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I think the first Rocket Knight game is the worst in the trilogy- goes way too overboard on shit autoscroller/shmup sections.

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Wait there's a trilogy?
I only knew of this and Sparkster, which I agree is better

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Third game came out in like 2008 as a downloadable title for 360 and PS3.

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I like E.T.

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Also, the SNES Sparkster isn't the same game as the Genesis version.

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that's not an unpopular opinion, you're just a fucking tard

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Your opinion is shit OP

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>Wait there's a trilogy?
Yes, 2 on Megadrive and 1 on SNES.
That outsourced shite doesn't count.

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I lose interest in super mario world on the first island and I've started games like a dozen times. I just don't give a shit

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My nigga.

SNES Sparkster > Genesis Sparkster > Rocket Shite Adventures

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no taste

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>goes way too overboard on shit autoscroller/shmup sections
except snes sparkster has more autoscroller shit
And if you die to the boss at the end (which is very likely on your first time https://youtu.be/QtCtvKowK4k) you need to redo the entire section

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RKA still has the most, though. See:


When I play platformers, I expect platforming, not shmup-style gameplay.
Not only that, but the shmup portions are very poor compared to most other shmups.
If Konami had designed them to be a bit more interesting, I wouldn't mind as much.

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The controls are also slippery as hell. Sparkster (SNES) > Rocket Knight Adventures > Sparkster (Genesis)

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wha . . . why?

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Damn. I can't actually think of a controversial opinion on retro games. Best I've got is that Metroid Other M is a very good borderline great game. Fine showing by Team Ninja.

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Dangit. I'm on the third world and thought that last ostrich level was pretty difficult. Hopefully I can finish the game. At least the levels are short and predictable and the controls are pretty sweet. Bosses do a lot of damage though.

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Not him, but the only thing really bad about the game is that the holes can be annoying to get out of. Other than that, it’s pretty deep for an Atari game

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1. Sonic 1 is not good
2. Zelda 2 is better than Zelda 1
3. I don’t like Final Fantasy 6’s battle system
4. Paper Mario N64 is better than TTYD
5. Beat Em Up games are shit
6. Games that force you to complete it all in one sitting (ie: no password or saves), are inherently bad

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Every one of these except the Paper Mario point sounds like a troll
>Beat em up games are shit
t. has never played Turtles in Time
>Games that force you to complete it all in one sitting are inherently bad
oh well guys I guess he's right Mario 3 is just a terrible game
>FF6 battle system
>Sonic 1 is not (as) good (as 2 or 3 + knuckles)
doesn't mean it's bad in absolute terms
>Zelda 2 > Zelda 1
I disagree but if you can actually argue this point I'm all ears

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>t. has never played Turtles in Time
I haven’t, but all the classics like Streets of Rage and Golden Axe just aren’t fun to me.
>oh well guys I guess he's right Mario 3 is just a terrible game
The game itself may not be bad per se, however, it will discourage me from ever finishing it. It’s just dumb.
>>FF6 battle system
I don’t like the meter system where you have to wait for it to fill up before attacking, rather than it being turn based.
>>Sonic 1 is not (as) good (as 2 or 3 + knuckles)
>doesn't mean it's bad in absolute terms
Sonic 1 is absolutely unfun to play. Marble Zone is one of the worst things ever. The controls in that game are just bad.
>>Zelda 2 > Zelda 1
>I disagree but if you can actually argue this point I'm all ears
I like both, but it’s really preference. Zelda 2 is just more fun and rewarding with its gameplay. Zelda 1 is fun too, but I feel like most of it is just “look at the guide, do the thing”. You could not look at a guide at all, but that game is cryptic as hell.
I also like the world more. Zelda 2 has much more distinct locations, and it’s fun gradually unlocking the new areas. The original Zelda just feels plain and dull.

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I disagree.
I find the SNES game's levels way more gimmicky.
And I'm not even gonna talk about how shit Genesis Sparkster is.

