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Welcome to Jurassic Park.

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The aesthetics of that game were so good. The indoor segments were so intense. The music is beautiful. One of the rare licensed games that were actually worth a darn.

The fact that you couldn't save your progress and had to beat the game in one sitting, however, was a real kick in the nethers.

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The music was fucking amazing. However I had no idea to ever even beat this game. There is no save feature are you have to do it all in one sitting I never even got close.

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Yeah that's all there really is to say about it. How do you feel it compared to the Genesis one, where you could be either Grant or a Raptor?

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Is that the one where the raptor can jump 100 feet into the air?

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lol Nintendorks can't handle the Chadraptor

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this is a game I dread to boot up, because I know it will just be another failure and I will never be able to beat it. I love it though, it has great atmosphere

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Either Genesis game stomps this crap.

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I got real stuck on this game. I didn't know where to go after a while.

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would be great if this gotten a re-release with a save feature.

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You mean an emulator?

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>save states

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Thanks for the kek
JP on Megadrive is fucking great and the ability to play as a raptor OR Grant is fucking sweet.

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The fuck is the Megadrive?

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To Yoshi's Island.

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Spared no expense.

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Spared no expense.

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If you haven't seen the ending, it's the most disappointing thing ever.

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Please don't pretend to be stupid.

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I just spoiled myself since I never finished it as a kid. I'm in awe, I never thought such a disappointing ending was possible. Dear heaven

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Oh, so that's what that T-Rex tech demo that game with the launch PS1 turn into.

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Hearing this music start up after wandering too far was always pretty intense.

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What happens.

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Bought this as a kid with Christmas money. What an ass beating. Finally beat it like 15 years later as an adult. Just sat down one day and said I'm going to do it, and 6 hours later finally finished. Heart was racing at the end because you do not want to die at the finish line and have to start all over. It's not overall a hard game, it's just you can afford to make dumb mistakes since continues are limited.

It's just the intro screen played in reverse.

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can't afford* I meant

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Sega Jurassic Park feels unfinished with a sloppy level design, tons of slowdown and sometimes sprites just pop up on the screen, it's worth a playthrough because of the Raptor novelty.

I like Rampage Edition, the level design still isn't great, but the gameplay feels more polished, the Raptor is almost as acrobactic as Shinobi III's Joe Musashi.

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Wait what? That's the ending? That's lazy as fuck and I'd be pissed having finally beaten the game to see that.

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None of the JP games is really great outside of the Sega arcade light gun game, but out of all the western shovelware, I like the NES one the most.
The first Genesis game has great atmosphere and playing as the raptor is a novel idea, however the execution and the actual game design is not really very good. As per usual with western platformers, it's full of faulty collision/hit detection and aimless/maze-like level design. It's still enjoyable if you REALLY like jurassic park and have nostalgia for it (I know I do), but as a pure game experience, I prefer the top-down games on NES and SNES, but mostly the NES one.
I haven't played the Sega CD one, I understand it's like a point-and-click adventure game, and I also heard good things of the Game Gear game, but never played either.
What about the Game Boy games? JP game boy seems to be a port of the NES game, but I wonder if there's any actual differences in levels or controls.
There's also a Lost World game on Game Boy, but it's a side-scroller so I'm afraid it might not be very good, anyone played it?

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Despite being as hard as a fossilised T-Rex turd The Chaos Continues is fucking fantastic, imagine Contra with dinosaurs
there's a GB version that is different but worth trying.
The Game Gear (and Master System) platform game is fun and plays like a friendlier version of the Megadrive game as Grant, it's short and has a shooting section for each stage but plays well.

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PC's Jurassic Park both amazed and infuriated me. Still, it's worth a look. It's a what the hell do I need to do with this kind of game.

The sewer level was abominable.

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Wasn't there a beyond shit SegaCD game?

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>The Lost World: Jurassic Park is a light gun arcade game from Sega. It was released in 1997, and is based on the film of the same name. It is also a sequel to Sega's 1994 Jurassic Park arcade game. A third arcade game based on Jurassic Park III was made by Konami in 2001.

