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What's your favourite Scotformer for The Sega Systemâ„¢, /vr/?

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>playing the shitty version of Sonic 1
Go play the superiour Game Gear version

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>playing on a Gay Gear

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>being the schizophrenic sega system/scotformer/australia poster
>playing the inferiour port of Sonic 1

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Deep Duck Trouble is also rad

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Who the fuck is Scott Former?

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It really is better on Game Gear, though. One of the rare cases, though.

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You only have yourself to blame if you don't mod it to RGB, which is easy.

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I dunno about you lads, but the GG version sounds like the worse/more casualised one to me...

>The sprites for Sonic, invincibility, and shields were all redrawn to be smaller, to account for the reduced screen size.
>Warning signs were added near spike pits and cliffs in Green Hill in the Game Gear version.
>The Special Stages have different layouts in the Game Gear version. On the first "loop", the stages have a time limit of 2 minutes rather than 1.
>Due to the smaller screen, the Green Hill boss flies much lower and can be reached from the ground, making it a complete joke.
>In the Master System version of Jungle Zone Act 2, the screen continuously locks as Sonic travels upwards through the stage, with the bottom of the screen acting as a bottomless pit. This little challenge would naturally have been completely unfair on the Game Gear, so it was removed.
>The first two Acts of Labyrinth Zone have radically different layouts between versions. Most notably, the Chaos Emerald is much easier to get. In the Master System version, the Emerald is sitting in the middle of a spike pit; to get it, the player must collect an invincibility power-up a few screens below, run through a lengthy obstacle course to get to the spike pit, jump in, grab the Emerald, and jump out before the invincibility wears off. In the Game Gear version, it's just... sitting there, out in the open, very near the end signpost.
>The final boss no longer enters a second phase, and attacks with three floor-mounted flamethrowers rather than a moving electric wall. The homing device was also moved from above Robotnik to the middle of the ceiling.

Also, there's no hack to add in glorious FM synth music for GG Sonic 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WRwpcV9_30

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Uncle Scrooge... EASY on the money...

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>caring about difficulty in a fucking Sonic game
Anyway, I'll still reply to this bait, just because.
>>Due to the smaller screen, the Green Hill boss flies much lower and can be reached from the ground, making it a complete joke.
That boss is a complete joke either way. You just have to wait more on Master System. On Game Gear, just like in pretty much any boss fight in other Sonic games, you can reach Robotnik by jumping. If anything, it seems the SMS versions wasn't properly playtested.
>>In the Master System version of Jungle Zone Act 2,
Good thing you mention Jungle Zone, because on Game Gear is has more assets on the background. Also what you mention on SMS seems glitchy more than difficulty.
>to get it, the player must collect an invincibility power-up a few screens below, run through a lengthy obstacle course to get to the spike pit, jump in, grab the Emerald, and jump out before the invincibility wears off.
Sounds like padding to me, I prefer the more straightforward design on GG.
>Also, there's no hack
Imagine having to resort to hacks. Also, GG has the iconic "SEGA" opening voice clip.
You're trying way too hard to cope with the fact that the version of the game you played as a kid is, after all, inferiour, with worse balance, worse graphics, worse sound and you can't even pause the game without having to remove your hands from the controller.

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Fuck anon, you could at least spoiler gore pics.

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>god tier
every disney game
>great tier
>meh tier
Asterix, Taz
>shit tier
Alex Kidd

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A forced meme by the same person behind Sega System, DOS-ROMs, etc, etc. Highly autistic individual.
Also it seems he tried to make this thread earlier today, got deleted:
But the this one wasn't deleted, mod probably fell asleep.

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Alex the Kidd, hands down.

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It's a made up buzzword OP has been trying to force here and it's supposed to qualify mascot platformers.

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Sounds like one based poster.

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It's probably you, but whatever, he/you is just weird. It's not even funny, nor offensive, just weird. This obsession with trying to force unfunny buzzwords and made-up terms for no reason.
I can imagine the idea came from when /vr/ had a lot of threads debating about the "belt scroller" term, you probably thought it'd be a good idea to try to force some made-up genre name and see if it catched on, and it didn't, but you kept trying anyway, same with DOS-ROMs, Sega System, and even "Atari Apps", but none of those worked. Yet you keep trying from time to time.
Things like this remind me the internet is full of strange people. Like, not even offensively weird, just weird. Annoying, though, because of the insistence.

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Nice choice. Wish it had a few more rounds. The gameplay mechanics are very fun.

