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I miss Lara

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She’s still around.

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Is Tomb Raider the most spammed franchise on /vr/ after Sanic and Final Fantasy?

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I know, it's just not really her anymore
I guess people like talking about good games

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More like you have an unhealthy obsession with an ugly, smelly spic.

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1. She's a Brit
2. You're a faggot

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Dr. Cutsyourboobsoff

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Nu-Lara is utterly uninteresting

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she supposed to look english but she kinda brown. catherine zeta jones could have played her if she worked out. weird.

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There was always Rhona Mitra, British and somewhat exotic looking.

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Most modern heroines are dreadfully dull

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Doomsday is the closest we ever get to 3rd Tomb Raider movie. And coincidently, she played the lead in it

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Play games, you will miss her less

The Aragorn-posting Polish dump of Core-era TRs is back once more, GOLDs and top patches as always included.

>TR1 + GOLD (Unfinished Business)

>TR2 + GOLD (The Golden Mask)


>TR3 GOLD (The Lost Artifact)

>TR: The Last Revelation (TR4)
You need both, since zippyshare had 500 MB limit and the full installer weights 577 MB

>TR: Chronicles (TR5)

>TR: Angel of Darkness (TR6)
You need all four, for the same reason

And the entire set, in single package:
anonfiles com/dfi1Ba41oe/tr_wim

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Rhona Mitra was Lara at one point, she also released two albums under the name Lara croft

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tomb raider II was developed thinking in sega saturn capacity.

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Well, I dont.
I really wish Squeenix would leave her to rest in peace, instead of dragging her corpse every few years with unwanted reboots.

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They put a lid on her can finally, so let's hope they will do what Squenix does best - sit on a copyright and not release any new games.

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They gonna dredge her out in 5-6 years. Wanna bet?

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I know, I know. I actually like this track from the album, would be cool as the final titles track for some TR game.

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>replying to Sega autist
New to TR threads?

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Its crazy when you think about it, these games had more complicated levels that most current titles, full of hidden secrets, traps and jumps that you had to nail perfectly, I wonder if anyone today even bothers to check if the fucking gap is mindblowingly easy or just easy

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>playing on PC and not PS1/Dreamcast

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>posting dead links
Cringe. You are like those dumbass birds who still keep feeding their dead children. Literal NPC bot behavior. Re-think your life.

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They’re grid based puzzle games. I beat them on release and they aren’t hard. The games are sort of they’re own genre, I certainly can’t think of anything comparable. Maybe Croc? At any rate they aren’t some pinnacle of game design and are very very different than modern games. Maybe take off the rose tinted glasses. They’re all great but weren’t hard

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Tomb Raider threads were rare and hardly ever posted 3-4 years ago. In the last 2 years she's been getting her due diligence because her games are fun and she's an attractive and likable character.

No-where near the level of same-faggotry that Sonic and Final Fantasy get on here, there's at least 3 simultaneous threads of either of those per-day. Tomb Raider gets maybe 1 or 2 a week.

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Games with obstacles are sexist racist and elitist. EVERYONE should be able to beat every game.

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Based lying batshit retarded autist.

Tomb Raider 2 and 3 are significantly harder than many games from that era, and Tomb Raider 2 isn't hard simply because of how well designed it is, quite the opposite. There's few medkits and a ton of enemies with auto-targeting hit-scan weapons. Not as hard as Super Meatboy or Rainbow Six Rogue Spear, but definitely more difficult than Mario 64 or Sonic.

>They’re grid based puzzle games.
Half wrong. They're definitely grid-based (until about Tomb Raider 3 where they learn to make triangular instead of square geometry), but the puzzles a lot of the time have nothing to do with that. They have to do with finding keys or switches most of the time, or in Tomb Raider 2 and beyond's case, actually solving puzzles.

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>TR3 small raprors have almost the HP amount of that giant T-rex boss from the first game
>TR3 T-rex is so bullet-spongy, I thought that game glitched and I wouldn't be able to kill him at all
What were they thinking?

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>TR3 small raprors have almost the HP amount of that giant T-rex boss from the first game

Nowhere near the same amount of health. They take like 3 shotgun shells to kill.

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This looked like an ass on the preview.

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You mean Laura Cruz

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Nu-Lara isn't a strong female lead. She's whiny and meh.
Also lol @ 90 pound wamen beating up guyz twice the size with bare hands

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Thanks to the new SJW movement destroying all the vile hateful toxic misogyny of the past - imagine how important and woke they must feel.

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Thanks to the SJWs coming along and banishing all the vile toxic hateful misogyny of the past. Imagine how important and woke they must feel.