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>To coincide with The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the second film in the movie series, studio DreamWorks utilized its internal software company, DreamWorks Interactive to create their own game.[43]

>For the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, DreamWorks and Appaloosa Interactive developed The Lost World: Jurassic Park, a side-scrolling platformer portrayed in a totally 3D rendered environment. The game features five playable characters and 30 levels.[44][45] In 1998, an updated version of The Lost World: Jurassic Park was released for the PlayStation, featuring various gameplay improvements.[46]

>Appaloosa Interactive developed another version of The Lost World: Jurassic Park that was published by Sega for the Sega Genesis. Played from an overhead view, the game contains levels brought together by four hub areas on Isla Sorna and also contains four unique boss levels. It also has driveable vehicles, a large number of dinosaurs, and a GPS system used for mission objectives.[47]

>Four versions of the game were developed and published by different companies for handheld game consoles, including Nintendo's Game Boy,[48] Sega's Game Gear,[49] and Tiger Electronics' Game.com and R-Zone consoles.[50][51]

>ENGAGE games online, a multiplayer gaming website, announced in June 1997 that they had secured the exclusive online game rights for The Lost World: Jurassic Park through an agreement with Universal Studios. As in the films, the game was to be set on a tropical island of genetically engineered dinosaurs. In the game, the player's objective would be to capture one egg from six different dinosaur nests and return the eggs to a laboratory. The player would have to fight against dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor, as well as other players trying to complete the same mission. Gameplay would consist of four teams, with up to 32 players. Availability of the game was to be announced later that year. At that time, a retail version of the game was not planned.[52]

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That game wasn't just on the SCD

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hot stuff coming through

go sit on a cactus if you disagree

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too ambitious for its time
hardware requirements well beyond what average gamers had under their desks
definitely pioneering in some ways

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I'm that guy who actually picked Grant in Genesis JP. It's almost a good game, the dark atmosphere is not very Spielberg. The slowdown is really bad, not so much for how slow it gets but just the fact that it never stops, it's like worn out cassette tape that keeps changing pitch while you play.

>I prefer the top-down games on NES and SNES, but mostly the NES one.
NES game seems underrated but the "?" which are bombs kinda kill the game for me, is there any way to deal with that other than pure memorization? is the gameboy version much different?

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hl2 before hl2 my man

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How would you make the perfect Jurassic Park game? I think most of the games got it wrong. It should mainly be based on exploration of unknown sites. Dense jungles and the sense of wonder.
It shouldn't be about killing tons of human mercenaries, and it shouldn't be about killing small, friendly dinosaurs just because you can.
The fmv adventure on the Sega CD is bretty gud.

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Loved this game growing up

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>That warm fuzzy feeling that starts when the music for the first level loads


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that is cool music.

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There's a few things that I think could work.
Something like Dino Crisis 1 for example, or the exploration thing you mentioned, or just a good park builder.

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The game tricks you into thinking its open world is like Zelda when it's closer to Sabre Wulf. Due to the lack of a save system or clear directions as to what to do, most people just replayed the same small portion over and over, unaware that the rest of the game was just hunting for eggs and wandering mazes.

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Ahead of its time by far. I wish it looked nearly as good as those screenshots because man that could have been a great game.

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Sounds like Spiderbot.

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and maybe
Sorry I had to be the one to break it to you anon. I remember first seeing that.... wondering after 20 years of curiosity and the utter disappointment. It's the fucking intro played backwards and you don't even see the helicopter. We're in it together anon.

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No savegame function in a game like this. What were they thinking?

>> No.6515959

>but the "?" which are bombs kinda kill the game for me

same here. such a bullshit feature to have in a game. who the fuck thought this was a good idea

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This is my favourite RTS. It's limited, but god damn if I didn't play the ever living shit out of it

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This game was so fun for me as a kid.7 year old me and my mom would draw up maps of all the levels and notes on where to get keycards. No idea if there was an official strategy guide but this worked for us.
For years we couldnt figure out how to get below the ship sublevels because we were missing an objective or item or somthing but i finally figured it out and beat the game for the first time lol

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I loved the fact they even made fucking elevator music. The only other game I can think of with amazing elevator music is Goldeneye.

