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Why do NES games look relentlessly soulless?

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You didn't even post the most soulful one

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I think you mean C64 or ZXS

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I forgot how many other 8-but consoles there are - the Spectrum has some great stuff.

I think the NES has it’s own kind of charm, but most games are barebones. I think the hardware was just too weak.

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NES is the only soulful one, though

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Looks almost as gay as the NES version bruh.

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>worst version of the game
>lazy spritework
>giant robots gun is bent like a broken dick

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I was actually playing the C64 version of Space Harrier yesterday from the original floppy disc. You have unlimited lives and it sucks.

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It's funny cause the SMS version is the best one out of all those OP posted.

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Stay delusional fanboy.

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Goes without saying really. As far as 8-bit ports of Sega games it always went: MasterSystem > NES > powergap >>>> C64/CPC > literal shit > speccy

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also you forgot the soulful CPC port

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That's not even the same game.

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>double dragon
anon, c'mon now

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Wew lad top cringe

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Wow, they misspelled the title and got the copyright date wrong.
What a bunch of goofs.

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IKR how could us Segachads ever recover?

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Still trying to force these awful limey pcs?

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Sorry, not a fan of autisitic slap simulator. Bop n Rumble is much better anyway. The NES version was botched and soulless because the NES is too weak for large sprites, smooth animations, and showing basketball americans.

Zoomer detected.

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>Bop n Rumble
I love how these terrible Brit PC games always have the retarded names.

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80s home computers are so soulful lads.

>anti nintendo propaganda online
cringe and mentally challenged

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SOUL is the sole reason to play 35 year old games.

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What a shitty game.

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Cartridge memory was expensive. It's the price you pay for being able to load and play games instantly


The Spectrum port of Space Harrier was too ambitious for its own good. The scrolling/scaling is smooth, the content's all there, but it's almost impossible to make out enemies and projectiles.

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computers > consoles

any more stupid questions?

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This is bait right?

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>uses a shitty port to justify muh computer shit
Why is this place such a cesspool of disingenuous cunts

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it's like a paradox
use completely different games that each focus on different consoles to show off the best of either? they're different games so it's hard to compare
use ports of the same game to compare? may have been different developers, with different technical expertise and budgets, or game may have been designed around a particular systems' strengths, then just roughly shoehorned onto other systems, basically, only one version is going to be the best one, and that will be the one the original developer did on the original platform every time

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no proper yellow

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>contrarian "opinion" just for the sake of getting replies
>le ebyn "soul soulless" meme

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>I think the NES has it’s own kind of charm, but most games are barebones. I think the hardware was just too weak.
then y can't your precious Zniggy computers do SMB3 or Castlevania 3?

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Can a NES have a dude getting his head whacked off and there's blood spouting from it? Of course not, no way would Nintendo have allowed that. :^)

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You know, I've never seen a NES game with rotoscoped sprites while they're common in C64 games.

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it has a <2Mhz cpu and 2K of ram, even with it's sound and graphics processors, there's not really a whole lot you can do with it

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SMB3's mapper was practically a computer in a cartridge. Saying the NES is powerful because of SMB3 would invite claims that SuperCPU accelerators for the C64 were fair game. And once you do that, well, Doom runs on a C64 by that logic.

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SMB uses MMC3. This mainly adds improved banking and an IRQ counter. You're confused a little with MMC5 which actually had a co-processor to take some workload off the CPU.

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The NES's problem was that it was designed to stream graphics from ROM. It's just too rigid and inflexible by design. Clever mappers tried to unfuck its fucked up design but they are only partially successful. Attempting to use a mapper's tileset RAM as a planar bitmap for instance was pain, whereas on a C64 you could go full ham.
However having access to 512KB of sprites and tiles only a bankswitch away meant you could have a much more varied graphical style than you'd get with a C64 and it's 16KB * 4 VICII RAM.

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Space Harrier never got an NES release, only Famicom. That said, it's actually an OK port considering the hardware, and almost certainly plays better than the Spectrum version at the very least.

