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>want to emulate Silent Hill
>haven't emulated PS1 in a long time
>look up best emulator in 2020; it's mednafen apparently
>download BIOS etc.
>run emulator
>ERROR: no command line argument specified
>what the fuck
>don't want to open fucking command prompt and cd to the folder
>the other option is to fucking drag the iso onto the emulator like a neanderthal
>ERROR: file too large, maximum size allowed is 67108864 bytes
>64 fucking mb
>read it's because it recognizes .bin files as Mega Drive games or something
>change it to .cue
>Error opening CD: Uknown directive ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ
Holy shit why do these guys make their emulators so hard to use on purpose? 10 years ago you could just download an emulator and run a game with some tweaks to plugins and speedhacks, has having a simple functional UI fallen out of fashion?
Anyway what PS1 emulator should a retard like me use?

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Just drag and drop the iso onto the executable - or you can use a front end but you should really learn about command lines it's not that hard.

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if the command line is too much for you, you can use one of various frontends instead

also, you can't rename a .bin to .cue, that doesn't make sense. if you have the game in bin/cue format, open the cue. if you have just a bin.. somehow, rename it to .iso (if it came with a .cue and you deleted it.. go get a replacement .cue from redump.org)

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free protip: if you type "cmd" on the address bar in the windows explorer it opens a cmd at your current location without having to cd to it

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>has having a simple functional UI fallen out of fashion?

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use retroarch dumbo

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>look up best emulator in 2020; it's mednafen

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No, he's correct for PSX and possibly Saturn.

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Just use epsxe lmao, don't listen to these pedantic nerds

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Just use epsxe

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beetle psx hw retroarch
don't listen to the contrarians the core is great!

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If you seriously can't be bothered to use Mednafen or RetroArch, at least use PCSX Reloaded. ePSXe has no business being used anymore.

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You can write your own .cues dumbys don't go searching for them

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Just download good ones from the redump database.

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What is Retroarch you blistering RETARD

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me click file
me click play
me click game

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> ePSXe has no business being used anymore
Why not anon?

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Inaccurate pile of shit produced by scumbags.

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I would call you a faggot, but I can't argue with those quads

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10 years ago you were sitting on your dads lap while in installed the emulators and played. The controller you were using wasn't even plugged in.

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op's probably just the kind of kid who got his older brother or dad to setup and fix his computer problems, rather than learn how to use a computer

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>recently remember that Re-Loaded existed (probably the first person who's given it a single thought in years)
>see that it's on Steam
>but it's not the PC version
>it's the PSX version
>packaged with ePSXe
>it has always online DRM
>for a single player game with no online play, only couch coop
>that'll be 8 dollars bro
>PC version is listed on an abandonware site a few results down on Google
Silly world we live in these days, huh?

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There is no benefit conferred by ePSXe that isn't also conferred by PCSX-R. And you end up with more accurate emulation. Seriously, leave ePSXe in the dregs of history where it belongs.

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I don't want to sound like a shill but I've used mednafen, PCSX, and ePSXe. The best one however is the Beetle PSX HW core on retroarch. Very easy to set up.

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Try Med GUI Reborn
Learn the alt + shift + 1 shortcut inside mednafen to maps your controls becuase the gui doesn't always do it right

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I use epsxe for Monkey Hero on Android but not a bad 6460000th post

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I didn't know that, but I did know that you can shift + right click -> open command window here

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just associate cue files with mednafen then they start once you double click on them.

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He's the kind of kid who makes a post about why the emulator is hard to use instead of googling how to use it. Also admits to using an plugin-based emulator which is more difficult to set up than any of the alternatives mentioned in this thread.

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Such is the life of an emulator fag. I just put the SH disc in my PS and llay

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Oh my god. Everywhere I go there are fucking mongoloids like you who can't follow simple instructions to set stuff up. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND

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Oh shit, I never thought to do that.

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Just use epsxe, tardo.

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it's like using zsnes when there are better alternatives.

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Pretty much.

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Wanna know the way to make using Mednafen foolproof, OP? Just associate the .exe with all .cue files so you can double click on them and Mednafen will just boot up.
Then just Alt+Enter for fullscreen and press F1 for other keyboard shortcuts.

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not in todays markup market

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Not him, but didn't even think to do that myself. I jsut dragged the cues in like the beforementioned neanderthal.

Also, Open mednafen.cfg with Notepad and find and replace all the phrases 'aspect_mult2' to just say 'aspect'.

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OP sucks dick for free.

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That too. Don't know why it isn't defaulted to "aspect."

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Jewgle's only friend is the NSA.