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>I prefee
sums up your severe cope and chip on shoulder on the actual SMS title that had real follow-ups

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>google scotformer
>no results
I think OP has a screw loose

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Ninja Gaiden got a fun variant on Master System

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With what? That the GG version is better? Oh yeah, how am I coping

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so did castlevania

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Mascot Platformer

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That’s a terrible FM conversion desu

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You sick son of a bitch!

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It's better than the other Shinobi games on the Sega System OR the Nintendo Control Deck, but yeah it is short

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by lying to yourself and convincing yourself that a dumbed down afterthought GG release is in any way comparable
Everyone sees it but you

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>dumbed down afterthought
OK, let's see:
>more colors
>more sound
>more assets
>despite smaller screen resolution, layout is more visible on GG than on SMS (shameful for the SMS version, the only thing it has going for it, and it doesn't even uses it right)
>Yuzo himself doesn't even think the SMS version is worth mentioning, only mentions Game Gear when talking about the founding of Ancient
You just can't accept it, probably because you take this SMS vs GG thing as an EU vs US thing, but whatever, I don't care about your autism, GG Sonic 1 is the definitive version of the game.

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>all those non-gameplay/non-game design related reasons
>muh appeal to the game's composer fallacy
Absolute state of GGcucks lmfao.

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>all those non-gameplay/non-game design related reasons
Huh? I'll repeat:
despite smaller screen resolution, layout is more visible on GG than on SMS (shameful for the SMS version, the only thing it has going for it, and it doesn't even uses it right)
>muh appeal to the game's composer fallacy
Yuzo is the founder of Ancient, he's not just the game's composer. You don't seem to know much about Sonic 1 8-bit.
You take this SMS vs GG thing as an EU vs US thing, but whatever, I don't care about your autism, GG Sonic 1 is the definitive version of the game.

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>your autism
You just cannot get the twigs out of your own eyes

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Where the Psycho Fox chads at?

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the wrestler previously called Scott Steiner

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masturbator system

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Wonder Boy

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SEGA System is a real term.
"Master System" isn't even trademarked.

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Does Zillion count?
Their names are JJ, Apple, and Champ.

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Just play better systems instead, like the Amiga, or the Super Nintendo

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So SEGA is registered, and SYSTEM is trademarked???

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It's called SEGA System.
"Master System" isn't even trademarked.

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it was always sega master system
they may have used sega system or sega base system in some contexts early on, but this use has been obsolete since at least 1989, as once the mega drive came out, it was no longer the only sega system in the US
just like nobody calls the NES "the nintendo" anymore in most contexts, due to it's ambiguity, nobody should be calling the master system just "system"

i don't believe anybody actually called it "sega system" at any point in history either, it was certainly not a common name for it

the console unit alone is called the Power Base, and the system as a whole is called the Master System, both officially and commonly

also, sega master system is trademarked (i cannot find a trademark filing for sega system)

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Only on what system?
That noted (and proven) they originally called it SEGA System. No one denies they later changed it to Master System, but the ignoramuses here refuse to accept these simple facts.

>> No.6479292

it wasn't changed to Master System, the master system trademark was filed well before the console came out, and all units have master system written on them
i can only assume the few examples of "sega system" are down to the fact that in some countries like the US, the master system was the only sega system up until the mega drive / genesis

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I've never played the master system version, what is it that makes the Game gear superior?

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Don't bother arguing with australia-kun, he's an IRL mentally ill person whose family doesn't regulate his internet usage.

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When was nintendo ever called the Nintendo? It was called Nintendo entertainment system. Really bad comparison. It's as bad as people calling psx ps1 when every magazine called it psx in that era

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> this sh*t again

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The "Sega System is official console name" thing was apparently first slightly introduced by Sonic Retro user Black Squirell:https://segaretro.org/index.php?title=Sega_Master_System&diff=10032&oldid=7274

Notice how this console naming expert is calling the Mark-III console the "SG-1000 Mark 3" lol

Then he later decided to go further and misinterpreted US marketing/advertising product names simplification to construct the "Sega System is original console name" myth (without any reference material off course): https://segaretro.org/index.php?title=Sega_Master_System&diff=127570&oldid=127569

There are a few problems though with his 'theory': the official console name was always displayed 'as is' by the BIOS that came in all export models, including an unreleased BIOS prototype (https://www.smspower.org/Development/BIOSes) and the official console name is mentionned in official service manuals that were printed before console release (https://www.smspower.org/Scans/ServiceManuals-Other-SegaMasterSystemServiceManual?gallerypage=1).

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>printed before console release
lol you just proved that the name really was SEGA System.

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the nes was called just a/the/my nintendo back before the snes, for the same reason the VCS/2600 was called the/an/my atari, it was the only one of it's kind at the time, and was unambiguous to just say "wanna play nintendo?"