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I miss her too bruh pham

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That people won't use shotgun and Deagle and thus will get mauled, which is a good thing

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>Being a console peasant

11 yo me, still not knowing a word in English, beat TR2 in a week of not-exactly-laborous playing, just clocking an hour or two per day.
You were saying something about difficulty?

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Holy shit, is that what I think it is? I remember that sfm.

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The brand is around

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Dude I’m racist too but you’re letting it make you retarded. She is a British pin-up ffs

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>makes unverifiable anecdotal response

Pic related is you. Also, "HUR HUR, Dark souls is piss easy shit"


Find another argument, or upload yourself playing it, thanks, bye.

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>linking that den of sheer autism and pure faggotry
Begone with ye.

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Not him, but those games aren't difficult, schizo. Non-speed runs take 12 hours on average, cutscene included. And TR2 is particularly easy to navigate. Traps and obstacles are nasty, but at least you know where you are going. Can't say that about TR3 and TLR ramps it up.
So yeah, he's correct for calling you out on being worse than a child. Especially considering your reaction

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>not him
>is clearly him
You're the sperg who's trying to make it a point specifically about how they aren't difficult when difficulty is very subjective and the general consensus is that yes, they are difficult games, which even if they weren't, they're still fun/good. It's cringy retard cope from a manchild who's clearly obsessed, lmao.

> Especially considering your reaction
The pure unadulterated irony of this statement.

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>not him
>is clearly him
You're the sperg who's trying to make it a point specifically about how they aren't difficult when difficulty is very subjective and the general consensus is that yes, they are difficult, which even if they weren't, so what? Okay, you don't think they're difficult, the fact you're obsessed about forcing your view on everyone else is pretty manchildish and asperger in and of itself, considering the fact someone thinking it is difficult triggers you this hard.

> Especially considering your reaction
The pure unadulterated irony of this statement.

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I'm a third party looking on with no dog in the fight, but you're a toxic fucking idiot. The original person you are talking about didn't "call him out" for being bad at games, he was making a different point. Saying someone is bad at games or that they were better at games as a child is just hurling abuse, it's not "calling someone out", it's called people a troll. A person can't help if they're not good at games and you're an asshole with no intent other than to humiliate other people.

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>it's called people a troll.
it's called being a troll*

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dont you have a trump rally to attend?

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Nu-Lara won't stay regardless she's just a fad that's aging badly.

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>TR3 T-rex is so bullet-spongy, I thought that game glitched and I wouldn't be able to kill him at all

You don't even need to use bullets to kill it. Just let it accidentally run into a deep enough puddle of water and it will drop dead on its own. Happened to me a couple times.

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>Nu-Lara won't stay regardless she's just a fad that's aging badly.
I like nu-Lara's design, truthfully. Here's my two cents: Yes, it's a shame that one existing means the other had to die. While that's the nature of reboots and the like, it's still unfortunate. If you're the type that wanted the reboot of the character to have the same personality and looks as the original, I can see why the redesign burying the original is still something some people are discontent with. That being said, I tend to have an open mind when it comes to reboots or reimaginings of games and the like - the original games will always exist. If the IP moves in a new direction, or the devs want to work a new angle, sure, go for it. Can always go back to the originals if that style suited your taste best. I think nu-Lara is a fine take on the character, with the exception of her debut 2013 game. I think that's where a lot of the bad rap she gets comes from - all she does in that game is sensually moan as she gets beaten up and trembles like a frail leaf at the prospect of doing quite literally anything. Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are much, much better games. I do agree though that Nu-Lara is probably nearing the end of her life. I can't see many more of these reboot games coming out before people lose interest.

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Bros, i am playing TRIII for the first time (love I/II/IV). Just finished the India levels. Jungle was nice despite the huge slope in the beginning. Temple Ruins has its moments but was full of unfair traps. River Ganges was kind of short (took the right route).Caves of Kaliya was even shorter (maybe i got lucky?).

Does the game have other "unfair" traps like in Temple Ruins? Are the other regions better than India? Overall i am enjoying the game but not as much as the others.

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>Does the game have other "unfair" traps like in Temple Ruins?

Yes, but they're scattered about. I don't recall London having any unfair traps, or Nevada to a certain degree, but there's a few in South Pacific and Antarctica.

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Seems like not a fake.

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>I really wish Squeenix would leave her to rest in peace
It's not SE fault that the studios in charge of the franchise were retarded.
Their fault is letting hitman devs go to focus their west financing in the avenger and having a vaporware like Fatal Frame Remake

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What exactly is this? I already own all the games, so here's to hoping it isn't just a bundle.

