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I'm making a list of good old games to get on GOG, what do you guys suggest?

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Well, what kind of games do you like?

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FPS, Stealth, Strategy, RPG, anything really as long as it's good. Pic related is my current library.

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I've been playing privateer

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Some games that quickly came to my mind:

X-Com: UFO Defense and X-COM: Terror from the Deep (for use with OpenXCom)

Rollercoaster Tycoon 1, 2 (OpenRCT2)

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Master of Orion 2

Master of Magic

Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive

Sierra city building series: Caesar 3, Pharaoh, Zeus, Emperor

Stronghold HD, Stronghold Crusader HD

Worms Armageddon

Wizardy 8

Majesty Gold


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i had to resize the shit out of it just to fit it all under the 4mb limit sry if its hard to read

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Rebel Assault I & II
Shadows of the Empire

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Whatever the fuck you like and/or enjoy.
Also, you're late by about a week for their sales

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All the 4X /vr/ (include Win98 games).
All the Apogee games.
Everything else is JUST YOUR OPINIONS, DUDES.

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never even beat the simple missions to kill retros. how did autists manage to beat this game just by using the starter ship???

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use Jaypegs.

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you answered your own question

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This is what I have so far. I had just started buying PC games on GOG, I think as early as last year.

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some of my faves i own on gog

baldur's gate 1 and 2
grandia 2 hd remaster
sim city 3000
roller coaster tycoon 3
deus ex 1
alpha centauri
monkey island 1 and 2...maybe 3 too
x wing
tie fighter
knights of the old republic

idk. i have like 300 games there. their selection isn't anything like steam but at least they respect your money and let you own the games you buy (not tethering you to any software).

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homm 3
might and magic 1-6 collection
jagged alliance 2

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As mentioned, Worms Armageddon because you can still play it multiplayer online

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Split into 2 or more parts.

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Arx Fatalis
Temple of Elemental Evil
Icewind Dale 1-2
Ravenloft 1-2
Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth
Might and Magic 1-9
The Suffering 1-2
System Shock 1-2
Neverwinter Nights 2
Dungeon Keeper 1-2
Anvil of Dawn
Caesar 3-4
Pharaoh and Cleopatra
Lands of Lore 1-3
Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines
Wizards and Warriors
Dark Sun 1-2

Those are some I have and recommend.

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Yeah I know I’m just adding everything to this list for the next sale.

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Or, you could just download them for free. They're all there, virus free too.

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You can get all the D&D gold box stuff cheap. If you want to play Wizardry 6-8 I recommend with Wizardry 7 you go into the Extras and download the Dos version and play that. On Modern systems the Wizardry 7 Gold has about a 3x3 inch screen and you cannot make it bigger.

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That’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I go through the list, pirate the game and try it out. If I like it I’ll buy it later, if not remove from the list.

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Dude on the windows stuff and some of the Dos, just go the GOG way. Farting with settings and trying to get some working is a nightmare. I tried to get Thunderscape working for months years ago, never got the settings to not make the game run like hammered ass.

Right now you can get D&D stuff dirt cheap.

Forgotten Realms Collection 3, Menzoberranzan and Dungeon Hack. It's 2.03$ Don't be that fking cheap.

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I would be trying out the GOG copies anyway. And yes GOG has very good pricing, which is why I've bought a lot of stuff from them already. One of the few places I feel deserves it.

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Unreal Tournament.
System Shock.
Deus Ex 1

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Dude just keep the fucking pirated versions. No one gets royalties from you buying 30 year old games, and CDPR certainly doesn't need it.

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Hey man I get bitched at from both sides of the piracy debate. I’ll do it my way and you can do it yours alright.

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Nah, you should pirate. CDPR these last few years have shown they don't deserve your money anyway, so don't be a cuck.

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GOG and CDPR are subsidiaries of CD Projekt. Whether you like CDPR or not, GOG and CD Projekt have had a good history based on what I’ve seen. GOG has good products so I’ll support that.
What they decide to do with the money is their business. If my dollars magically get reallocated from GOG to CDPR to fund one of their games I couldn’t care less.

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And in the future if they decide to shut down GOG, I will still have all the games I got backed up DRM free.

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I only have about two games in gog
But what it first comes to mind would be
Xcom ufo and tftd
Master of magic
Master of orion i and ii
Might and magic up until 7
Homm 2 and 3
Civilization alpha centauri
Eye of the beholder 1 and 2
Lands of lore
CnC red alert
Jagged Alliance 2

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>generic titles everyone else says are the best games ever made
Baldur's Gate 1/2, Icewind Dale 1/2, Planescape Torment etc (every infinity engine title basically)
Temple of Elemental Evil
Deus Ex
Fallout 1/2
Jagged Alliance 2

>my personal recommendations
Might and Magic 6,7,8
Arx Fatalis
Vampire the Masquerade

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yes thanks here its jaypegged

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You could get all the stuff from the golden age of space flight simulators:
>Freespace 1 and 2
>Tie Fighter
>X-Wing Alliance
>the Wing Commanders
>Independence War
You kinda need a flightstick to really enjoy them though.
Freespace 2 is the best.

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>Commandos, but not Desperados
>the only Hitman game is the shittiest one there is
>no Risen

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>the only Hitman game is the shittiest one there is
Not him. GOG gave it away.

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Yeah it was the free one. And I've still got stuff on my wishlist too haha

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>cuck cuck cuk
i suppork based polandball corp who fires SJWs. and not afraid to sex sex sex in their games unlike consolefags Sony and /vr/ Ninskydog. but otherwise i'm not gonna feel guilty about all the old games i buccaneered.