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>calling the Mark-III console the "SG-1000 Mark 3" lol
actually that's not wrong, it is the third iteration of the SG-1000 series (hence "mark"), though i'm not sure it was actually officially named with SG-1000 in the name at any point
the Mark II does use SG-1000, but the Mark III just says "SEGA Mark III" in the same places

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Lol. You know that consoles are being designed and officially named before being released, right?

Anyway, my point was that the idea spreaded by that Sega Retro wiki article that the "Sega Master System" was some kind of 'new' name introduced after the later console release in Japan or in Australia made absolutely no sense, as shown by prototype/official BIOS and manual from early 1986 ;-)

>> No.6481338

that does mention it was called "sega system" during a pre-release CES, but was renamed before release
so at no point was the released console ever called sega system, it was just a prototype name, like ultra 64
if he really wants the original name, he should just call it the sega mark III, since it's just a rebranded mark III

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printed materials often have non-final things in them, especially considering the mentioned CES was only about half a year from release
it does seem they may have considered naming it sega system, but they ultimately did not

>> No.6481358

>though i'm not sure it was actually officially named with SG-1000

It was not, which is the point of the calling out this console naming 'expert'. The Sega Mark III was the successor (as in next generation console) of the SG-1000, it was not a revision of the SG-1000 like the SG-1000 II.

Just like the 'Power Base' was never an 'official' name for the console as it was initially stated in the initiial article (it has been corrected since). It was only the part name of the console base unit, used in manual to distinguish it from other console parts like control pads, AC adapter, etc

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yea, i kept looking and saw no mention of Mark III and SG-1000 together
i'm aware the console unit itself is called the power base, i did used to own a master system

>> No.6481371

Looks like a stupid printing mistake in early US material.

But I get it now, Sega fired you for this sloppy job you made back then and you are still mad over it. Sorry, dude but you should move on now...

>> No.6481385

Ok, so it was not a printing mistake. It was just people being lazy and cheap so they could save space and avoid printing the console full name

>> No.6481412

i bet he'd also see the "NUS" model numbers on retail N64 stuff and conclude the system was originally called Nintendo Ultra Sixty-four (it was) and therefore we should call it Ultra 64 now (we shouldn't)

>> No.6481456

muh screen size though

>> No.6481491

The game is better laid out for the GG's screen ratio. It was a game developed for GG first and foremost, as said by Yuzo Koshiro who produced the game.

>> No.6481551

Don't care. Fuck you and fuck small screen sizes.

>> No.6481579

I bet you use upscalers on 4K TVs

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Another anon here. I've seen many times the "scotformer" and once the "belt scroller". It's not-so-out-of-place here, as retrospective genre definition is one of the ways for retro-based cultures to add newness and, sometimes, possible futures. This happened in rock music many times via record collectors and historian-type music critics (I wonder if OP reads Simon Reynolds)

Of course, the insistance might be annoying. He should blog if anything. Belt-scroller ain't very good, but scotformer is rather useful.

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>but scotformer is rather useful.

>> No.6481798

how is 'scotformer' useful?
platformers with mascot-type characters is the default, so just "platformer" is fine for them

>> No.6482682

Where the fuck is Wonderboy?

>> No.6483126

In the trash lmao

>> No.6483821

>In the trash lmao
lol In the trash lmao

>> No.6484545

they are useful though

>> No.6484767

>Status: abandoned failure
Seems about right

>> No.6484771

Belt scroller is actually useful: It tells you it's a 2D game that uses that particular isometric, side-scrolling view which allows the player to also use the X axis in movement (in a limited way, not the whole screen, hence the belt part).
There are beat 'em ups that aren't belt scrollers, and there are other types of games that aren't beat 'em ups but use the belt scroll perspective.
"Scotformer", however, is a forced meme that never caught on, and that it's completely irrelevant as it doesn't really tell you anything substantial about the way the game is designed other than subjective shitposty arguments about whether this or that character could be considered a "mascot" or not.
Your meme never worked, never will.

>> No.6484774

>playing 8-bit sega games
what planet do you come from

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>> No.6484786

the master system was quite popular everywhere except the US
i owned a master system as a kid and only heard of the nes after i got internet access

>> No.6484787

It wasn't popular in Japan.

>> No.6484848

haha brazilfag

>> No.6484853

famiclones were actually more popular than master system in Brazil.
t. actual hue

>> No.6484882

i'm not from brazil

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>> No.6484953

i'm from new zealand, master system was pretty popular here, as with many other places like europe and australia

>> No.6484970

What parts of Europe? I'm from Norway and never saw one in my life.

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File: 3.75 MB, 5378x3460, dan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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the shit you could publish in 1992...

