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Hello /v/ what are the top retro games you would recommend to a zoomer? The most retro game I have ever played was the Ocarina of Time (and I played it on the 3ds)

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Check the older consoles on here

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Great list, but Blood needs swapped out for Duke 3D. Blood is like Duke on extra hard mode for masters.

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Here are my top 10 personal favorite games:

Ghosts 'n Goblins
Revenge of Shinobi
Gradius II
Final Fight
Castlevania X68000
Ninja Spirit
Duke Nukem 3D

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>legit replies
Don't spoonfeed shitposters you faggots

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I just wanted an excuse to post the images I saved mostly

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>recommending jarpigs
Do you want to ruin the lad or something?

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>Baldur's Gate
fuck outta here with your obscure PC shovelware

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Konami, Squaresoft, Capcom, Nintendo, Sega, Namco, Sony, Rare, HAL, iD. Stick to any game developed and/or published by those companies and you've covered just about every /vr/ game worth playing.

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how is CT a platformer? I get that its JRPG mechanics are primitive as hell, but does that alone really make it a platformer?

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>Which didn't seem like a promising gaming platform
Because it wasn't.

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That first row is essentials, not platforming.

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The colors look similar, but it's labeled as an essential not platformer.

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I'd post a shmup/arcade image, but I don't have one saved. I'm sure somebody must have made one in the past though.

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>Metal Slug X instead of 3
For what purpose

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oh I see. Should've just made it white or so.

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3 has shit balancing issues due to the rng and trolly enemy designs and has bad level design like the lame autoscroller sequence that takes approx. 5 minutes to get done with and the stupidly long and drawn out last level.

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Blood is better than Duke in every way. It's not even so hard as many people say. It actually encourages aggressive play, instead of "throw dynamites behind corners and get frustrated" that I see everyone doing.

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shut up alf.

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You are not special snowflakes.

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The main scotformer for each of the major consoles becuase it's the game literally everybody played. Super Mario Bros for NES, Sonic for Genesis, Super Mario World for SNES, Bonk's Adventure for Turbografx 16. Yes I'm aware some of those games weren't originally bundled with the system but there's a reason they changed it.

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Probably morrowind and oblivion.

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Thanks, I was searching for this one. Is there one for Mega Drive/Genesis?

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really good old-school coop game. few joints beer and some snacks with a good buddy and the evening is saved. Music is a bit repetitive

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go play Gunstar Heroes right the fuck now

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Keep in mind some games are great with another player while only being "ok" single player games:

secret of mana
seiken densetsu 3
river city ransom

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half life /vr/ core ? stopped reading, also fuck you

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How is Half-Life not /vr/?

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the tough central part of various fruits, containing the seeds.
"a pineapple core"
the part of something that is central to its existence or character.
"the plan has the interests of children at its core"

half life is millenial shit that ruined the fps genre and was part of the cancer that killed gaming.

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Kys zoomer

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Suikoden and Xenogears.
Yeah absolute garbage in every tier. To the trash it goes.

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Ocerina of time

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Hey little budy how ya doin?
you should play Banjo Kazooie, Majora's Mask, MK64 and FF7.


Where the FUCK is Banjo?

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>That fucking handheld section
Oh shit please tell me this is trolling

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I'd like to add the Wario Land titles to that list.
Wonderful games

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I won't have any special list made for zoomers, just start with the golden age classic trio: Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong.

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half life > thief

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Why not? It's not like it's any worse than the other threads that populate this shitty board, and at least now maybe some kid will get to experience cool older games.

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mmm based?

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Shut up. No one ever played Garage. It's hardly fucking 'core'.

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>Mortal Kombat 64
One of these things is not like the others

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Oh wow, it's Tre/vr/! Hey, dude!

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kekroc if you can nail down a copy. idk why no one has mentioned it yet. easily a top 10 sega game.

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Play Gearhead Garage.

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Good game, gets too easy once you've fully powered up your plunger though.

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you're more of a zoomer than op

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Why are these two random ass obscure games in the “core” tier? Weird list

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Duke Nukem 3D
Baldur's Gate
Super Metroid
A Link To The Past
Pokémon Crystal
Super Castlevania
Symphony Of The Night

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The dude who made this image should fucking kill himself. Awful list.

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None. Your memories aren't constructed around it. You will return to cellphone games and awful disney sitcoms eventualy. It's in your DNA at this point.

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I think i'm still in "zoomer territory, i grew up playing N64. Is that still considered zoomer?

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>opening zoombie-threads
>posting in zoombie-threads
poor form.

