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what were the best n64 titles?

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Mario, Zelda, the list goes on...

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This ones a real sleeper title, never see it talked about on here but it’s incredibly depth-oriented and satisfying

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007: The World is Not Enough

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Shit controller
Shitty 3d versions of games with bad controls and shit camera
Shit style over substance bullshit
Low quality garbage "games"
The N64 and PS1 were the beginning of the end of gaming and the beginning of the modern shit era of gaming. /vr/ should be restricted to games before this era of garbage.

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My list includes:
>the two zelda games
>star fox
>paper mario
>resident evil two
>perfect dark
>yoshi's story
>the two castlevantia games
>donkey kong
>smash brothers
>mario kart
>mortal kombat mythologies

But my neet computer I don't trust to even these games so oh well.

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Look out dudes and dudettes, we got ourselves a seasoned hornswaggler doing the old flim-flam-foozle here.

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while i will say that a large amount of game for the n64 and ps1 have aged poorly and lots of titles got caught up in the 3d craze of the era. i don't think that we should just avoid talking about these consoles because they still have lots of solid games and led to a good deal of developments in the gaming industry.

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At least N64 and PSX enthusiasts can agree, it could have been much MUCH worse...

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isn't retro ZOOMER

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very underrated

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let's be honest, the list stops there.

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Space Station Silicon Valley

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Superman 64

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it's not good, the game has shit controls and it doesn't even tell you how to use them while you have to do annoying precise platforming

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MMMMMMMMMMMWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYES my good man! Zoomzoom zoomity zoomityzoomyzoom zooming zoomity zooming zoomzoomityzoomyzoom zoomers do indeed zoomzoom zoomity zoom zoom, HOWEVER.......... As a ‘90s Kid I’m afraid I’m obligated to disagree with thine assessment of the PSX or as I shall refer it thusly henceforth the pisssex as any of my fellow ‘90s kids can and will attest to, we almost exclusively referred to this console as back in those halcyon days of the 1990s...... Mmmmmmwaaaaaaaahyes, the good,old pisssex, pisssex, pisssex, just saying the world brings unequivocal pleasure to these old bones...... I’m perhaps uniquely qualified to defend the pisssex, as I was quite the pisssexhead (as my fellow ‘90s kids can and will attest to, this was the preferred nomenclature among we ‘90s kids when referring to an enthusiast of the pisssex back in the 1990s) back in the 1990s, and as both a dedicated pisssexhead and original ‘90s kid (as my fellow ‘90s kids and pisssexheads will attest to, ‘90s kid is indeed how we retroactively refer to those of us, many of whom were pisssexheads, who came of age during those halcyon days of the 1990s) I assure you that the pisssex is and was, as you refer to it, a retro console. Zoom. Zoooom. ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! Zoomzoomzoomityzoomzoomzoom zooming zoomer zoom ZOOM ZOOOOMZOOOOOOOM zoom. Zoom? Zoom! ZOOMYZOOMYZOOMZOOM ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM ZOOMZOOMITY. Zoom.
Only ‘90s kids will understand.

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>shit controls
>annoying precise platforming

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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Conquer's Bad Fur Day
Killer Instinct Gold
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
Wave Race 64
Banjo Kazooie
Star Fox 64
Mario Kart 64
Goldeneye 007
Super Mario 64
Pokemon Puzzle League
The Legend of Zelda: Orcarina of Time
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Blast Corps.
Pilotwings 64
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Worms Armageddon

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I tried this game and it's fucking terrible.

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You got filtered, it’s by far the best jrpg on the system.

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>You got filtered
oh shit. Look out guys he's not fucking around

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Calm down retard

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Hell no. That guys bringing the flames. I'm enjoying every second, not going to be calming down any time soon.

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Take a sedative.

