Dr. Light, which would also include Mega Man by association. After that, there's also quick flashes of Zero with blood on his hands, in a room full of wrecked robots.

>> No.674073

Okay, I'll give you the heart and enhancement for Crush Crawfish and the subtank in volt catfish.

You don't need it for the heart in Blast Hornet's or either chip or carrier in Toxic Seashorse's

>> No.674084

You definitely need it for the carrier. The fans are invulnerable to any weapons except the frog carrier's.

>> No.674085

Shit yeah that is where I got it from. Thanks.

>> No.674090

>After that, there's also quick flashes of Zero with blood on his hands, in a room full of wrecked robots.
That's more likely to be when he killed Sigma's (back when he was a Maverick hunter)'s subordinates.

>> No.674092

The carrier is on the top right, right? You don't need to destroy the fans. You can skip across the water.

>> No.674113

Except you can't get to the top of the water without destroying the fans.

>> No.674117

Nevermind, charged Frost S. It's Boomer Kuwanger's stage all over again.

>> No.674123

Yep, then skip to the other side to grab the chip. I just remembered the carrier is on the left not the right

>> No.674128

>double-tapping to dash
Why didn't they ever give you an option to disable it? Dash button was much more natural, and nothing's more infuriating than trying to inch closer to something and X decides to dash right into a pit or an enemy.

>> No.674134

Yea that shit messed me up multiple times in X6's various death traps.

Also, a fun (not) challenge is trying to dash-jump off walls using the double-tap

>> No.674162

Yeah, probably. Especially since Sigma shows up in that segment screaming.

Back when the Rockman Zero Collection was being released in 2010, there was a Japanese timeline that was pretty interesting. It revealed shit like Zero never being deployed during the Classic saga.

>Zero was produced by Dr. Wily, who schemed at taking over the world. But he contained a flaw in his cognitive program that made him violent and unwilling to obey instructions, so Dr. Wily himself sealed Zero in a capsule.

>> No.674167 [DELETED] 

Watch Day of Sigma.
It will all make much more sense

>> No.674203

Dr. Light also knew Alia.

Here's a question. They had this awesome build up in X5 implying Wily has returned in some form but in later games that plot point is just dropped and forgotten.

Why did they just forget about X5? That pisses me off so much thinking about.

>> No.674210

Dr. Wily = Dr. Weil.
There you go.

>> No.674216

Except he's not.

Also it makes even less sense because Inafune expected X5 to end the X series. Why would he leave so many hints to something he was never going to resolve?

>> No.674219

Maybe Inafune was planning a successor series to X that didn't pan out as intended.

>> No.674224

Right, X5 would've ended the X series, which means that the Elf Wars would've happened very soon after X5.
Dr. Weil Started the Elf Wars in the first place

>> No.674225

>the slowdowns in X7 and X8
Jesus fucking christ, did Capcom just develop the most inane bullshit they could think of and then not have the decency to test it out to make sure it at least ran smoothly?

>> No.674237

Isn't Mega Man killing himself pretty much canon?

>> No.674242 [SPOILER] 
File: 100 KB, 1280x718, capcom_logo[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think we all know who killed Mega Man, anon

>> No.674251

Not like that joke has been made thousands of times already.

>> No.674273
File: 50 KB, 320x240, 279515-ss.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dat timing.


"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain".

>> No.674283
File: 344 KB, 472x699, QuintSakugarne.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rather poignant words when you consider Quint

>> No.674293

I always found it weird that Quint has all the makings of being an interesting character who could show up more in the Classic series, even if just through cameos, but instead he just appeared once in one of the few MegaMan games most people never touched and was never really used in any form ever again.

I dunno, maybe I'm just upset because he's a green recolor of MegaMan (literally) who rides a deadly sentient pogostick and ripped off Protoman's glasses schtick. It's so deliciously "original character do not steal" and yet they did nothing with him, bah.

>> No.674309

I've never played whatever game he's from, but he looks stupid as fuck

>> No.674335

Official Megaman X tier list:

X1 > X3 > X2 > X5 > X4 = X6 > X8 > Shit > X7

>> No.674337

>defending X5
>defending X6, which is even worse

Easily the worst two games in the entire Mega Man franchise.

