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Started this today. First time playing. Just finished Bufford Mansion. Mission stats on the screen at the end said that one body was discovered by guards which is weird because I didn't kill or knock out anyone. I only killed 4 spiders in a cave underwater at the beginning of mission because there was a chest there but I assume they don't count because I didn't fail the mission (I'm playong on max difficulty and one of goals was not to kill any person or a pet but those spiders didn't seem to count).
Is it a bug or does being noticed by a guard count as body discovered? I once got seen by a guard and he chased me and I had to run through a corridor with a lot of turns and hide in the shadows, which turned out to be a good thing because at the end of the corridor was a staircase to a room with some loot chest and a paper with what looked like a list of extortions or something like that.
Any tips for first time player?

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This game has amazing writing and mission design. It really gets suprising and more varied in the later missions. Make sure to play Thief II: The Metal Age when you're done with this. Thief 3: Deadly Shadows is also quite good, but stay the hell away from 4.

Excellent choice in games comrade

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I'm not your comrade you communist subhuman

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I concur. Communist scum must die!

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If you want to be a cheat, tapping the forward key while crouched constantly resets your footsteps, rendering you silent. Useful if you need to cross a tile floor and have a lot of time on your hands.

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Better red than undead

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Games really god damn unique.

I wouldn't stress out about your score too much unless you do a replay. The #1 thing about the first thief game is you have to tune your expectations. The game is like being a Thief in D&D and it throws every aspect of being a Thief at you. Eventually you're going to end up raiding haunted crypts and shit from time to time. I wouldn't even worry about my score on a mission like that one mansion (you'll know it when you see it), because the whole level is such a gigantic mindfuck that just navigating it is most of the challenge. A lot of people hate this shit at first, but after your second or third playthrough (if you replay it) they'll grow on you (or not!).

In the second game they stripped away most of this stuff and it plays way more like a traditional stealth game. That's when I'd worry about your score. You'll also be way more familiar with the game then. A lot of people prefer the second one for this reason, but it feels way too tame for me. Like a lot of the soul is missing and it's too "safe".

Kek. Was that going to be a level or were they making a game named that?

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The body discovered by enemies was highly likely one the spiders noticing a dead spider.

That was the name for one of the game prototypes before Dark Camelot.

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who here #bonksquad?

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Absolutely, though I can respect people who go full autism to ghost stuff. Bonkgaming just suits me better personally, I like to zip around the maps in semi speedrun mode clearing out patrols.

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>bunnyhop bonking

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Man that is some sick fan art.

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Fiery bump

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Anyone else excited for Gloomwood? It reeks of Thief with a little bit of Sir, You Are Being Hunted. It was made by the Dusk devs so there's a chance it'll be really solid. They removed the blackjack though, so you only have the sword. No bonking anymore. It's either kills or pacifist it seems. I like how in the trailers the gameplay looks reasonably fast. Thief didn't have much waiting around wanking unless you are brand new or were ghosting.

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Hope the game is filled with shit like this.

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Yeah, demo is really promising, I like how they managed to cram bunch of secret rooms and passages in it.

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>Any tips for first time player?
You can stealth around spoops just like with human guards.

And spoops are not immortal, so play around! Garret can be pretty OP once you know what you're doing.

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Dumb jannies

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