>> No.6586106

>expecting a new game when Shadows sold like shit, Rise didn't meet sales expectations, and everyone has all but forgot the 2013 game
If Square publishes another Tomb Raider game, it's either going to be a new "Lara Croft and..." game or another mobile deal.

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Racist bullshit aside - ...You realize she's English and just has a tan, right?

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Did they have to reboot Lara, because she'd be 52 this year?

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Someone said their dream scenario was a Crash N.Sane trilogy style remake for the first three games. My god, I would cum. It'll never happen.. but let me dream.

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my PP the hard PP now

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ZOMG not teh racism!!11one

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I wouldn't mind a bundle if the older titles were in 1080p.

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Thanks for this anon.

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After so much treasure hunting, you would be surprised if she didn't find an immortality potion or two along the way.

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You want an Uncharted 4 with old Lara?

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Frog feet lara

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Am I only one who's seeing Lara in this image?

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3 > 1 > 2 > 4

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Delete this.

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I mean she no longer is a thing anyway, so it's not even a consideration in tone of "will there be 4th game with her?", but rather "when is another reboot?"
They outright canned the "origin story" trilogy after Shadow. The plan was simple: if the game bombs, can it. If it doesn't, continue.
It bombed. Quite spectacularly, too. So TR got canned and nu-Lara is done with.

>> No.6593084

>Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are much, much better games
They are just TR'13: Siberia and TR'13: South America. The only improvement is that Siberia was less edgy than TR'13 and how South America managed to be the first official game where Lara ends up being a bad guy (but brought the edge back and doubled down on it).
As for chasing fads, I find it amusing how TR'13 was trying to chase a fad of some teen book adaptation that happend few years prior and was already forgotten itself, but all the shoehorned elements stayed in TR up until Shadow. Talking about being instantly dated.

>> No.6593087

The "Lara Croft and..." games are unironically better TRs than nu-Raider and still pretty fun on their own.

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What went wrong?

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It's TR 1 Lara with the hair bun.

The story is actually pretty interesting but it didn't get the core concept of what makes tomb raider tomb raider and that's raiding tombs and free acrobatic movement. Plus it was rushed and the camera is a pig.

>> No.6593696

Full story is a material for a book.
Short story is material for a thread.

So... a capsule version of short story:
Eidos was dependant financially on TR revenue and they absolutely needed new TR to hit stores November each year. Core was eventually fed up with this shit and the conditions in which they were working, not to mention money cut they were getting out of it, so Lara got "killed". Eidos was naturally furious, since TLR happend when their TR dependency started to show. Since they couldn't exactly fire Core, they stike a deal: finally giving them time to develop new engine and move to PS2 and being paid real money for development, but a quick cash-grab in between must happens. That's Chronicles.
While working on Chronicles, Core moved from what was basically a rented house to an actual studio and expanded their staff to 50 people (from 21) to manage production of "new generation" TR and all the related stuff.
With big budget and big ideas, they overextended themselves, overspend and didn't actually plan anything at all... and the clock was ticking. Eidos figured out that there is no game coming out for November 2001, did a check in Core... and realised no work is being done at all on anything. Quite understandably, they got fucking ballistic. Of course it was obvious from the start there will be no game for November 2001 (since Core's most optimistic estimate from the start was to deliver for third quarter of 2003), but Eidos gained leverage to force Core into working...
... and from this moment the whole thing rebalances. Core is no longer slacking off, an actual progress and planning is done, with steady pace of development, all while Eidos is starting to go more and more retarded. Expecting delivery for utterly unrealistic Nov '02 (something that wouldn't be possible even if Core was hard-working from day 1), they kept pushing more and more demands and changing scheludes.

>> No.6593713

Eventually, by October '02 Heath-Smith strike a deal with Eidos - they stop adding new demands and changing scheludes and he will make sure the game is delivered for November '03, because at their current pace of work (the classic, Core work marathon of sleeping in the office on your desk to get shit done in 18 hour work shifts) they should have game ready for printing by mid-September. Eidos agreed... but then '03 started and the Accounting department send a financial report, informing the management they are virtually bankrupt and there is no fucking way to hide it or bury from other shareholders. So they did all the possible accounting to at least try to mitingate how terrible their finances are without the cash stream from Tomb Raider (remember, the last one was Chronicles, at that point over 2 years after premiere and with cold reception) and bouncing twice as many checks as they were up until that point. That wasn't enough. They needed something to assure shareholders that the company is doing fine, even if clearly in the red.
So they've switched release date of AoD, from November to June. Meaning printing and distribution would have to start at least in mid-May.
And they've informed Core about it by late March, essentially robbing them of two quarters they had for finishing the game, something that was perfectly feasible.
The shitfest of overtime that followed was still not enough to finish the game on time, even if they had twice as many people. So they did what they could. Story has it the controls for keyboard were written in the same day as delivering the game for printing, with zero time to even play-test it. While this might be just an urban legend, the horrible, horrible working conditions and the rush job were not.