>> No.674342

Hell, that's part of why I want him to show up and fucking do something again. Wily went into the future, kidnapped MegaMan, and made him evil while also making him look stupid.

That amount of backstory is pointless and wasted on a character who shows up once as a regular boss fight, dies, and never does anything again. Wily could have made yet another Robot Master that does the exact same thing as him, and absolutely nothing would have changed how it impacted the other games.

>> No.674350

>Anything worse than X7
>Anything worse than Starforce or Battle Network

>> No.674357

X7's biggest problems are it's lack of speed and a poorly designed final boss. X5/X6 have similar but much worse issues.

>> No.674359

X1 > X2 = X4 > X8 > Xtreme2 > Xtreme 1 = X3 > X5 >>>>>> X7 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> X6

>> No.674360

>Defending x7


>> No.674362
File: 192 KB, 299x365, captain-n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There's no time to waste! We've got to mega move it!

>> No.674364

Does that really surprise when you worse X games get defended all the time?

>> No.674368

>X4 being in the top three

I wish people would get over this shit game. I'm being completely serious, it's as bad as X6. It's ugly and boring, and adds nothing new to the series. It was literally just Inafune wanking all over Zero.

>> No.674370


Not anon, but what surprises me is that "lel" bullshit is still going strong.

>> No.674371
File: 50 KB, 640x480, 5howdidyou[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh man, that show.


>> No.674375

At least it makes it easy to spot shitposters.

>> No.674376


Considering Zero is who he wanted Megaman X to be in the first place, I'll allow it.

>> No.674380
File: 80 KB, 480x480, top kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.674383

Oooo strawberry, my favorite!

>> No.674385

At least we got three good games out it before he forced his shitty marysue into the main character spot.

>> No.674390

Personally I have the most love for X. Same for Classic, the first one isn't the best, but it's my favorite for sure.

Actually the same goes for Megaman Zero, except I think the first one is the best, because it's not bogged down with "extra features"

>> No.674391

Why do you think X4 is so bad?

You know you can play as X if you've got some irrational hatred for Zero.

>> No.674396


Megaman over Cutman's shit every time in every form; Also smart (and unintended) use of a time paradox to show the way the character ends.

"It is your destiny!".

>> No.674401

I always felt like playing as X made the game harder, too. I liked having two styles of play.

I kinda look at it this way. X4 is what X would have been, had Inafune had the processing power. Originally for MMX, he wanted Zero to be the main character, but Capcom said, "Oh no, that's too different." I think if he had had the experience with the SNES hardware at the time, he would have made the game with Zero and X both as fully playable characters, to get what he wanted, and to appease the big wigs.

>> No.674404

As I said, I just thought the game was pretty boring. Visually it looked ugly (like X5 and X6 after it), the music was forgettable at best, and even though you could play as X, there wasn't much point since you could just play the previous three games and have a better time.

>> No.674408

Those are reasons why you don't like it. I want to hear why it's bad.

>> No.674409

In addition, I feel like the X3 Zero system was a way to test the waters. The fans wanted. Capcom saw the fans wanted it, but possibly Inafune felt like the novelty wore off, so yeah... it was introduced as a "well, are you guys sure?"

But I HATE the way Zero controls in X3...

>> No.674415

>Game is boring
>Game adds nothing new to the formula
>Zero makes the game baby-mode easy
>Game looks bad
>Game sounds bad

Are you retarded or just that desperate to defend X4? Those are all reasons why it's bad.

>> No.674419

Not anon, but here's my two pennies.

I don't think it's bad. I think the core of the game is good stuff. I think the presentation is inconsistent, and the level design is a bit lacking, though I couldn't pinpoint why. Possibly because they are all so conceptual, but the concept doesn't really work.
I'm looking at you, Cyber Peacock{/spoiler]
I also agree that the music, for the most part, is meh.
Split Mushroom anyone?

>> No.674423


No, you are the desperate.

>> No.674425

man how did I fuck up that spoiler tag

>> No.674427

Most of those are subjective, and one is outright false.

Care to try being a little more objective, or are you ready to fuck off to /v/ where you belong?

>> No.674436 [DELETED] 


I see the sperglords have finally gotten into /vr/.