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Ignore anybody who doesn't put some arcade games in their list

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He didn't even said a word and you're already upset and shutting him up lol

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Prove it

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NES, snes, genesis, neogeo, mame, ps1, n64, saturn, and dreamcast games are the quintessential zoomer /vr/ games. Yes, theyre old, but they're made for those with little patience and no desire to learn new things. They're instantly gratifying plug and play games any child from the smartphone and fortnite era can simply get into.

Atari 2600, 5200, colecovision, and other 2nd gen console games are for those who have developed a refined taste. Yes they're very simple to play, but they're all video games in their rawest form. Fortnite zoomers will be baffled by the purity and simplicity of their gameplay and graphics. Comparing 3rd gen consoles to their 2nd gen predecessors is like comparing happy meals tendies to tartare steak.

Commodore pet, apple ii, atari 8 bit, zx speccy, cpc, c64, atari st, and amiga games can only be enjoyed by the most patrician /vr/ chads. They provide the best of the best of the absolute best retro experience. They're far from instant gratification, they require a vast knowledge and understanding of video game and computing history to be fully enjoyable. They require great patience and exquisitely matured artistic sensibilities, as playing on the real hardware, with the classic floppy disk and cassette systems of our ancestors, brings the greatest enjoyment on itself. A stark difference from japanese consoles, of which emulation makes virtually no difference from playing on the real thing since they don't require more than half a brain to operate. A nintendie manchild will never understand the beauty of ZX Spectrum gaming. Thats like asking a brain damaged Marvel Cinematic Universe fan to watch the finest of Fellini's, Bunuel's, and Tarkovsky's kiñematography.

DOS games aren't retro.

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>They require great patience
or a shitton of time but you will have it enough if you're a kid

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Well what's YOUR super special list of "core" handheld games?

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Nintensoy here - I meant Mario Kart

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I see what u did thar

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I'm glad you asked!
First of all I wouldn't recommend playing pokemon red or the first kirby game since their (also handheld) sequels are far better, the other games on the list are great picks for the gameboy but I'd take shantae out, its not really a good game even if the graphics are amazing.
I'd say that on the gameboy side its lacking a wario land, demon's crest, super mario land and maybe pokemon pinball.
A neo geo pocket fighting game would also be a nice addition since they are pretty unique and good.
There may be games I'm missing though, I haven't looked through the library

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Is it just one really bitter anon that likes shooter games and hates JRPGS, or is it an entire community with a weird obsession for someone that doesn't even notice them?

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Why do arcadefags construct their entire identity around obsessively playing ROMs of defunct games from a dead industry? Not even FGC people are this autistic, and they actually compete against each other, even win money.

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>Wario Land
>Virtual Boy
Get tae fuck

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Don't hate it just because it's on a shitty system, it's actually a very well designed platformer.

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A better question, why does /vr/ base their entire identity around obsessing over JRPG garbage?

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Good taste anon

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This, Virtual Boy Wario Land is great. I need to replay it sometime and get all the treasures.

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Because they're games for lonely weebs. Guess what the demographics for this site are like.

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>calling them cellphones still
>thinking cellphones have games people bother with
pffft, you really are ol-
In all seriousness I'm a zoomer and Disney sitcoms always sucked Drake & Josh and iCarly were way better, and regardless, I haven't seen any since I was like, 10. ...I do rewatch Phineas and Ferb on occasion, though.

Anyways >>6483229 a good bet aside from the main game devs/platforms everyone knows (Nintendo, Sega, Playstation/Naughty Dog... basically everyone >>6483363 mentioned) is also following HudsonSoft's games, as well as SNK's if you want some quality arcade experiences.
I've personally been getting into many older racing games lately, and there's a ton made by both Sega and Namco you should check out, as well as Wipeout and F-Zero for PS and Nintendo, respectfully.
In general, Sega, Namco, Capcom, Konami, and SNK are the best when it comes to arcade-like experiences, which I personally find very attractive considering that arcades today are dead and big publishers are more interested in "huge experiences packed with content" rather than "extremely replayable and fun games with very satisfying gameplay loops that actually make you want to improve and beat your/other people's scores."

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t. tryhard faggot

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It's a handful of people who don't actually play shmups/arcade but feel superior because they want others to think they play them. They ruin every fucking shmup thread. It's a shame really.

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Been molested by any barbers recently?

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So kind of like Arsjac being autistic as fuck about Half-Life, and 18/00 periodically ruining threads about Baldur's Gate?
I sure wish we could restrict internet access for rampaging lunatics.

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