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Let's get comfy

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easy one

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can i live here

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Pure enriched SOUL

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is that from ogre battle 64?

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I really wish 3rd and 4th gen were given an extra year before being retired. Devs were getting extremely good at making their games look absolutely gorgeous despite the limitations.

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I've barely touched that game but I've always loved its aesthetics. I really need to play it from start to finish one of these days.

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Auditory Comfy

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peak SOUL and i mean it

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I wish all you fuckers would post what games these come from

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Get filtered zoomer lurk more faggot i hate zoomer posers

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i'm 28 you fuckin melon

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exact same fuckin' thread with the exact same fuckin' gif in the OP
Are you a bot or a fucking faggot?

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Damn, what game?

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comfy is just a code word for boring desu

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albert odyssey

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I think you need to leave.

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So does soul just mean good lighting in a low res game? I can't see anything else that unifies these images.

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I tell you campfire's are pretty great.

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Comfy is an image that's evocative of a restful, often warm, period to serve as a lull in the rising tension of the plot that allows the player to take a brief emotional respite before once more heading out in the wilds.

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IS this that toy car racing game?

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If Digimon Ogre Battle and Persona are "boring" games, then what kinds of games are "entertaining?"

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Coming soon

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oh god oh fuck muh pure 45+ club is getting soiled oh fuck. Why don't you fucking boomers just make some zoning ordinances or get the Homeowners association to kick me out?

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No doubt about it. They could re-release all those consoles properly (alongside some fancy CRT TV), with cartridges and all, and still they would have something to teach about gaming development today.

Also keep one eye on Gimmick arcade, though.


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Wow this is fucking stellar. Thanks for turning me to this.

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Nah, it's Digimon World 3

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random sparkling jewels, stars, or unknown things in the backgrounds of old games is basically pure soul

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Good lighting is a massive source of comfyness.
The problem with graphics is that the more detailed they are, the more detailed the environment design has to be. And many times, a game simply has more detailed graphics but not much more than that.

e.g. New Vegas looks like absolute shit, the lighting is non-existent, whereas this PS1 game looks incredible and comfy by comparison
Lighting is so important at making you feel what you are seeing is real, and transporting you there.

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I feel better having looked at this. Thanks

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This Yoshi's island?

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God damn this image alone makes me to really want to replay YI. What a soulful game.

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The arcades in the original Sailor Moon were so damn comfy. They really fucked it up in Crystal.

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Not sure what you autists find so enchanting about this but all I see are some vines against a black backdrop with windows and stars. Sounds like something you'd come up with if you were purposely trying to be "whimsical".

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Shut up, homo

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t. soulless npc
you wouldn't recognize beauty if it jumped into your face

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The irony of this post... Finding "beauty" and "soul" in videogames is pure dimwit levels of intelligence.

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>being unable to discern beauty in anything not explicity labelled as "fine art" by other people
absolutely pseudointelligent take.

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I said nothing about "discerning beauty in anything not explicity[sic] labelled as "fine art" by other people"

You absolute retard

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i understand, so you can't find beauty in games, and nowhere else either.
take a stand

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Do you ever just get fucking sad that you'll never truly inhabit a retro /vr/ world. I don't think I'll live long enough to see VR technology evolve to the point where I can totally immerse myself in a pixelated retro landscape that's as in-depth and detailed as a real city. Just bums me out; I've always just wanted to jump into my TV and go farther than what I was allowed to see. They say in heaven you can have anything you wish, well if heaven exists and I'm lucky enough to go, I hope its that for me.

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That would be nice. I'd choose Megaman Legends.

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As an existentialist drawfag, I can totally see where Anon from pic related comes from, but I think that creating art, music, painting, comics, you are contributing to culture and thus, helping others with their ennui, even if it's a product, it can also add meaning and thus beauty.

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>VR technology evolve to the point where I can totally immerse myself in a pixelated retro landscape that's as in-depth and detailed as a real city
That would ruin the whole pixelated retro landscape in the first place, wouldn't it?

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The irony of the pic is you wouldn't care about living these fantasies if you were never exposed to them.

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If you can't see romanticism in things, then you might be an INTJ autistic.

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>you wouldn't want thing if you never knew thing existed
wow........... this really makes me think..............