>> No.674439


Here's a fact: Easy bosses = Stingray/Beast/Spider/2°Sigma.




This is the order.

X6 (deal with it)>X5>>>>X7.

>> No.674446 [DELETED] 

Opinions are opinions. The only legitimate point you have in there is "Game adds nothing to the formula" but that's kind of the thing about Megaman games: they rarely change the formula.

Are the sperglord.

>> No.674450 [DELETED] 


Did you learn that today in special ed?

>> No.674454

>Game is boring
Play as Zero
>Game adds nothing new to the formula
Play as Zero
>Zero makes the game baby-mode easy
No, he makes it fun as shittits
>Game looks bad
I don't really understand how say, Web Spider's stage looks bad, what with the waterfalls and rainbows and general crisp cleanness of it all
>Game sounds bad
I'll admit, X4 was when the music did kinda descend into the forgettable blur that the rest of the X series music was, save for a few tracks here and there.

>> No.674457

Battle Network is a decent spin off series, anon.

>> No.674459



>> No.674462 [DELETED] 

Dear lord you can't even use that phrase properly.
I take it back, you're not a sperglord.
You are bad and wrong. You are the Badong.

>> No.674465

Meh, I consider Zero to be the main character in the X series. Always play as him in X4, X5, X6 (When unlocked), X7, X8.

X is a faggot.

>> No.674467


>> No.674468 [DELETED] 



>> No.674470 [DELETED] 

>Top lel

Fuck off, /v/, don't you have a "into the trash it goes" thread to post in?

>> No.674474
File: 29 KB, 400x261, sableable.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dear god, are we being raided or something?

>> No.674478


Chosen One!!...WIIUWIIUWIIU.


In this case yes, is X4 not X1. Easy bosses make the game more forgettable.

>> No.674480

The entire X series is easy.

Guess that makes it all bad.

>> No.674482

Except X6, which coincidentally, is one of the worst games ever created.

>> No.674483

They probably figured out the mods / janitors are asleep and are just shitting things up for no reason.

It'll pass as it always does, we just need to not egg it on.

>> No.674487

I try to forget about X6. It was a Nightmare

>> No.674490

Classic series tier list
3 > 2 > 9 > RMnF > 1 > V > 10 > III > 4 > IV > 6 > I > 7 > II > 5 > RMnF2 > GG > 8

>> No.674491


Your post gets a Zero out of 10.

>> No.674495


Yes and no. Comparing X4 to X; X4 is in the lower ground.

>> No.674501

X4 doesn't have Chameleon Sting or Storm Tornado. Those two things alone make X one of the easiest games in the series.

>> No.674505

>storm tornado
>one shot every single stage enemy
Shit nigger that was almost as broken as Metal Blades

>> No.674512


Storm Tomato wasn't THAT useful, dude.

>> No.674514


No, it has Kibatodos, Stingray, Mushroom, Spider, Beast.

Kujacker was decent, Owl was solid and Dragoon is practically the best boss of the X series.

Either way... you have to use weapons against the stage boss?...

>> No.674521

It was more than enough to turn the game into a complete joke.

>> No.674552

I didn't really hate X2 that much except for the extra minibosses thing. X didn't make it so stressful.

I wanted to finish it so I could play X3 but I just... I... fuck that.

Then again I remember games like X6 and then stop to think X2 is a fucking brilliant game compared to it.

>> No.674706


The collectathon did not kill Mega Man X3, it was the shit levels and what you do with the items. Oh look I have this cool mech, use it for .5 millaseconds off I go.

It doesn't help the bosses have lame attack patterns, massive invincibility, and go super saiyan jin mode at half health.

Also gold armor upgrade was dumb. We needed a new upgrade, heck I would've taken shoryuken and hadoken.


X2 and X3 have the best controls. In X1, the dash acts weird at times if you like to go super fast or wall jump with dash.

but back on topic I like X2 the best. It has the best upgrade armor design in my opinion out of all of them. Finding zeros parts was cool. Fighting zero/not was as well. Bosses also had different attacks when they went below half hp (they should've done this better in later games).

I will say this, I think X did pacing better. Boss re-fights were in the stages instead of capsules like later games. I like that a lot. What about cutting off flame mammoths trunk, launch octopus tentacles, doing the stages in different orders affects other stages as well.