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This. Also, Sparkster redesign lost a lot of appeal just to make him more "edgy".

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>Games that force you to complete it all in one sitting (ie: no password or saves), are inherently bad

zoom zoom want to save scum :(

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Yes, because it forces me to.

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Hello Tomm

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Right. Which is why it's considered a fucking trilogy. You can't have a trilogy if two entries are the same thing, duh.

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>Beat Em Up games are shit
Try Ninja Warriors, my dude.

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SNES version is great except the boxing garbage

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Most if not all 2D super scaler type of racing games suck compared to top down racers, 3D racers and mode 7 racers.
Early 3D arcade racing games have unfun weightless physics.
The arcade Shinobi games are infinitely better than the Genesis trilogy.
"World/dungeon exploration" is a terrible gameplay style that doesn't deliver what it promises.
Traditional JRPG's are some of the most disgustingly bloated and shitty games around.

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This series is literally too archaic to be enjoyable, even by retro game standards.

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>worst in the trilogy
It's Sparkster (SEGA), it feels like a "Konami Team B" effort just like the SEGA version of TMNT: Tournament Fighters.

Curiously enough, it's considered the direct sequel ("Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2"), even though the SNES Sparkster resembles the original way more in both gameplay and game design.

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This thread is anti-Sega as fuck. Good grief, lol

Only thing I can agree on is Zelda 2 being better than one. I don't care for golden axe neither, but Streets of Rage series is fuckin dope! Sorry that you don't enjoy it.

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Agreed, it's by far the best game in the entire series.

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I hate how in most RPGs you're forced to get hit. It makes my autism angery and I can't play them for this reason.

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I want to fuck that robutt

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>I think the first Rocket Knight game is the worst in the trilogy
How? It's really the only one I even enjoy. I could never get into Sparkster and I'm not playing some non-vr try hard crap.

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>I haven’t, but all the classics like Streets of Rage and Golden Axe just aren’t fun to me.
They're archaic, but you have no idea how far the genre has gone. There are really good Japan Only PS1 and Saturn Beat em ups.

I don't think you understand what Turn Based means.

I kinda agree with Sonic 1 not being good, but that doesn't mean it's bad. It's just not the best Sonic game.

I'm not arguing with people about Zelda 1 vs 2. They're different games and people are going to choose one over the other.

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I don't find any joy in collectathon games like Mario 64 and Banjo. I think they're most boring shit ever to exist, and the genre effectively killed Mario for me (that, and the annoying voice clips).

I haven't been able to play a single Mario game after the SNES. I love Mario 1-2-3-World, I love running and jumping on shit with tight controls and funky music. Yoshi's Island and Mario RPG are on my top 5 GOAT, I love how the later's depiction of Mario as a character. But I can't find any fun whatsoever on Mario 64 onwards. It's not entirely nostalgia either, the N64-PS1 was probably the generation I played the most. I just got Mischief Makers and Goemon's Great Adventure instead. Fuck bing bang wahoo.

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Love this post.

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To clarify, I had no idea Sparkster even existed on Genesis. And from what it looks like I'm not missing much, but I'll probably give it a try anyway.

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All of my "unpopular opinions" are default views on /vr/.

SotN has a very flat difficulty curve, which makes it a bad game.
FFVII has a laughable mess for a script with non-gameplay on top.
Xenogears seems to have been written by a twelve-year-old.
Planescape: Torment seems to have been written by a sixteen-year-old.
Dragon Quest has held up much better than Final Fantasy.
Etc. etc. etc.

None of this is controversial on /vr/.

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My unpopular opinion: this entire trilogy is mediocre at best.

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Clock Tower is the best game on the SFC/SNES platform, and one of the best survival horror games ever made. Top tier visuals, first of its kind defenseless horror gameplay, a lot of endings, good story, the list goes on.

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This but with beat 'em ups instead, the RNG factor makes damageless runs pretty much impossible.

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Replaying Clock Tower is about as fun as watching a grandfather clock tick.