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I guess what I mean is that, it would retain its pixelated look, but there would be as many places to explore and people to talk to as a real city.

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Oh look, someone shares an opinion that differs to mine so I'll call them autistic. Good job.
I find beauty in life you presumptuous little twit, just not necessarily in mass produced toys marketed to children
Tell me how much SOUL this urinal has in comparison to one of your most SOULFUL video game gifs

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That is actually a pretty soulful urinal to be fair

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amazing water for an NES game

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Where is this from?

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The way the urinal casts shadows vaguely resembles the Madonna/catholic iconography. The overall shape of it does too. That’s the point, it’s not just a stupid peepee poopoo joke, but still kind of is at the same time.

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Magical Chase for the Game Boy Color

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>Magical Chase for the Game Boy Color

Whoaaa, I love that game! Is it worth playing the GBC ver if I've already beaten the PC Engine original?

>> No.6570618

The GBC is a port, not a new game.
No major new content.
Play it if you're the type of person who likes to see differences when a game goes to different hardware.

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I've seen that urinal in real life and it's a really good bit of art! If you were aiming to be ironic by posting a picture of something that has no right being "art", you missed the mark!

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poo cigarettes my favourite part to use

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Comfy is just a code word for your mom's asshole on saturday night.

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>it’s not just a stupid peepee poopoo joke
No, it is. Duchamp made it clear and you retards are carrying on this joke for a fucking 100 years.

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Did you read the actual post? I said it isn’t JUST one but still more or less is one.

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go back to /v/ retard.

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PoPoLoCrois Monogatari for the PS1

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Absolute pseudointellectual.

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>it was part of a commercial endeavor, therefore it cannot have any artistic merit

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Me too. I don't recognize most of them.
I'm 31 but grew up poor to the point of not even having Internet access until 2007. The filtered meme makes this place suddenly feel like /lit/, wherein no one actually reads.

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This is code for “I’m threatened by intelligence, please stop being smart :(“

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No, it means that you think that you have an advanced intellect and you're trying to flaunt yourself as such, when in reality you're at best a midwit, or worse.
You don't think any of this stuff has any artistic merit, or 'soul', because that's what you figure should be an intellectual's opinion, but you can't make a strong argument as to why, rather pointing towards memes that you don't even understand, such as >>6561295

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Some of you guys really should test for autism, this is not even a joke.

>Additional social challenges can include difficulty with:
>Recognizing emotions and intentions in others
>Recognizing one’s own emotions
>Expressing emotions
>Seeking emotional comfort from others
>Feeling overwhelmed in social situations
>Taking turns in conversation

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>taking turns in conversation
So just rudely interrupt people to assert dominance? How normalfaggy of you. We hate normals for a reason, autism is just one thing of many that 4chan users would have.

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>finding beauty in art is idiocy
Spoken like a true 3/10 npc, got some replies at least!

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I demand an explanation to why this is so comfy. It's just a fucking resort beach with some chairs and a hotel. Why do my brain start imagining the lives of the residents and the world they live in? Why are some things so comfy? I don't even like resorts.

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Why are you here then?

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Came here to post this, what the fuck?

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No idiot I was making fun of him.

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comfy thread

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Here's a white pill
>You can go on an adventure and have conflicts, just join the army or police force or become an outlaw.
>Guns are better than 90% of superpowers
>You don't actually need to consume media.

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that's the doozy of growing up on so much far-fetched fantasy media. It makes everything pale in comparison

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>Oh look, someone shares an opinion that differs to mine so I'll call them autistic
Now I'm calling you a retard because you misinterpreted what I said. I'm calling you autistic because you're incapable of being a romanticist. That urinal is also a cynical art piece devoid of beauty. You're all over the place.

>> No.6581461

>devoid of beauty
It’s cynical, sure, but it’s supposed to be deliberately dragging down past institutions of art by way of this logic:

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>but it’s supposed to be deliberately dragging down past institutions of art by way of this logic:
I know what it means. I'm saying it is devoid of beauty. It's only aim is to be clever. It was original and witty the first time Duchamp made it, but the cynicism of all the pieces like it that came after that throw shade at traditional art is juvenile to say the least. Or as you say, "dragging past institutions of art" which were all in the pursuit of creating beauty.

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Yeah alright then I agree with ya anon. I dont mean to come off like I’m defending it.