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N64 and PS1 emulation can be a real pain in the ass. Its not as easy as sega or snes

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>Its not as easy as sega or snes
byuu has entered the chat

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paraLLEl-N64 with paraLLEl-RDP in Retroarch.
Mednafen or Beetle PSX (HW) in Retroarch.

Both make PS1 and N64 emulation simple as.

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goolag is not my friend. It gives me different search results based on which device I use. I want consistency fornease of use. It is extremely frustrating and has made it almost useless.

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>PS1 emulation can be a real pain in the ass
If you don't wanna be bothered with mednafen, XEBRA and PCSX are good alternatives that are easy to set up.

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Arguably an even worse choice than ePSXe.

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If you can buy a PS1 Mini for cheap(bought mine for $20), then just hack a PS1 mini and play it that way.

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nigga cant even setup a emulator on PC, imagine hacking a "console". also,
>ps1 mini

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I love how straightforward, honest, and completely oblivious this Anon is. All at once.

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pSX is closed-source abandoned garbage.

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Just use ePSXe. It's easy and even a retard should be able to understand it.

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There is a front-end for Mednafe called.... Mednaffe. There are other front ends but this one is simple and gets the job done for me. I don't know why people can't be bothered to build frontends, but if they want to build a good emu and someone else makes a good front end that's fine by me

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I can relate, I've been trying to get mednafen and Retroarch working on Wii with no luck so far. For PS1 emulation, I've been using WiiSXR but it's not great. Strider 2 plays pretty well but cutscenes are too laggy (kinda like a scratched PS1 disc). I've also tried SotN which is playable but kinda choppy and music sounds like shit. Plus no 240p mode. Haven't tried any 3D games yet but I don't have my hopes up.

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Wii will never emulate ps1 to a playable level. Make a Pi3 with 240p support, that's the best way to play ps1 besides PC.

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shouldn't it be called pS1?

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>Holy shit why do these guys make their emulators so hard to use on purpose?
Because there's very few real programmers these days. What we have now are glorified script kiddies who get by on using bloated-as-fuck "libraries" written by other people along with their java 101 collage class. These kiddies are quite literally autistic, or suffer from some sort of mental hangup that prevents them from interacting with the world in a real and meaningful way. They see computing as a special cool kids only venue that should "filter" the "normies/normals/normalfags" out, leaving their own brood. So they push the narrative that "GUI bad, CLI good", by intentionally making "programs" that are CLI-only, or if they -do- make a GUI, it's fucking terrible because again, it's made with someone else's unoptimized system.
So, combine:
>a complete lack of any real programing ability, just ham-fisting other peoples code to their needs based off of a novice's understanding of computers
>actual mental defects
>a God-complex that makes them see non-programmers as lesser life forms to be mocked and pushed out
>a culture-based push for CLI instead of a natural embrace of visual interface

Now you see why we're fucked. The pioneers of computing wanted to make computing better and for everyone, today's "programmers" want a special club to hide in.

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Do Pi's work well on CRTs? I have pic related but the output quality isn't great. My only other option would be to mod my PS2 to play ISOs.

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WiiSXR is pretty much the only PS1 emulator for the Wii and it ain't great. Beetle PS1 through RA on Wii barely works, best you'd be able to try is PCSX-ReArmed.

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How beautifully /v/.

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Get Mednaffe. It's a GUI for Mednafen

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People need to stop using their Wii to try and emulate anything after 4th gen.

But Mednafen itself is really good. No frontend by default sucks but it's been flawless for me when it comes to Saturn emulation and that's no small feat.

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This. Anyone that keeps begging for Mednafen with a GUI just download this already and quit whinging. Or just use the Retroarch version of it's PS1 core, that's more GUI then you can handle.

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yeah, and i never understood all this problem with mednafen, is really that hard?
this pic is from one of those silent hill 1-4 download/install guide, what is so hard about it? the "hard" part for the absolute brain dead individual is probably typing "ps1 bios download" on google, but with a little effort i belive he can pull it off, even with the extra chromosome and all.

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>me need gui program bad if not have gui

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Those zoomer emulators are fucking horrible. Just use the good old ones.

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Same shit with even more retarded UI.

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You just contradicted yourself multiple times in this theory.

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Yes they are really easy to connect to whatever you want them to. I just use composite and it's literally two solder points, I'm pretty sure you can buy one with scart, component, etc... Already built in if you're afraid of soldering. Ps2 can emulate ps1 with pops, but it's not good and time consuming to even get the iso on the HDD. Either modchip a ps1 to played burned copies, use a PC or get a pi3.

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Where can I find some ISO for ePsxe that are legit? I've only found a Parasite Eve on and that's it. I'm looking for Metal Gear Solid and a few other PS1 titles

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Just use duckstation. Rather new but made by one of the dolphin emu guys with a simple gui.