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Stfu douchebag

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It was a bad comparison I'll grant you. My point was expansion hardware in general. The C64 cartridge slot maps a 16KB region of memory which *I think* is visible to the VICII. Therefore you could literally design an MMC3 that did the same job for the C64 as it did for Mario3. If you don't allow mappers, then the NES loses to the C64 in this regard. The VICII was just more capable when it came to interrupts. The NES wins on color though.

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>However having access to 512KB of sprites and tiles only a bankswitch away meant you could have a much more varied graphical style than you'd get with a C64 and it's 16KB * 4 VICII RAM.
Of course that capability didn't really exist until MMC3 and other later period mappers.

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The NES is good at specific types of games such as SMB3 which take advantage of its particular strengths, but it's not that flexible or as versatile as home computers.

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Wow the title screen IS better in Europe! Too bad the game is better in America...mmmm, 60 hz, feels great

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Do I have to do this yet again?

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Do I have to do this yet again?

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Famicom games work on Nes, dumbass

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Are euromuts this desperate? They’re posting opening screens to try and find glory? Why don’t you post your superior port of Doom for the Amiga, or better version of Mario 3 for speccy. Oh wait....

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The NES allows 8k of CHR ROM to be accessed at any given time and different mappers allow various ways to bank it. For example, MMC3 lets you bank the CHR ROM in 1k segments.

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Obviously they do with a pin adapter, but saying something got an "NES" release when it wasn't released in Europe, the UK, or the US is literally wrong.

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>my conversion made by a bedroom programmer in a week is a piece of shit but it has a title screen that wasn't in the arcade game so its better

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Sadly that was all too often a problem. Most home computer arcade ports were rush jobs made without access to the original game assets. It wasn't so much the hardware as the nature of the software industry.

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This is too real to be satire

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Because NES is actually not that great. It’s got a few good games, but most are trash.

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We got most of the better ones anyway and the Famicom library is full of Zniggy-tier trash like A Week of Garfield.

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Never liked the NES color palette, complete shite, specially if you were used to the Amiga 500.

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No, it’s not, because everyone had a pin adapter and Japanese games were fully compatible.

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Well, it didn't have a real shade of yellow and the attribute system is a major PITA to work with.

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Ps2 old enough to be in this thread?

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It's scientifically proven that Europeans process information 16% slower than the rest of the world so this makes sense for them.

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Shiggy was involved in selecting the Famicom's color palette, so he shoulders some of the blame for there being no yellow.

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Literally no one had a 60-72 pin adapter in 1988.

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On NES yes, on SNES no.

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They both look monochromatic and 8-bit as hell.

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>However having access to 512KB of sprites and tiles only a bankswitch away meant you could have a much more varied graphical style than you'd get with a C64 and it's 16KB * 4 VICII RAM.
Well on C64 you'd just load from disk though that's slow.

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then why C64 Donkey Kong have all four screens and NES one just three?

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The NES King's Quest V is pathetic compared against the PC.

>> No.6612519

The Master System can't do that either, the graphics setup is more like how it works on computers where you just load up a fixed graphics table into video RAM.

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All cartridge-based consoles, really. The NES's dual bus architecture is totally unique.

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Let's do this again.

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NES couldn't render yellow, there were a lot of limitations

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C64 games all suck.

>> No.6612637

Is annoying to program too compared with computers. everything has to be timed exactly right or you won't even see anything on screen.

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Based & Master Systempilled

>> No.6612657

that's a pretty sweeping statement to make. man if i could tell you about spending an entire summer on Ultima V when I was 11.

>> No.6612662

What a depressing childhood.

>> No.6612667

that doesn't mean it was a good game. RPGs are just gay nerd spreadsheet shit for people who didn't have friends growing up. Street Fighter 2 was a video game, Ultima was fucking not.

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You know we actually though that back in the 80s, it was like huh? why don't Americans play arcade stuff on their computers? why all those dry sims and RPGs for adult nerds? I'd say when PCs started taking over in the mid-90s is really when Europeans started to get into more of those sit-down point and click games.

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>anon plays a game he liked and was a big part of his childhood
>nuh uh you weren't really having fun, you were actually in pain and didn't realize until I told you 30 years later

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It isn't 1988, you can stop pretending garbage like Ultima is good. You can easily play better games on any device you own right now.

>> No.6612705

I know, it's not muh kawaii uggo JRPG.