>> No.6593726

Then due to trying to error during printing they've fucked up encoding, leaving 8% of all copies malfunction, requiring to make new and discard the damaged ones (since they wouldn't run at all), complicating shipping and all the logistics to make it for the premier.
The rest is just the classic story of unfirnished, but hyped to hell and back game hitting stores. Eidos wasn't even waiting for people to demand blood, they instantly throw Core under the bus, despite first cucking them on the whole deal. For them it was a relatively simple deal: deliver half-baked game in 2nd quarter of the year, or not make it till the 4th. Which in turn meant sacrificing their cash cow (and at this point the only real "big" thing they had still going) and everything along the way as a collateral damage.
The worst part isn't even the whole mess, but the fact Eidos put the whole fucking blame on Core for this, pretending they themselves are blameless and it was the dev who screw up time table, not them shifting the premiere by 5 months. This was also done to secure shareholders that the company is doing fine and it's the contractors who fucked up, so nothing to worry, someone else can make more TR games, while those losers can be cut off.
Hence why Eidos stripped Core of their own game and passed the rights to one of their still surviving contractors, Crystal Dynamics. Core, with the new expenses (massive studio and 50 people on a payroll, while being cucked out of AoD profits) started a bankrupcy spiral, while also lacking any sort of title to deliver, ending up a subsidiary of Rebellion, making 3rd rate game and eventually being closed down (almost everyone related with TRs quit year or two before that).

tl;dr it's a shitty story of bunch of people not keeping their words and knowingly killing the series in the process, despite being fully dependant on the revenue generated by it

>> No.6593731

Also, to rub some salt into the wound, there is the whole 10th anniversary project, but that's a separate story. I know how Free Running by Core works. It's a great engine, rought around the edges, but really damn good, especially for its era. A TR on it would be fantastic.
Instead we've got Anniversary from Crystal, who didn't even have time or manpower to make it (being busy with Underworld and essentially repeating the same shit as Core had to deal with with scheludes and cranking up new TR non-stop) and ultimately fucked up the "anniversary" by almost a year.
Shame, really.

>> No.6593743

>He's never played the expansions

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Thanks anon, it sucks. I like the Crystal Dynamics games, I think they did their best with what they were given, but nothing just beats classic Lara for me. I also remember when looking through the Anniversary extras in-game, they had a section for all the box arts and they blurred Core's logo from all of them

>> No.6593794

>10th anniversary
>Botched, but still a celebration, with special, remake game release and general mood of happyness
>20th anniversary
>Depressive read of all sort of in-depth interviews with the Core employees and management, while a fan-remake gets nuked with cease-and-desist

>> No.6593801
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And we probably won't have a 30th anniversary celebrated in any way or form

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>that pic
So much heart. Maybe it's just nostalgia but the old TR style has such spunk to it. The reboot games that have come out are so homogeneous in comparison to the originals. Yes, the reboot games are technically and artistically sound, but it's so.. standard. It doesn't feel very unique to me at all.

>> No.6593938

is that the loading screen for home sweet home?

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Nope, you're not far though

>> No.6594164

Maybe they shouldn't have force fed everyone their woke nigger garbage and made an actual platforming puzzle solver instead of an uncharted clone?

>> No.6594176

Too ambitious, not enough time, not enough manpower.

>> No.6594841

The joke is that there is no "them".
What the game had was a committees. Not a committee, committees, plural. There was one for game design as a whole, one for level design, one for story, one for marketing and one for general game development.
Each of those was working completely disjoined not only from other committees, but from development teams, too. And said development teams worked in separation from each other, too.
The end result is a clusterfuck of mismanagement, akin to early AoD development, with every party within the studio chasing their own goals, disregarding anything else. The differece from AoD, however, was having an unlimited (theoretically, of course) budget AND, more importantly, unlimited time, because SquareEnix was in no hurry with this. So the disjoined mess of a game that was created was put into processing in 2012 to turn it into an actual game from existing puzzles, hammered down to fit the picture and then published. Add to this chasing trends by marketing and you've got TR'13 out of it.
Remember the marketing clusterfuck caused by "your goal is to protect Lara from being raped", never outright stated, but heavily implied in that conference? That's one of the facets of the "everyone is doing their job in separation from others".