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You mean ROMs?

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Oh fuck off steznek.

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Epsxe gets too much shit here, but i still think is not that bad. The plugin configuration Is not really conplex for most games

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>low quality zoomerbater

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You need an actual cue sheet not a renamed .bin file. You did rip the game from a legitimate source, right?

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>>look up best emulator in 2020; it's mednafen apparently
muh latest updates meme is lame. the emu devs hardly test latest versions, even more most popular games.

ePSXe just works. use the software mode and default shit.
Nobody's forcing you to use STEEEEEEEEEEEAM DRM when you can just be pirate and sail the porn ocean.

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>Epsxe gets too much shit here
Because almost every alternative is a better one.

>> No.6464824

>These kiddies are quite literally autistic,
Even byuu and the new furries behind MAME made a UI, anon. Mednafen is pointless bloat even without a UI.

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underrated comment

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I hope after all this time OP has somehow gotten whatever emulator to work and he's finally playing Silent Hill 1.

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Why not just put that in the normal right click menu? Stupid Microsoft.

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Since we're in a dirty emulation thread here, anyone know where to find a GBA BIOS ROM. Forgot to download it before Nintendo went retarded with emulation.

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Check the /vg/ Emugen wiki.

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>Nobody's forcing you
Oh, I know, and obviously piracy is the better solution, I just thought it was such a marvelously shitty deal that it was funny. I actually barely use Steam these days.

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Good shit anons. Thank you!

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Got it, thanks!

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It's obvious that you've never programmed a day in your life.

>glorified skiddies making an emulator
If you think it's so easy and everything is contained in a common library, make your own (protip: it's not that easy). Also: none of these emulators use Java, you dumb fuck. Mednafen is written in C++ and utilises common and well-respected libraries such as opengl, asound, and SDL (yes, it's a little rough, but it fucking works), which are also written in C/C++.

>anyone smarter than me is autistic/defective
Cope harder.

>muh sekrit club
If the price for entering the club is "being smart enough to type simple and well-documented commands into a box", how is that terribly exclusionary? I was doing this at 6 years old. Are you dumber than a pre-schooler?

>a program is only valid if it has a GUI
This is the dumbest thing I've read all day, and I went to /b/ earlier. Many absolutely awesome programs in nearly every category have a CLI. CLI has a lot of practical advantages, including enabling much more rapid development and testing and allowing for a level of abstraction that lets other people do what they want, such as attaching various front-ends to them, for instance, or running headless environments, avoiding the waste of resources required by endless bloated GUIs.

>complaining about people making the GUIs you desperately want because they don't appeal to you
Are you ever satisfied? If you think it's so simple and that you're more clever than everyone else, again, make your own.

>parading "optimization" like you even know what it means
"Optimization" is a relative term and should be backed up by careful testing and benchmarking in a given purpose/scenario; it's very seldom obvious which areas actually need improvement and even more rarely is it perfectly universal outside of mathematics.

Stop pretending you know a damn thing. Computing has never been easier, and copypasting shit from a README is not esoteric knowledge.

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The best PSX emulator I've used recently has to be Beetle PSX HW in Retroarch. Pic related. I highly recommend it. It's accurate, and you can up that resolution to make games look crispy as fuck. Don't believe me? Check the vid.


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Sounds like he really hit a nerve. Wew lad.

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yes you need retrochink hat

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fuck when did they add that?

>> No.6466974

on further testing, it will run anything in PATH like this, it acts like a run box but with the working directory as the folder you're viewing
i wish i knew this sooner

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>open notepad
>type mednafen.exe gamename.cue
>save as .bat
>run batch file

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Here OP dont CRT no more, the MAME dads are here to save you https://medlaunch.info/

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Get the bios package from the wiki
Get only no-intro dumps
Never get those issues again, not in mednafen, not even in RetroArch

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What are no intro dumps?

>> No.6468579

Standarized sets of roms/isos. Actually I meant Redump. (No-intro does cartridge based rom sets, not disc systems)

Check the "ROM & ISO Sites" section of the wiki, most of them can be found on archive.org

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the zoom leading the zoom

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>first rule of zooming

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Thanks a lot bro. May your life be as cool as 90's Japan.

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If you REALLY can't get it to work, use psxfin. From what I remember, it's zero config. Silent Hill only has minor graphic issues and is playable. Christ, psxfin makes me feel old.

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Man, I hope so

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man mednafen

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>i'm retarded
>it's everyone else's fault
every time
sorry computer isn't as easy as microwave

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Someone wrote "awesome port of a PSX classic" in steam lmao

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Some people have zero capacity for being critical to anything at all.

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You should lurk more.

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You should zoom less