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You should play a Breath of Fire game.

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sell it to me

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I once got that game on accident for a weekend rental when the store had the wrong game in the case. At first I was pissed, but after about 15 minutest of trying it i realized it was better than whatever the fuck I thought i rented. Capturing enemies and renaming them stupid 13yo shit was fun for a weekend.

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4 has Ursula. 3 has Momo. 2 has Katt.

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You played pokemon you fool

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>4 uses ugly as fuck 3d models

3 is better

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I am in the process of doing so. Going to play 2 soon after beating #1, then play 3 and 4. FYI, 1 was a steaming pile of dog shit

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I've played most of them already. Great little RPG series, shame it never got more popular

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>FYI, 1 was a steaming pile of dog shit
That's overly harsh. 1 was just average.You'll be happy to know that 2 is a lot better though.

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I enjoyed 1 more, 2 is such a random encounter every 2 steps shitshow

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nigga are you telling me the enc rate is worse than #1`?

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4 has great models and far better sprite animation on the 2d parts. It also has a better setting and story. And it has Ershin.

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I actually finding myself liking 1 a lot more lately. It's nice simple to the point and you're always moving forward towards something new and interesting. Story's not exactly complex or the characters deep but it's a good solid adventure.

1 has these items you can buy for cheep that keep enemies at bay. 2, allegedly, has a spell that does the same but it's broken and doesn't work. It also has dungeons that drag to the point of grating.

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I don't hate 1. To me it's basically the everyman RPG. The RPG that cuts the bullshit and boils the entire genre to it's most basic points and rather or not that's a good thing is up to you and how much you like RPGs as a genre.

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7E12DC04 for lowering encounter rate in bof2, change the last two digits to modify it (higher = higher encounter rate).

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I was going to play BoF2 but I read that every translation (Including the fan one) is awful.

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There are multiple fan translations

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I was only aware of Yusuke's or whatever his name was. That one was ass.

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BoF 3 and 4 are great movies, fun characters, a predictable but comfy story. I recommend some pop-corn while you watch.

You can fast-forward the gameplay on an emulator, just spam (A) non-stop to win every battle and get to the good story bits.

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I don't entirely agree with this statement, especially in 4's case as I found the battle system to be fun, but if you just want the brass tax of the story the manga is actually great read regardless if you know the game or not.

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>me want hard jrpg
>plays hard games with save states
Interesting move anon

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I think that's maybe what I like about it. There's not ZERO story but a lot of it is still very brief. You meet new allies, fight villains, there's clear goals. But it's all very back seat. Characters have exactly enough personality to let you know what they're about with dwelling and they all have a unified goal of stopping a corrupt empire from conquering them all. Too many modern games confuse "depth" with MASSIVE info dumps and repetitive dialogue that amounts to characters repeating themselves, repeating each other or just prattling on about something inane.

I miss the days of "Hello, band of heroes. Our princess has ventured deep into a witches castle to save our king. Please help us save her." Cuz see right off the bat we actually do learn a lot about Nina in this example. She's impetuous. Something of a tomboy rather than a dainty princess and is motivated by a strong desire to save her father even if it means her own peril. So boom. I got it. This character is endearing. I don't know text box after text box telling me anything that her brief intro didn't already. Part of what I liked about old games like this was paying attention to the big things and filling in the gaps myself. And taking some inspiration from the official artwork.

Maybe it's my own hypocritical nostalgia talking, and I really don't deny it if it is, but I just get more out of a brief scene watching character sprites droop sadly slightly than watching some long drawn out high budget movie scene where characters wail at the top of their lungs.

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>>plays hard games with save states
I play PC games and PC ports and none come with save states. Nice projection.

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Play the official translation, it has the most SOUL

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>BoF 3 and 4 are great movies, fun characters, a predictable but comfy story.

My favourite Breath of Fire movies are 2 and 3, didn't enjoy watching 4 as much

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* brass tacks

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how do i do this on a .smc file?

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i thought i had played every good old rpg out there until someone posted pic related on this board and my mind was blown. How can something so good be so unknown?

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>Total dogshit story
>Slow mundane combat
>Most enemy skills you learn are pointless
> Most regular skills are pointless
>Only two characters have a good Magic stat and in order to combo magic for big damage you need to use a low Magic character
> Chock full of mini games that are annoying and offer no valuable rewards
> "Remember that shitty dessert from 3? Let's bring it back but this time make it a FIELD"
> "Oh, you go thru that massive empty field with only Ryu and fight enemies that need spells to defeat so if you don't have Burn or Pilfer equipped you're pretty much fucked"
>Basically only 1 kind of dragon
>Classic example of status effects missing/immune
> Fishing takes forever to get amount of fish to get a prize and most good fish are insanely rare
>Towns are the size of a postage stamp and the camera can barely see what's happening
> World map is a cruddy brown that makes it hard to determine where you actually are.
> World map is full of empty nodes with almost no purpose
> -But if you wanna find fishing spots you have to explore these empty nodes
> Most masters are useless
>Buying new equipment is expensive and you'll be poor a lot unless you spend FUCKING FOREVER in the slow as fuck combats
>Fairy village is a pointless Tomagatchi, the shops never sell anything good.
>Best tactic in the game is to Maximize attack by sacrificing Def, charging for 3 turns, attack, repeat for the next 4 turns
>Fishing barely makes sense and is mostly just tapping a button
>Difficulty is trivial

>Ershin, Baofu, and Ursula are cool designs
>You can actively switch characters each turn in combat and use the back rows to get buffer MP

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>be so unknown
How can you know anything about old school RPGs and not know about Breath of Fire?