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The only thing nobody know is why there are random white letters scattered around the overworld, you cant pick them up and they just seem to be random letters, I think one is s B or something

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Ive beaten this game a bunch of times now, happy to help any anons who are stuck

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>The only thing nobody know is why there are random white letters scattered around the overworld
My memory's a bit fuzzy but I believe those letters were part of a contest to win a bunch of Jurassic Park toys and stuff. You just went around the entire map and wrote down each letter and unscrambled them to form a word.

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>7 year old me and my mom would draw up maps of all the levels and notes on where to get keycards.
This is the cutest thing ever; I love your mom.

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wow thanks for answering a 20 year old mystery to me
she was more into games than i was, i used to ask her to play sonic or other genesis games just so i could watch. she later couldnt play games anymore due to motion sickness so i took over, and then she would watch me play the games and figure out all the parts she was stuck on

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You're making me happy to have come on /vr/, anon. Precious stuff.

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Reminds me of when I was 4 and my godmother would help me cross the waterfall in the first level of Little Nemo the Dream Master (she had bought me the NES when I was 2, I'm 33; still have the NES, in full working order, on a CRT)

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I'm partial to The Lost World on ps1. Being able to gore and eat humans as a raptor while they scream is great. Damned if I could finish a single T-Rex level though. Great sound design too.

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It must be my age, but I've got a huge soft spot for the Lost World games. The Genesis and Game Gear ones are very underplayed, I think. Check them out.
I've always hoped that this would, somehow, make it onto the Dreamcast. Definitely an all-time favorite light gun game, even if it's been a decade or more since I've ready had the chance to play it.
I played this one a ton, too. A lot of the stupid voice clips will be engraved in my head forever.
>I-I suppose..
>Didn't I die? In the movie, I died.
I'll never forget how mad my brother got at me, once, when I ate the dog at the gas station for a few measly health points.
This one was the king of them all, though, in my mind. I had a frankly weird obsession with Trespasser for a couple years--something about the reputation of being horrible combined with actually being pretty fun, if sometimes very frustrating. My favorite level is the lab. I loved sneaking around the shipping crates avoiding the raptors, and then the incredible "oh, fuck" moment of the t-rex at the gate. Some of the modding stuff is very impressive, too--I spent hours using the level-building tools just to poke around and deconstruct stuff. Some choice voice lines in it, too.
>Dinosaur park! What a good idea.

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Cute maps anon. I remember getting as far as the ship and getting stuck. No save meant I really needed an answer on what to do ASAP so I called the Nintendo Power help line. Even the guy on the other end had no idea what to do. I don't know what the problem was anymore, but I had to shut it off and try again another day. Finally beat it years later, but was nervous about getting to the ship again.

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I never got all that far in that but I remember playing the compy levels up to the Carnotaur a lot as a kid and still having fun.

That is the cutest shit I have heard in a while.

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Good to know I was not the only kid doing stuff like this.

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nice, high quality content here /vr/

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Plenty more where that came from. I even made a crappy microsoft word cover for the binder when I was 13

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fantastic anon, this is retro OC in REAL life. Kudos. We need more "dino" games from Jurassic park franchise and dino crisis, it is a shame they didn't take advantage with Jurassic world free marketing stunt.

>> No.6517556

>marketing blurbs on the front
kek, I love it

>> No.6517635


Quality content from NINTENDO(TM) and OCEAN

>> No.6517641

Wow, you did this in 2004?
Soulful stuff anon. I've made a couple hand-made maps when I was playing games like Dragon Quest III and SMT Nocturne, but I never put that much dedication on it, mostly did them to help me go through dungeons and then threw them away. I should have archived them.

