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are there any good JRPGs on 5th gen consoles that aren't Playstation?

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Shining the Holy Ark
Shining Force III
Panzer Dragoon Saga

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Does Ogre Battle 64 count?

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guardian war for 3DO

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The Saturn has some good stuff (way more of you know moon).

I'm currently playing Dragon Force and loving it.

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try the sega saturn ones.

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Golden Sun

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Best version of Linda Cube Again
Best version of Grandia
Devil Summoner
Tengai Makyou IV
Dragon Master Silk
Funky Fantasy

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Super Robot Wars F and F Final are better on Saturn than on PS1.
Also N64 has the exclusive Super Robot Wars 64.

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Paper Mario
Panzer Dragoon Saga

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Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean for Sega Saturn it's like my second-favorite RPG.
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon for N64 is pretty good.
I heard Dragonforce for Sega Saturn is pretty good but I haven't even touched on my copy yet.

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Quest 64 is the best jarpig

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Linda Cube looks cool but I've got no luck finding a translation patch, any help?

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Unfortunately it's been in fantranslation hell for a while now. But if Moon can get an official translation and Goemon 3 can get a fantranslation there's gotta be hope for Linda Cube.

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>paper mario
Its weird to think of that one as a typical "JRPG". its its own thing imo

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its 100% a jrpg. more of a jrpg than the 'jrpgs' that get tossed in a top 10 list or underrated gem list.

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It's not a Dragon Quest clone but it still an RPG.

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>The tech demo that destroyed Nintendo's dominance
Yamauchi was a short sighted fool

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I mean, Final Fantasy or not, the panorama was going to change no matter what.
Once big corporations like Sony and Microsoft entered the game, there was basically no room for smaller video game-only companies like Nintendo or Sega. It's even a miracle Ninty is still alive at all doing hardware.

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Oh be quiet

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sony's entrance was the death knell of video games

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OP said good JRPGs

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No JRPG outside of the Sonydom is ever good, fuck off segacels and nintendautists.

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Is that supposed to be Terra?

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I'm pretty sure it's a mockup for a N64 FF before they switched to PSX

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Fuck off, Sony drone.

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panzer dragoon saga is literally the best 3d JRPG of all time you twat

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>dont port series to dreamcast
>dont port series to xbox
>dont port series to pc
I will never not be mad

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Always felt this way too. I'll always love the PS1 but it truly is the defining mark of when the video game landscape changed for the worse.

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There are ps1 games i like but its hard to enjoy them because of the greater context of sony . i like the ps1 a lot in a vaccuum.

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Everyone forgets about PC ports for this generation

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Paper Mario is a jrpg whether you like to admit it or not and it’s one of the top 3 rpgs from that gen

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pc's aren't consoles

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Pcs are boring work machines

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Posts you can smell.

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*saturn owners start sperging*

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>5th gen