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When you emulate arcade beat'em ups, how do you play them?
Besides the normal "coin-feed through the entire game with some friends", I mean?
Trying to 1cc most beat'em ups is too much of a chore, especially since early stages are often very long and then there's an extremely sharp difficulty spike. Just like shmups, but the first couple of stages can take 5-10 minutes to beat, so trying to elarns omething ons tage 3 is a chore.

Some fo the shit I've been doing, including multiplayer with friends, is:
- Everyone takes one coin when beating the stage; out of coins = game over.
- 1cc every stage and save at the beginning of each new stage. Just replay the stage until I can beat it without paying.
- Use three coins max per game, like many console port did with the continue system. Three lives per coin. If the game doesn't have a life system of any sort, then 3x3=9 coins.
- Everyone takes, like, 50 coins. The one to have the most coins at the end of the game wins. but that only works in multiplayer.

How do you make arcade beat'em ups challenging?
In b4 some absolute simpleton with no reading comprehension writes "play however you like omg haha just enjoy the game haha dude".

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>all that cringe

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I try to 1cc, but fail. Then get mad and credit feed so I can see the whole thing and how bullshit it gets. Then go back to trying to 1cc, and failing.

One thing I like to do is make a save state at the furthest stage/boss I can get to without dying once. Then I either play from that point as far as I can, or I start from the beginning and try to get further without dying.

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>two canned phrases and an interjection
Were you trying to say something, son?

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Another thing is that Beat'em ups make you feel like shit when you use credits, like you didn't even beat the game.
If I use a credit in R-Type, I still have to beat the entire or at least half the stage in one go, same for Ghost'n Goblins, if I use it in a fighting game I still need to take two rounds of the final boss in one go. It still feels like you beat the game, it just took you more tries.
But in Beat'em ups you respawn in the exact same place, it doesn't even lets you to beat it right. You might even use more than one credit on a single boss. It feels like shit

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Same with the more mdoern shmups and especially Cave shmups. And Metal Slug games too. I guess they were trying to prevent people who ahd to coin-feed from feeling too overwhelmed. But the result is we have to jump through hoops to manually create some sort of difficulty curve, yeah.

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I savestate at the start of the level, play it until I can get to a boss, savestate at the boss, play until I can beat them confidently, then play the whole level with the boss and try to beat it a few times in a row. If I can do that, I move on to the next level and do the same thing there. There are a lot of deviations where I will sometimes start practicing with later levels or jump back and forth between them but this is the general idea. If I can do all the levels, getting a 1cc is just a matter of doing a few runs at most. Bmups are pretty easy compared to shmups, so getting to a point where you can 1cc them consistently doesn't require much investment.

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Forgot to mention that I need to complete stages without dying to move on, not just using 1 credit.

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1CC. Work on not stating your preferences as universal.

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>jump through hoops
Literally just don't continue, it's the easiest shit ever

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before even starting: watch a 1cc replay maybe 2 times, start to finish. watch the boss fights extra carefully.
then credit it feed the game once or twice to see where I have trouble.
then do save state practice for each stage, and each boss and each trouble spot.
go back and re-watch the replays and make sure I have all the tactics right.
if I enjoy the game I might try to 1cc it then, if I don't enjoy it, I'll delete it and never play again. Happens a lot with the beat em up genre because it's so bad.

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I limit myself to Neo Geo AES standards - 4 credits.

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>dude lmao why would you ever use more than one credit git gud
>*save state 5 loaded*

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That's the sound of someone who's gitting gud, why aren't you doing the same?

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I either set myself a credit limit to start with and see how far I can get (which is, as OP noted, what most home conversions tended to do) or sometimes I like to credit feed my way through a game then try to beat it with fewer credits the next time and fewer than that the next time and so on.

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...says the dickwad who probably hasn't 1cc'd a game in his life, lol.

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One problem I have with this is when the game deosn't have obvious stage division. The Capcom D&D games sometimes have cutscenes mid-level, sometimes there's just a boss, sometimes there are minibosses or something.

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A 1cc obtained after grinding savestate practice does not count as a real 1cc.

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Why not

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Beat em ups are brainless

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I know you said just play however you want but sometimes that is just how it is. People have different ideas of "fun". My idea of fun is mostly learning the game strategies and knowledge. Sometimes I just like to fuck around.

