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What's the most graphically impressive game of the 5th generation?

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Albiet 3D was in its infancy, there were some still visually stunning sprite based games made for the PS1, I think that a thread with various gifs is still up

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perhaps Vagrant Story or Conker's Bad Fur Day

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depends what kind of graphics you like, 64 looks like it's trying too hard to do more contemporary rendering effects but struggles at it and they just don't look very good, so I prefer seeing what devs did with systems like the saturn and ps1.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion on N64

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Vagrant Story actually looks like horseshit. Can't believe there are people out there who think it looks borderline Playstation tw-- *is shot by the retro purist autist*

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Jet Force Gemini had some amazing looking levels

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>that post processing emulator shit
>doesn't post from an actual PS1
Yeah doesn't count

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>Vagrant Story actually looks like horseshit.

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>Vagrant Story actually looks like horseshit
Excuse me?

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like seriously

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If PC of that era counts, then Outcast

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"5th gen" specifically refers to the 5th generation of home consoles (there are generations of other things, but op's picture makes it pretty clear what he's referring to)

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Alien Resurrection.

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Donkey Kong 64

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Rogue Leader

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Superman 64

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Never before have rings been rendered this state-of-the-art!

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*sends you back*

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Pre-rendered backgrounds and FMVs found in PS1 games were the most beautiful graphics of the day. You can absolutely find moments in N64 titles that match up, but no whole game can compete with Final Fantasy VII-IX.

That being said, N64 games often look better rendered in HD via emulator.

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Tekken 3, Quake 2, FF9, Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story, Ridge Racer Turbo, Gran Turismo 2
Perfect Dark (minus the frame drops), Sin & Punishment, Conker
Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Nights

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3D wise, either World Drive Championship or Conker (despite the shitty framerate). on the 2D side Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari, Wonder Project J2 or maybe Princess Crown

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Interesting, same devs as Croc & Starfox. People always praise Alien Resurrection but I guess it makes sense. The devs were just good.

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Not Wipeout 3

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>Ridge Racer Turbo over Type 4 in graphifcs
I'll have whatever you're smoking

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4 has more detailed textures, but turbo is full 60 fps. Nice GTE accuracy that's not possible on real hardware

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*teleports behind u*
What now huh????

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>60 fps
>still no analog support

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*teleports behind you*
*unzips dick*
*rapes you*
heh, the meme isn't funny when you do it unironically like ur from reddit, kid

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Sega Saturn

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then why did I laugh

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Its pretty impressive how much graphical improvement developers were able to get out of the consoles of this era. Early and late PS1 games look completely different. If I was completely ignorant of the PS1 I would have assumed they released an extra performance improving attachment like the 32X or the expansion pack to get extra out of it.

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>people posting N64 games
Are ya'll on crack? They looked like shit, stretched textures and low poly and that vaseline smear..

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Banjo Kazooie looks absolutely breathtaking played on a CRT as God intended. I say this as an anti-Nintendo fan.

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the psx didn't even have a ram expansion like the n64 did, absolutely no way to upgrade it
while on the n64, carts got bigger, and it had a ram doubling addon

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Wipeout 3

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As opposed to fluttering textures and incorrect perspective on the PS1?

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Oh okay so OP was just trying to stir up more console war faggotry got it.

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ps1, n64. saturn was never impressive.

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It was impressive that the characters were all one piece and not chopped up like most ps1 games. Loads of attention to detail on the characters too like moving hair, breath, animated facial expressions. The special effects like spells and pyro were even better than the Final Fantasy games I think.

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The graphics in Fighters MegaMix was pretty impressive on the Sega Saturn. I liked the graphics in GoldenEye on the N64, I was completely blown away by it. But by far the best graphics of the 5th generation goes to Metal Gear Solid for PS1. I mean holy crap there was a lot of effort put into it.

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Silent Hill or Vagrant Story.

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Chrono Cross by far

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While probably not the best looking game of the Generation, I find Last Bronx on the Saturn to be impressive because its 60fps in High Res mode with good looking character models. But the big one is they finally got the synchronization between the 2D VDP2 layers just right which made the illusion pretty convincing for the time:


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yeah Spyro 3 is definitely a strong candidate for being one of the best looking PS1 games

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Bulk Slash is the best looking Saturn game imo.

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yea, it's both technically impressive, with it's texture and model LOD (a pretty new concept at the time), smooth vertex animations, and just excellent art design all round (even ignoring the tech, it just looks good)

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That one N64 racing game that I forgot the name of, released in like 2001 I think

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Ocarina, Majora, and most of Rare's games. DK64 is a shitheap but it looks great.

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Scud Race blows the fuck out of all the garbage posted in this thread.

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it's an arcade game, it's in a completely different category

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Also same company that developed the SuperFX chip.

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2D: Castlevania SotN
3D: the crash and spyro games

2D: were there any?
3D: Mario 64

2D: probably some Japan only game I’ve never heard of
3D: Virtual On

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>2D: were there any?
Wonder Project J2

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World Driver Championship

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I don't see what's visually impressive about they Zelda games, they look no better than Mario 64

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Super Robot Wars 64??

I don't see how Mario 64 is graphically impressive for N64.

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Unlike most tendy games, especially most Mario and Zelda games, OoT and MM have fairly detailed visuals.

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>I don't see what's visually impressive about they Zelda games, they look no better than Mario 64

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One is colorful and flat, the other is muddy and flat.

Nothing exceptionally good about the textures, models, or lighting.

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>Nothing exceptionally good about the textures, models...

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Link's model doesn't have very detailed textures

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>One is colorful and flat, the other has borderline PS2 launch title graphics.

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>dreamcast was made in the 90s
>ignoring it and pretending it's six
That was just it being pretentious.

Code Veronica.

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Posting upscaled screenshots should be a bannable offense. That's not what the game looks like.

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Too much texture. Megaman Legends the second knew how to make a psx game. Too much texture makes it grainy. Obviously the first is too basic in style but the second was perfection of the potential the hardware had.

So says I.

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well excuse me, it's not easy to find screenshots that haven't been upscaled at least, i already tried to avoid texture smoothing and things as well
nobody seems to want to take 320x240 png screenshots
just be glad it's not stretched to fucking 16:9 like 70% of the rest are
sorry i don't have a collection of my own playthroughs for every game

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oh, i did find a couple when people complained though, i also posted >>6558821 and >>6559024

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I would say that of all the ps1 spyros.

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whenever someone tells you the PSX wasn't able to pull high FPS you show them this

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Bubsy 3D

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Yeah that one

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Bubsy 3D indeed does something fairly impressive, it runs at 512x480i

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imsa racing 3do m2 https://youtu.be/RfzA9jim5D8?t=415

iron soldier 2 atari jaguar but its an unfair advantage because of the jag cd https://youtu.be/nF-htAcD1l4?t=1423

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that's only impressive it the game keeps up with other games at lower resolution
take crash 1 for example, looks amazing.. and runs at 512x240

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