>> No.6594867

Also, important thing to note is that almost everyone who was involved in making LAU (or rather L and U part of it, since A was their B-team and third party) in Crystal Dynamics quit before TR'13 was even in development stage.
By the time work on Rise started, nobody from the "old" employees was there anymore.
Crystal wasn't perfect, but at least when working on LAU, they were trying to respect existing conventions within the franchise. No such luck with nu-Raider.

>> No.6595753

Based Aragorn poster

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>all these years
>still no competition
What is her secret?

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I love Tomb Raider games and I can spend hours in them, but every time I play I realize how much of a lazy slob I am and the feeling turns bittersweet. I can't help but wish I could jump, roll in midair, do handstands while getting up a ledge and more, but I'm too old and fat to be acrobatic and active. I know Lara has impossible mechanics, but the thought never leaves my head.
What's the best Lara outfit, and why is it the catsuit she wears on III's London stages?

>> No.6595974

I miss how the earlier games were built around acrobatic mechanics. Lara was a master gymnast and the free movement you had in these games where great. Sure it wasn't totally free movement like SM64, but later games started to move away from level breaking moves to more linear and action packed setpiece shit. Sure we always have the old games to play but my dream as a kid was next gen TR and truly open world massive levels.

>> No.6595994

I used to whack my gack to her a lot

>> No.6596298

TR3 has the best atmosphere of the classics.

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For me it's the Pacific Lara.
The diving suit from TR 2 is close second though.

>> No.6596697

That's why III is my favorite, as buggy as it can get; you stop thinking in squares and straight angles and every diagonal edge or physics-breaking jump is the norm instead of something exlusive for secrets.

>> No.6596995

>Being good
>Everyone else sucking
Pretty much all it takes

>> No.6596997

That's why I'm so salty we've got Anniversary, rather than Core's 10th anniversary Tomb Raider remake on Free Running engine.

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I wonder what the wireframe looks like.

>> No.6598653

holy mother of cope
git gud faggot

>> No.6598671

Did anyone ever make a nude mod for the older games?

>> No.6598882

I am pretty sure there was a shitton. Nude Raider was a thing after all. Not that there was anything of value to watch, unless you are aroused by low-poly triangle tits.

>> No.6598890

There were enough back in the day.

>> No.6599063

A good female role without forcing bullshit down your throat. Prime feminist filter for the dumb cunts that can't go further than "it has big titties so it's wrong"
Also the games are solid platforming action and they feel new and refeshing with the globe-trotting and the mystery behind the artifacts.

>> No.6599143

I like III because of the scope of the levels. India really feels like a jungle. And the game throws you to the wolves outright, so it feels like you are conquering those levels and getting better with every jump. I dunno, I have a big soft spot for TR III. Probably because it was my first TR level.

>> No.6599156 [DELETED] 
File: 113 KB, 768x576, TR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Something like this, but the TR1 model was done in Autodesk 3D Studio DOS while everything after that in the classic series was 3DS MAX and Softimage.

>> No.6599164
File: 113 KB, 768x576, TR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something like this, but the TR1 model was done in Autodesk 3D Studio DOS, not MAX like the later stuff.

>> No.6599214


Interesting. Thanks guy.

>> No.6600238

Finished Nevada. Amazing area overall. Now i am confused why so many TR fans dont like TRIII.

>> No.6600246

>it wasn't totally free movement

Lara arguably had more movement options than Mario by Tomb Raider 2.

>> No.6600249

>dude, cope!
>hahaha, git gud

Yikes and cringe. Have sex.

>> No.6600250


Why would they give her a breast reduction?

>> No.6600410

Did you reach London already?
You will quickly find out why people detest TR3.
Also, important thing to know is that 'TR3 bad' is essentially a meme forced by two idiots

>> No.6601343

I have a phobia of ancient Egypt so I can't really enjoy TR4 and it bothers me. Anyone understands?

>> No.6601816
File: 623 KB, 1280x1625, tlr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have it but kinda yes, I do.

>> No.6601848
File: 627 KB, 709x2053, 1580042127941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think that bomberjacket really suits her, especilly with the contrast of bare legs and warmed torso.

>> No.6602079

Kinda. TR1 gave me a fear for flesh walls and statues.

>> No.6602080
File: 14 KB, 305x296, wat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>phobia of ancient Egypt
That's a thing?

>> No.6602119

Nevada is peak TR. Unfortunately London is bottom of the barrel.

