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Same energy.

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Translate it, I don't speak zoomer.

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It's more millennial Twitter speak than zoomy zoom zoom talk. Both are clusters of expensive plastic objects made by Sega that are worth roughly $300 so seeing either elicits the same kind of emotional reaction.

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>Same energy.
fuck off back to rebbit

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I will absolutely never understand the mentality behind this stuff. I get wanting a better condition copy of something, or maybe wanting to modify a system that's not one you're personally attached to from your childhood or something. But just 'I have a stack of six of these' does my head in.
At least that's a store.

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With vintage hardware the extras are for when one fails, anon. Famicoms in particular are dirt cheap, and fun to work on.

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its called hoarding. its a mental illness

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I'm jealous of Japan's used game market, that shit looks so cool. Makes me miss going to FuncoLand and reading the pricing newspapers they had

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Yeah, it has flaws but ultimately there's something cool as fuck about being able to walk into a store, pick up a copy of a SNES or PS1 game off the shelf like it's '96 and buy it for a price that's not completely insane. I wouldn't go to Japan for it, but if you're ever over there, make sure to drop into a few retro stores.

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This thread makes me feel good because I'm not a poorfag

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It's cheap to import from there though. I recommend just importing hardware and running flash carts/mods on it. Makes me sad to know I'll never go into FuncoLand and buy a Saturn or Dreamcast for $20 ever again. But I can still get Japanese consoles cheap and there are more options than ever for running backups or roms.

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I've thought of importing a Japanese Saturn, but would there be a benefit for a burger to import a Mega Drive? I know flash carts work with every region and region locking can usually be bypassed by a Game Genie, but is there any other benefit for importing the hardware over a US Genesis?

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This thread makes me feel good because I'm not a mentally ill autist who hoards old shit when I could just emulate it for free.
But sure anon, at least you can brag to a bunch of spergs on /vr/.

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rent free, emufag

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If you're going to get it modded it doesn't matter where you get it from. If you just want to find the best one it's easier to do that with US models. Myself I got a pre-TMSS Model 1. I don't think it's as easy to tell the Japanese variants apart but I could be wrong. The Mega Drive also didn't sell as well in Japan so they are actually slightly more scarce there.

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Damn, mines isn’t sealed I actually played it.

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One of my favorite series

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It's called not being a shortsighted poorfag who lives hand to mouth

The number of times I've seen some faggot crying because their one whatever died and prices have doubled in the mean time.
I remember back when all the cool kids on /vr/ were talking about how they'd only buy one of something and only if they were actually going to use it. "Nah man . Leave it for the next dude, bro". Well the next dude was a ebay reseller and he bough them all and now he's laughing and they're all fucked.

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>what is collecting