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sorry guys I was just being random again xD
I know it's not a japanese game

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Jrpg is a philosophy/style and doesn’t refer to when it was released

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absolutely kantian

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Well said. The crazy thing was I remember being frustrated AT THE TIME like "why the fuck can't they focus on making beautiful 2D games that the system can actually handle instead of every other effort thinking they were going to make the next goddamn Mario 64."

There are some important classics on 64, but it really has aged poorly.

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Rush games are the only good N64 games. Goldeneye and Perfect Dark are playable only on 1964 emulator with CPU overclocking and mouse support.

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My top 5 would be like
1. Paper Mario or maybe Super Mario 64
2. whichever one isn't #1
3. Ocarina of Time
4. Super Smash Bros.
5. WWF No Mercy

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Hidden gem of soulful aesthetics

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paperbox is literal garbage tho

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It really doesn't

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FUCK the kidstation 64.
It LITERLLY, FACTUALLY only has mario and zelda.

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Diddy kong racing
Wave race
Mace: the dark age
Knife edge
Banjo Kazooie

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uh.... uh....

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Attention OP, I have come to inform you that everyone in this thread is a massive faggot. The obvious answer is


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it does tho theres NFL Blitz and Tetrisphere. many based titles /v/ermin try to erase from history

based list but contrarians wont listen

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>0 results found for Sin and Punishment

I'm upset /vr/, it's the best game on the system

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Ah, the sound of an autistic /vr/ retard.
As common as the birds that chirp in the morning.

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mario and zelda ONLY

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Do you remember that episode of Seinfeld when Bart says 'she got you a Sony playstation'? Boy, what a cook, everyone called it the pee-es-ex. Or pissex, like you said.


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The n64 has no other rpg so you're obligated to like it. Quest is gay looking and Paper Mario just makes you want to vomit while fapping to mario rpg for the snes.

Thanks for the tip.

Downloaded more games because 20 is small and wanted to see if my neet-top can do it with older version of n64. It kinda can't all of them, even though star fox dies of black death as it is and other games have issues but:

Black screens me if don't randomly skip a scene but kinda plays though doubt will continue to play through game without freezing again.
>aidyn chronicles
Seems to work okay so far.
>star wars rogue squadron
>star wars shadows of the empire
They lag so far. Probably will die in mid game from black deaths.
Seems fine aside from some flashing menu. Play it on psx but this saves space :D
>harvest moon
Seems to emulate fine.

I won't be motivated to test them past their beginnings though much. I ought to get a real n64 and a flash cart as modern pc's are too much for neets.

So now it's 26 that I like, but probably won't be able to play currently to finish. Aside from the most popular. Neet laptops are as such.

Huh. I wonder why I've never seen that one around before?

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>Huh. I wonder why I've never seen that one around before?
It's literally the only "hidden gem" on the n64, it's mentioned so often it might as well be mario 64-2.

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Mario 64, OOT, MM, Banjo Kazooie, paper mario,Conker, Banjo Tooie, smash bros, pokemon snap, star fox 64

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Thanks for baiting me. Literally three major sites that have 'everything' don't have that one. That's why I never considered it. Even emuparadise doesn't/didn't have that.

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It's literally the only n64 game's rom you can't find more like.

You're making me delve into torrenting sites out of curiosity to see if my neet-pc can run it at all and or to just 'have' it.

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copr faggot tranny zooom zoom zoooooooooooooooooooooom zoomerino

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here anon
there's a patch out there for high res textures + English
otherwise, if you've got a modded Wii you can always download the English .wad somewhere

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I found a rom of this [somewhere don't remember], but it chopped like crazy when I tried to play it. Playable, but very janky

>> No.6622507

>having to know Japanese to find things

I should have known. Thanks.

I actually already found the patch before you posted the actual game here:


Hilarious search querying on my part.

I care not for hi-rez when on a neet-laptop.

I heard the story is stupid anyway so I'm okay with moon runes as well.