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>There are really good Japan Only PS1 and Saturn Beat em ups.
Like what? I tried playing Nekketsu Oyako and it sucked.

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What is the popular opinion on this trilogy?

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Its not for everyone, thus why its in an unpopular opinion thread.

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For Saturn : PriKura (Princess Kurara) Daisakusen . I really really like that game.

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D&D capcom games and Three Dirty Dwarves and Guardian Heroes

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Unpopular Opinion. I like every game that everyone on this board hates, yes that includes Xenogears, SOTN, and MGS

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ComixZone is a great game that's not THAT hard whose only flaw is being too short.

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>To clarify, I had no idea Sparkster even existed on Genesis. And from what it looks like I'm not missing much, but I'll probably give it a try anyway.
The original Rocket Knight for MD was created by the same guy who did Contra III and Hardcorps. It's almost a "cute" Contra game with plenty of great setpieces. The sequels were made by a different team and the game feel pretty different (specially the MD sequel).

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You tried really hard, and you don't really mean it, but here's your (You) anyway.

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SNES Sparkster was by the Axelay team, which is probably why it turned out to be the best one.

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The mobile/PC ports of FF games are actually pretty good.

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timer-based power-ups are gay

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What's wrong with SOTN and MGS? They kick ass!

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/vr/ hates SotN because it killed Classicvania with its RPG/adventure elements and MGS for being a modern-style moviegame with poor gameplay.

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it's shit on both systems

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Sega was never good. They died for a reason and not just because "the world wasn't prepared for their products."

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>Sega was never good

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Don't disguise shit taste as unpopular opinions.

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Yeah Sega was so fucking good they're still in the console market today. Oh wait!

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The contrarian has arrived

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>no Space Harrier guy flying on the top left
Image ruined

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>getting filtered: the post

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>few autists =/= whole board

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Yeah Sega totally didn't fuck up with the release of the Saturn and its hardware and the Dreamcast totally saved Sega. Shenmue wasn't ambitious at all and sold super well, yeah.

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No one is saying they didn't fuck up but to discount the Mega Drive years and as an absolute power house in the arcades is assine.

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Not that that matters much. The state of modern consoles is a fucking joke, there hasn't really been a great game in years. Sega exited at just about the right time all things considered.

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>The arcade Shinobi games are infinitely better than the Genesis trilogy.
I can understand preferring the Rolling Thunder style, but I can't fathom why you would then find the arcade games "infinitely" better than the Genesis version of Shadow Dancer.

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GBA is retro.

>> No.6477339

>I can understand preferring the Rolling Thunder style, but I can't fathom why you would then find the arcade games "infinitely" better than the Genesis version of Shadow Dancer.
I adore arcade Shinobi, but calling it "infinitely better" than the MD ones is just too much of an exageration.

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1. Limited continues are dumb
2. Blaster Master isn't very good. It had potential to be but the fact that most of the top-down portions don't lead anywhere makes them pointless
3. Faxanadu sucks
4. FFIV is boring and the plot is silly. Grinding is the best part because it's relaxing
5. Lufia and the Fortress of Doom is better than any Dragon Quest I've played
6. LTTP is by far the worst Zelda
Strong agree with 1, 5, and 6

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>6. Games that force you to complete it all in one sitting (ie: no password or saves), are inherently bad
You're inherently a retard

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>1. Limited continues are dumb
1. You're limited and dumb

>> No.6478150

>1. Limited continues are dumb
Continues shouldn't be allowed period, like based Gradius.

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Can you be any more of a contrarian?

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Shadow Dancer MD is alright but it feels rushed and unbalanced, all the bosses besides the first one are bad, and the final level is insultingly lazy. Mindless spam of the same enemies across several rooms in some random warehouse? A final boss that's several minutes of slow normal mooks spawn? So disappointing. The way the lives system work is similarly very dumb. It is the best of the MD trilogy though.

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Kojima has never made a good game.

RPGs are cringe, especially the weeb kind.

Sega 1st party was better than nintendo 1st party.

