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What are the best Japanese saturn games that don't require knowledge of the language??

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Bulk Slash

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Virtua Fighter 2.

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I really like Willy Wombat

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whom? not a coomer, im just into female-led jrock bands

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the english ones are pretty easy to get without japanese

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>Entirety of the voice acting is done in English.
>All you would have to do it change the text or maybe even just remove it all besides the menus and controls
>Character designs by a guy whose art is indistinguishable from a western cartoon style(guy who did Maximo on the ps2)
>actual art still has a cartoony style with a noticeable Japanese quality to it, and with cartoony animals acting gloomy and snarky to each other
Another failure from Sega to not bring over a game that was such easy pickings for them, it could've easily appealed to the Sonic kids who ate up Sonic Adventure a year later.

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>not a coomer
I don't know what to tell you if coomer was the first word to come to your mind with that image

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People are obsessed with the thought porn is making them weak. It never occurs to them it's far more likely to be all the fucking medication their "doctors" have them on.

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It does.

I'm 2 weeks into nofap and I'm a fucking beast.

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Enjoy your prostate cancer, retard

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Enjoy your erectile dysfunction

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This should help you out.

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Assault Suit Leynos 2

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because i thought there'd be a good chance of a faggot thinking i wanted to jerk it because i asked who le anime girl was
i just like music nigga

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Bulk Slash, cotton 2 and boomerang, nekketsu oyako, blast wind and hyper duel

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Me too. Pre-Crash Bandicoot.

The fact that I'm more into the Saturn now than I was in my childhood just makes me shake my fist at Sega of America (really blaming Stolar) for not bringing most of the imports over to the states.

Wipeout XL, Elevator Action Returns. And then there's Lupin The Third: Sage of the Pyramid. It's a goofy version of Tomb Raider, but I like it.

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>Wipeout XL
thats british

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What year was this made? Nobody knows what Dragon Force is anymore and 2 has been translated for ages.

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