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Why it had so few games? Are some of them good?

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Bcase u gay

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Why it possible to be ESL and EOP?

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>All them arcade perfect ports
I want one so bad bros

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>I want bros so bad

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just get one

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Why has vr turned against Saturn recently? Did some YouTuber make it too popular?

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It's like one or two guys bernieposting.

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I don’t know, I think it’s pretty funny, I’ve been Bernie posting here and there whenever it fits, and I’m not the one who started it

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i ve been bernieposting lately too

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Me too. Shame I don't have enough money for a decent collection, plus it's emulation seems to be pretty poor from what I've heard.

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>the legend of the gobbos
loved that game as a kid used to play it on crappy win98 laptop

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It's too bad literally not a single one is actually arcade perfect.

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Piece of shit faggot console.

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I bet you're the type of person that thinks the dreamcast runs mvc2 the same way the arcade does.

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It has THE game. The only game you need.

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Doesn't that have an enhanced remake on the PS2?

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If by "enhanced" you mean "ported to PS2", then sure. I'm not aware of any enhancements made to the game itself.

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>attempts an insult with irrelevant drivel
So which of those Saturn arcade ports were arcade perfect? Enlighten us all.

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Based /mu/ crossposter

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ps2 port doesn't have a translation patch, saturn original was released stateside

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it has like 400% the size of library of Nintenshit64

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>Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 18: Dragon Force (SEGA AGES 2500シリーズ Vol.18 ドラゴンフォース) is the eighteenth entry in the Sega Ages 2500 series for the PlayStation 2.

>It is a remake of Dragon Force, sporting enhanced audio, voice acting, a couple of new characters and some changed graphics.

Saturn cucked once again, lmao.

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quality > quantity, stupid segatard

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Nintenshit64 games are devoid of quality when observed from a non-autistic perspective.

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hope you speak nip

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The sega saturn has a better library than the N64.

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If all you care about is jarpigs, sure.

N64 has the better platformers, racing games, action/adventure games and shooters though.

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whoa crappy collect-a-thons that run at 10 fps, that's a solid argument

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>10 fps
sounds more like whenever the shiturn tries to run a 3D game, lel

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It's very under appreciated these days, and a fine little platformer.

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Can anyone even name one arcade port that's actually arcade perfect

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Nice list but could use a Linda Cube Again and a Gals Panic.

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Last I checked the Saturn version is notoriously buggy and broken to the point it got a recall.

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Does Silhouette Mirage really require strong knowledge of Japanese? Ive only seen a few gameplay videos, but it looks mostly basic. Been meaning to play it, but I hard the Working Designs version for Ps1 is horrid.

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Saturn had a good amount of games, but a majority of them are JP only or werent huge hits in the west.

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>arcade perfect
- all the ST-V games.
- Street Fighter Zero 1, not perfect but pretty damn close.
- Street Fighter 2 collection & gen 5 is pretty much perfect
- sengoku blade is extremely close, and even adding anothet character over the PCB
- pocket fighter, cyberbots ecen adding more frames, puzzle fighter and many of the cps2 ports
SS is the only 90s platform with somewhat arcade perfect ports, AES doesnt count because those arent ports, the carts contents are identical.

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go away nintendildo

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Game Tengoku is another port thats pretty close to the arcade. And adding more characters & content.

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Dreamcast came out in the 90s and it has way more perfect arcade ports. Just sayin

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In those days, the Sega Saturn was my primary console for multiplats. I'd typically get pixel art games on the Saturn and polygon games on the Playstation (some exceptions like Castlevania for PS while I got Grandia for the SS). I had so much fun with all the games I enjoyed on it because the games were really cheap in clearance bins since the demand was with other systems, so I amassed over 300 titles for the Saturn and I actually think all but one of them are good. Aside from PC and 360, I have the most titles on the Saturn, so I don't think there are few games.

The Saturn is in my personal top 5 consoles, it's contemporaries are up there too within the top 25.

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Imagine how big of a weeb you need to be in order to buy those porn games that make real japanese cringe in embrassement. Even the japanese knew the Shiturn games belonged in the clearance bin

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You are gay for Bernie

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reading shops is why I put that on there, really some games would require basic knowledge, others much more advanced.