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best bet with Sin and Punishment(outside of actual hardware/Everdrive) will always be modding a Wii and throwing the English release .wad on there. It plays perfect, even the turbo mode you can unlock is flawless(outside of flaws that were present in the N64 version)

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story is basically Evangelion-lite with some random shit thrown in. also all the voices are in English for ??? reasons so don't really have to worry about that until the final cutscene
if you can get the game running, have fun anon. for the menus just look up a video of someone playing on youtube to navigate, and remember that pressing A = auto-aim which is slow and shit. you can spam the attack button while enemies are close to slash at them, which becomes very helpful for certain bosses and enemies.

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If it's really like EVNG then the ending is not MEANT to make sense anyway. So that fits.

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This but unironically.
PSX was definitely retro. Only 90s Chads will understand and zoomies will never.

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Seems to be working great so far. However the moon runes probably will annoy me at the start of the game there's so many. I picked upper left instinctively and started shooting bat tier thingies and the faps are like 60 and it looks fine too. So yeah. Very old piratebay comments act like it works easy so something tells me it'll work easy. Maybe I should patch it.

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I would go ahead and patch it if it's working properly so far anon. No use to not try it, worst case just go back to the unpatched version.

>> No.6622589

I can't figure out why there needs to be three areas times two to fill out to patch it.

I'm reading up on xdelta.

>make attempt
>>xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch. XD3_INVALID_INPUT

I have no idea how such patching stuff works. It's why I always avoid such things.

I'll figure it out eventually. To think the gui isn't helping me. Normally I just figure terminals would cause me to derp.

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What are you, a transexual? 'Muh genderless playstation'

Its ps1 or just playstation, dummy.

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It just doesn't work. That site must not be the rom the guy used to make the patch. It needs the exact same one.

Unless you're supposed to patch it compressed or something retarded. I don't see how I fucked it up. This is why I've never patched a game in my entire life. Eg ff2 just play on the gba instead. Better anyway.

>> No.6622648

hate to link you here of all places, but this seems to be a tutorial on how to patch it anon

>> No.6622670

Hahaha somebody get this guy a modeling contract with a progressive soap company, cause he is handing out the burns.

>> No.6622675

Now I'm just confused because the method looks entirely different than what I was attempting.

I figure the method that's easy that I want to use requires the emuparaidse rom, but the workaround script has never worked for me and I just tried.

I guess I'll have to go looking up other software and another patch for this method instead. It looks so convoluted I may just write down what the moon-runes mean instead though because that'd take less time.

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I was waaay ahead of you on this idea actually and came back to shitpost

>>you know what, I think I'm good, I assume the rest is in eng audio anyway.

>audio captcha
>>a puzzle SO confounding!

Fuck off jewgle AI it isn't funny.

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good shit anon, I recommend playing the game on Normal for the best experience but you do you. Have a good time playing my personal favorite N64 game

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>finally got the emuparaidse link to work
>try to patch using xdelta
>it doesn't work

Guess I'll keep both roms anyway..... the rice thing is so stupid because I intend to use my roms on more than one device randomly and don't feel like fucking up my settings over one game anyway.

But yeah, I have the reference images from that rice guy's shotted webs anyway. I'll just move the jpeg with the roms in the future to avoid headache.

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I remember having similar difficulties back in the day when I first patched and played the game. Nowadays it's much easier for me to just play it on my Wii with the officially translated version of the game. Godspeed anon

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Are there even any purely 2D sprite games on N64? It feels like it can't really do those graphics right. Any 2D shit always ended up looking like a blurry jpeg with ugly outlines. Like Yoshi's story.

>> No.6624831

Theres that sci-fi alien RPG game where you literally attack specific body parts.

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How is the story?
Any romances?
Been trying to find more retro games with good stories. Not as easy as you would think.

>> No.6624985

This game always gave you the feeling that you were being watched. Turns out, you were.

>> No.6625886

Goldeneye and mario kart are what I always play with my bros. It's got some decent versions of the tony hawk games, but those were ported to everything. Cruisn USA is cool. It's also got a decent version of mortal kombat 4 and some cool pokemon games.