>> No.6602165

>Not India
>Not South Pacific
>Not even Antarctica
Nevada is the weakest part of TR3 since London just doesn't exist, this is something you cheat-skip and ignore

>> No.6602184

90s Lara's used socks after a mission + my nostrils = wallpaper paste factory in my trousers.

>> No.6602245
File: 2.85 MB, 4000x3000, sun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6602260

I have a huge boner for Area 51 in games

>> No.6602297

What a blast from the past!

>> No.6602359


>> No.6602574

Well, i beat Thames Wharf yesterday and actually really liked the level (even managed to find 4 of the 5 secrets). Only part i disliked was that puzzle with the yellow robot.
I have heard great things about Aldwych and terrible things about Lud's Gate. Maybe London wont be so bad for me overall unless Lud's Gate is the worst level in the series or something.
I dunno, maybe people hate TRIII because of the PSX version (too dark, limited saves) or i am just starved for TR games. There is something about the level design of TR and Thief that warms my heart. Plus i love cinematic platformers and TR is the best exemple of the genre in 3D.

>> No.6602602

TR3 was my first. I played it on PC. I had great time with India, then played Nevada (friend suggested doing it first, but didn't tell why, then I obviously understand), then went with London... and I still have bad memories on sole mention. No, just fucking no, those levels were plain and simple terrible. Then thankfully rest of the game happend, and I'm back on track, but London remains a thing that gives me shivers with how ungodly bad it is. And it almost was one level longer, since All Hallows was intended to be 2nd level of it.

>> No.6602907

What is wrong with the London levels? I just started TRIII, I am still in the jungle, but was looking forward to London

>> No.6602924

I completely forgot there was a part in London at all. And I played TRIII a few times. It must have been bad indeed.

>> No.6603392

Essentially a whole lot of backtracking in drab, poorly designed levels that drag forever. And it's Urban Raider in the worst sense of the term.

>> No.6603467

>The Sun.
I kinda enjoyed the London stages because how much they try to cram (Lara being like a cat burglar jumping over roofs, the underground station, the museum, the TR1 cameo with the sphinx). My only complain is that there are parts where the action doesn't flow right due to backtracing, and that I didn't see the old coin nor the correct ticket booth in Aldwych. I had to look a guide twice for that.

>> No.6604308
File: 94 KB, 377x512, unnamed (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was this wetsuit even IN any TR game? Because I thought it was a great design.

>> No.6604334
File: 35 KB, 1024x768, screen25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is a similar one in the alpha so I'm guessing it just got retextured into the Sola one sometime later

>> No.6604763

>great things about Aldwych
>terrible things about Luds Gate

Aldwych is fucking shit, Luds Gate on the other hand is decent, but stretches on for way too long. Clocking in at 2 hours, it's arguably the longest level in the game, other than Tinnos.

>> No.6604770

Her guns autoaim, so she'll never miss you

>> No.6604780

Reboot Lara is much cuter than the original (2013 especially) and the new games are better too.

>> No.6604784

How this N-Gage game got so popular in the first place is a mystery.

>> No.6604806

People hate TR3 because of 3 things:

>PS1 save crystals
>starting the game off with her going down that long slide

I get the first one, but PC fixes that, but the other 2 I don't get. London is the weakest part for sure, but the levels had great moments, and the long slide down at the start was supposed to be sort of a mentality where the difficulty was literally throwing you at a cliff, which if you just came from playing Tomb Raider 1 and 2, is a cake-walk.

TR3's bad bits I would still prefer to play over Diving Area and Living Quarters from Tomb Raider 2....and also Temple of Xian, because its funhouse of traps begins to start irritating me really fucking quickly, and I really hate the aesthetic of it.

>> No.6604812

Are you high? London had lots lighting and shadows going for it.

>> No.6604814 [DELETED] 

Which game is that?

>> No.6604821

Right, the N-Gage, which came out 7 years after the first game and 4 years after it was at the zenith of its popularity, good one retard.

>> No.6604824

Her family had a history of breast cancer I believe so she pre-emptively got mastectomy's to prevent herself from getting it in the future, even though they had 86% survival rates 10 years after diagnosis even back in the 90's. She's a little wacko.

>> No.6604848


>> No.6605063

Autism: not even once

>> No.6605449

Is AoD at least worth a playthrough?

>> No.6605462
File: 289 KB, 1127x1200, Tomb Raider AoD - artwork 45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Without a doubt.

>> No.6605465 [DELETED] 
File: 92 KB, 416x384, Your vidya is dead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anniversary if you played TR1 is pic related.
Chronicles, generally speaking, is Core's worst.
There is also nu-Raider, best avoided entirely.