>> No.6612709

JRPGs are garbage too, actually worse because at least Ultima doesn't attract the cancerous "people" that place those.

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Had a college roomie who played Wasteland on his C128 so much that we threatened to unplug the thing if he didn't stop so I could get some sleep.

>> No.6612742

Again though, the game was shit and he just didn't realize it because it was all he had to play. Seriously, stop pretending there was anything prior to 1992 at earliest that's playable at all.

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Does this board even like retro games at all?

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Not anymore. /vr/ is now diet /v/. It's all about shitposting and acting like faggots now.

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limited lives/continues are a terrible mechanic and always has been

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The NES has tile graphics and a pretty severe limitation where each block of four tiles must share the same colors. All the home computers in the OP pic have a proper bitmap mode.

>> No.6613080

>or better version of Mario 3 for speccy

SMB3 would be a challenge to pull off on the Speccy because it's an MMC3 game and MMC3 relied on streaming sprites out of the cartridge. Even the Master System would have a hard time with that game.

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Back in the 80s you needed to use your imagination to make the games you play immensely more satisfying, and there's nothing that strikes the imagination better than a high res loading screen with some really cool music playing in the background.

How did some NES games like Die Hard do it then? Though it's nowhere as high res and photorealistic as, say, C64 RoboCop's loading screen admittedly.

>each block of four tiles must share the same colors
Weren't all home computers back then like that? They all used color cells and each cell can't contain more than 2 colors.

>> No.6613243

>Weren't all home computers back then like that? They all used color cells and each cell can't contain more than 2 colors.
But not with the limitation where each block of four tiles had to share colors. Also the Master System didn't have this limitation and each tile could have an individually set palette from the 32 that can be on screen at once.

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Shut up casual.

>> No.6613284

memes aside is due to the shitty pallete

>> No.6613292

i hate autistic Euro demoscenefags who still pretend their Zniggy shovelware games were any good

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File: 138 KB, 800x800, SINCLAIR-ZX-SPECTRUM-Retro-80-s-Personal-Computer-Black-Cotton-T-shirt-Men-T-Shirt-summer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice. Seethe more white boi.

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Try doing this on the NES and enjoy all the horrific sprite flicker you'd get.

>> No.6613315

It is honestly hard to believe posts like this aren't a joke. Every single time you try and show off the might of the Speccy or C64 the game shown as an example is always complete garbage.

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Oh dear.

>> No.6613329

Prince of Persia: Am I a joke to you?
Not that it's a problem, rotoscoped sprites are almost universally shit (Mortal Kombat had the only good ones)

>> No.6613339

>Every single time you try and show off the might of the Speccy or C64 the game shown as an example is always complete garbage


And then this. Lyl.


>> No.6613346

I don't get it, all you did was link to a bunch of bad games again.

>> No.6613347

>ikari warriors
Holy shit kys zoomer.

>> No.6613348

not that guy but what's wrong with Ikari Warriors? I get you'd rather play it on MAME nowadays, but...

>> No.6613352

The console ports suck.

>> No.6613362

Actually the Ikari Warriors I linked was the European port. There were two C64 ports, one European and one American and if you've seen the latter, lal.

>> No.6613363

They're all shitty.

>> No.6613371


Here's where they completely butchered Boulder Dash on the NES by turning it into kawaii anime crap. They completely lost the tense atmosphere of the original.

>> No.6613374

That NES version is so much better it's insane. Either way though it's still Boulder Dash.

>> No.6613392


The best version is the Atari original of course. I read an interview with the programmer (Peter Liepa). He was a really weird, nerdy guy and he explained the atmosphere he was trying to create and in general what he was going for, especially in trying to create a lot of psychological tension for the player and Sakata SAS (the developer of the NES port) completely missed the point by make it as nauseastingly cute as possible.

>> No.6613396

Well that's some audio visual torture. I like the effect when the game is loading between levels at least. I think I'd rather play literally any other game though.

>> No.6613413


And the NES Lode Runner...just...no. Aside from being one of the earliest games released for the system when they only had 16k ROMs, it was also cutesified to death.

>> No.6613428

Is this supposed to look or sound bad? By NES standards it's really basic but compared to Speccy or C64 games it's a goddamn masterpiece.

