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What was your favorite JP games?
I liked the NES one the best, followed by the SNES one that was similar to it (but not as fun imo) and the first Genesis game (great atmosphere and graphics).
Never cared much for the other ones honestly. I wish the franchise was handled to some japanese developer, imagine a JP game by Capcom during the 16 bit era.
Of course I'm ruling out the arcade Sega light gun game, that's probably the objective best one but it never got a home port.

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The Lost World on the Genesis.

>imagine a JP game by Capcom during the 16 bit era
Fuck no, it would turn out to be just another generic platformer game.

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The music was dope

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>Fuck no, it would turn out to be just another generic platformer game.
Hm, weird opinion. I would have killed for the Genesis game to have actual good controls and level design. Oh well.
Lost World on Genesis has impressive effects but very abysmal game design. I don't like using the term "tech demo" but in this case it really feels like one.

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>abysmal game design
If you hate semi open world exploration, sure. I love it and for me it's more fun than the NES/SNES/GB top down games. The quests were interesting too.

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I don't hate that, but the game was very empty and had sluggish controls, and barely any actual action.
The gimmick stages were more memorable honestly.

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>I wish the franchise was handled to some japanese developer

There's the Master System/Game Gear game you know...

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>the game was very empty
>barely any actual action
Did you forget to open the map and wander around directionlessly or something? Also that's just how a Jurassic Park game should be, a focus on island exploration rather than nonstop action.
>sluggish controls
Seems normal and very functional to me. Sure it's a bit hard to strafe and shoot using the Genesis gamepad, but it's fun.
>gimmick stages
Best gimmick stages I've ever played in a video game.

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I’ve only ever played one, and just like everything else on that piece of shit it sucked.

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And it's pretty cool.

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It's like contra but dinosaurs

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I loved the PS1 one as a kid. It was shitty, unfair and illogical even back then, but enjoyed it nonetheless.


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If this is the top down co-op one then its basssseeeedddddd

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I miss dino fever too

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rampage edition was fun

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They later released a reworked version called The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Special Edition.

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only played snes version. beat it in 6 hours when i rented it first attempt failed halfway due to powercut!

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I remember not enjoying the dino levels but enjoying the grapple with the human levels. That fight at the end with 2 T-Rex's was always good fun.

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>contra but dinosaurs
No, that would be jurassic park rampage edition.

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best retro jp games are
>Jurassic Park for DOS
>The Lost World for PlayStation
>Warpath for PlayStation
>The Lost World Arcade
The arcade is maybe the best of 'em all

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Probably this or operation Genesis

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dude I totally forgot Operation Genesis, shit was cash

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>What was your favorite JP games
Easily pic related. Spent a bunch of money at the local showbiz(might of switched to chuckEcheese by then can't remember) with a buddy to final beat it. What a ride. Also had the JP game on Genesis. Playing as Grant was fine but playing as the Raptor was so awesome at the time. Never played any other jp games but from what I've heard I'm not missing much.

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The side scroller/platforming genesis games were almost as good as you could get for Jurassic park games. The controls in the first one were like you were on roller skates often, but it had the atmosphere locked down and rampage edition is like the same version on crack and dr grant is pissed off.

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I wish there was a better park builder for it, or just for dinos in general tbqh. Neither Genesis nor World now really scratched that itch for me.

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what didn't you like about OG and Evolution?

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Warpath. I love that scientifically outdated game like you wouldn't believe.

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I think neither does the detailing bit too well where you can just make your park yours. I was hoping Evolution would add to it given what Planet Coaster was, or Planet Zoo is now. Also just the relatively limited spaces vs a more open thing. It all felt really cramped. Well that and as I recall carnivores just murder eachother regardless of anything. But that's another thing.
I think building variety was also kinda low in either so it all ends up looking pretty samey in the end.

Dunno, as far as I know Evolution was a pretty good redo of OG, but I guess the games just aren't what I hoped they would be. You know making big enclosures and a long ride like what I imagined the original JP was meant to be.

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how is this different than the ps1 version?

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Lost world on the gameboy was good.

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The first Mega Drive JP is the only one that’s actually any fun to play. Especially as the raptor. It’s also the first game based Doug TenNepal worked on.

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I just tried and it's pretty good. The SNES games suck so bad.

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that machine is cool

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Master System has the best JP game, or Game Gear for you 56%'ers.

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Game Gear > Master System
Not even a burger.

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Game Gear never got an Alex the Kid game, so that can't be right.

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Probably played the nes one the most, followed by both Genesis ones and the Game Gear one. Loved all of them. Also had the Sega CD point and click game and loved it, even though I never got very far as a kid. It just had this cool lonely atmosphere. I still throw it on every once in a while.

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Genesis is great though, it's just a bit lacking in content. I would love more buildings, terrain generation, expanded safari, and of of course more dinosaur specieses. World is just trash, the AI is literally dumber than OG.

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>I liked the NES one the best
For once, OP wasn't a faggot.

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I really liked the atmosphere of the SNES one with the first person mode when you went indoors. Genuinely found that very scary as a kid.

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I had Duke Nukem on it and it is easily the worst port of anything I have seen.

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Jurassic Park Interactive for 3DO is pretty interesting for what it is. The Nedry stuff is cute. I think it's worth checking out for it's uniqueness alone.

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Yeah, it's a pretty atmospheric game, and fun to play still.

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When I was a kid, I'd grab my dad's Roland TR-505 and pretend it was a Jurassic Park computer device that would grant me access to all the security mechanisms in the park. I'd look out the window, and pretend real dinosaurs were out there, as I'd struggle to keep all the security in line by pressing buttons mindlessly.
Cute, or autistic?

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dumb childhood fun/10

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Ever think about how Sega Master System Jurassic Park was basically the only one with a proper satisfying ending? It even has a separate bad ending if you lose a continue before the final stage, and a credits gag where the dinos take over the staff credits.

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Miss the time were every console got it's own version instead of a port

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