>> No.6605467

Never mind, I fucked up, my bad

AoD is definitely worth a playthrough, especially in patched version

>> No.6605468

What the hell are you talking about? 86% chance of not dying within 10 years, does that really sound like good odds to you? A lot of celebrity actions are "a little wacko", this wasn't one of them.

>> No.6606545

man of culture detected

>> No.6607217

Tr1 Lara is the cutest. She is like a daughter to me

>> No.6607264

That's how Lara should have looked in modern games, now whatever they did

>> No.6607425

Didn't read a single reply in this thread but I feel you anon. When Tomb Raider hit that shit was a global phenomenon. Lara was everywhere, with her huge tits in tow. It was a glorious time, going to the PC store and seeing a gigantic wall full of PC boxes. That said I always hated the actual gameplay of Tomb Raider, but damn that was some of the wildest marketing of a game, ever. Has anything else even come close? Halo probably, and more modern things I'm sure.

>> No.6607668

>Halo probably
Halo didn't even get close
>and more modern things I'm sure.
Have you seen any of vidya characters being anything more than, well, a vidya character, in past 20 years? With presence in any other media than games and game-related magazines and sites?

>> No.6607890

What in tarnation are you on about

90s character mascots (at least the human ones) reveled in being one-dimensional archetypes; the whole joke was that they were derivative which worked great when there was only one of each category.
Lara isn't anything special, she's a cardboard cut-out of a character that could go on magazine covers and... literal cardboard cut-outs in stores specifically because she's bold and simple and what you'd call generic if she wasn't the first in her medium.

She's not more than a video game character, she's arguably lesser than any which aren't as broad by design. That's not a knock on her but it was never anything more than a case of the first press kits of that generation with rendered boobies making a splash and then literal decades of references that boob impact fad being a meme.

And Halo was (is) way bigger, c'mon.
I'm not a fan of Halo but you're delusional if you think the titty meme and one titty meme movie had more reach than the bland flagship franchise Microsoft has been shoving down everyone's throats, internationally, including priming for their own eventual shitty dumbass movies and superbowl ads and an endless list of cross-promotions for entire generations.
It's boring as hell but if you tallied up all the pop culture references ever to those tits versus every reference to playin Halo the latter would come out way ahead, easily.

These threads always have a weird cultish vibe but your waifu is nothing special

>> No.6607963
File: 273 KB, 400x400, miss.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Writing so many, many words
>Not a single one with any relation to original post

>> No.6608257

Halo? That basically only sold in the US. GTA V easily had the biggest marketing ever for a video game.

>> No.6608346

Nothing, other then poor lighting if you play on the Playstation. It's just the usual "not a REAL tomb" crowd of autists who get pissed if you're not spending the whole game in an ancient egyptian tomb.

>> No.6608359

The game's called Tomb Raider... not Jungle Plunderer, Arctic Assailant or Metropolitan Pillager.

>> No.6608373

It's fucking weird, but I get intense nostalgia from Tomb Raider PC boxes despite owning them all on Playstation first. Think it's because they were everywhere, distinctly remember going to some supermarket in Ireland as a kid and there being TR PC copies along with shit shovelware like driving test CDs. I wound up getting PC copies because they were pennies in some places. Also got all the classics on Steam when they fucked up and sold them for 20p each years ago

>> No.6608396
File: 192 KB, 1920x2019, LaraCroft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Halo was (is) way bigger, c'mon
No. Not only they sold more Tomb Raider games in total (not by much though), but the big difference that anon was highlighting in his post is that nobody outside of people who play video games know who Master Chief is, whereas any random boomer have heard of Lara Croft.
I can hardly think of any other video game character outside of Mario who reached such widespread fame even outside of its medium.

>> No.6608460
File: 84 KB, 1080x821, 94314741_2503578143304834_1006200757441003520_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you miss her why don't you all do something about it?

>> No.6608480

What planet you're living on? Hell would freeze before sex symbol Lara would get greenlit.

>> No.6608595

OP might miss her, I don't. At least not in a sense "I demand new game to be made".
I've lived through two reboots of this franchise. I'm done. I don't want anymore. I get what I wanted, I might daydream how the AoD trilogy could look like and that's it. Classic Lara is pretty much dead, for all that everyone cares.
Plus I don't want to end up with shitfest like modern Duke Nukem, which was just unbearable bad due to the non-stop nods toward dated references.

>> No.6608967

>Halo was (is) way bigger
Halo is virtually unknown outside of States. Not to mention outside vidya context.

>> No.6608974

that's not Lara Croft.