>> No.674832 [DELETED] 

Megamen X2 is not so bad but Megamen X3 is the worst dickfuckingassshit I ever played

>> No.674836 [DELETED] 

Megamen X ,,,shit,,,?... what the fuck are you talking about you sily newfag

>> No.675318

I actually really enjoyed X2

>> No.675330 [DELETED] 

Samefag that hasn't even learned how to reply yet
How did you even come across this site

>> No.675340 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 586x438, 1343284427797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

English as a second language? First time I stumbled in to four chan I was looking for hentai.

>> No.675345

Nah mate, X2 is easily the best game in the series, followed by X1. It improved on everything that made X1 a good game, especially the levels, and it's really fun as a result..

>> No.675535

Hey now, the Gold Armor was meant as a combination of all enhancements, which you are normally forced to only choose one. The saber is the Shoryuken/Hadouken equiavelent.

>> No.675592
File: 27 KB, 310x310, 1350587608101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here, honestly...which megaman IS hard? It seems like everyone here is a master at all of them. Are you guys just having a pissing contest with your epeens or are they actually easy for you? And why do you all love the series if it's easy as piss? To me it's one of the only 2D platformers that is not only hard but fun at the same time.

Every time someone brings a Megaman up it's like "are you kidding me? X is so easy...now Y, Y is REALLY hard" then another guy comes in "you must be autistic or slow, Y is a joke."

I don't know, that kind of talk really bothers me for some reason. Why can't everyone just realize that some people are good at certain games and some people naturally aren't?

I guess it's the nature of the online gaming community or something, they need something to cling on to.

>> No.675606

Zero games are pretty hard.

Then you have X games that are hard for retarded reasons, but for the most part X series weren't pretty hard. They also had these cool difficulty modes most classic megaman games lacked.

Then ZX and ZXA came out and they were piss easy. Overall it's not about how hard they are, it's about how well designed they are while being challenging. X6 is the worst fucking thing you can do to yourself in hard mode. And it doesn't even make any sense.

>> No.675615

I notice this a lot in this topic as well. And this is coming from someone who's played X games obsessively since 9.

Each game has its own difficult parts. Mostly not levels, except for X6 because X6 is a bitch.

Some bosses are ridiculous unless you know the exact strategy to beat them (without the weapons of course). Most final-level bosses are fairly challenging.

The thing is though, you can always fall back on subtanks. I recently replayed through the whole X-series. The only bosses that really gave me problems (outside of the shitfest that is X6) was X4 Sigma. For everyone else, you can subtank your way to victory.

Zero series is hard, but it's basically a tighter experience than the X games. You need to know the weapons you use inside out, and you need to exploit the shit out of boss patterns. A lot of it is about steady execution, which again veteran players will take as a given, whereas newbies will not.

ZX was like a watered down version of the Zero series, I felt.

>> No.675617

ZX had the fucked up lava-stage subtank though

>> No.675626

I liked ZX, I just felt they should have made it more difficult and more rewarding.

Then ZXA came out and... fuck the last boss.

>> No.675637

Mega Man 1 is hard.

Don't let anyone say different. "But I beat it every day.. in five minutes!" Yeah, congrats. You've played it so much that you can play through it entirely through muscle memory. That can happen with any game. How many times did you die the first time playing it, though? And if you say "Nope, I rarely died!" You're lying.

Some people just like inflating their e-peen. On an anonymous message board, where no one can see or identify it.

>> No.675640

>that image
>in an X thread

Come on, guys

>> No.675642

Do you not understand that angst-ridden little kids and autistic neckbeard virgins need to compete with each other in a sad attempt to give themselves a feeling of self-worth?

Video game skill is the defining feature of their lives. They literally have nothing else. Let that sink in.

>> No.675649


Yeah the reason I said something was because of how people were talking in this topic. The X series feels relatively difficult, the NES ones were tough but nothing crazy, except for 3...I still haven't beaten 3 to this day.

>> No.675663


I mean, I guess I realized that to a degree but...I never let it "sink in" now that I am it's kind of...........depressing...