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File: 1.17 MB, 1024x768, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait a minute, 1942 has bosses?

>> No.6613435


Archon isn't too bad unless you prefer the minimalism of the computer versions, but the NES port was developed by Bullet Proof Software which was an American studio not a Japanese one so at least it avoided getting turned into weebshit.

The NES Archon is also balls hard, it's a lot harder than the computer versions especially the damn basilisk because his shots are so fast you can barely react in time.

>> No.6613440

>only 50 levels and useless level editor since it was from 1984 and they didn't have mappers yet
Also yeah fuck all that tasteless kawaii uggu music and graphics.

>> No.6613443

Yeah fuck having good graphics or music at all, who needs that when you got Zniggy?

>> No.6613447

Easy, give the enemy AI logic so that no more than three can share the same Y-axis.

>> No.6613449

t. snoman gaming

>> No.6613451

Beautiful title screen. Not dull as NES.

>> No.6613453


The computer versions of LR are really minimalist, because it's a sit down puzzle/strategy game and you want as little distraction as possible while trying to think over how you're going to beat a level. I used to play the PC port a lot on an old 386 and I'd spend hours trying to solve different levels while the NES version has never kept me occupied more than about 15 minutes a go.

>> No.6613456

Forgot to add. The NES's D-pad makes it quite annoying to get off diagonal shots which would be trivial on a C64 or Atari's 8-directional joystick.

>> No.6613467


Defender of the Crown? They tried, but...eh...just play the Amiga version instead.

>> No.6613474

Yeah. Those visuals are so good they're almost off. They look like what most indie devs think 8-bit games looked like, not what they actually looked like.

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File: 37 KB, 684x260, the three stooges c64 nes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, yeah.

>> No.6613493

NES looks better.

>> No.6613497

If you're colorblind I guess it is.

>> No.6613504

The game on the left is drab and grey as hell. The faces are Atari 2600 tier too.

>> No.6613513

Yes and the NES is drab and orange as hell and I could swear some of the people are naked because the palette/screen limitations make it that you can't give them easily discernable clothing.

>> No.6613515

>too dumb to know right from left
>too dumb to read properly
No wonder you defend these shitty PC games.

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File: 46 KB, 320x200, 211074-the-three-stooges-amiga-screenshot-introduction-story.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cinemaware's games like DOTC and The Three Stooges don't really translate well onto consoles. Besides, forget the 8-bit versions of those anyway and just use the Amiga ones.

>> No.6613528

The Amiga versions of their games looked the best obviously, though I will note that the C64 versions were usually the most well programmed ones.

>> No.6613535

Limited hardware. Meant to be affordable.

>> No.6613543

The anon you've been arguing with is an obvious weeb and is likely beyond reasoning.

>> No.6613562


Also Montezuma's Revenge. Not on the NES but it got a Master System port. This is p. nice, it's a straight port with a bit nicer, more detailed graphics and they didn't try to "experiment" with it.

>> No.6613575


As usual the NES cannot into rotoscoped sprites, but I'll go easy on this port seeing as to how it was done by Pony Canyon who were like the US Gold of the NES.

>> No.6613590



I guess the NES wins this round.

>> No.6613604

When you have to resort to literal shovelware games made for 50 year olds to prove your point...

>> No.6613607

Actually I was more disturbed that I found two (!) videos of guys running WOF on real C64s. Yes, that's right. They actually dug out their real hardware to make a video of this shitty shovelware game.

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File: 1.21 MB, 1288x480, These were both released in 1987.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we compare some real games please? Instead of shovelware trash.

>> No.6613614

Because you're a eurocuck that only played on trash systems.

>> No.6613618

>caring about DD2 ports
Damn, dude, just boot up MAME.

>> No.6613625

>those were both released in 1987
lyl on hardware that was then 5-6 years old when the Mega Drive was just around the corner

>> No.6613626

They're both pretty good ports and certainly miles better than the shitshow of DD1 home conversions. Actually even the DD1 arcade game was bleh, DD2 is much better.