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Even as a kid I could tell Genesis Sparkster was generic shit. Most bland uninspired level design.

>> No.6479332

Played the hell out of the NES version as a kid. Felt like it had a lot of depth compared to other RPGs on consoles. Doubt I could play it now and not be bored though.

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SNES Starfox is better than Starfox 64.
Competitive racing in Mario Kart is much more entertaining than battle mode.
Final Fantasy Adventure is a better game than Secret of Mana.
Using a pixel filter makes older games look nicer.
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is a meme game and was never good.
Everything that plays from the Genesis soundchip sounds like a malfunctioning robot.

>> No.6479525

NES Metal gear gets a pass, since that wasn’t Kojima. Otherwise I agree, he’s a plagaristic self important hack.

>> No.6479804

I don’t think anyone remembers or counts that game

>> No.6480950

5th gen shouldn't be considered Retro, nor the Dreamcast especially.

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depends on the context. ever tried wario land? its all about game mechanics, son.

better up your game.

>> No.6482071

The best Wario games (1 and VB) don't have time-based power-ups, though.

>> No.6482148

>SNES Starfox is better than Starfox 64.
Let's go one step further...

Star Fox 2 is the GOAT Star Fox.

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Anti-dithering is either unnoticeable or makes the game look worse

>> No.6482192

SNK's fighting games like KOF are boring and all just blend together and are nowhere near as fun or dynamic as Capcom's CPS2 arcade games.
Panzer Dragoon Saga is an average at best RPG with terrible pacing and not remotely worth its price second hand
Wario Land 1 and VB are the only good Wario games
Konami's arcade beat em ups are shallow as shit and only known for their presentation

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JRPGs are fucking shit

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>the vast majority of super sought after JRPGs are mediocre at best, and are acclaimed more for their rarity and desirability than the actual merits of the game itself.

>Sonic 3 > Super Mario World

>3D Zelda >>>>> 2D Zelda

>The N64 was Nintendo best consoles and still is

>most NES games have aged horribly

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I think Yoshi's Island is complete garbage. The levels are way too long for their own good, the transformations play like shit, the game is too boring and inconsequential if you skip the collectibles, but it's too stressful and full of missables and stupid points of no return if you DO try to collect everything
I've beaten it twice. I 100%'d every level. I barely got any enjoyment out of it. I'm not giving it any more chances, it's fucking awful.

>> No.6483193

This except the Zelda part

>> No.6483390

Did you make that image?

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The Warner Bros. Konami games were better on Mega Drive than SNES.

>> No.6483438

Hard agree on everything except NES games aging badly.

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>The Warner Bros. Konami games were better on Mega Drive than SNES


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rpgs are for faggots

>> No.6484423

1. Mega man 3 is the best of the non-X series
2. Chrono cross > chrono trigger
3. Super Mario RPG and paper Mario > any other mario games
4. Ecco sucks

>> No.6484432

The autoscroller/shump levels is this game were fine and one of the few instances where that type if shit didnt ruin a platformer. It didnt go "overboard", you just dont like those sort of levels.

>> No.6484535

>prefers the one that can't keep its story straight.

>> No.6484547

I can't stand hearing little Mario cry personally. It's so fucking annoying. If I wanted to hear a little kid cry every five seconds I'd get a job at a fucking daycare. That fact alone makes the game unplayable for me.

>> No.6484976

>Chrono cross > chrono trigger

>> No.6485147

1) Final Fantasy VII is the weakest of the 3 PlayStation Final Fantasy games.
2) Donkey Kong Land is the best of the 6 2D Rare Donkey Kong platformers.
3) Mega Man is shit. All of them.
4) Super Mario RPG is shit.
5) Entire Mother series is shit.
6) Pokemon Gen 1 are the only games int he franchise that are enjoyable.
7) The only good 2D Zelda games are on the Game Boy and Game Boy Color
8) Mortal Kombat 1 has by far the most soul of the franchise.
9) Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Land are the only fun 2D Mario games.
10) DBZ Ultimate Battle 22 was a fun game. Much better than GT Final Bout.