>> No.675710

>Hating on X4

You're a faggot

>> No.675797


You think you're depressed now? Heh...

Wait until you realize that they're deliberately going out of their way to *only* compete with those just as sad and pathetic as they are.

They all have something to prove, but only to each other. Only to other autistic turbonerds. Not to a potential romantic partner. Not to their boss at work. Their family. None of that.

Only video games. And only to other losers.

>> No.675810


I dunno.

X1 - X3 had a sliding scale of shit.
X4 spiked back up, then X5 and onward just plummeted.

If X4 was shit, people wouldn't speed run it.

>> No.675819

What?! You're probably just hooked on to MMX because that's what you grew up with and played mostly instead of giving the rest a chance.

MMX2 and X3 are a great improvement to X and it's even harder than they were in the first one.

>> No.675867


well now i'm even more depressed, are these the kind of people that I deal with on this board? are those the kind of people that hang out here?

>> No.675875
File: 130 KB, 550x700, 1284496176030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not the best in the series.

>> No.675883

I don't hold an opinion about X4 but people will speedrun absolutely anything.

>> No.675913


This board was actually a little better a while back when it started. Now, the /v/tards are slowly matriculating in. They're a little unhappy that this place exists. God forbid someone should want to escape the autistic hateboner bullshit.

>> No.675914


sorry, just saw the picture and thought it was funny. I don't entirely understand the subtle nuances of autistic nerd /b/ subculture

>> No.675923


Get the most /v/-stench from you, honestly.

>> No.675950

Megaman X is the exception to this rule because, at the time, animal bosses were completely new and yet memorable. Before then we were used to bosses that encompassed an element like Wood Man or Needle Man, but with X we suddenly got bosses that had a lot of personality and more complex designs. It made them very memorable.

Unfortunatly, with X2 the bosses quickly started becoming silly again. Which is a shame, because they could, even now, easily make much cooler Robot Mavericks to take on.

Off the top of my head...
>Volt Swan
>Gunner Ocelot
>Siege Gorilla
>Dread Wasp
>Frost Shark
>Neon Tiger
>Warp Cougar

>> No.675976

God I hated X4 Sigma for the longest time. I started playing as Zero a few months ago with the goal of mastering the game as best as I could, and now I can beat the fucker with no sub tanks.

I think he's just hard at first because he has pretty specific patterns that require fairly specific maneuvers to avoid, but because of that, once you get those patterns down he becomes fairly easy to overcome.

Now X5 Sigma, I really hate that motherfucker. I almost never get far enough for him to use those purple boxes, so I still don't know how to dodge those. Thankfully I lucked out the first and only time I've beaten him since he didn't use it then.

And really, sometimes I think people overplay how full of bullshit X6 was. Levels like Ground Scaravich are lazy, but not usually full of bullshit. The donuts are also lazy, but easy to dispatch if you know what you're doing and don't have some autistic compulsion to not use everything at your disposal to make tedious things not tedious.

Metal Shark Player's stage is kind of a buzzkill since it forces you to take your time, but it's also not full of too much bullshit. Rainy Turtloid's stage is the only one I consider to full to the brim with bullshit (hiding cores behind Reploids and fuck you if you went to Infinity Mijinion's stage beforehand).

Infinity Mijinion's stage is giant middle finger the first few times, but is actually pretty satisfying once you get used to it. Blizzard Wolfang is actually a really good stage that is challenging for mostly good reasons. And Commander Yammark and Shield Sheldon's stage are so simple they're hardly worth mentioning.

It's really only Gate's Labs that are sadistically designed. I always go through as Zero, so that helps me skip through most of it, but I am truly sorry for X players that had to go through those stages, especially without the parts or armor necessary. Still, despite the trial and error bullshit, you are given basically infinite lives in X6.

>> No.675980

>Neon Tiger
That's brilliant, someone call Capcom.

>> No.675982

X in terms of overall presentation is better and more polished
Levels are god damn gorgeous, little things like the order you fight bosses in actually affecting the stage itself.
Legendary soundtrack. Great animation.

