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Does this system really have anything worth playing besides the zeldas, marios, and a couple rareware games that aren't that good?

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The only good game is SD Hiryuu no Ken Densetsu, Bangai-O and maybe Puyo Sun.

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Mischief Makers and Rocket: Robot on Wheels are pretty cool.

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Are the Turok games any good?

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>Puyo Sun

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Yes, but inverted aim is the only option on the N64 versions.

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This bitch Winback64 slaps also Hybrid Heaven is an acquired kind of Kojima weird.

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you're kidding

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Custom Robo and Shiren are pretty LIT ON FIRE.
But weird thing they were never localized, Custom Robo at least got a fan patch. Instead publishers localized the far inferior Quest 64 which is kind of a stockholm game, even as a child you knew Quest64 blew but we convinced ourselves to like it. At least it were no Aidyn Chronicles.

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>Aidyn Chronicles
i heard that was written by a far left radical feminist

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Goemon Great Adventure is a coop 2.5D sidescroller, not to be confused with Goemon64 which is a full 3D zelda like.

Not even kidding it's the best game in the long running Goemon series, I've played all 20 of them Goemon games in Japanese and this is the best one. Possibly one of the best games on the generation.

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the series seems too homosexual

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Well, that seemed to be the default for N64 shooters. I'm not a fan, but that's just how it was.

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the racing library is very good

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Ebisumaru is metrosexual not homo. Goemon is cannonically married since the first game and you still have schoolgirl Yae.

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This is the best one

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you seem too homosexual

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Inverted aim slaps

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I get the reasoning behind it, but moving the stick up to look up, and moving the stick down to look down has always made more sense to me. Maybe that's because I'm more used to playing shooters with a mouse and keyboard, though.

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>and a couple rareware games that aren't that good
Oh. This is a bait thread to just shit on the N64. Got it. Well at least it seems to have failed.
Probably not but I have some very fond memories of the games. Wish they'd give us Shadows of Oblivion even if I guess most folks didn't like it? I was sad the story hints and events at the end were never followed up on. 10 year old me was invested as fuck in that lore.

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Everybody says this game is AWFUL but on revisit I thought it wasn't so bad, your eyes just have to adapt to the severe input delay and low framerate.

Go into options and enable invincible rolling by twitching the control stick. The game then will play similarly to XIIStag/DeltaStag/Psyvariar in which twitching the tumblestick makes you score.

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Only PS1 has games.
The N64, Saturn and PC all sucked.

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N64 and PC are the best.

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wwe no mercy

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The only good Smash Bros game is on N64, plus Star Fox 64, 1080 Snowboarding, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Goldeneye, San Francisco Rush, Pokemon Stadium, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Doom 64, Duke Nukem 64, etc.

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No. You should totally not play games and just continue eating all day

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It had a really distinct aesthetic and soul. If you're not after that there really isn't much.

Is there any difference between the PC and N64 version of Duke Nukem?

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Bait thread from a sony cuck.

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N64 is a great system but there is no genre or game I would prefer to play on N64 versus the PS1.

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Mischief Makers, Sin & Punishment and Mystical Ninja starring Goemon. And for some reason I really like Pokemon Snap even if its mediocre I find it really comfy.

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PC was the system to go if you wanted FPS, strategy and wRPG games
Saturn was the system to go if you wanted arcade games
PSX was an all rounder

There was no reason to own n64 unless you were under 7 and your parents wanted you to play kiddie games.

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Based 64 making poorfags seethe.
Adding 5th gen to /vr/ was a mistake though.

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They're great, but it's pre-Goldeneye, so think of them as Doom-esques.

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Sorry but Platforms are the clear winner
>b-but muh crash and spyro and rayshit
only Spyro is good, sorry.

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Weebs will tell you to play the N64 Goemons, Bombermans and Trashure games, but those aren't good either.

The N64 fucking sucked.

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rent free

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At this point I'm going to start doing the exact opposite of what you say. Never played the N64 bomberman games, but since you say they suck, they must be good. Thanks!

