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this grinds my gears

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I think it's pretty rad.

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you would.

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10/10 would bang

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someone decorating their cabinet?
or mames in general?

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Eh, I saw that

I'm mildly perturbed by the thematic inconsistency but you know what? What the fuck ever. It's not mine.

The guy deserves commendation for the craftsmanship, it's quality work that went into that. Better than my halfassed mame-cab that hasn't been completed in ten years.

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What's wrong OP?
That man had a dedicated goal and he accomplished it wonderfully.

Also, that machine is as sexy as fuck.

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He means putting a console theme on a MAME cab

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or playing Super Mario World in wide screen on an arcade machine.

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This grinds my fuckin gears because they didnt use a crt fuck them

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>Nintendo cabinet
>doesn't use Nintendo joysticks

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What if he uses it strictly for nintendo consoles?

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It still wouldn't do a very good job with them.

If you're going to make a Nintendo themed cab, why not make it able to play real Nintendo arcade games accurately, something like this.

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Because that's not what they wanted to make.

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reminds me of this

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I don't like the widescreen but other than that it's pretty neat

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If they wanted to make a cab to play Street Fighter (cause that's what it is) they should have just slapped a big CAPCOM logo on it and painted it blue and gold.

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>Bat top sticks

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But in the first picture they're running Super Mario World.

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This is the only thing I don't like about that cab, but it looks fine otherwise.

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That's the icing on the cake. Note they paired the Japanese arched layout.

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so where can I find one of these?

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You can't.

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If flat screen and lcds tv's were available/affordable 25 years ago, they probably would've been used in arcades.

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dat red tent

But I don't hate this. He didn't kill a woody or anything and it's pretty slim but yes, I'd like to see SMW matted to 4:3. He should have just gone completely off the /vr/ and given it a PS3 theme or something.

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If your head was available to me right now I'd probably smack the back of it.

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>non-sanwa parts
>bat top

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Seimitsu > Sanwa

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You're so fucking entitled to your opinion

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I'm sure they would've used incorrect aspect ratios too so everything looks fatter

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Yeah and they probably still would have used interlacing even though "lcd tvs" are progressive.

Actually... They probably wouldn't have used TVs at all in arcade machines unless they thought catching an episode of "Cheers" might be a nice cure for Pac-Man Fever

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You grind my gears, faggot.

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It's a multi use machine.
A lack of scanlines isn't as detrimental as you guys think.

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All autism aside, don't many arcade games depend on certain refresh rates for special effects that don't work on modern displays?
What games use these effects?

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Many, My Friend. Many.

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Why can't this be emulated?

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Well, theoretically it could be with some kind of a shader but so far they really just don't look right.

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>hurr its not like how I like it so its shit and automatically bad.

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