X2 is the only sequel in the series that can stand up to X, to me.
but there is a noticeable decrease in overall presentation.
The intro level if you can call it a level is short and unmemorable compared to X for instance

But the upgrades and boss weapons are awesome, shoryuken is fun as shit.
Most of the bosses pull out a new trick when their health gets low which is one of my favorite gameplay things ever.
I think overall there are more interesting bosses in X2.

except Overdrive Ostrich he can go suck a dick.

>> No.675984
File: 45 KB, 638x469, inafune.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.675994

>Gunner Ocelot
that would make for a interesting cameo

>> No.675997

Because he's hard or uninteresting? I always start out with him because you can dash away and force him into the background for a free charge shot.

>> No.676003

I implore you to burn to the ground

>> No.676016
File: 1.22 MB, 666x880, Gunner Ocelot 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bam, Gunner Ocelot

>> No.676021

uninteresting. really fucking stupid pattern.

>> No.676054


OP here, the main issue I have is the crab boss. There is no fluidity to the battle, no rhyme or reason. Just a bunch of retarded bullshit mushed together. "He has these green laser things, uh, and shoots out little crabs to...with uh.......some gay bubble attack put in there to"

Fucking retarded.

>> No.676083

/v/tard identified, honestly.

>> No.676325

This whole damn thread stinks of /v/.
The most useful contributions to the topic have gotten the least amount of attention. Meanwhile, everyone is arguing about which is better, and "stop liking what I don't like".

Sage because it's not worth contributing to the topic anymore.

>> No.676398

>thread about why x is better than x2
>people discussing their opinions on which is better
Learn to read, I guess?

>> No.676414


So why is there discussion about X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, and X8?

>> No.676419


X4 is the dropoff point in quality for me. Opinions, you can't live them or without them.

Some are a lot better than others though.

>> No.676426

I like X1 better than X2. To me it has more charm. It's very to the point. Good design. Good presentation. It's not that X2 is a bad game, I just find X1 easier to jump right into and enjoy playing.

>> No.676436

Because most of use aren't anal-retentive assholes who maintain that a topic must only contain discussion explicitly relevant to the specific titles discussed in the OP?

>> No.676445

Is name calling necessary?
I mean, I realise it has become an accepted norm on 4chan, but that doesn't mean it need be persistent. It's a much better place when people keep their emotions in check and keep civil tongues.

>> No.676459

I'm just pointing out that it is rather anal of someone to insist that a topic only contain discussion about whatever was specifically brought up in the OP. Any time you mention any game with multiple entries, people will discuss which of the games they like the best, regardless of whether or not they were originally mentioned.

>> No.676467

>This whole damn thread stinks of /v/.

Because it is people from /v/. The problem is that there's an implied rule of conduct because of the age of the games but a lot of people aren't just aren't seeing it because they're morons. If they put a sticky on page 1 of /vr/ that said act your age, do you think people would follow it?

The go back to /v/ posts are very common because a lot of us that were here from the very beginning want it to be different and it needs to be.

How can we go from implying the rules of conduct to actually encouraging people to follow them and making them known? Why should there be another angry gamer board?

>> No.676494


Me again. One reason I think MMX is fantastic.
>dat feel when the bridge kicks in

>> No.676498

It was a snide remark. I wouldn't get too hung up on it.

>> No.676517

What posts in particular are you referring to? So far I've only seen you two spout out blanket statements but haven't seen you point out what specifically is so /v/ about this thread.

If I didn't know any better, I'd think you just saw one bad post and are now stuck in a superiority complex over it.

>> No.676552
File: 189 KB, 500x400, Zero gets groped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, this thread went to shit in a big hurry.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who loves the X games unconditionally and doesn't feel the need to bitch about them, or bitch about those who DO bitch about them.

(Except X7; it knows what it did.)

>> No.676554

>If I didn't know any better, I'd think you just saw one bad post and are now stuck in a superiority complex over it.

Yeah you don't know any better. Haven't you seen them or are you pretending that they aren't there?

They're everywhere. OP asks about a game, and then he receives hastily made replies.

>It's gay.
>It's shit.
>Fucking boring.

Then they get mad and call OP a faggot when he asks for them to elaborate more. If it's pretentious for wanting this place to be better then I guess I'll fuck off. But this won't the last time you hear someone talk about this. Mark my words.