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Forgot to mention doom 64

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>Any 2D shit always ended up looking like a blurry jpeg with ugly outlines. Like Yoshi's story.
Anyway, Bangai-O.

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What are the best n64 controllers for PC?
I don't want a nu controller like pic related and most the straight usb controllers are apparently cheap trash. 8bitdo had a quality one but they don't make them anymore.

>> No.6626056

8bitdo has shit all around. Use one of the new wired switch GameCube pads.

>> No.6626060

If want an n64 controller, which is why im also not opposed to just using good n64 adapters. Otherwise why not use use literally any modern controller at that point?
Its a completely different feeling.

>> No.6626061

Really don't know what they were thinking with the inflated pool toy art style.

>> No.6626065

Each stage had a distinct "texture": cardboard, wood, fabric, etc.
I think they did a good job at it.

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what are you using to emulate?
just download the torrent from rutracker

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>when the dvd-r burn backups are missing a rom you didn't know about

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You're late anon I/we found it but the xdelta thing didn't work. It's in english anyway and remembering the menu is super easy because I literally guessed upper right is the start game option before even seeing the translated images for the first time. I simply will keep the thing memorized rather than patch it as xdelta patch didn't work and I don't want to do the rice thing that won't help the other systems use it.

Mupen64plus for android devices, project 64 (1.6) for pc.

It seems okay on the project 64 but I've been playing other games currently and not that one.

About getting new emulators, retroarch is shitty gui and laggy, newest n64 emulators won't work on my neet laptop.

I just post such 'bitching' to let the anon know that it might not work on their system.

>> No.6626845

fandom is bad, use this one now:

>> No.6626925

Always looked like CG to me.

Are those even sprites?

>> No.6627879

they're sprites just like Donkey Kong Country

>> No.6628026

zelda ocarina of time
wwf no mercy
wipeout 64
super mario 64
mario kart 64
international superstar soccer 2000
forsaken 64
extreme g
extreme g2

>> No.6628028

shallow as all hell but rampage world tour is a must have. great 3 player bro game

>> No.6628062

>Its ps1 or just playstation
zoom zoom

>> No.6628562

>being this newfaggy
>not even bothering to jewgle things to learn on top of it

kys it was a code name as game consoles change their names after they come out.

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bomberman hero is my favourite 3D platformer

>> No.6630361

Disney's Magical Tetris Challenge
Not even a disneyfag, it's just got great music and a creative take on Tetris

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Does anyone have the patched rom of this?
None of the roms, I've tried have worked.

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Mario 64, Zelda ... that’s about it

>> No.6630435

based, us console warriors know.

>> No.6630454

The Quick bunny has so much calcium there's no way you could break his bones.

>> No.6630478

maybe this should tell you something

>> No.6630675

A few of my favorites.
Road Rash
F zero
Goldeneye/perfect dark
Blast corps
Sarge's heros

>> No.6630680

oh, forgot to add aidyn chronicles and dk64

>> No.6630706

Eh never really cared for dk64 despite loving the country games and I haven't played aidyn chronicles yet. I barely recognize the name so it might not be included in the romset I got from /t/ a while ago.

>> No.6630719

I heard aidyn chronicles has parts where if you dont do the correct thing first before saving your screwed and cant progress. Also that your allies die and you cant revive them. Do you seriously advocate for this game or just trolling?

>> No.6630729

Yes absolutely, it's a challenge, sure, but an utterly rewarding one. It has immense replayability and play value once you warm up to the system/look.

>> No.6630734

It actually looks pretty good. I'll give it a try.

>> No.6630738

I had it as a kid and could never really make heads or tails of it, I forced myself to play it again as an adult and was glad I did. It can feel obtuse to start off, though, so maybe read a little bit about the stats/combat before you dive in.

>> No.6630764

All 3 of them.

>> No.6630802

It was also on the wii VC store

>> No.6630816

Why don't people like Turok 3?

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