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*is the best console ever*

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That's a huge stretch. It is a nice console, however.

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it's okay to say n64 is a good console, but don't fool yourself

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Based and true.

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I like RPGs, Strategy games, Traditional 2D/3D Fighters, Shmups, and Arcade games. What does the N64 have for me?

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Arcade racers.

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Oops wrong picture

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>Strategy games
Fucking Starcraft

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Now this is closer to the truth!

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Nothing, it wasnt really a console for incels.

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When I was a kid my parents couldn't afford to get me one for Christmas, and miraculously my mother won one from Taco Bell. They had a promotion running called "score 64 and win". My mom was really depressed at how me and my brother only asked for the one shared gift, and we couldn't afford it, she had a dream that night in which she saw my dead grandfather on the beach and he told her everything was gonna be okay. The next day she stopped at taco bell drive through for a soda after work (something she'd never done before), and peeled off the label on the cup and found out that we won. On Christmas day after me and my brother opened all our gifts, we tried to not let the dissapointment on our faces show because we knew the situation, and while we hadn't gotten what we hoped for, we didn't want it to show. My parents then had us open this one last gift. Me and my bro unwrapped a plastic taco bell cup, (the 64 hadn't arrived in the mail yet) and were confused until they said "read it", we did, and we lost our minds with happiness. You always see those contests, and you think nobody ever wins, but they do. Till this day, I still can't believe it happened, and made it the most memorable Christmas of my life. God is good.

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Wrestling games.

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paper mario
pokemon stadium
>Traditional 2D/3D Fighters
smash bros
star fox 64
>Arcade games
f-zero x

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Did I say racers?
>blurry port of Starcraft
Anything else? What about turn based strategy games like Shining Force? Fire Emblem?
What about traditional fighting games and arcade games is incel?
l said Traditional 2D/3D Fighting games. You know, things like Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Virtua Fighters, Tekken, etc.
>paper mario
Ok, that sounds nice, what else? I'd like to play another RPG after I beat that one after all.
>pokemon stadium
That's a stretch and you know it.
>smash bros
Traditional 2D/3D Fighters. Smash 64 is not one of those.
>star fox 64
That's a rail shooter you idiot.
>f-zero x
I wasn't aware F-Zero X was a port of an Arcade game.

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Fighters Destiny and its sequel are the best normal 3D fighter on the console.

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Oh boy, it's the collectathon console

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Well that's disappointing.

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They're good games with a unique scoring system though.

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what a diverse and interesting library, I'm convinced, the n64 truly is the greatest gaming system of all time.

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if only metric is fun factor yes

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The PS2 was shit and it will never be retro. The only people who like it are kids with acne who like JRPGs and bad scotformers. It didn’t even do Resident Evil as well as the Gaycube. Calling the PS2 the best console of all time is just embarrassing and normie pilled

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It got the last good beat 'em up (God Hand) and last good shmup (Gradius V), so it does have some merits, but yeah the ps2 is massively overrated.

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It's a nice console with a very diverse library. Sure, it was used a dumping ground for shovelware, but that's what typically happens to the console with the larger install base.
The Xbox is better for multi-plats, but there's still a lot of exclusive titles that makes it absolutely worth owning one for.

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Die out

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You found it! Good work!

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>Traditional 2D/3D Fighters
Killer Instinct Gold

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Extremely based post.

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How embarrassing..here right one.

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Anything actually, you know, good?

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PS2 is actually the best console ever, objectively speaking, when referring to the quality and fun of games.

It is retro.

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I want you dead OP

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horsefucker detected

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ah yes, the rare prototype VHSNES

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Quite possibly the best console with nogaems

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>arcade games
what does that even mean?

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I agree it has the best games ever made (perfect dark, conker, mario 64, banjo kazooie, star fox 64, zelda oot and mm, and so on...), but i wouldn't say the n64 is the best console ever. It lacks a lot in some genres and the hardware was very limited.

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>PS2poster got banned

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Why was it outsold by Playstation?

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It only outsold it by 3307723 units.

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Hybrid Heaven
Ogre Battle 64
>Traditional 2D/3D Fighters
Killer Instinct Gold
Bomberman 64

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Guess again zoomboy

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>I wasn't aware F-Zero X was a port of an Arcade game.
If you're going to be that disingenuous, there's always Ridge Racer 64 for Japanese arcade racers, and San Francisco Rush 2049 for American arcade racers

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Absolutely correct, anyone who's actually a fan of Virtua Fighter would be at home with this game since it was developed by former VF devs, but it seems the poster in this thread is just looking for any reason to dislike or not even try anything on the N64

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Actual good games

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Best console? LOL There are plenty of other consoles that easily dethrone's the N64. Plus the N64 had the worst controller of that generation.

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>San Francisco Rush 2049 for American arcade racers
Too bad the Dreamcast version is better.

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Die out

I want you dead OP

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>Barneyfagposting is now happening on /vr/
Oh for fucks sake.

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Somebody is really determined to turn this into a shitpost dumping ground.

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