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Body harvest

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Agreeing with another anon who said Hybrid Heaven. This game is weird as hell, but the RPG/Pro Wrestling combat system is one of a kind. And where else can you perform a piledriver on an alien clone of the Secretary of State?

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Shadows of the Empire is pretty fun imo
I love Army Men Air Assault as well, but you can also play it on PS1

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DOOM64 is incredible and very slept on if you're a big Doom fan
But otherwise yeah, it's a pretty trash console...
Besides obvious picks like SM64 and Mario Party 2 there's no reason why you should pick one up - especially now that they're too expensive to collect for.

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My downloaded list is:

>paper mario
>yoshi's story
>resident evil 2
>quake 64
>perfect dark
>legend of zelda the ocarina of time
>legend of zelda majora's mask
>super smash bros
>star fox 64
>super mario 64
>shadowgate 64 trails of the four towers
>quest 64
>megaman 64
>mario kart 64
>kirby 64 the crystal shards
>donkey kong 64
>castlevania (64)
>castlevania legacy of darkness

But good luck getting them (to emulate).

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No wait, I also have Mortal Kombat Mythologies in the downloaded game list.

There was one or two others I used to play on my old windows 98 pc but I forgot what it/they were/was called.

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This game's plot is insane, if you like Metal Gear Solid's story but felt it was a little too grounded then try this out.

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>very slept on
Not anymore. Nu-Doom's director shilled the fuck out of it, and it has a superior PC port, thus no reason to play it on the Shitendo 64 now.

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Seethe more, faggot.

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Not him, but the first Bomberman 64 game is a must. If you really like it, play TSA as well. Hero is skippable, it's a dull platformer with a Bomberman skin.

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In what world would this superfluous detail fucking matter?

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>babby's second JRPG
>bad port
>bad port
>console FPS
>babby's first 3D ARPG
>babby's second 3D ARPG
>fighting game for babbies
>babby's second rail shooter
>babby's first 3D platformer
>bad port
>racing game for babbies
>glitchy collectathon shit
>shit 3D platformer
>less shit 3D platformer but still shit

lol @ n64

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Honestly I thought Second Attack was shit compared to the first N64 BM. Not as good level design and goes overboard on cutscenes/dialog.

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I always hated how N64 games despite having so few FMV based cutscenes are bloated with unskippable dialog spews and awkward clay looking models doing their thing for however long. PS1 and Saturn games have skippable sequences, N64 games don't.

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>>I personally don't like these games

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you're forgetting about Ape Escape, Skullmonkeys, and Wild 9.

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and the best 3D platformer from 5th gen

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Fuck yes, also its sequel

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honestly, not really. The N64, imo, might be one of the most overrated consoles besides the gamecube. Aside from boring 3D platformers and a few adventure games, the console doesn't really have a whole lot else to offer. It's especially lacking in the RPG department, something the PS1 was really good at. It's a huge step-down from the SNES, imo. People only have nostalgia for it due to seeing their favourite franchises in 3D for the first time.

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honestly the whole 5th gen is very overrated. You mention PS1 RPGs, who wants to play RPGs with loading times and long attack animations?
Saturn even has better RPGs than PS1 does, Square Soft is overrated as fuck, always was.

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lmao no, sorry Saturn cuck. Your attempts to overblown how much of an issue either of those are won't work and no one is going to take your shitty opinions serious. As usual.

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Nobody is taking 5th gen console war seriously, especially not Sonyggers.

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very low iq post

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Well, it's a console war post, what did you expect? Don't act as if Nintendo or Sega fans don't do the same, although yeah sony fans always worst.

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>unless you were under 7 and your parents wanted you to play kiddie games.
This isnt really true anyway, but lets say it is for sake of argument :
Whats wrong with being under 7 and playing kiddie games?
Why is that a bad thing?
I genuinely dont understand this argument.

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>There was no reason to own n64 unless you were under 7 and your parents wanted you to play kiddie games.

>tfw that was me
>tfw hate parents and n64 for not getting me a cooler console at the time like the other kids at school

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