>> No.6485017

Man, back when Sonic fans did mortal kombat-influenced fanart instead of furry Amiga porn... those were the days.
>using fantasia mickey in a "sega power" drawing
Good shit australia, for once, you post something funny, even if it's not your OC.

>> No.6485023

>sonic wearing a swastika arm band
lmao, what country is this from? If it's from an anglo country, what a cuck, but based all the same.

>> No.6485028

Places like the UK, Spain, Portugal, etc where Sega territories back then

>> No.6485060


>> No.6485246

By that logic the genesis would be the SG-1000 Mark V.

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File: 1.57 MB, 1200x969, markv_m5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was called that actually.

Sega quit using "Mark" with the Saturn.

>> No.6486823

Where does it say "Mark"?

>> No.6486880 [DELETED] 

the initial "M5" at the bottom-middle

>> No.6487101

t. amerimutt who's never come into contact with a master system

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damn, hide your powerlevel alex

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Worse everything and the bigger screen resolutio wasn't even used in its favour.
GG version is the definitive for Sonic 1. Cope or burst.

>> No.6488079

>Worse everything
Fake news.


Most of the changes they made to the GG port are for the worse.

>> No.6488239

>Most of the changes they made to the GG port are for the worse.
Not the anon you're replying to, but reading that list, it seems to be the other way around, most of the stuff seems to be better on Game Gear.

>> No.6489423

>Game Gear.
more colours

>> No.6490745

>more colours
lol colours

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Step aside plebs.

>> No.6492836

Epic bump auster

>> No.6492850

what's a scotformer and which sega system?

>> No.6492854

It's just a guy trying to force memes and failing at it.
Scotformer is just platformers, and he insists that "sega system" is the original name of the master system because it was apparently marketed like that for a brief period in bongland or australia

>> No.6493119

>can't see platforms, obstacles and emeralds around you
>hurr durr it's a feature!

>> No.6493127

I like the Alien 3 drawing.

>> No.6493138

>everyone called the NES "the Nintendo" so NES is the official name
>everyone called the PS the "PSX" so PSX is the official name
Pick one, retard.

>> No.6493146

>When was nintendo ever called the Nintendo?
Before the SNES came out there was only one "Nintendo". Likewise, before the PS2 the PS1 was called PSX.

>> No.6493169

Sega Power was a UK mag.

>> No.6493282

People didn't say "the" Nintendo, though they would say "a" Nintendo, or they would leave out the indefinite article and say Nintendo.
>I have a Nintendo.
>I have Nintendo.
were both acceptable in the office/business world. The same was true for Sega.
Also, PSX was the correct original name.

>> No.6494007

>superiour Game Gear
Low res battery eater bullshit with a garbage soundchip.

>> No.6494142

>can't see obstacles on SMS despite screen ratio being bigger

>> No.6494146

Cucks,then. Not surprised.

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File: 45 KB, 680x453, 8621ce254ee9435dc7cfb3f4536938b6af92b5ac_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine getting filtered so hard by SMS Sonic 1 that you defend the inferior screen crunch version just because it's easier.

>> No.6494936 [DELETED] 

>Imagine getting filtered
lol Imagine getting filtered

>> No.6495003

Both versions are easy, SMS one just has less polish, as it's not the version that received the most attention by the devs

>> No.6495110

>>I have a Nintendo.
>>I have Nintendo.
>I have an infected vagina

>> No.6495112

>muh colours
Gameboy had 0 colours and it smoked the Fagga GayGear

>> No.6495718

Captain Sliver.

>> No.6495813

It's not just about colors, it's about GG Sonic 1 having more details and being more carefully developed than the SMS version, which still has flaws with layouts even with a bigger screen resolution. Yuzo Koshiro himself doesn't mention the SMS version.

>> No.6495912

>Also, PSX was the correct original name.
No it wasn't, namefag moron. "PS" was always the official acronym for the system. PSX was only used unofficially.

>> No.6497646

>PSX was only used unofficially.
it was used officially, just not publically
it was the internal codename for the system, you see it on the development side everywhere
but it was never advertised as the PSX at any point officially, and it was not the original name (that was always PlayStation, well, maybe Play Station if you count the days of it being a partnership with nintendo)

>> No.6497664

>Captain Sliver.
lol Captain Sliver.

>> No.6497745

>implying tendy wasn't the chad brand during NES era

>> No.6497797

I've never heard of this argument before. What is it exactly that makes the GG version of sonic 1 better than the master system version?