>> No.6485343

Sonic always sucked, even the 2d titles

>GOTTA GO FAST...and run into a wall because the screen is scrolling too fast to react to anything
>Except unlike fighters, shmups, character action games, etc. the game you're stuck playing until you memorize every single stage is the exact opposite of what you came for: a boring, slow paced, slippery mascot platformer where death is nearly impossible but everything is vieing to slow you down as much as possible.

Go back to your shmupg circlejerk, faggot.

>> No.6485382

Donkey Kong Country games are shallow collectathons and are only notable for their visuals.

Wipeout is the better anti grav racing series than Fzero.

Quake II is a genuinely good FPS. It also has objectively better music than Quake 1.

>> No.6485396

Those good licensed games by Capcom and Konami like Tiny Toons and Duck Tales while good, are still clearly low budget licensed games and feel cheap and lacking in effort or ambition. They're mid-tier games.

>> No.6485423

I like RKA and Sparkster SNES equally. Still never played Genesis Sparkster.
I don't hate the game but I find Einhander a bit overrated.
I like the SoR1 soundtrack more than SoR2 soundtrack. Still prefer SoR2 gameplay wise though.

Also the OP thumbnail looks like the first stage of TFIV

>Donkey Kong Country games are shallow collectathons and are only notable for their visuals.

After playing them for the first time a few years ago yes. I was kind of underwhelmed. They get hyped up as being amazing, and while the graphics were really amazing at the time, (and maybe even now) I think the music is great, but honestly it's just an average platformer of the time. People tend to get extremely nostalgic for them too (which is fine) but that also builds up hype.

>> No.6485429

I hate sports games that try to be realistic, I imagine the type of people who play them are the ones who weren't good enough for their school football team and still think about it to this day.

Casual sports games like nba jam and many from around 1990 to 2000 are great especially in multiplayer but once madden introduced selecting your play it was the begining of the end.

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This isn't an unpopular opinion, at least not on /vr/. I would wager that there are more people on this board who would heap praises on games like Tecmo Bowl or Mutant League Football before even considering a Madden title.

>> No.6487090

Speedrunning is like premature ejaculation, is not something to be proud off.

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>> No.6487112

There is almost no /vr/ game that has an "amazing story" and if they exist, they're not JRPG's.

>> No.6488083

but muh xenogears

>> No.6488089

Obscure games are garbage.

>> No.6488156

Speedrunning is entertaining too watch because you only have to watch the runs that turned out perfectly, and the novelty of seeing some autists break down one of your favorite games is pretty cool too.

However the act of speedrunning seems to be the most tedious shit ever, spending hundreds of hours doing the same shit over and over, praying on RNG and reseting constantly just hoping to beat a game 0,2 seconds faster than everyone else seems miserable.

>> No.6488180

>Watch Summoning Salt's latest video about Ninja Gaiden
>Autist has played it for years to beat the WR
>When he beats it he starts streaming his attempts to better it with a counter
>Plays it literally tens of thousands of times
>Holds something like the 10 fastest runs by about 10 seconds
>All 10 of his records are between two seconds or literally thousandths of a second
>Taken him years
>Mentions him making up his own sound effects as a kind of commentary to keep things interesting
>Different moves or kills and he does different noises
>Throughout the video notice him just making these noises when there are no enemies and he isn't killing anyone
>He's also grown a mustache and wears a cowboy hat
>Originally he was just an autist in a t-shirt
>Genuinely worry about his mental health
>No one in the comments seems to pick up on it

I'm not sure if they're all like this or not because I don't really watch speedrunenrs or know speedrunners. But someone like Darbian seems like a totally normal person who speedruns as a hobby whereas a lot of the others seem to have it consume their life, like the Ninja Gaiden guy.

>> No.6488820

This is the problem with "competitive" single player games (speedrunning, shmup high scoring, etc.), and why they're a huge mistake.