>> No.676564

I think "don't feed the trolls" applies here.
As far as actual implementation? I think it all depends on us. The more people conduct themselves appropriately, hopefully it would catch on. Though that may be a longshot.

I think it's just the mentality of "this sucks, that's better, and you're stupid for thinking otherwise." It's okay if you don't like something. I don't have a problem with anyone else's opinion. What doesn't appeal to me is the severity of language used to express those opinions, and the resulting name-calling when those parties disagree.

Saying "Oh I prefer X because of Y" is much less threatening, and tends to encourage good discussion as opposed to "X sucks hardcore, and you're an idiot for liking it and providing a useful analysis"

>> No.676613

But they say it again in X's ending of Mega Man X4
And it was teased since X2 that Zero was "the last of the doctor's creations"

It was planned all along

>> No.676638


Yeah. I was always under the impression that Zero was Wiley's last creation. And that he was always meant to be evil, but more or less had forgotten he was. It's like some sort of trope. You can't have a mysterious and over-powered character without said character eventually going rogue.

>> No.676875

I just tried that onion guy's level for the first time.

Fucking christ. Axl can't lock on to bats for some reason and double jumping kills you on occasion cause LOL YOU CAN'T SEE IT BUT THERE'S A DEATH TRAP RIGHT ABOVE YOU.

>> No.676898

There are a lot more civil responses ITT than what you're describing. I understand not wanting retarded replies like that, but you're making a blanket statement about a thread in which the majority of the replies are civil.

>> No.677068
File: 124 KB, 539x465, 1349813100076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


OP here, yeah I didn't intend for this to become a "which mega man is the best" topic.

I really just wanted to discuss the subtle nuances of the difference between X and X-2 which I felt, and if anyone felt them to.

A lot of people more or less answered my question and felt the same, there is a lot of X-2 love here to obviously.

I kind of steered the conversation by asking why Megaman fans are such faggots about difficulty, calling everything easy all the time. I guess that sort of ushered in a certain "/v/ibe", so I guess it's my fault.

>> No.677076

On the topic of X2:

So I'm trying to get the E-tank in Bubble crab's stage. I'm charging the Bubble Shot and jumping up, but X won't jump out of the water, just to the edge. I've done this so many times before, but obviously I'm overlooking something. What?

>> No.677091

I don't remember much about X2, but have you tried skipping across the water?

>> No.677105

I can't even jump out of the water.

>> No.677123

Is the E-tank the first or the second item in the stage?

If it's the second, should be able to use the charged bubbleshot and jump to a ledge on the left that you can climb, the skip across to victory

>> No.677150


Ah yes. I thought so. Problem is now, I can't get any enemies to drop any weapon energy.

>> No.677160


I got it. That was more trouble than it should have been. And it shouldn't have been any at all.

>> No.678258


The problem is it makes the red upgrade capsules useless.

>> No.678275


The X games are relatively easy if you get all the upgrades and use sub tanks.

I on the other hand always go for no upgrades, buster only, final destination. That is what makes mega man x series awesome....

I've also done the no dash run, but I need to redo it sometime.

>> No.679253

>The collectathon did not kill Mega Man X3.

Yes it did, is simply too much. Getting the armor parts

>which megaman IS hard?

Pretty much none, the thing with MM games is that they're not hard; they're a challenge. The way how the armor shows its effects in-game and AI acts according the rules of the game and the mapping are the important stuff. You can find easy bosses in any MM/MMX game.

The only MMX truly hard is X6, but in the bad way. SNES releases has their own way to make the game more challenging to you.

>Zero games are pretty hard.

Not really, at least not the first. Zero is more like reflexes since you're playing in portable.


Welcome to the 20XX generation. We're fucked.

>> No.680467

all that opinions

>> No.680537

The music.
X sounds generally better then the other SNES games.

>> No.680616

>Piss easy
>play on ZX

ZX's hard mode is intense shit. Much better than the half assed Zero's hard mode which was just taking way your weapons abilities and not changing the levels are all aside from damage.

>> No.680739

i like simplicity in megaman games, which is why i prefer X.
all the extra story and hidden bosses shit pisses me off

>> No.680770

Z2's hard mode was pretty cool

>> No.680812

MMX is the definition of try hard. It's a goddamn LOLSTORYfest that shits on the quality of classic MM games.

