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What is the best Zelda game and why, for me it's this one.

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I have never liked Zelda a ton but that's the one I played through all to the end so I guess that's it for me too.

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Because you have a shit taste.

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For one it is portable, I also enjoy the aesthetic it allows the imagination to grow whilst you play. I enjoy the 8bit soundtrack and controls.

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Any retro console game is portable nowadays.

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present me an alternative then you scrub. What Zelda game is so good that it could possibly triumph this. Pro tip. You can't.

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There's no point in playing it now that the remake exists

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I hate most zelda games, but zelda 1 had a better open world design and zelda 2 had better combat.

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Does Nintendo only make games for literal toddlers?

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Only soulless because of the lack of the camera shop and side quest. Although they did add I think one of the scenes from the side quest in the game.

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I know you kids just throw that nonsensical word at anything you don't like but if I actually were to describe a game as looking like it has soul, that remake nails it. It doesn't look good enough to make me want to replay the game though. Zelda bores me to tears.

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yeih boy
it's arguably the best video game ever created, when you consider what it does and the memory / display / processor limitations it was working to.
i mean it's a fully fledged adventure with romance, tragedy, comedy, RPG elements, collect-em-all elements, side scrolling platform sections, one of the most haunting stories of all time, multiple large dungeons, puzzles, jumping, hacking, shooting, etc. all on a postage stamp sized screen driven by a Z80 chip and with sound FX provided by the guts of a musical christmas card.

Consider this: even the N64 Zelda games don't really do anything Link's Awakening doesn't, except provide you with a mount; they're 3D but the gameplay elements are all the same.

This game is just amazing, peak Nintendo

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okay no need for sarcasm.

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>Consider this: even the N64 Zelda games don't really do anything Link's Awakening doesn't
LOL. How high on fecal fumes were you when you wrote this?

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>Consider this: even the N64 Zelda games don't really do anything Link's Awakening doesn't, except provide you with a mount; they're 3D but the gameplay elements are all the same.
This but unironically. OoT was pretty garbage. It wasn't technically impressive at all, it wasn't more fun than other games in the 5th gen, it didn't do anything new in the zelda series either. I simply don't understand what people see in this game.

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Link to the Past 2

the only way it could have been better was if it used the ooT/mm3D engines

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Oracle of Ages provides a mount, and Seasons feels the most like the OG Zelda being that it started as a remake

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It certainly is my favorite Zelda and possibly one of my favorite games ever made.
I replayed it several times in the past years and it's always such a fun and good time.
I feel like the size of the overworld map and the dungeons are the right amount, it never feels like it overstays its welcome.

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it was like my second/third GB game, it is a really good game, but I can't reasonably favor any Zelda over the other with them being such rich and unique experiences

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Haven't played LA.
What's its unique selling point?
Any unique mechanics like dimensions in ALttP or the time loop in MM?

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Jump mechanic

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The original is the only top tier Zelda. No stupid mechanics, no fucking goddamn STORYSHIT, no bullshit. Actual adventure mechanics, a sense of adventure and actually working to find things, a real challenge, a second fucking quest, and an insane sense of goddamn satisfaction. Only Adventure of Link comes even close, and it's not really that great compared to everything else. All other Zelda games are basically garbage.

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Trying too hard to fit in

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I owned this game as a kid, but i actually hate it now as an adult. I dont understand why people rave about this one so much. Its an OK game but it has so many flaws that ruin it.

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>I woned this game as a kid
>actually hate it now
nitpicks, they're called nitpicks, and it's probably parroted since you didn't play the game yourself and only heard what some click bait e-celeb said.

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>fit in
I'm sorry I've felt this way my entire fucking life which was from the FUCKING PONG DAYS OF VIDEOGAMING YES I AM THAT FUCKING OLD but yeah, fuck yes, you fucking got me, fucking child, I'm trying to "fit in" to your little braindead underage masturbatory clique.

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>Trying too hard to fit in
kill this meme
truly the franchise has degressed since the first game, two whole games in that one, a feat unseen since until the ocarina of time 3d remake

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There is no best, I rate them the same.
I do think the Gamecube titles are weaker than the others, and I didn't play any after that.

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What a weirdo

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Wow an enlightened opinion followed up with the dumbest idea I've ever heard bar none. I don't even dislike those games, but that would completely change AoL to the point it wouldn't even be close to the same game.

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you perfectly articulated your thoughts and feelings, and I couldnt agree more. It is a massive adventure game on very primitive console, and although it didnt push the gameboy to its limits, it certainly took full advantage and it turned out amazing.

would it have been as fondly remember if it wasnt called zelda though?

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Personal top 5. Havent played the NES Zelda till the end though.

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Does the camera shop only matter if you have a GB printer?

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Nah, that was like an extra little feature. The side quest expanded on the story ever so slightly also I think in DX if you wanted to get the 100% ending you needed to finish the side quest as well as the other requirements.

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The OG original. Good sense of exploration, secrets, no bullshit story to bog you down, the most free-open world map of the series still. It really has everything that makes a zelda game great.

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Hate the artstyle

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