>> No.6581481

No worries, anon. I'm just here for the cozy gifs.

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I just tend to like saying something about the nature of what the piece is mocking since that’s usually entirely lost on the kinds of anons who use it as an example of why art is dead or whatever

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I don't think art is dead, but the realm of art that is in pursuit of aesthetics (not the meme definition) is certainly lacking today. I suggest you give this documentary a watch if you have the time. I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

>> No.6581503

Sure I’ll give it a watch but I don’t think art is dead at all lmao

>> No.6582550

>I don’t think art is dead at all lmao

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There's more to art than post modernists producing blank canvases (which is a money laundering scheme).

>> No.6583038

Here's another, games let you embark on any adventure imaginable without having to suffer horrendous consequences.

>> No.6583054

Mopey fuck.

That'd be fucking cool. Imagine experiencing something like the Final Fight games in first person, in all their pixelated glory. Perhaps it would need to use voxels to look convincing, yet maintain the mosaic aesthetic.

>> No.6583073

>>join the army
I wish I could teleport though the Internet and murder whoever keeps shitposting this normalfaggy idea. The army is full of fucking assholes and turns people into assholes and furthermore is the foundation, tricking people into being the peasant lowly soldier, of tyranny itself. Above all that it isn't designed to be fun. At all.
>>guns are better than 90%
>>you don't have to consume media

>> No.6583079

It's a human instinct to always want more or no one would aspire.

>> No.6583085

The army is for fags, but guns are genuinely better than many super powers you see in fiction.

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They're a cop out, dishonorable to use, non-dodge tier (unless matrix faggotry in which case they should be rendered useless due to how sturdy you'd have to be to move that fast), used primarily by cowards that attempt to outnumber their victims, etc. That aside

>no can shoot
>x-ray vision
>kill man with gun before he can draw, chamber, aim, etc
>super strength
>no kill with gun
>super speed
>no kill with gun
>good luck aiming
>burn so much shit sissy with gun runs away, eyes watering too much to aim
>animal form
>good luck killing a bear with your pistol
>vampire, invincible tier
>obv no kill
>mind reading
>know when he's going to shoot and outfox his aim
>mind control obv trumps it too
>lazor vision no have to aim
>ice attack
>future sight
>obv avoid bullet
>kai beams obviously beat it too
>shields beat it
>telekinesis beats it
>electric beats it
>rock shakes the very earth to keep from shooting aim well

It's basically the ice attack and faggy as hell as only flamers use ice attacks.

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lmao mad as fuck, guns could defeat most of the X-Men in an open fight, deal with it

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>>good luck killing a bear with your pistol
There are many handguns which can take bear, even larger kinds of bear.

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shut up

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reverse image search

>> No.6583289

>guns are bad because they can’t defeat my /x/ schizophrenia

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no u

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Perhaps if a bunch of literal boomers were to tell people what their games are the thread won't go full on toxic dereailment.

>> No.6584657

Imagine lacking basic human emotions.

>> No.6584915

t. mass reply autistic

>> No.6585512

umihara no kawase

neat little physics-puzzler-platformer

>> No.6585525

I always liked the weird magazine-esque realistic setting of Sonic Adventure.

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Half that pic is manchild cringe the other hits the nail on the head. Wage slaving wouldn't be so bad if the world wasn't so god damn soulless as it is today. Not to mention it gets harder and harder to go out and do your own thing. It's like there's no future.

>> No.6585648

what game is this

>> No.6585650

SaGa/The Final Fantasy Legend?

>> No.6585662

Explain your answer or shut the fuck up.

No. You'd miss the head and aiming center mass will kill it next week but immediately piss it off and make it maul you.

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What about my /tg/ post is /x/ tier faggot?

>> No.6585671

I don't recognize most things in this thread but that's clearly Final Fantasy Adventure for the original gameboy. Also known as Secret of Mana the REAL first. Secret of Mana mana games is really number 2, of which is why the english hacked mana 3 is called three and needed to be hacked. As usual the Nips never give us everything. That game is a good gameboy game. We gave it the wrong name to promote it better I guess as final fantasy is a bigger name than secret of mana.

>> No.6585746

Thanks for the tip by the way. Didn't realize those games existed and were in English. My fav emu site didn't even have them either so that must be why I overlooked them. I have them now though, the three.

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