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What's the deal with the level progression in this game? I'm on my 2nd playthrough and in the 2nd world I can still only choose level 1.

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It's really fucking weird, yes, but here's how it works.
In each level, there's 3 hidden big red hearts. You need to find all 3 of them to unlock the next level in the same world.
There's a total of 4 levels in each world, so the game has in total 24 levels (out of the initial 6 you can play).

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ahhhh thanks anon, must've skipped that part of the manual.

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Welp now that Anon get the help they needed, let's talk about this game in general.
Anyone else spooked by that fish that eats you, killing you in one go? The jungle world was more intense than Vietnam.

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I kind of love how inconsistent the difficulty can get in the game. It's smooth sailing for the most part but there are several parts where you can die instantly. I also like that there are a limited amount of lives.

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Fuck that fish. And that giant green and white eel in that ocean world.

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>n64 crap

Just get a ps1 idiot. How are you getting outsmarted by a kids game
N64 has no games
Say it with me

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>console warrior calling anyone else an idiot

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just hearing the tribal jungle music for that level gives me ptsd attacks.

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Hey guys i really want to play this again. Is n4 emulation good?
It sucks. I had this physically and a console but its all destroyed now. I can't afford all the n64 resale stuff. Im depressed

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last time I checked, which was years ago, it worked pretty well in PJ64. There are several better options available through retroarch cores now though. There's also the wii virtual console version, which you can emulate with dolphin.