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Is it Kojimbo’s and Metal Gear Solid’s fault that most video games are now movies?

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No it's the fault of people who bought them.
Space Mambo is a sweet game.

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>making good games when you can just sell 90 hours of codec conversations
Who wants to make less money for more work? Retards with no business sense that's who.

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I'd also blame JRPGs like FF7 and Xenogears and Panzer Dragoon Saga, which love to go overboard on cutscenes and FMVs.

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Game devs were already trying to make 'cinematic games' on 4th gen consoles and early-mid 90s computers.
MGS ended being very cinematic because 5th gen technology allowed it.
The one thing I'd blame Kojima for is the tendency for game designers to take all the credit for a game.

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OP has made this thread 4 times in the last 24 hours. You know what to do.

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I skip cutsences.

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FF7 is good though

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Not rly

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How many times will you keep spamming this shit? Thief sucks btw.

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Imagine thinking Thief is worse than MGS lmao

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ya rly

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Both are boring

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Arcade Laserdisc were the first games to have cutscenes. However Karateka was the first one to bring it to home computers and consoles. It was the first "cinematic" game ever, with real actors and simple but film-like scenarios. Prince of Persia improved the storytelling. Then Another World and Flashback followed that formula with an even more sophisticated looking vector drawn cinematic sequences and far more complex, cinema-like story. Another World and Flashback are pretty much the first cinematic games and they influenced every game in the coming decades including MGS.

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Sony fucked gaming up beyond repair and across generations. Its not foureyes fault.

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No. He didn't invent the idea, he was just one of the most successful who had their name front and center on their work.
Final Fantasy had been doing it for a decade, Resident Evil was doing it, too, and they had just copied Alone In The Dark and given it a B-movie lick of paint.
Shit, Dragon's Lair was released in 1983.

Games were always going to become movies.

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There are two things Kojima is to be blamed for, neither being unique to him personally, but rather are a trend started in early-to-mid 90s:
- designers taking all the credit for how good the game is
- designers are quasi-celebs

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it's because MGS was on console, thus had more exposure than a PC game. Plus Konami was one of the biggest names in gaming at the time

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I would say that MGS is the first successful movie-game and served as a model for other games. Though games had been incorporating "movie like" cinemas in games for a while. So the first ideas for "movie-games" were those live action FMVs and a lot of those just failed.

Then MGS comes along and it uses in-game graphics for cutscenes (the game features no FMV or live action aside from a few bits of stock footage) so it makes the cutscenes much cheaper to make and thus you can put more of them in your game. And the codec is genius as it's really just audio-drama tier. The graphics are simple 2D drawings that are barely animated and it uses the nearly unlimitted CD space for audio. The CODEC conversations in the games are often about pointless bullshit or chit chat, and they operate like friend simulator podcasts that cropped up decades later. Put these all together, and do a better job of of seemlessly integrating cutscenes and game play. Bam we have the movie-game genre!

But MGS still heavily leans on the "game" spectrum despite the lengthy audio and video cutscenes. Today movie-games are less games and more movies. But I can't help but see TLOU series drawing heavily from the MGS games including MGS4.


And most of those games were total failures. MGS was the first to make it right.

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They here to shill against Kojima not the movie game genre
They doing to MGS what they did to DS on /v/. Delete all these threads before these /v/ faggots turn /vr/ into another Konami shill / Kojima hate board

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You say it like there's something wrong. If contemporary games have been moving in that direction, so be it.

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If you like movies as you like games then there's nothing wrong

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We don't need 3 threads on the exact same topic

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They did worse on /v/

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Are stealth games inherently flawed? The whole idea of crawling through bushes and vents, hiding from single enemies and waiting around until the game decides you can do something strips away any sense of control and agency from the player. It's no wonder stealth mechanics are often seen in movie games, and why stealth games fall for the "immersive experience" meme.

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No, it's good that cinematic art was brought to vidya. Before that, it was
Games like Metal Gear Solid are unironically the only retro games worth playing.

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Yes, not only stealth but RPGs. What they lack in gameplay is compensated through a long narrative

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>dub so bad
I'll have whatever you're smoking. MGS was one of the very few major PS1 titles with voice acting that was actually good. It was definitely no Mega Man 8.

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Shit like Metal Gear Solid is the reason we have meta-narrative drivel like Undertale nowadays.

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Yeah I think Snatcher for the Sega CD is the first game that I know of that has good voice acting. I think it's because they started hiring professionals and did it properly rather than just hiring randoms.


Stealth are low-key horror games. You're weak and you need to hide from the monsters lest you be killed.

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Couldn't it be argued too that electronic arts played a big role in that too, as they literally made the designers center-stage?

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That poor lad, more people want to talk about la creatividad than flash carts.

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You mean /v/ still has threads about video games and not screen capping twitterr posts about the liberal agenda?

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OP is pathological.

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>Women have more hiding places than men.
Unironically what did la creatividad mean by this?

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Tenchu is better than both.

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>But MGS still heavily leans on the "game" spectrum despite the lengthy audio and video cutscenes. Today movie-games are less games and more movies. But I can't help but see TLOU series drawing heavily from the MGS games including MGS4.
The crazy thing is how much MGSV was all about its gameplay. The story sucked ass and was barely there but who could give a shit when there was so much fun to be had shooting guys and sneakin'?

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Nice try, weeb.
Tenchu gameplay sucks money fuck.

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>attacking people in a stealth game
nigga you retarded

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Wow....uhhhh this is the game play in thief? Really? I guess it's insecurity that causes PC gamers to shitpost in MGS threads.

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Thief is not a stealth game, it is an immersive sim with stealth elements.

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Thief is meme trash. Stay mad, cuck.

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All that virgin energy makes them mad as fuck.

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>of control and agency from the player.
nigga, stealth games are one of the few genres that offer almost full control and agency to the player. You decide when to act, how to act, you control the pace, you manipulate the enemies, enemies react to you, not the opposite.

In normal action games all player input is reactive by nature, you react to the enemy, enemies control the pace, enemies decide how you act. It's a series of reactions, you barely have any agency. I don't know how many and what stealth games have you played it, but it seems such an absurd observation from your part. Play Thief 2, SC Chaos Theory, Deus Ex, and tell me they don't offer control and agency, ffs.

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They don't if you're playing well, you have a limited amount of tools for distraction in any given situation and are constantly forced to observe enemy patterns and wait around in the shadows. The one stealth game where you have a decent amount of agency over enemies is Blood Money because its stealth is garbage and you can distract anyone with coin tosses at any point. Or are you counting the failure states like getting spotted as agency too? If you play stealth games like third rate action games then yes, you do have more options but this tends to get discouraged with shitty combat, ranking systems and other means. In Chaos Theory you can't even WALK normally when enemies are nearby, you have to slow the fuck down so you don't make noise. The entire genre is about being the bitch of the game and trying to play by its very limiting set of rules or else get punished in one way or another. Action games always let you be proactive and in fact reward this, there is a small handful of terrible action games which are about waiting around for enemy attacks to parry them but they are a minority, and even in terms of inputs and amount of actions you're required to perform they blow stealth games the fuck out effortlessly

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Wut brainlet

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Sage goes in all fields