>> No.6613637

true but comparing arcade ports is a fool's errand when you may as well just play it on MAME

>> No.6613645


The NES had plenty of Zniggycore games if you explore the Japan-only stuff. Luckily we never saw most of those.

>> No.6613662

The NES port is actually a completely different game and better than the arcade version.

>> No.6613668


Robocop on the NES was pretty shitty.


C64 port, which amusingly like DD on the NES is totally different from the arcade and goddamn, I love that music--easily one of the top 10 SID tracks ever.

>> No.6613685


This one is about equal.

>> No.6613687


Another case of brutal mogging by the Master System.

>> No.6613690



>> No.6613693

The only good /vr/ Ghostbusters game is on the Genesis.

>> No.6613696
File: 41 KB, 252x439, c2b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I love that music

>> No.6613698

NES version is the best one. Also is the Master System using FM sound? It doesn't sound like the basic sound hardware.

>> No.6613704

The C64 original is considered a classic by many, but even David Crane says it was meh since they had to rush it in six weeks.

>> No.6613706
File: 318 KB, 925x1050, zniggy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The C64 original is considered a classic by many
Those people are not credible.

>> No.6613709

I don't think you can blame Europe for that one since it was a US-developed game and every American C64 owner and their dog had a pirated version on a floppy back in the day.

>> No.6613713

There are people that will defend any piece of shit game they played as a kid, regardless of country of origin.

>> No.6613716

dont dis manic miner boi

>> No.6613717

Ever wonder if there's some 40 year old Japanese guy somewhere who thinks Transformers: Comvoy no Nazo was a misunderstood classic?

>> No.6613724

Basically, Activision had an engine for an overhead driving game and after securing the Ghostbusters license from Paramount, they had to work day and night for six weeks making assets to use with the engine, even sleeping in the office because licensed games are usually done on a tight deadline.

It's still pretty good for what it is, though I could see why David Crane felt they could have done better with more time.

>> No.6613773


NES wins this one.

>> No.6613776
File: 69 KB, 395x450, 1349027396998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6614136

You're a trash

>> No.6614293

Ghostbusters II on Famicom and GB kicks ass.

>> No.6614347

They came with black box nes games, also came with 32 and 42 in 1 Taiwan carts that everyone and their dog had

>> No.6614357
File: 74 KB, 512x421, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some early nes carts had an adapter inside the cartridge so they could just reuse the famicom boards

>> No.6614375

I never saw a bootleg in the states until the Internet was more widespread.
I'm aware, but the average NES owner wouldn't have known that and wasn't importing games from a mail-order catalog in 1988.

>> No.6614380

i don't think anyone is claiming that it was something the average nes owner was doing
but if someone set out to do it, they absolutely could have done it

>> No.6614383

I certainly don't deny that, anon.

>> No.6614568

Uhm actually its called the sega power base...

>> No.6614636

please do not let your opinion of home computers be tarbrushed by Euro shovelware and demoscener shit; all the great innovations in gaming were coming from the US. It's no coincidence that PC gaming as we know it today was shaped by companies like Origin and Sierra, not Elite or Domark.

>> No.6614642

the console unit by itself is called the power base, but the system as a whole is called the master system
it's proper to say "this is a game for the master system, you insert the cartridge into the power base"

>> No.6614715


Did we in the land of the free miss out by being able to rent this on the Genesis instead and being able to boot it up instantaneously instead of spending 15 minutes loading from a cassette tape?

>> No.6614767

Elite was mostly a publishing studio of arcade ports, not video game creators.

Only like a bit more than 3 minutes actually.
Enjoy not owning games.

>> No.6614778

Didnt he call into game center cx?

>> No.6614782

well, 4-5 years old

>> No.6614794

The graphics on both look much better on a CRT TV.

>> No.6614816

Was the Zniggy! project ever finished?

>> No.6614829


>> No.6614841

I never understood who thought a Platoon video game was a good idea. It was a serious movie/commentary piece about the Vietnam War and it wasn't for children.

>> No.6614997

The C64 Commando was a good port but it was still missing some of the levels. Some guys remastered it and added the missing stuff.

>> No.6615018

I'd say the NES Maniac Mansion is superior to the C64 one because it just looks nicer and there's no load time.

