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What /vr/ thinks about the Taito's Ray series?

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Bad Endings: The Series

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PlayStation port: kino
Sega Saturn port: hot garbage
Android/IOS port: 50/50

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Force & Storm gud
Crisis bad

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Explain yourself

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Pretty cool continuation of Galactic Attack/Layer Section.

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>Imagine playing a game that only have bad endings

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Literally the 2nd best shooter ever made.

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They're super cool, Crisis being my favourite

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What's the first?

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Honestly, a lot of Taito STGs in the 90s had pretty grim endings. Metal Black and G-Darius are prime examples.

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Rayforce is the best vertical shooter in existence

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I had Crisis for a few years, t.bh I never really mastered the scoring system. That game was kinda weird. Great OST of course.
I liked the level themes being based off of sentience states.

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They're pretty cool shooters. The homing laser system is fun to use.
Dunno what they were on when they did RayCrisis' aesthetics.

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RayCrisis looks amazing though

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RayStorm's music fucking slaps.

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Radiant Silvergun

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Never really saw the appeal.

Gun Frontier was the superior vertical Taito shooter.

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Is the PC version worth playing?

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Great games, some of the best classic style vertical shooters and some of the most beautiful

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It's the same shit as the PSX port
yes, but W10 will give to you a big NO

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Port the phone version of Raycrisis to anything else you cowards at Taito/SquareEnix I know you can see this

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Dude, that port is literally an PSX emulator cuz of how shit it runs on low-end phones

I have the entire series on my 7 years old phone and Raystorm & Rayforce runa smoothly

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That port has the arcade version in it, without all the loading that the PS1 version had when you got to a boss or new zone.
They should really throw that on some new console along with Storm HD

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I heard something about it having better sound and graphics than the PSX version

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Maybe because the damn game is running in native resolution?

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and that's a good thing, because fuck Hollywood style happy endings

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>Ship is a computer virus operated by a woman
Ship operated by a Cyborg (probably a woman by words of the devs)

Taito devs are weird...

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What's so weird here?

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I could only really get into Rayforce/Layer Section/Galactic Attack. The other two just felt weird to play for me.

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>checkpoint-based shmup
Into the trash it goes.

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R-Type doesn't think the same anon...

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>probably a woman

anon, apply urself.

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Why the Android port of RayCrisis runs like ass? RayForce & RayStorm runs butter-smooth but Crisis runs like trying to play Ridge Racer on MAME

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Raystorm is one of the first PS1 games I owned, love it. One day I'm going to have to actually finish it. Who here prefers Gray 2 over 1?

Hell yeah, it did. This is my favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzzKo_K8K3c Is there a name for this genre of music? Jazz Techno? Mega Man 8 had it too.

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Borrowed the US version of PS Raystorm from a friend long ago in the Playstation's infancy. Glad to have played, miss the long lost friend. Games are still enjoyable and a great junk bin find.

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>Game gets ported to Android/IOS
>Doesn't include the extra ships from the PS1 port or the PSN remaster

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Yea, Bargain Bin finds... Very funny. I'll be sticking with my 5 cent cd-r's unless the market shits it self. Which I honestly hope it doesn't. The Money is half the fun for me in pretty much any hobby.

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Are you really expected to 1cc shmups?

I like Rayforce but I cant imagine 1icing it best I've done is 2cc.

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Yes you are, it's a matter of practice though a 2cc won't give you a good idea of what the difficulty's like because the rank will drop so much that you'll practically be playing on easy mode. In Rayforce most of the difficulty comes from the last 2 stages, which are pretty hard but not impossible.

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Man why are some of the more interesting PC ports either Japan or Europe only? Were burgerchads not itching to play Raystorm on their emachines?

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PC was not rentable for them in USA cuz the FPS was the best selling games in the mid 90's

Quake & Duke3D god like sales are examples of that

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>a great junk bin find.
is that you, john titor?

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Have 1cc'd Rayforce. Tis probably tied as my favorite shmup of all time with Cho Ren Sha 68k. It's really a masterpiece, not just in the cool aesthetics and atmosphere but how balls to the walls aggressive it gets (on both player and enemy side) later on.

I've only played a little bit of Raystorm (have the taito legends collections), but it didn't seem quite as good. I heard there was some drift/inertia on the controls but I didn't notice it at the time...it was just a lot harder and I thought the scoring system made less sense when you could lock onto everything.

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they are fun and two player mode is good

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>RayForce gud
>RayCrisis crap
>RayStorm meh

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