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Should I start with 3 or 4?

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Depends if you want a coming of age story/bildungsroman set in a more stereotypical jrpg fantasy setting (BoF3) or a paths cross travel story in a ancient china inspired setting (BoF4).
They're not related outside of Squall-is-dead-tier armchair theorizing so order doesn't matter.

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i prepatched a Breath of Fire II rom with the retranslation and maeson hack. some changes are more exp and cheaper items to cut down on the grind. here's the readme text on all the changes https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/3272/
the patched&tested game are in this folder

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what's lin?

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I'm currently playing this having never touched BOF II. Are these harpies supposed to be kicking my ass?

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Thanks for the service but it might be a good idea to name the files in a way that indicates which patch, patch variant and version were applied. For example the retranslation comes with extra patches for the title screen and Maeson comes in two variants which have drastic differences in regard to gameplay.

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didn't patch the title screen and it's Maeson A cause it's the better version

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Yeah, pretty much every fight until you're level 20 or so and have a full party will be nothing but pain for you.

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>drastic changes in gameplay

"If you want a Ryu that learns a good amount of spells alongside his Dragon powers for veratility and variety, use Patch A.
If you want a simpler Ryu and keep using him just as you always used him besides a couple new utility spells, just use patch B.
There are NO other differences besides this between Patch A and B!"

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The main character in a JRPG being able to use generic magic spells or not is a drastic change, wouldn't you agree? And again, I was just suggesting to note which variants and versions of patches were applied so people know what they're getting into.

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This. Capcom can’t into RPGs. Play Dragon Quest instead.

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Also: the retranslation + Maeson patched rom doesn't work without an nvram file that has the retranslation only patch ROM started up once and completed the CRC check the retranslation patch put it.

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Literally every problem BoF games have is something they share with Dragon Quest. Remove all the similarities to Dragon Quest and BoF games would be perfect.

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of shit i didn't think about that. yeah you definitely have to patch this one yourself. you patch the retranslation create the vram then apply the maeson patch. it took me like 2 minutes.

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changing the word at address 0x1FF2 from FF to AB in the savefile works

so in a hexeditor change the last line of the savefile from:

>cracking romhacks

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thanks king

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Turns out Breath of Fire IV came out on PC as well. It still runs well with dgVoodoo. I wonder if there are differences with the PSX version.

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There's a dungeon midway in 2 where you'll probably spend 1/3 of your time in the game. It's fucking huge and the random encounters don't really help.
Also for some reason, lots of mobs there can cast Death spells.

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I fucking love Breath of Fire 2's intro.

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The retard who made the retranslation for some reason got it in his head to rename Katt "Lin."

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lol wtf is up with romhackers lately, adding anti-piracy(?)-shit?

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It's not an anti-piracy measure but a way to ensure that the hack was applied correctly but it's retarded.
Most romhacks just tell you the SHA1/MD5 sums of the rom before and after patching and it's up to the user to check and make sure it was applied properly to the correct rom that way. Adding code to your romhack to do this is at best nannying and at worst, as in this case, hindering further modification.
This goes against the spirit of romhacking in my opinion.

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Katt's original name is Lin Pu Chuan.

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But my dumb pun that I got use to when I was 7...

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4 looks fantastic but theres no good substance to it aside from that

peak ps1 visual aesthetics/graphics

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>4 looks fantastic but theres no good substance to it aside from that

I mean if you don't count the story of gods and tragedy, the Buddhist/Taoist symbolism, the music the battle mechanics and the setting...yeah. Also you're an idiot.

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Heard you anon, I tried playing those Trails of games, and is such info dump after info dump.

Zelda 1, DQ1, Bof1?

Here's your goal, now play the game and fill the gaps

And that's fucking great! I'm designing a jRPG myself and making all the dialogue very minimalistic.

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This is part of why I liked Alliance Alive so damn much. Inside the first two hours I basically knew who the chief heroes where and why I should care. Hell the primary goal for the primary heroes was made clear inside a half hour.

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Seething queer.

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My biggest issue with BoF4 was that it started the whole Final Fantasy-esque trend of the games not being involved with one another. 1 through 3 all told a connected story, 4 through 6 are just random fantasy games with a protagonist named Ryu that vaguely resembles a dragon. The series didn't need to go this way, there was plenty more that they could've kept doing with the Myria vs Brood stories.

And y'know, even that might've been forgivable. But the obnoxious BoF4 headcanon fans who keep insisting despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary that somehow 4 actually IS part of the 1-3 continuity makes the game almost as excruciating to discuss as Final Fantasy 8 because you know that autist is waiting in the wings to pitch his R=U theory there too.

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Except none of those things have substance. If you think otherwise, you’ve probably only dipped your toes in the genre. BoF is a slightly less generic Dragon Quest.
>Also you’re an idiot.
You’re not BoF 4, lad. Don’t take criticism of it personally.

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Let me guess, you're a xenocuck?

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Aye! I am an Xenochad. What gave it away?

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I could feel the autism radiating off your post. Plus it's a well known fact that Xenotards think their shitty half-finished game was somehow super deep and philosophical.

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Yes, you are. Shouldn't you go be jacking off your unfinished EVA ripoff and whining about how you hate FF8 for stealing it's budget?

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Shit game is shit

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BoFIV actually reminds me a lot of Xenogears in terms of aesthetics and music.

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