>> No.6615086

zed-ecks-speccy one is nightmare fuel

>> No.6615096

>muh c64
no one gives a shit because they used a dildos color palette that makes games look like washed out shit heaps. euroniggers need to stop being so mad about
and move on with their lives instead of shilling for shitty home computers.

>> No.6615103

c64 looks like complete shit

>> No.6615114

The NES looks awful too, of all 8-bit systems only the Master System had any kind of a good palette at all.

>> No.6615125 [DELETED] 

Dies sind Screenshots die mit einem Emulator aufgenommen wurden. Die Grafiken werden auf einem CRT Display viel besser aussehen, wodurch sie glatter werden und die Farben richtig gemischt werden. Ich glaube auch dass das Seitenverhältnis falsch ist. Es ist besonders wichtig sich daran zu erinnern dass PAL viel Farbmischung erzeugt.

>> No.6615145

i hate how unusually dark sms games look, though. it's kinda depresssing to look at in games like alex kidd or even sonic. i thought this was an emulation problem until i played my game gear recently and noticed that.

>> No.6615192

Wie andere haben darauf hingewiesen ist die NES eine schwächere Maschine als der C64 in den meisten Aspekten. Die beiden Dinge die das NES tut besser in erster Linie seine höhere Taktfrequenz und seine Fähigkeit, Grafiken zu streamen aus der Patrone ROM.

>> No.6615270


Lyl at how more than half of the top 100 games on here are NTSC releases.

>> No.6615308

yeah most NES RPGs were a lot simpler mechanically and gameplay wise than their computer counterpars

>> No.6615330 [DELETED] 

Gut gesagt, deutscher Bruder

>> No.6615485

NES MM is without a doubt the best version of the game.

>> No.6616671

Did you decide to ignore the cool ass alien in the nes version

>> No.6616695

>Did you decide to ignore the cool 2 color background tileset in the nes version
And you decide to ignore the horrible slowdowns and flickers in the nes version.

>> No.6616703

You say this shit about literally every NES or SNES game even when it isn't true. This is one of the many times it isn't true.

>> No.6616713

I get frequent slowdowns during the horizontal scrolling levels.

>> No.6616751

You're just completely full of shit.

>> No.6616785

The guy who ran Ocean would score the rights to American action movies before they were even finished shooting, the game designed around whatever little was known about it. As the films were unknown to yet be successful or not the license came relatively cheap.

>> No.6616821

>turn anti war flick into a vietnam fucking shit massacre simulator
Sounds based to me.

>> No.6616837

NES Robocop looks great on a CRT, you homo

>> No.6618851

Because only five people remember Ultima or any WRPG from the era

>> No.6618875

Hydelide is considered a classic and groundbreaking over there, and inspired people like Kojima and Kamiya to make games, so maybe.
But to be fair, the reason Americans hate it is because they already Zelda by the time it was released here.

>> No.6618936

It would still be considered trash in the US because they already had the superior Dunjonquest series and remakes.

>> No.6621393

>the Spectrum has some great stuff.
>calls the NES barebones
Britcucks need to be gassed

>> No.6621407

>SOUL is the sole reason to
Kill all zoomers who can't articulate why they like something outside of buzzwords they don't understand

>> No.6621560
File: 10 KB, 512x480, Asterix (Europe)-0001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it is a vey good looking palette, I love how it nails that cartoon aesthetic for 8-bit games

>> No.6621663

>NES version
>didn't take several minutes to load off a tape
>all the others pictured

>> No.6621680

im surprised /vr/ has never even cracked the soul meme. soul isn't a meme, its a fact but you need to see it for what it is. its not that developers had more soul, its that the developers had more limitations in the hardware they were working with so the small steps they did get to achieve towards the bigger pictures and goals they dreamed of when working with these machines felt that much greater.

now that theres no true 'limitation' to the hardware in game development by the big names, theres no more 'soul' because everything can be super-imposed one way or another.

you couldn't super-impose sprite artists or good sound design. i miss the days of limitation. wheres gramps when i need him.

>> No.6621759

The NES was punching waaaay above it's weight class with a lot of games. Saying it's "soulless" is like judging the SNES by it's Doom port.

>> No.6621825 [DELETED] 

Just call it the Sega System

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