Any game needs a little bit of autism to be entertaining, you need to be able to put some time into it for it to feel rewarding and exciting. But there's a point where it stops being entertainment and starts being disgusting (along with you).

Fighting games and shit like that might require a similar level of autism to stuff like speedrunning or getting a trillion points in Mushihimesama, but they AT THE VERY least get you out of the house and actively interacting with other human beings. Grab a beer and some pizza with the boys after your tournament, etc.

Speedrunning and shmup "super playing" on the other hand encourages you to stop being a fucking human being, and almost everyone I've met who was deeply into that sort of stuff was some variety of disgusting degenerate.

1cc your game, get a good score/time, good times. All well and good. But leave it at that. Cave games trying to be on par with fights with infinite optimization was one of the worst thins to ever happen to the shmup community, and speedrunning was doomed to become tranny hell the moment the internet came into the picture and it wasn't just sharing and circulating Doom VHS's with friends.

>> No.6488832

Quite the contrarian

>> No.6488845

That's funny, I just watched that exact video this morning.

>> No.6488898

Hardly a problem when only a few autists in the entire world push it that far, and they'd find some other shit to be obsessed over anyway.

>> No.6489531

ID1 > BG1 > ID2 > BG2 >P:T

>> No.6489537

Genesis Sparkster was better than SNES wtf are you talking about?

>> No.6489680

1) Weakest story or gameplay or a combo? Which do you think is the best?
4) Wrong
7)Link between worlds?

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retarded nintendildo detected.

>> No.6492181

None of this makes sense. You're just saying random shit.

>> No.6492196

Ff6 is the most overrated ff game, and it's only hyped because 'their' fans are still salty about sony even 20 years later.

>> No.6492201
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I agree with this

>> No.6492220

FFVI beats out FFVII on overrated for sure.

>> No.6492223

FF6 is the best FF, and I dislike Nintendo as a general rule. Maybe if FF7 told its story better, I'd prefer it.

>> No.6492227

Ff6 is more overrated in the retro community. Ff7 was shit on consistently for years, until the remake became a thing. Now, ff6 fans are mad butthurt. The only thing I like about ff6 was the most.

>> No.6492229


>> No.6492241

FFVII shit on argument has always been faulty.
It's not perfect in any way, but it is for sure an above average experience in every department.
Graphics? Best you could have at the time.
Story? Compelling, minor flaws.
Battle? Outside of tactic based RPGs the materia system was probably the most intricate system in the mainstream RPG games.
Music? Beats out 6 easily.

Anyone that hates FFVII should have a pretty good argument or I'd consider it a shit post.
FVI was an ok experience, I played it on release. I was five years old. I played it about ten years ago and it felt just ok.
I wouldn't consider it top 3 FF games.

>> No.6492264

Yes, although I prefer ff5 and ff2 over ff6. I play 2 and 7 first and going into 6 from 7 was torture during the overworked map, it's not good at all. I don't necessarily hate 6, but I've become obtuse towards it since the wanking over it and the simultaneous hate of 7 from those same people. They deserve the hate now.

>> No.6492295


Oh just take the final step as a standard 4chan nihilist-absurdist and say that all good games are bad, you know you want to. Don't be a wimp and try to say things that at least sort of make sense and that allow at least a faint opening for positivity around the margins.

>> No.6492303

>Graphics? Best you could have at the time.

...in 3D. Which is to say, they were pointlessly, pathetically ugly.

>> No.6492461

The thing about FF6 is it has a handful of really memorable story moments that if you think back on them from childhood, make it seem like a really grand characterful story...but when you replay it as an adult, the rest of it is a whole lot of nothing.

>> No.6492536

Retro games are shit, the only reason you keep playing them is nostalgia.

>> No.6492814

All of that except few exceptions to the last point are absolutely correct

>> No.6492815

Nintendo always in your mind

>> No.6492823

>Sonic 1 is not good
Is that really an unpopular opinion, though? Most people remember Sonic 2 and Sonic 3/Knuckles more.