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reported and saged

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why does GOG still not support sorting by original release date

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U wot m8?

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What game is it ?

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Nutty Rollers

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Can’t believe I have to say this, but every single game posted ITT is NOT RETRO

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You're not retro.

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Are you trying to prove some stupid point, or did you just snap or something. Are you drunk?

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Beg harder zoomie, fifth gen will NEVER be retro

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Quake 1 and 2

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Wacky Wheels
Stay away from the HD remake.

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Plus Hellfire (Actiblizz initially refused, but GOG included it as a free add-on).

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Speaking of which...
Can anyone make a magnet link for these files?

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>paying to pirate

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Obtaining legal digital copies of PC games is not pirating. GOG most likely obtain the license to sell these games.

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that would be paying patreon fags who fake translate nihonese eroges.
GOG have the license to sell those games. in some cases,they are the ONLY publisher and copyright holder. how retarded are you?

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Stay away from the original as well, because it was terrible even back then. Shoddy, slow engine.

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They did.

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I have 151 games on GOG currently. 302 on Steam.

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Shadow Man

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Is gog the best service for classic PC games and ports? I feel like there is a wider library than steam.

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This is a solid list. There are a few I find dubious but overall it's good. Some of them need context to. Neverwinter Nights, for example, is very mediocre on it's own but the fan made mods and the community servers elevated the game into the stratosphere. Too bad the enhanced edition tore the community in half.

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365 on GOG, 1310 on Steam

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It is, DRM free and they do a good job of tweaking games to actually be playable on new software/hardware.

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846 on steam, 249 on gog

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>Neverwinter Nights, for example, is very mediocre on it's own but the fan made mods and the community servers elevated the game into the stratosphere. Too bad the enhanced edition tore the community in half.

The expansion paks included are supposedly good, but i never played them cause i was too busy staring at boobs physics in Dances with Rogues module.

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>enhanced edition tore the community in half.
you mean shills gotta shill for shitty filters and buggy "remakes". how many beamdogs did you suck?

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Never played NWN before, but I have diamond edition on GOG apparently. Which modules would you most recommend? Preferably something long with a good story instead of IWD-style combat waves.

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Underdark is the best. It takes place after Shadow of Undertide, but I can never get through that expansion. The beginning stages are painfully slow. It's a fucking slog. Even with friends it's a slog.

How the fuck do you interpret that post as pro-remake? Are you retarded? This level of stupidity should be a bannable offense. You should feel ashamed of yourself. Don't even look a this post as an insult but as a honest critique of your mental deficiency and try to better yourself.

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Yes, by far. Aside from the larger library, as anon says, the games are modified in order to run correctly, which doesn't happen with Steam games.

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Yup Steam doesn’t give a shit. Many games straight up don’t work and you have to manually fix them.

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And some steam versions don't even have fixes (community has no motivation to work on a patch since GOG version exists and works perfectly out of the box).

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>tfw GOG Galaxy 2.0 still doesn't support pirated games to be launched through their launcher like in 1.2
>tfw when I ask about this on the GOG forums and Reddit, people get angry when I bring up piracy
This is honestly a downgrade, I hope GOG fixes this soon.
They could at least forbid pirated downloads from connecting online like in 1.2.

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>still doesn't support pirated games to be launched through their launcher
Yes it does, you can manually add games and even select specific executables.

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Yeah, but you can't link manuals and it's very, very janky compared to just allowing pirated games to be synced up to GOG Galaxy 2.0 automatically.

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ORIGINAL release date, not the date they were added to GOG. Some publishers incorrectly set release date to 2015 or whatever, so that link is missing a lot of stuff. You also have the problem of shit like Indiana Jones listing earlier than Zork.

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If you steal, you can't expect full support and functionality. The absolute state of poorfriends.

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But as I said, Galaxy 1.2 had support for pirated games, the only catch was that you can't connect online via. Galaxy if you don't own that game.

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Use 1.2 then. Nothing stopping you. Feel free to upgrade to paid copies of your stolen games if you want the full functionality of galaxy 2.0.

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But I love 2.0's integration of other launchers like Steam, Epic, Origin, UPlay and many more.

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They are licensed.

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Yes, it is exactly that. This is the catalog sorted by GOG release.

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only ONE person has said Darksun, get on that shit

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just use launchbox

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only one other person has mentioned Ravenloft, and nobody mentioned Krynn at all. gotta get those, especially since they're on sale for cheap.

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Spotted the Skunny Kart fan

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>Neverwinter Nights, for example, is

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I highly doubt anyone actually plays the games they buy on gog

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That's also shit. Most of these direct Mario Kart clones on PC were shit. Too fucking slow.
Better offerings were SuperKarts(even if the art downright blows but at least it runs in 60 fps), the PC port of Street Racer and World Rally Fever.
Fuck Wacky Wheels and fuck Skunny though.

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>muh clients
just use your damn file explorer or whatever pdf reader to open it, STEAM fags.

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The Ultima 4 modules and Dance with Rogues. The Kingmaker official expansion which is not included, should also be downable from the fansite unless Beamdoge claimed those too.

Dance with Rogues' is kinda wonky though.If you attack anyone outside of dialog options, EVERYONE becomes hostile and breaks the game. It's also one of the many modules that expect you to use only fighter/rogue classes, otherwise it's probably unbeatable.

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Sid Meier's Pirates
Sudden Strike 1/2
Synidicate/ Syndicate Wars
Jedi Knight/Outcast
Shadow Warrior
King of Dragon Pass
Majesty Gold

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GOG fucked up their site with the redesign, but you can still use this URL to only show pre-2000 games if you want to find /vr/ games: