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The n64 and ps1 are my favorite consoles, but I don’t have many Sega saturn games to play. I wanna spend my stimulus money on the essentials so I need some recommendations. What are some of your favorites for the saturn?

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I recommend you don't waste your time on that shitty system.

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my personal favourites are baku baku animal, nights, and the panzer dragoon titles, but here's the full list
highly recommend importing any titles that don't have copious amounts of text (unless you can read the moons)
japanese saturn games are both cheaper and easier to find

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kys Sonygger.
Your system was full of shovelware.

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Sad and obsessed bernieposter.
>baku baku animal
absolutely based

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Some of my favorites are available elsewhere, so keep that in mind:
> Tomb Raider
> Alien Trilogy
> Torico/Lunacy
> The Mansion of Hidden Souls
> Exhumed/Powerslave
> Sonic 3D

These I have not yet played but am interested in:
>Deep Fear
>Enemy Zero

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Sakura Taisen just got a fan translation. You can find it prepatched on cd romance

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Cringe: the game console

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Please ban the PS1 mods.

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Faggot: the anon

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tomb raider
resident evil
destruction derby
dead or alive
street fighter alpha series
this alien trilogy is great.

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Imagine being a sega fanboy and still coping in 2020

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>eceleb shit
go back /v/edditor.

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Imagine being a sony zoomer and caring about e-celeb outlets.

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>giant bomb

Ok zoomer

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Stupid fucking faggots paying 2~3 market value for a game just because they never earned the money. Save it for the great recession coming when you'll actually need it, dickhead.

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If they didn't publish on paper or broadcasted on TV, they are e-celeb, zoomer.
Go back to /v/, you're embarrassing yourself. Even if they weren't e-celebs, citing some random journos as arguments just reeks of awful neogaf shill desperation. Your place is /v/, if you have to be on 4chan.

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They did though. Ive been following jeff since the 90s. At least try to educate yourself before you sound silly

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Hes completely on the money about nights though.
Citing journous isnt neogaf. Its a thing thats been done since journos existed in video games. Just because you were too young to remember doesn't mean everyone is. Stop trying to fit in so hard.

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>Ive been following jeff since the 90s
Okay, I'm not a burger so I have no idea of these journos, but point still stands:
>citing some random journos as arguments just reeks of awful neogaf shill desperation
It's fine if this Jeff guy has been doing journo works since the 90s, but that still doesn't mean that his opinions on game design is worth any shit.
Has he developed any game?

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>Its a thing thats been done since journos existed in video games
Citing journos is (mostly) fine when it comes to information on the historic side of video games. Try to cite any journo when discussing actual game mechanics or game quality and you will be laughed at.

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>has he developed a game?
Have you?
That's such an ancient fallacy man. Does a food critic need to be a chef? Like what are you trying to do here

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Nah man. Game magazines were our bibles. Sorry about Nights man

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>his opinion is invalid because hes been a journalist for two decades
>but me being a random anon i am qualified

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Giantbomb sucks.

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>Have you?
I'm not here trying to convince anyone about Nights, actually. I'm here to call out sonygger zoomers trying to LARP as caring about this Jeff journo since the 90s. And if they're not LARPing, that's even sadder.
The game magazines I remember reading in 1996 all praised Nights. Sorry about your shitty burger meme journo.

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I never implied any opinion of my own about the game, nice try though, journo cocksucker.

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Nights sucked ass man. Anyone as a kid saw that. Nights vs mario 64 right next to eachother. Imagine.

>im just really passionately defending a nonopinion
>you cant criticize me but i can you!!
Literally the "im taking my ball and going home!!" of arguments

>if you dislike nights youre a sonyfanboy
Lol. Yeah because they really paid attention to sega games

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Why would you compare Nights and Mario 64? That's some journo level retardation.

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>falseflagging as a nintendrone now
Again I'm not here to discuss Nights, I'm call here to call you out on using journo opinions as arguments.
Journos exist to keep track of events, dates and chronological stuff, not to give opinions, zoom zoom. I loved reading magazines as a kid but even back then I could notice when journos were shilling, I always tried the games for myself before forming an opinion.

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Because they appeared next to eachother a lot

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Well that's a retarded point of comparison. Never bring it up again you embarrassing journosludge.

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>if you're not a sony guy you're a nintendo guy
Ill help you here. Im a sega guy. Id rather play burning rangers than nights
>journos exist to track history not give opinions
Thats hilarious

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How is it bad? They appeared next to eachother. It was a really stark bad first impression for saturn. I cant think of a better comparison than two contemporary rivals

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>reading comprehension
I wasn't saying you were an actual nintendrone.
>Ill help you here. Im a sega guy
allow me to doubt.
>Thats hilarious
What's hilarious about it? You think a journalist is able to have better judgement than anyone else? What make them superior in subjects such as video game quality or (in the case of things like politics) morals and ethics?

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Its an incredible misinterpretation of journalism.
>what makes them superior
Experience and insider knowledge

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Sega guys are just nintendo guys who occasionally play sega

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hahahahahahaha holy shit.

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how the fuck is journalism not about opinions

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The Sega vs Nintendo rivalry wasn't really the same anymore once PlayStatin entered the game. I don't remember SM64 vs Nights comparisons. If anything, the general impression back then was that Nights looked very interesting, and despite the game actually being mostly a side-scroller in gameplay, the graphics are still fully 3D (Nights' model, the whole map), and it has the impression of 3D movement. The vibrant graphics and whimsical art direction surely got the game a lot of attention at release. The problem is that the Saturn was just hard to find, Sega had a lot of problems with retailers. I remember having to call a lot of stores before I could find one that had Saturn in stock.
Nobody really thought of Nights as an answer to Mario because people were still expecting Sonic X-Treme (or whatever 3D Sonic that people were expecting on Saturn).

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>Experience and insider knowledge
more like bribing and corporate cocksucking
Go bait on /v/ with this shit, neogaf.

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Imagine being this assblasted over people enjoying N64 and Saturn games that you have to shit up /vr/ daily.

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Do YOU care about some journo's opinion on things?
I don't know about you, but when I check the news or read the papers, I only care about factual information, such as dates, names, what happened, etc, and I always ignore/don't give any importance to added opinion by the person writing the note. If they thing certain thing is "good" or "bad", it doesn't matter.

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That wasnt really as big a thing though. Thats more of a 2000s and on problem.
Also its irrelevent anyway because hea talking about this years after the saturn and also wasnt the reviewer for nights

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Yeah i do and so do most people. Opinions in journalism have been valued since like the 1900s. Your thing sounds like an autism symptom.

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It's irrelevant because, first and foremost, Jeff Journo's opinion on video game mechanics and quality doesn't matter, not more than anyone else. But yes it's also irrelevant because that video is not even retro. Likely just a contrarian click-baity video to get some youtube bucks.

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>Thats more of a 2000s and on problem.
Oh god no.

>> No.6520821

>since like the 1900s.
Haha OK zoomer.
Go read your journos.

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Youre such a zoomer wow. You can only think of youtube in terms of that stuff.

Listen man. There was a time on youtube before that stuff.
You're really stuck on this more relevant than anyone else thing. Im not saying jeffs opinion is superceding. Im saying it's a good brief summary of a lot of the problems people had with nights.
George orwell, upton sinclair, hunter s thompson.

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Dark Savior. It's a really interesting game. Action RPG with isometric platforming, fighting game battles, and a branching story that all fits together. Depending on how you complete the first area, the entire rest of the game changes. It has other neat ideas like how you can capture most enemies to use in later battles. It's not perfect, like the fighting system is really simple, but it's a very unique game and worth playing.

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>George orwell, upton sinclair, hunter s thompson.
They're writers before journalists, who got the respect of the society because they had actual talent writing.
Are you really comparing video game journalists with any of those actual authors?

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Shining Force 3 (all scenarios) (Strategy RPG)
Shining the Holy Ark (First-person dungeon crawler RPG)

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>writers before journalists
Really splitting hairs now

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sonyfags are bootlickers, i see.

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Everyone gets a little defensive over "their" systems, especially with the emotional background of childhood.

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There's bad fanboys for all systems and brands, but yeah sony fanboys are the worst. This is nothing new. /vr/ could have been a much better board if the cut was on 4th gen.

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Cope more fag. At least Ps1 had games most people actually wanted to play.

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Please kys anon

>> No.6521087

So let me get this straight; if someone hasn't developed a game, then their opinion on anything game related is totally obsolete and pointless? Well where does that place your opinion then? You seem like an absolute faggot to me and I highly doubt you ever developed any games, wo what? Fuck off and learn how to properly formulate an argument 3rd world scumbag.

>> No.6521095

>then their opinion on anything game related is totally obsolete and pointless?
Well, yeah. Not necessarily worse than anyone else's, not necessarily better than anyone else's. It's just another opinion.
>Well where does that place your opinion then?
Already addressed this: >>6520743

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Stop shitting up /vr/ for once.

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What makes nights good

>> No.6521273

Responsive, tight controls, creatively designed levels, using a real 3D rendered map, but set on a specific path in it, making the gameplay a unique kind of arcade flight/racing hybrid, good art direction, one of the most memorable games from 5th gen, more than the milliard of boring-looking 3D messes on PS1, great soundtrack, a memorable, enigmatic and exotic character design, and last but not least, an innovative AI pet simulator that eventually led to the acclaimed Chao garden on the Sonic Adventure games.

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The Jews killed the saturn

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I laughed but got sad at the same time with this post.

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>thread about best games for a specific console
>console war retard shows up to shit on a single game
>retroactively trying to justify their purchase of one console over another back in the 90s
>undying loyalty to a corporation that is worth billions of dollars and doesn't care that you even exist

I hate your entire existence. You don't deserve to live. Read the room faggot. We all own all of the consoles. We aren't here to argue about which one was better back then. We are adults who no longer need to ask our parents to spend their money on one thing or the other. We can have it all if we want, and most of us do.

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Im unemployed and have no way to make money. Console war stuff is stillvery relevent to me.

>> No.6521453

That's what emulators, mods, and flash carts are for anon. We're 25 years into the future and hardware is cheap/plentiful. Making it run pirated software is easier than ever too.

>> No.6521473

5th gen emulators kind of suckthough. And i dont like emulators. Its more comfortable to play it on the actual console itself.
Also i really regret ever getting a pc. I got into gaming pcs as a teen and built one and honestly it was a huge mistake. I wish i never got into that shit. Waste of money and time. I wish i could sell my tower

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PC gaming was never really my thing either. I was into console piracy in the 00s. I used my PC to download pirated shit for my consoles and burn it. Dated gfx card? Only 128mb of ram? No problem since I'm not using the damn thing for anything except IRC, FTP, and burning discs. I barely ever even had my web browser open!

>> No.6521519

Yeah thats what i did too until i gota gamer pc like a retard. I dunno. Im bringing the thread offtrack with my retarded doomer shit anyway

>> No.6522109

>thread starts fairly decent
>somebody posts e-celeb-shit
>thread turns into horse-manure
every time.

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The very first reply to the thread was australia-kun posting bernie again. I love how the Saturn trigger so many autistic fucks.

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PC gaming stopped being worth it when DRM, online patching, and graphics whoring became a thing. At that point a console was simpler and many times cheaper. Of course, now console gaming has all that shit too (well, always had DRM, but still), so it all just fucking sucks! I actually think I'm gonna bow out of the modern day electronics market: there's just nothing left that I find acceptable for the money they keep asking.

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Ps5 conference brought me here.
After watching that im ready to call modern video games a wash. Im selling everything i can qnd just downloaded emulators

>> No.6523393

I'm ready to stop buying computers too. All three major OS' have shit that's completely unacceptable to be putting up with for the several hundred dollars *minimum* I'd need to fork over. I've just fucking had it with this society.

>> No.6523423

Time to buy a rifle.

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good times

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Never played this, but looks sick! Thanks!

Shining Force III trilogy can be played in english with a fan-translation of the last two chapters, and is one of my favourite series of all time. It's an SRPG with some really fun set battles and great story.

Die Hard Arcade is a fun brawler, especially with a friend to co-op it.

I'd reccommend all the AM2/Model 2 arcade ports like VF, Daytona, Sega Rally, Virtua Cop etc, but if you can play the arcade versions, they are superior anyway (or more recent ports like VF2 on Xbox 360/PS3).

Guardian Heroes is an amazing action/scrolling fighter with levelling elements/branching story. Beautiful graphics and music too (also available on Xbox 360).

Try out Burning Rangers too, a really fun platformer game as a futuristic firefighter with amazing graphics by Sonic Team.

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>muh australia boogeyman
Rent free.

>> No.6523869

isn't australia the bernieposter?

>> No.6523895

Im with you so hard man. Studying technology made me want to never touch it again.
Do you have advice on selling a gaming pc? Should i sell it as one unit or do a part out? I justwant to maximise profit at this point

>> No.6524318

come home, linuxbro. we're waiting for you.
try ubuntu. don't like it? get a linux distribution that fits you. or change it yourself, it's open source
take the linuxpill, anon

>> No.6524320

vote with your dollar, spread anti-DRM awareness, and promote free and open-source software to prevent DRM

>> No.6524347

Fuck linux. Its just as bad.

>> No.6524360

Only if you're a casual pleb

>> No.6524375

No dude listen to me. Linux blows. As someone who's used it for years and uses it for work. Linux sucks and I am just as done with Linux as I am with Windows and MAC. Quit being a pretentious asshole. You're just just using a shitty os like everyone else

>> No.6524378

Works on my machine

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What playstation games are better on saturn?

>> No.6524624

Mega Man X4 and 8 to start with.

>> No.6524628

I bought my Saturn for $20 and my copy of X4 for $5 at Funcoland back in like 98 or 99. One hell of a purchase. Cheaper than just buying X4 itself for my Playstation.

>> No.6524640

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue (Debatable, Saturn has better music and better FMV quality surprisingly. PS1 has an additional dungeon and the credits are animated)
Thunder Force V
Silhouette Mirage
[Insert any 2D Capcom Fighter on both systems here]
[Insert any Neo Geo Port on both systems here]
Dead or Alive

There's quite a bit more but that's what I can think of off the top of my head right now.

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>I wanna spend my stimulus money on the essentials
here's the saturn essentials:
action replay 4M flashed with pseudo saturn kai
stack of CD-Rs

>> No.6524691

>action replay 4M flashed with pseudo saturn kai
There's Chinese clones of it now too

>> No.6524708

i hear the RAM in them is less reliable, and when i checked ebay there wasn't a significant price difference

>> No.6524730

The ARs are going for about $50 for one that isn't flashed with pseudo. You can get the clone for like $25 on aliexpress. When I buy one in the future I will probably start with the clone and use it so I can flash a real one later on without needing to do the swap trick.

>> No.6524795

>i heard i zoom zoomed
What's the name of the clone?

>> No.6524839

Just search pseudo saturn on aliexpress.

>> No.6524843

Upon closer inspection if you pay $45 instead of $25 you get the RAM as well. The cheap one doesn't have the 4MB in it as the youtube video reviews of it mentioned.

>> No.6524852

And why should I give a shit about the 4MB RAM?
As far as I can tell, the only games that require that are a few inferior arcade ports that I can play better versions of through MAME.
If there are any actual Saturn exclusives that require it let me know but otherwise it looks like it's just inferior ports.

>> No.6524856

>you're a zoomer if you don't eat up inferior chinese products
fuck off chang, you caused all this confinement shit

>> No.6524867

>muh drumpf

>> No.6524901

The port of Vampire Savior is pretty much identical to arcade and has the Hunter characters.
It's the best version of the game to play with a CRT, better than the PS2 ports (plus that's either original VSav or Vsav2)
, and the dramcast port (worst one besides ps1), and Chronicles doesn't support 240p

>> No.6526580

>Panzer Dragoon Saga, Burning Rangers, Fighters Megamix hoarders looking for 400 USD for their games
>Burning a pirated copy off each game onto 6 discs
>Selling each one for 3 USD or less to everyone
>mfw i crash the market of SS Hoarders

>> No.6526587

gods work. i fi were smart enough to do that i would

>> No.6526592

rent free

>> No.6526609

>pretty much
Cope. Inferior port babby.
>It's the best version of the game to play with a CRT
Other than, you know, the superior original arcade version.

>> No.6526612

yeah well i cant really own an arcade cabinet. i can own a saturn though

>> No.6526615

but he's right.

>> No.6526852

>Cope. Inferior port babby.
Explain how it is an inferior port? It has all the frames intact, and no loading times. It's virtually identical to arcade. What are your arguments?
>Other than, you know, the superior original arcade version.
Saturn version has the 3 Hunter characters and a few other special options like custom GUI, clear pause screen, infinite health (practice), etc.
I don't know what do I have to "cope" about, of course I could fire up MAME if I wanted, but Saturn port is an exquisitely made port by Capcom, playing on real hardware has 9 input lag or any other issues, and it can be played on a CRT at 240p.
Chronicles is pretty good but doesn't support 240p.

>> No.6526901

Nah, berniefag is an autistic sega fanboy who's butthurt that the saturn "killed" sega.

>> No.6526946

dude what

>> No.6527663

does saturn have good light gun

>> No.6527721

>Panzer Dragoon Saga
Are you from 2013?

>> No.6528091

I just bought one and it works okay, similar to the Dreamcast Gun. But look at the games it can play and decide if that's worth even $20.

>> No.6528498

I cant decide

>> No.6528506

Die Hard Arcade is unironically the only SS game that still holds up today. Embarrassingly shit system.

>> No.6528538

Play more games on it.

>> No.6528562

what do you think has better to offer in terms of lightgun
and arcade stuff? saturn or dreamcast?

>> No.6528992

So, how is it better than the ps2 version?

>> No.6529412

This is image is very inaccurate considering how most Saturnfags constantly bring up how poorly their system was treated both by the American and Japanese Branches.

>> No.6529584
File: 19 KB, 1660x106, ce2369bd38e081dece4626e1aa8128fe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not him and I love the saturn but most cps2 saturn ports, while miles better than the psx ports,wha are far from arcade perfect if you actually want to play the fg at a higher level. For Vsav in particular the issues lie in that are STILL cut frames of animation. For example, Talbain's j.MK comes out one frame faster in the Saturn version compared to vsav arcade. There are also links that are not possible in the cps2 version similar to alpha 2 on saturn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUwpp1qpwdE.

>> No.6529594

>For Vsav in particular the issues lie in that are STILL cut frames of animation. For example, Talbain's j.MK comes out one frame faster in the Saturn version compared to vsav arcade
This doesn't mean there's any cut frames, it just means a frame comes slightly faster on Saturn than on arcade. The blog you got this information from is mostly complaining about Vsav 2 rather than the Saturn port. In Vsav2, Talbain's kick comes out slower than on original arcade Vsav.
The rest of the post on that blog (about the links) is talking about Vsav2, not Vsav Saturn.
So, 1 frame of animation for 1 character for 1 specific move that comes out a split second faster than on arcade, it's still not missing any frame. It's not "far" from arcade perfect, it's actually pretty damn close and still virtually identical.
input lag.

>> No.6529690

What's the best sega saturn emulator nowadays

>> No.6529994

SSF, I think.

>> No.6529998

sega saturn

>> No.6530015
File: 2.88 MB, 4032x3024, 1797AC16-BC1E-4B97-A865-BD2326ADF9F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here’s a good selection of games.

>> No.6530196

ok you got me there because i'm too lazy to put together an analysis of what's exclusive to vsav saturn. Though I don't think you can refute alpha 2 being not 'arcade perfect' with the evidence i've provided. If you just want to play these games the saturn versions are fine and better than a lot of the other home port options at the time, however they aren't exactly 'arcade perfect' and whether that means they're better or worse is all in the eyes of the beholder

>> No.6530202

Aren’t Saturn games really expensive? Don’t know who much trumpbux you’re getting but I can’t imagine it’s enough get anything decent unless you’re spending all your trumpbux exclusively on vidya.

>> No.6530216

I don’t need the stimulus money for bills or anything else, so I’m splurging as I usually buy my vidya from garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores and Facebook marketplace. But an anon suggested buying jpn copies as they are significantly cheaper in most cases

>> No.6530257

Is there a good saturn flashcart solution?

>> No.6530297

no, the only thing in development you could call a flash cart is the satiator and it's not out yet. there are a couple ODEs that replace the disc drive but they're expensive and not cloned yet.
if you want to pirate saturn games, you are probably going to burn discs.

>> No.6530412

Japanese titles are generally cheaper, especially if you're a European like me, gaming markets have some cute cheap PAL titles here and everything else is just Japanese titles.

I own the Japanese Megaman copies of X3 and X4 because both go far beyond 200 euros on either the PSX or the Saturn.

If a title is worth having and it isn't so expensive I would want to lock it away, I'll spend the money though, 100 bucks isn't so bad.

>> No.6531307

Alpha 2 on Saturn DOES have missing frames though (just not nearly as much as on PlayStation). It's a pretty damn good port still, but yeah Alpha 2 on Saturn was never considered close to arcade perfect, just pretty damn faithful.
Vampire Savior, however, is nearly identical to arcade on Saturn and has more features AND supports 240p. It reunites a lot of good traits that other versions don't. Arcade original is obviously the one played at tourneys but doesn't have the Hunter characters, PS2 has input lag, Resurrection and Chronicles don't have 240p support.
That lands Saturn as arguably the best one to play for fun on a CRT. To be fair, Vsav on Saturn uses the 4MB RAM cart, that's why it has everything intact and even manages to not have any loading times (other than a few seconds when you start the game)

>> No.6531316

i hear saturn piracy is really hard

>> No.6531324

Fenrir which for the cost of entry is fantastic.

>> No.6531339

No, it's not generally hard, you just have to buy some stuff.
You can use a cartridge to run the backup loader Pseudo Saturn Kai and play burned games with it, but a few games have compatibility issues.
You can get a modchip that plugs into the disc drive to play burned games without any softmod, but they have to be your console's region, so you'll have to patch games that aren't.

>> No.6531348

pseudo kai is like $50 though. DC i can just do it without buying anything. thats a great feature from sega

>> No.6531351

just buy a rhea/phoebe :^)

>> No.6532030

mfw thought dark savior was a dark stalkers game for all these years

>> No.6532041

Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Daytona USA (very cheap), Virtua Fighter 2, Tetris Plus.

>> No.6532071 [DELETED] 

saturn stuff is so insanely expensive. its the new turbo grafx

>> No.6532136

More like $25 if you don't care about 1/4 MB of ram in the cart

>> No.6532173

Can't blame you, it could've easily been called Dark Stalker with the naming scheme of the other related Climax games. Landstalker, Lady Stalker, and Time Stalkers.

>> No.6532210

but i need that ram

>> No.6532426
File: 34 KB, 568x376, 1588143736521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That top 5 doesn't make me feel good about the rest of the list

>> No.6532746

>implying you won't need to buy a new laser at the very least

>> No.6535315

>Virtua Fighter 2
this one is a master piece.

>> No.6535678

Inferior to the Playstation version on the sole reason that there isn't a NeGcon for the Saturn.
Not a very good game on anything but the aesthetics, either way inferior to the Playstation and PC versions.

>> No.6535685

The RAM cart is absolutely necessary.

>> No.6535851

obsessed sonyboy

>> No.6535873

You're wrong, I really like the Saturn too. Those are just not very good examples of Saturn games. If it's in 3D and available on the Playstation too, then the Playstation version is likely better.

>> No.6535875

I dunno, recently I played Resident Evil on Saturn and I was surprised it actually looks better than the PS1 version.

>> No.6535898

It definitely looks worse on Saturn from what I've seen.

>> No.6536083
File: 805 KB, 1318x986, 20200607_000810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Magic Knight Rayearth.

Kidding of course.. it's good, but not worth the money

>> No.6536092

>not worth the money
Just burn a CDr and play it using a PseudoSaturn cartridge, which you're gonna want to have anyway for the RAM expansion.

>> No.6536119

*laughs in Powerslave*

>> No.6536124

FPS games suck on consoles. It could have been decent if it supported the Shuttle mouse.

>> No.6536139

Earlier FPS games that didn't allow you to look up and down play ok on consoles. Once a Y axis is added is when console FPS games become clumsy, awkward and really unfun to play.

>> No.6536142

Well, Powerslave is a game where you can look up and down. The only notable FPS games that don't have freelook are stuff like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom which are originally PC games with the source code having been available for long.

>> No.6536413

i cant afford $50 +a saturn

>> No.6537902 [DELETED] 


>> No.6537960

i don't think that game works on certain versions of the cart, same goes for Dragon Force

>> No.6537993

You can just burn an update CD for your cart. Since you already have Pseudo Saturn on it there's no need for any swap trick fuckery.

>> No.6538021

Powerslave on Saturn being one of the best first person shooters of all time, I think it's worth mentioning that fairly generous vertical auto aim is what helps elevate its flow of combat to be more about weapon choice and dodging rather than targeting the correct pixels.

>> No.6538029

Should have supported the god damned Shuttle mouse though, and maybe the keyboard. Not sure how it would work playing with the mouse and the right side of the regular joypad.

>> No.6538030

Could have used both controller ports, but I don't think that is necessary at all. The problem of aiming is frankly a lot less entertaining than environment management, weapons management, and dodging.

I like the Saturn mouse too. Beat Panzer Dragoon Zwei with it.

>> No.6539307
File: 64 KB, 630x399, 1542406781131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So some boomer is offering to sell me the follow for $100

>Model 1 + controller pad
>Earthworm Jim 2
>Space Jam
>Arcade Hits
>Sega Rally
>Daytona USA
>a ton of sports games (good for the jewel case alone)
>and he's throwing in some random sega genesis/cd games because boomer

Worth it? I already own one but I'd like to hack and mess around with this one.

>> No.6539317

LOL he's scamming you, based boomer. You'll get it anyway, dumb zoomer.

>> No.6539318
File: 11 KB, 962x102, 2332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


He is browbeating me with typical boomer tactics.

>> No.6539325

Based boomer. Stop wasting his time, poorfag zoom zoom.

>> No.6539392

That’s not a bad deal, am I missing something here?

>> No.6539405

That early 3D Stratocaster model on Mr. Bones is pretty sick.

>> No.6539464
File: 193 KB, 200x234, 1591871810430.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6539489

Are you illiterate?

>> No.6539494

I don't read what bitching $ony Drones have to say

>> No.6539669

Take your meds schizo

>> No.6539672

DIL8 $onyDrony

>> No.6539678
File: 184 KB, 576x215, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does it say "High definition graphics" on the case? If yes it's worth it. If not no.

>> No.6539745

The sequel is good, too, and has a translation patch available.

>> No.6540517 [DELETED] 

Amiga sucks my balls

>> No.6540765

somebody get this hothead out of here

>> No.6540969


He’s being retarded

>> No.6540980

Go play on the freeway

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