>> No.6492883
File: 244 KB, 999x560, Segaphiles-and-Nintendorks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are both equally retarded

>> No.6492884

Kill yourself zoomer

>> No.6492937


I just watched that... the dude's lifestyle is questionable, but I didn't hear him making the noises at inappropriate times. But I was watching on my phone so maybe my speaker wasn't quite good enough. Can anybody point out a specific time in the video when he does this?

>> No.6492968

Combo. Characters all feel the same, sephiroth is a shit end. He is held up by one winged angel, not a truly climactic end.

I'd probably say 9 is my fave. I genuinely like 8, but draw and refining isn't as straight forward as just learning skills.

>> No.6492983
File: 2.78 MB, 768x672, Death3.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dracula X is one of the best Castlavanias and Super Castlevania IV is overrated, feels to me the only reason it's considered the best by popular opinion is just like for Mega Man 2, since in both you can trivialize most of the game easily so it makes bad players feel like they got good

>> No.6493038

>Super Castlevania IV is overrated, feels to me the only reason it's considered the best by popular opinion is just like for Mega Man 2, since in both you can trivialize most of the game easily so it makes bad players feel like they got good
iIs it really considered the best? Anyway, is not just a matter of difficulty levels, Castlevania IV has a great atmosphere, is fun, the soundtrack is top tier, has a strong sense of adventure, and also had some impressive use of the MD7 for its time, like the tunnel room or the golem boss. I don't think is overrated. The game is very good, but it's hated a lot too.

>> No.6493648

i played through the whole series a couple of years ago and it was perfectly fine (even tho i used a walkthrough occasionally for U4 and U5)

>> No.6493751

Ocarina of Time is still the best game ever made.

>> No.6493767

Everything Final Fantasy VI did, Final Fantasy V did first and better.

>> No.6493842

The SNES Shartster is unplayable shite dumped on a broken console with a paltry 2.68 MHz CPU

>> No.6493848

>1. Sonic 1 is not good
It was good for its time. No reason to play it now when the sequels are so much better.
>2. Zelda 2 is better than Zelda 1
Depends on your taste. I for one really like the direction Zelda 2 went in and would love to see more like it.
>3. I don’t like Final Fantasy 6’s battle system
Me neither, it sucks
>4. Paper Mario N64 is better than TTYD
>5. Beat Em Up games are shit
>6. Games that force you to complete it all in one sitting (ie: no password or saves), are inherently bad
Many of them are, but the short ones are just fine. Any game that takes longer than 30-45 minutes without a save feature is pushing it.

>> No.6494302

Sonic 1 is good even today and provides an experience you won't find on the sequels. Everything down to the physics, basic movement and challenge were nailed in it. The marketing was also stong, it seems. Since it still provokes some ugly reactions toward the game and sequels.
The only reason its quality is being questioned now is the smear campaign happening in recent years. Another game ip facing such attacks is Shenmue. Curiously, both are some of the biggest sega releases.

>> No.6494309

Nintendo hardware past the SNES is absolute trash, with the Gamecube being the only passable one. Their whole ethos with weak hardware, rehashed franchises ad infinitum and gimmicks upon gimmicks is a huge detraction to the industry.

>> No.6494376

>Gamecube being the only passable one
GameCube was legit Nintendo's best hardware ever.

>Famicom (1983)
pretty weak without the memory mappers, but it's from 1983. there wasn't much they could do, the contemporary SG-1000 was weaker
>Super Famicom (1990)
amazing master palette, nice effects like translucency and scaling / rotation of a background layer, but underpowered CPU and some sprite size restrictions. older hardware from 1987 (PC Engine) and 1988 (Mega Drive) could still compete with it
>Nintendo 64 (1996)
fairly strong, but full of bottlenecks. Nintendo discouraged the use of custom microcodes that prioritized performance over graphics, so even the AAAs were blurry messes running at 20fps
>GameCube (2001)
mini-discs aside, it's a well-rounded hardware that was both powerful and cheap ($199 at launch)

>> No.6494416

I can't enjoy anything older than 4th generation consoles. I've just played FF1 recently and I'd rather crush my balls with a rock than play an NES game again, or anything from that era.