>> No.6498054

Internal codename is not the same as being used officially. No official source called the post-release Gamecube "Dolphin" or Wii U "Project Cafe." I'm aware that "PS-X" was the codename and working title of the post-Nintendo "Play( )Station" and yet the released version has still never been referred to officially as "PSX". A bunch of high-profile media sources were probably used to this working title so long that it stuck, but that's still a non-sequitur.

>> No.6498810


>> No.6498906

see >>6495813

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>Sega System

>> No.6499459

forced meme, they just refer to platformers and master system respectfully

>> No.6499494

that's quite the formed Scot

>> No.6499523

>What is it exactly that makes the GG version of sonic 1 better than the master system version?
Screen crunch, a Sega splash screen and some fruit in the Jungle Zone background. It's also easier to finish if you're a child.

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File: 162 KB, 1090x1280, tumblr_pntl00YE8Y1r7r8ub_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6499531

Holy shit, sonicfags were edgy even then

>> No.6499535


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>Man, back when Sonic fans did mortal kombat-influenced fanart instead of furry Amiga porn
Wew lad, good thing you had no access to the internet back then, because that is exactly what people did, even back then.

>> No.6499550


>> No.6499551

>Screen crunch
Right, and better designed layouts for it, unlike the unoptimized SMS version.
>a Sega splash screen
Yep, iconic.
>and some fruit in the Jungle Zone background
Yeah, really gives it much more soul to the stage. Also animated backgrounds on Green Hill Zone

>> No.6499561

"Mascot platformer" (AKA: scorformer) is a 2 or 3 year old forced meme that irritated many a simpleton here at that time. It ran its course quickly and in actually haven't seen it used here in a long while.

"Sega system" is the brainchild of an idiot last year (I believe) trying in vain to convince everyone that Master system was never a thing, and sega system was it's real name. It was moronic and even he knew he was wrong, but kept trying to force it.

OP is trolling, move on.

>> No.6499568

>unoptimized SMS version.
It's literally the Game Gear layout but with a wide view. Seeing more is better regardless.

>> No.6499575

Except when it doesn't happen and the SMS ratio still doesn't let you see things that you can on GG.
It has the bigger resolution going for it, but it doesn't even do that right.
Meanwhile, the game is still perfectly playable on GG, since the game was developed with the GG's screen in mind, and has just more polish and content.

>> No.6499576
File: 2.12 MB, 350x228, 1448864173789.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Spot the Nintendo owner
>chubby unwashed autist in a battle jacket

>> No.6499585

>Except when it doesn't happen
It happens more often than not. I played both versions yesterday and I was surprised even the fucking special stages were dumbed down on GG lol.

>> No.6499654

sega was the edgy kid brand just in general
while nintendo kids were the weenies

the more things change, the more things stay the same

>> No.6499661

Still inexcusable, it shouldn't happen at all on SMS, yet it has issues. Meanwhile GG version still has more content overall

>> No.6499672

I thought Nintendo was still mostly for chads until the 64
After all NES and SNES were the main home of Konami and Capcom before PS1

>> No.6499702

>I thought Nintendo was still mostly for chads until the 64
N64 was a chad console though. Lots of sports, racing, wrestling and party games.
At least I remember the older brothers of my neighbor had an N64, and they were basically jocks.

>> No.6499725

Don't forget the FPSs too

>> No.6499739

N64 is the most chad console ever created

>> No.6501132

lol based

>> No.6502420

Decap Attack

>> No.6503217
File: 117 KB, 964x613, MaSS1VE_e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unoptimized SMS version.
Stop repeating this crap gg-kun -- I have literally decompiled Sonic 1 8-bit and the SMS is the superior version, it was coded first, the levels were made with it in mind first and the GG was a "quick-fix" adaptation from the SMS version to make the game playable on the tiny screen

>> No.6504270

>Stop repeating this crap
lol Stop repeating this crap

>> No.6505636

Posting in an epic thread.

>> No.6506031


>> No.6506058

I'll never understand why this is supposed to be funny. Zoomers really are pathetic.

>> No.6506342

>added some details to backgrounds and signs
>shrunk Sonic's sprite
>made levels easier
Yeah, it sounds like it was made afterwards. Should have given the same attention to the Sonic 2 port.

>> No.6506354

hey faggot op, lets see you name some platformers that dont feature mascots, because I am pretty sure they all do and therefore your faggot subgenre is redundant

>> No.6506824

Shinobi, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, all feature non-cartoony/kiddy characters ("mascots").

>> No.6506973

That's for the SEGA Mark V.

Did you mean Psycho Fox?

>> No.6506983

>tfw bought this at goodwill years ago for $1 but no master system to test it on

>> No.6508943

>Did you mean Psycho Fox?
lol Did you mean Psycho Fox

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