>> No.6608987

>Halo is virtually unknown outside of States.
How well known is it inside your ass from which you pulled that lil factoid

>> No.6609019

>I can hardly think of any other video game character outside of Mario who reached such widespread fame even outside of its medium.

What you're failing to take into account is that Tomb Raider fans are fucking crazy and your perspective is all fucked up.
Like the fact that you'd say that when it's pretty easy to list dozens of characters that fit the bill. Fucking Q*Bert is probably better-known than this bimbo.

Master Chief, forgettable as he is, even fits. My game-hating girlfriend I met in China even knew who he was and told me his stupid Chinese name once.
Some slut with guns could be a meme in the 90s but she's even more generic than him by today's standards.

Wow you sure showed me, phoneposting zoomer dipshit

>> No.6609020

Halo is some the blandest, most unimaginative 2000s sci-fi stuff I can think of.

>> No.6609028

I one hundred percent agree.
But is he less imaginative than A BIMBO.... but WITH GUNS!?
I don't know, but it's a fair race.

>> No.6609117


>> No.6609134

make me faggot

>> No.6609372
File: 448 KB, 1024x768, rexwinkinglara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're already a faggot.

>> No.6609434

>Fucking Q*Bert is probably better-known than this bimbo
That's because of the Q*Bert movies with that famous actress.

>> No.6610020

Finally finished TR3.
From the way people talked about this game, i was expecting that it would have Sonic CD-tier level design and that every level would be full of unfair traps.
Turns out most levels are very good and with the exception of Temple Ruins, the levels are overall fair, with some bullshit here and there.
Even Lud's Gate, which i heard so many bad things about, was actually really cool with all the verticality (yeah, the underwater "maze" was boring but thats it).
The most annoying thing for me in the whole game was controlling the kayak in Madubu Gorge. Hardest thing was the fire path in Lost City of Tinnos. I think my favorite level was Coastal Village, i really enjoyed all the optional paths and it felt very naturalistic design-wise.

Overall, TR IV > I > III > II. I like II a lot but it has too much shooting against humans.

>> No.6610404

>The most annoying thing for me in the whole game was controlling the kayak in Madubu Gorge
Funny, because that's one of my favourite levels of the whole game. Granted, figuring out how the kayak works takes some time and practice, but once you know how to steer it properly, it's a great level.
My least favourite woud be probably first lvl of Antarctica (like stated earlier, I pretend London just doesn't exist), simply because if you feel like it, you can ignore almost the whole level and bum-rush it with 3-5 medpacks.

>> No.6612439
File: 451 KB, 1280x914, 1594381694027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6613257

Lmao the realistic fad is dying out it's a fucking meme

>> No.6614081

Not him but how does "current fad is dying" means "previous fad that's ultra-haram will return"? Or you're simply just dense?

>> No.6614089

At least in TR2 you're shooting cultists who are aligned against Lara in the Dagger of Xian race.
In TR3 you're shooting natives, as well as security guards and American MPs who are just doing their jobs.

>> No.6614219

And security force of a mining company that are literally doing their job, too.

>> No.6614275

Lara never gave a fuck. No remorse in killing endangered species, creatures supposed to be extinct, neutral soldiers because they drop ammo...
And how can you blame her, knowing she has two pistols with infinite bullets and no need to reload?

>> No.6614284

I'm scared the aliens that built ancient Egypt will come back and abduct me

>> No.6614286
File: 20 KB, 495x363, carlos2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, hello there, Miss Lara.
I mr Carlos.

>> No.6614303
File: 85 KB, 640x960, tities.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any source port for the first game? I'm looking for something like quakespasm for Quake 1. Vanilla but does not give you motion sickness.

>> No.6614323
File: 19 KB, 291x213, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6614392

It can't stay like this trends go through a cycle it repeats itself.

>> No.6614889

There are OpenLara and OpenTomb. I believe the former is the one still in active development.

>> No.6615306

It doesn't, that's the thing. It's always something new, even if you dismiss it as being same shit as previously.
For example, Lara so far had THREE "serious" takes on her: AoD, Underworld and nu-Raider. I dare you equal all three of those takes as "same shit, just part of the cycle"

>> No.6615605

Ancient Egypt is the reason TR1 and TR4 are my favorites. I miss that setting in nu-TR.

>> No.6615630

I hated the initial jungle levels way more than London. Thames Wharf even has a comfy background sound: https://youtu.be/bVnx1hM1UBY

>> No.6615637

>not even once
You need to go back.

>> No.6615892
File: 98 KB, 1200x729, TombIIinstall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6616850

She's spectacularly beautiful.
It's been 2 weeks though, so autosage.

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