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does your mom have big milkers

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The ship is just a huge maze. What I always did in there was take bullets so you had raptor bodies to use as landmarks to not get lost.

>> No.6520487

>used to make my own manuals if I didn't have it and draw fuckhueg maps

>too lazy to even play games these days

What breaks inside of us when we become adults? Why does all the imagination and passion just die?

>> No.6520518

>Don't want to go through the tedium of drawing a map and manual, just want to focus on playing the damn game
>hurp de derp I'm a broken human being
Speak for yourself faggot. This has got to be the most overdramatic post I've ever seen on this board.

>> No.6520538

t. Broken anon

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reported and saged 3

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reported and saged let me delete my comment >>6519279


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Bad image

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You know save states exist, right?

>> No.6522406

The Genesis Lost World game is good shit, thanks for reminding me. Feels a lot like an on-foot Strike series game, with the whole comprehensive map and objective screens, and it's forgiving in that checkpoints are where you continue from on game over rather than death, with mission progress intact. The 'boss' stages are impressive and almost straight out of the old JP sprite scaler arcade, the tricks they use. Shooting shit could use a little work but when you figure b and c together aimlocks it isn't TOO bad.

Far, far better than the JP1 Genesis game.

>> No.6522957

>save states in 1994

>> No.6523618

JP for SNES has a lot of potential to be one of the best games on the SNES but some really obvious oversights stop it from reaching that apex. Bad UI choices, no save feature, music is kind of boring.

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The Genesis title is fucking great, but weird. Grant gets all kinds of cool weapons and feels pretty helpless in the beginning, but the Raptor has all his toolset immediately and feels like a fucking rocketship with his jumps. The raptor game mode is brilliant and I wish more games let you play as one.

The balance for certain levels is absolutely fucked though. The raptor is given some really hard jumps, and Grant is expected to live through all kinds of terrible odds. And the final boss is pure horseshit for the Raptor, since Grant fires off his dozens of guns at every angle allowing virtually zero approach. I don't remember if Grant's final boss was this unreasonable.

>> No.6523653

>>save states in 1994

>> No.6523685


Nah, Grant's boss is beaten with four or five concussion grenades to knock down the T-Rex skeletons on a pack of raptors. Ezpz, takes a couple of seconds

>> No.6524105

I have a feeling the no save thing was some corporate mandate so kids couldn't beat it in one rental.

>> No.6524262

Is it normal for this game to have terrible slowdown? It had some unplayable chug when I played it the other day.

>> No.6524275


Yeah, that's normal. Obnoxious, but there isn't much to be done about it aside from trying to minimize the number of things going on on screen. Playing on a console with a boosted clock speed makes it considerably more enjoyable from a performance standpoint

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I want my feathered dinos >:(

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I agree that the first one is clunky but i still like it, specially it's sprites, rampage edition is much more action oriented, i wish it had more levels, it's fun and fast paced,i also love the lost world one for the sega genesis, criminally underrated game, that one's a lot longer and complex game

>> No.6525723

Man play the sega genesis lost world version, it's made by Appaloosa and it's fucking great https://youtu.be/XZljQT8k3Wg

>> No.6525726

Man play the sega genesis lost world version, it's made by Appaloosa and it's fucking great https://youtu.be/XZljQT8k3Wg also btw the gameboy sidescroller is nice, same with the one for the ps1

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>> No.6525754

I remember my mom buying me this back in 2008 for the pc, and i was hooked right fron the start, i was a stereotypical dinosaur maniac kid and the gameplay was just so engaging and fun it was logical i'd become addicted to it

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Shit forgot pic

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The whole underwater section was a rush

>> No.6525845

oh that was nice and bit tricky.

>> No.6525884

I've played through this game multiple times and I still can't decide if it's god tier or shitty. Everything about it is nicely done but it feels like something is missing.

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Good times

>> No.6526274

>play game
>tyrannosaur appears
>stop moving
>movie told me he can't see me if I don't move
>game version eats me instantly
>game over

>> No.6526310

zoomer logic at work. these people literal can only accept their version of reality.

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