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Post the best looking 2D games

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I think SFIII is the best looking we can get without leaving the retro zone

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> Hint: I'm kidding. Maybe?

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Which versions of Metal Slug are the best? Are the ones on Steam alright?

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Arcade Archives are probably the most accurate.

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I win stfu

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Coolest shit ever, so unfortunate this cost a hundred bucks here

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Metal Slug looks like fucking AIDS. Terrible perspective, hard to make out details, brown 2000s shootercore colors, looks like literal diarrhea dogshit. And past it's piss poor graphics, the game was created by filthy fucking ironic Westaboos. Faggot shit made by and for assfucckers

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not retro

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metal slug is an easy choice, people forget In the Hunt though

I'll add the Raiden games to the list

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it's also technically not completely 2D

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Even in SD the graphics have a lot of soul, kinda like a good 90s band that survived the new Millenium

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how can a person be so terribly incorrect?

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Anything past Raiden DX is like some weird bootleg

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Silly weeaboo, it was a better version of Contra.
They wander into the ghetto?

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2006 called and wants you to upload to your AVGN clone channel.

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ololol wrong post tag

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technically all games are 2d since they are ultimately displayed on a screen with only 2 dimensions and in light of this fact the best looking 2d game is probably Witcher 3

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how can a year make a telephone call? how does that even work?

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Was Doom raycasting and actually 2d? If so, then that. Some raycasting is 3d while not actually being 3d, so it objectively looks the best.

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doom is technically 2D, yes
though i still wouldn't call it the best looking 2D game

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not retro

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castlevania dracula x on snes

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FFTA is not retro.

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So what's the pinnacle of 2D graphics? Arcades? PS One? Maybe PC-Engine?

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You are trying a little too hard to bait, cut down on the expletives- it’s clear you are just using them to rile people, you have to use them with precision you attention whore fuck. You aren’t the angry video game nerd. Picking on the graphics was a good call tactically because that’s what a lot of people love about the series. Probably your best play. Perhaps in the future you would well to sound a little bit more like a pseudo intellectual, that’s a pretty good way to molest people these days. Sprinkle some two dollar words in there and say something like “ultimately metal slug is held back by its bamboozling, incomprehensible attention to detail and vapid World War Two aesthetic.” and so on.
Weak Bait, but I think with even more practice you can get yourself two lines of replies.
Anyway, the graphics are objectively good. No other game nails fat like metal slug.

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My choice as well.

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I feel like playing DKC2 right now.

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it's also mostly 3d

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Disqualified for being 30fps, which is inexcusable for a 2D game.

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>Are the ones on Steam alright?
for the most part, my only problem is that the difficulty works different and you'll notice it immediately if you're used to the original version. You pick between easy-normal-hard instead of 1-8 so your gameplay difficulty increases with each stage. For example, playing on normal means the first two stages are set to level 1-2, the third ups to level 3, and stage four locks the difficulty to level 4 for the rest of the run.
It's weird and it's the reason I play the games on emulator instead.

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While the assets look stunning, the whole looks terrible. There's like zero artistic vision when it comes to level design.

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Gets zero love, except from me

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Kek I never noticed the Last Blade guys in the middle car because I'm always losing in this game.

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Fuck that monkey kid who’s on this stage

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Thanks for the tips sir, I'll shitpost harder next time

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any good ones on the playstation?

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Gorgeous, Ranger X is especially beautiful.

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what did they mean by this?

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Nice selection. I only missed Sonic 2, Sparkster and Pulseman.

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Is has to be either Tennis for Two or Pong. It's a wide variety, you pick! :)

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Shit, now I need to go replay that. I wish the sequel wasn't such trash.

Now to decide PSP version or PS1...

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>30FPS game
>good looking

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It says good looking, not well running

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PS1 original. I remember some weird audio issues on the PSP plus they massacred the cutscenes (especially the opening) with new ones that aren't nearly as good.

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>6570426 (You)
You're a dumbass n word you know that? Mods ban this underaged twat so freaking stupid...

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you are not fooling anyone.

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Princess Crown. Don't recommend actually playing it though.

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Wario land 2 on gb looks very good for 8 bit and game n watch gallery have very good presentation.

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Why would someone say this when Rondo of Blood exist, is it ignorance?

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>Why would someone say this when Rondo of Blood exist, is it ignorance?
COTRARIANS its just that

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Not him, but Rondo is the better game, but in some ways Dracula X looks better.

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Just download it retard

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What game is this?

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Damn that’s pretty

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Which ways? Actually curious since I've always considered Vampire Kiss to be a downgrade in literally every departement.

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Do it

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What’s wrong with it? Looks cool

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first stage with transparent flames and the heat distortion

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I hate how similar kid me and this fucker look.

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I'd imagine it's a bit hard to play unless you know japanese
it plays like odin sphere but slower

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Post more!

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This game breaks my heart where everything is wonderful except the actual gameplay.

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Make a Lufia thread. I’ll keep it alive when I wake up

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Peak Comfort 10/10

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The gameplay is tedious and frustrating. Knowing Japanese doesn't make it any less so. Your character moves as slow as molasses and combat demands awkward precision with every swing. Enemies constantly break out of your combos, anti-air you, poke from range, and counter as you're about to attack. It's not terribly difficult due to the plethora of items at your disposal but the constant mini-management gets old fast, and you pretty much need items to beat bosses.
It's a cool fighting system but it's executed like shit. Looks gorgeous though.

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I don't know about the original but Princess Crown plays nothing like Leifthrasir.