>> No.680835

Here we have is a nostalgic fag

>> No.680864

Or someone with good taste in videogames.

>> No.681709

Speedrunning X4 seems like a hopeless endeavor when Rolenman1 has such a good route/execution.

>> No.682735
File: 52 KB, 600x491, x bright.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really? I love looking for/finding hidden stuff in platformers, be they bosses or power ups. Granted, I think that X3 REALLY overdid it in the "secret stuff" department, but that's because the game isn't long enough to warrant the excessive amount of stuff they added in.

I do prefer when hidden bosses aren't really story related, though. Optional bosses, sure, but hidden ones shouldn't have any significant impacts on how the story plays out, aside from being part of the whole "get 100% completion and unlock the true ending" trope. That I can live with.

>> No.686121


OP here, What do you mean? You don't like the stories? I mean I don't really see the point in them, but they don't really take anything away...

>> No.686349
File: 112 KB, 250x238, 1366138103909.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he plays megaman for the story

>> No.687185

I need someone to tell me which version of x3 is better, SNES or PS1

>> No.687608

PSX, "technically" speaking because it has added content. Uh.. animooted cutscenes.

I feel SNES is the definitive version because it's sort of a package deal with it's ancestors.

>> No.687625

The "remastered" X3 soundtrack is ear-piercing shit. SNES version just for the original good music.

>> No.687642

There's a couple good PS1 takes on songs. But they absolutely destroy the charm of several tracks. Toxic Seahorse only works in SNES chiptune.

>> No.687694
File: 14 KB, 296x275, 1343183078329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.688649

>Being the best in the series
What the fuck, /vr/?

>> No.688665

The only decent list of the MMX games.

>> No.688712

I tend to agree with this, though, personally, I just flat out didn't like X8. Couldn't tell you why.

>> No.688720

Don't know shit about Legneds 1&2. What are they like, should I start at the first one, or is the second one unconnected and much better? How si the difficulty? Lenght? Gameplay? How are weapons handled?

>> No.688727

Idunno. In my head, Legends was always like a half-ass pokémon starring megaman. Just like how Thurgood always sounded Jamaican in Scarface's head.

It makes no sense

>> No.688747

>Legends was always like a half-ass pokémon starring megaman

I... what? Could you elaborate?

>> No.688780

>Just like how Thurgood always sounded Jamaican in Scarface's head.
>It makes no sense

>> No.688784

>Pokemon with Mega Man
I.... what?

>> No.688792

Idunno, more the show than the movie I guess.
Okay okay, better yet.

I've played Legends, not 2. It was decent. I remember I beat it pretty quick.

Juno was pretty tight, I guess. It was kinda B-movie to me.

>> No.688795

Also, for playing Legends 1, emulate the PSX version or use the PC port? I don't care about fidelity, I want the better looking one, as long as the work the same.

>> No.689740

X4 > X > X2 > X5 > X3 >>>>>>>>> the rest

X4 is the best hands down. Best fights, best weapons, best level design, Zero.

>> No.689857
File: 45 KB, 242x584, 1349141784735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's anime through and through. It's practically a harem show mixed with the Bonnes as Saturday morning villains and huge world altering existential revelations which is the flavor of 80's and 90's anime all around.

So yeah, much more anime flavor than B-movie if you ask me.

>> No.689867
File: 17 KB, 385x316, 1359862560611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw loved the fuck out of x1 x2 x3
>see commercial for x4
>fuck yea
>its for playstation

>> No.690503

Don't let this Megaman X thread die yet please!

>> No.690798
File: 25 KB, 427x238, monopolyguy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw seeing Overdrive Ostrich's silhouette running across the desert in the background.

>> No.690858
File: 299 KB, 1473x956, 1354914810460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not ashamed that I actually like most of the story from the X, Zero, and Legends games. I'm mostly ashamed that I haven't burnt down the Capcom headquarters in Osaka yet.

>> No.690868

X2 is best in the X series

followed by X, X5, X3, X4... then you don't give a shit about the rest

>> No.691028

Playing Megaman Legends on PSP is pretty suffering. The voices don't sync up in some cutscenes and it's pretty hard to lock on.

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