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What are you playing on?
What's your ideal hardware?
Amiga. What's up with that?

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I bought this Voodoo 3 3000 off Ebay and its unfortunately broke.

Nothing seems visually wrong with it. I guess I could reflow it, but I want exhaust my other options before I start hitting it with the heat gun.

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Got a G4 Mac mini running right now, which in itself isn't super retro, but I'm running macos9lives' custom OS 9 build for it. OS 9 and a 32MB Radeon 9200 GPU makes for killer Classic Mac OS gaming. I installed All three Quakes, Diablo I and II, and the SimCity titles, among some other fun stuff. I'm waiting for a new desk to come in the mail, so it's currently not set-up, but I also usually keep an Atari 8-bit computer on my desk for BBSing, terminal emulatoring and Ballblazering.

As far as ideal hardware goes, a Power Mac G3 Blue and White for PPC, and a compact Mac (a maxed out Plus, but more realistically a Classic II) for 68k stuff are my ideal rigs, but the G4 mini does 90% of it at 1/10th the cost and half the size, and I can use a USB switcher to save desk space on peripherals. My Atari 800XL is my go-to 8-bit computer, I also have a 65XE and a 130XE but the keyboards are just shit compared to the XL. I've been thinking about getting a MiST, but I'm really happy with my current rig(s).

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Man if you wanted a US vs Europe shitfest, why didn't you just say so?

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>Retro iToddlers

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Mostly into PC's myself, but I have a soft spot for PPC Macs, even have an iMac G3 (a Graphite 700mhz model)

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>consolefagging PC’s

Back to /v/ you go

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What is the oldest chip that can comfortably run Doom? I hear the 386 struggles a bit so I guess that's out of the question.

So I'm thinking either 486 or Pent MMX.

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Tandy 1000SL
512MB CF card and XTIDE
Gotek floppy emulator
Intel 8087
Dallas clock chip
CM-11 monitor

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>you'll never type reports on WordPerfect while your cute secretary blows you under the desk
why live

I used to play doom on my old 486DX.

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>I used to play doom on my old 486DX.


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As far as I remember, yeah.

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It worked (barely) on my dad's old 386DX-33, my buddy's 486DX2-66 ran it, ROTT and Dark Forces at full everything silky-smooth

Then I got a P100 and showed that bitch what the fuck was up

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In /ex-yu/ they probably just pirated all their software anyway. And using sex to sell office software is something you definitely didn't see in the US. Games, yes, not office software.

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my 486-33 did not run Doom (full screen) smoothly
my P-66 ran it smooth as glass

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Yeah fuck that shit.

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Generic XT clone, 10 MHz 8088, 640K, CGA. What should I play on it? Also, anything that would be fun to do with it besides strictly gaming?

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Models posing next to old computers is my fetish.

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Amigas were elite machines.
>>>/a/ weeb

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Ordered 6 Voodoo 3's for cheap about a week ago, seller seemed to have good feedback, so I'm hoping I actually get them, and that I won't have to put in a dispute.

But I feel like talking about computers and video games, not anime.

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I used to have the 'snow' colored iMac G3 in that spec; pretty solid machine.

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Prince of Persia

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Connect it to a Linux box via serial and you can use it for everyday terminal tasks, dial into some BBSs, etc.

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I want to travel back in time and coom in that 1980s pussay

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Voodoo3s are cool and all being integrated and cheaper, but I’m still lusting over a Voodoo2.

Am I retarded?

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Funnily enough, Walmart. Don't think I would have gotten them for cheap like that on eBay.

SLI Voodoo 2's are just about as good as the Voodoo 3, but with slightly better compatibility for older Glide games, plus with them still being passthrough cards, you can use a stronger card for DirectX/OpenGL stuff in the same machine.

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you can run it on a texas instruments calculator

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