>> No.6494572

>People think CV4 is the best

Fucking WHERE? i can't take 5 steps in an internet convo about the game without people saying it's shit 'cause its easy, overlong, 8 way whipping trivializes level design, etc.

...all points I mostly agree with, though I think the game is still largely under-rated (I'd still put it on the lower end of a series ranking).

>> No.6494609


That's an odd thing to say. Final Fantasy is terribly primitive compared to later JRPGs, but Mario 3 still works fine. Adventures of Lolo could be released today unchanged. Some genres were already fairly well refined back then, and some needed a lot more work.

>> No.6494676

I only said it's passable because those nip kikes went with mini discs solely to try and prevent piracy, to no avail, and the end consumer got fucked for no reason. I really like the GC, but I'm glad it sold poorly, Nintendo as a company is unbelievably anti consumer, no other game company could get away with what they've been doing since the 80s.

>> No.6495537

Most of the actual IV hate comes from just console war reasons, and a few tryhard zoomers parroting Egoraptor. The game is not actually easier than other 16-bit castlevanias.
Also yeah it's considered one of the best, most CV rankings online have SOTN, IV and Rondo of Blood, in different positions, but this top III is almost always consistent, with III as well if we only count classicvanias and leave out SOTN, which is by far the actual overrated CV game.
Also, you can't go online and talk about any popular game without finding contrarians, hate and baiting, this isn't exclusive to castlevania IV.

>> No.6495567

> console war reasons,
Yet I love Dracula X

no idea who that is

>> No.6495612

Fat cunt who made some poorly animated game parodies a decade ago, still thinks he's some form of authority when it comes to games AKA unwarranted self-importance

>> No.6496050

i think only the expert opinion matters.
Contrarians and Populists get the rope.

>> No.6496579

>the end consumer got fucked for no reason

That'll always happen with things like trying to prevent piracy. The ones abiding by the rules are the ones who get shafted while the ones they're trying to punish, well, stay exactly the same.
For the most part people who pirate wouldn't buy the game anyway. It's like this (hypothetical numbers etc obviously)

>1000 sales and 2000 torrents
>Game companies think that means they've lost an additional $2m in sales because that's how many people pirated
>Incorporate multiple memes to combat piracy that fuck over people who bought the game
>This is hypothetical so let's pretend these measures actually do combat piracy and piracy is ended
>Next iteration of game comes out
>1000 sales and 0 torrents
>Profit: $1m

Even when they aren't screeching about piracy they're screeching about key sites because they don't get money from them. I pirate some games and if I like them enough then maybe I will buy them, but only from key sites where the cost is much less and so I can keep them updated. If piracy and key sites were completely stamped out I simply wouldn't buy the game. Either way the change in the number of sales is negligible.
It's like that for most things because nothing is being thought through. One of the most obvious ones is "gun control".

>Someone illegally procures a gun and murders someone
>Fuck over all of the law abiding gun owners by giving out mandatory prison sentences for having a gun and who are now left unarmed, lest they become a criminal
>Those who procure them illegally now know they're much less likely to be shot by someone law abiding and don't really care too much about getting a several year prison term for possession considering they're risking lifetime incarceration anyway should they be caught for that little thing called murder

I can never tell if those in charge really are this brain dead or if they're just pretending to be. Even then I don't know which is scarier.

>> No.6496942
File: 1.07 MB, 480x270, FF7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe amongst /vr/ regulars, but I think FF7 still has it beat amongst the general population. FF6 has problems (mainly with its battle system) but its one of the more coherent FFs in terms of story. FF7 is just a mess in that regard. It starts off as a story about ecoterrorists vs an energy company and ends with a shirtless man with wings threatening to summon an asteroid to blow up the planet and a crazy man with faulty memories trying to stop him.

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