I agree about Linda3, I remember reviewing it at the time and should have considered it more closely.

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Based Stolar dabbing on degenerate weebtards.

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I'm new here what is a nintencel

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Lol @ segatards having nintendo, the superior videogames company that didn't go bankrupt, live in their heads rent free.

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Nintendo fanboys who are incels.

False. I own Nintendo consoles and I have no hate towards Nintendo. I'm against the Nintendrones who hate Sega. Sega lives in your head, rent free.

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I am disinterested in Nintendo post the SNES because every console they released since then had a very weak library. Except the Wii.

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>no u
Keep thinking bernieposters must be nintendy fanboys, schizo.

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I haven't bought a Wii or Wii U, but I have bought a Switch.

Sure Nintencel.

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I like the Wii for the third party games. Nintendo accidentally got a lot of third party support which resulted in great games nobody played, like Lost in Shadow, Heavenly Guardian, Zangeki no Reignleiv and The Last Story. I say accidentally because the developers basically sold no copies on the Wii and it often put the devs in financial turmoil.

Then I got a Wii U and now I'll likely never get a new Nintendo console again.

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>- all the ST-V games.
Wrong. Stupid Segautists are so fucking retarded it's impressive how knowledgeable they are for being such fanboys. I guess that's what buyer's remorse will do to you though.
Groove on Fight for example came out on ST-V, but has butchered animation for the Saturn port.
>ok well even if the games aren't arcade perfect sometimes they had extra features, so that counts for something r-right?
>Street Fighter Zero 1, not perfect but pretty damn close
So, not arcade perfect then? Do you speak English? Do you know what the word perfect means? It's either arcade perfect or it's a downgraded port. Stop trying to make downgraded ports sound like anything more than they are you deceitful clown.
>- Street Fighter 2 collection & gen 5 is pretty much perfect
>pretty much
No one asked about "pretty much" arcade perfect ports. It's either arcade perfect or it's not.
>- sengoku blade is extremely close
No one is talking about "close" to arcade perfect. It's either arcade perfect or it's not.
>SS is the only 90s platform with somewhat arcade perfect ports
Factually incorrect.
>somewhat arcade perfect
No one is asking about "somewhat arcade perfect" so stop moving the goalposts. It's either an arcade perfect port or it's not.
The level of coping here is unbelievable.

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That's what happens when Nintendo markets to casual gamers. So many great games on the Wii were missed out on, because third party developers actually thought dedicated gamers bought the Wii. My mom had a Wii and she barely ever uses it. She tried to give the Wii to me when I visited her, but I told her I didn't want it and that she should sell it. Not sure if she actually did, but it's not like I keep track of her stuff anyways.

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Wii was only good for Sin & Punishment 2, Umbrella Chronicles and House of the Dead Overkill.

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I read this in the voice of a spotty, snivelling little nerd

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Post physique

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>i'm a dead homo
interesting choice

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Also maybe consider including the original SMT: Devil Summoner instead of just the sequel.

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I have never played a JRPG in my entire life. the n64, for me, has exactly 1 good game, which is star fox 64. I have never played another N64 game that I didn't hate.

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So, no reply to any of my points and you got BTFO? Lurk moar kiddo

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Sorry to tell you, nobody cares about your little autistic rant about the saturn living rent-free in your head

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Good thing we still have Dragonforce 2, which is a better game anyway.

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Sorry to tell you, but none of those games are arcade perfect, but go autistically play inferior versions of them on your hipster console all you want, stupid fuck.

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Not even the guy you were replying to. Rent-free, lmfao. You're right about one thing though, Radiant Silvergun is better than the arcade version.

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No, the overrated Treasure trash game Radiant Silvergun is shit when you have to wait for everything to load, as opposed to the arcade version that has no loading.

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Has anyone tried the Retrobit repo Saturn pads? Are they any good or should I just buy used ones? I lost my Saturn pads during a move.

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Just pirate them and play on official hardware. There's no point in investing in a physical collection with the retarded prices. If you do actually care about playing the games then this shouldn't be an issue. It's the content that matters, not the packaging. It's not like you're supporting the original devs by buying this shit used at bloated prices.

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Pretty good.

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