A lot of these games challenge is just gone if you credit feed imo when it doesn't have to be so. They could've had checkpoints or limited amount of continues so you can't scrub it out but they didn't. When you die you just respawn where you are. You could beat the game blindfolded.

With this in mind I find it best to limit your credits and keep going down until the 1CC like you mentioned. That way it is still challenging and you can keep shaving the credits down. Unfortunately a lot of games have difficulty rank tied to deaths so be prepared to save state practice if you want to get that 1CC. That or waste a lot of time restarting to practice on the part that is hanging you. You will start to see the games nuances and learn to appreciate or depreciate some of their design.

In any case if you wanna learn violent storm pick Boris. His running dash headbutt attack is very good and fast. Additionally earn how to pick up enemies off the ground. It is essential to looping the bosses except Geld (who has a different loop).

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credit feeding lets you see the entire game and bosses to get a feel for what's coming up and to know if you'll enjoy playing it more seriously.

otherwise some players will get walled off early, quit to never touch the game again. checkpoints havve always been retarded form of artificial difficulty ,,,no benefit or fun to them

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What the other guy said: why not?
Both learning by watching other people play beat'em ups and coin-feeding while learning are intended learning strategies.
Am I supposed to buy actual fucking boards to play some shitty beat'em ups that I might get bored of after ten minutes of gameplay? Are you retarded?

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>checkpoints havve always been retarded form of artificial difficulty
Do you mean "unintended defficulty" or something? All difficulty in video games is artificial by definition.

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>beat'em ups

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>artificial difficulty
isn't real

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He's probably trying to talk about uneved difficulty curves or systems that requires players to build shallow skillsets that are soon discarded, or something.

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>put 99 credits at the start
>at the end see how many there is left

>each time you play try to do better

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I miss MameHub with my bros :(

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Many games don't show how many credits you have left if its over 9 though.

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none of that applies to checkpoints though

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>keeping track of how much money your crappy playthrough would have cost you in the real world

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Normally I just play through, pumping in credits as I go as I would in an arcade normally. It's more about the artwor, the music and the gameplay in the moment then trying to 1cc the thing.

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You watched game Sack

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No, I created this thread before that video came out. Check the timestamp.

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Dying a lot in shmups, even with unlimited credits fucking drains me. Most miserable videogame experience, specially when it's checkpoints on a Gradius/Parodius game and I keep failing at getting that pea-shooting turtle to wiggle into a powerup. Dying in seconds, for minutes. So, when it's past the hour mark and I have not beaten the game or I'm not even close to the end I usually just stop playing and try again other time before my soul withers away. I used to be able to play for hours till the end as a youngun but that just feels depressing nowadays.

If one of these games is longer than an hour playing adequately it's probably too damn long anyways.

I remember some Capcom games added a count to your score each time you game overed and continued lmao. I know Vampire Savior and Street Fighter Alpha 2 did it.

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Sure it does. All in his head.

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git gud

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sometimes when i play games, i just turn off the sound effects and make noises with my mouth. It's way more fun like that.
That way I can pretend that I'm really just a nice guy who has to go to the right.

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Back in the day, I would only play like 2 or 3 credits at most because continuing past that felt like a waste of money, since I was absolutely guaranteed to die in the next couple of minutes anyway.

So now I just try to recreate that experience and try to limit my credit feeding to what kid me would have considered a good investment.

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50% of the time you fight a boss and he uses a 1-hit kill move that can't be doged or blocked. You just lose.

Or a game with multiple pathways, where one is a dead end you can't turn back from. You guessed wrong so you need to restart.

Neither increased the skill required to beat the game, but you'll still die more because of it. AKA: artificial difficulty.

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next time you want to finish playing, but you're out of the credits you would have given to yourself, consider that there's a guy who used to hang out behind the arcade and would give out handfuls of tokens if you pet his lap-cat "maximus". Now all you have to do is imagine the shame of petting the cat and finish playing.

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how can one anon make up so much bullshit?

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When zoomers say "you" they actually mean "I". And he really is that bad at games.

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I give myself about 3-4 credits, I do the same rules a console would give you.

Then, if I beat it, I try to get a clear with lower credits.

Remember that games are about fun.

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>Or a game with multiple pathways, where one is a dead end you can't turn back from. You guessed wrong so you need to restart.

Is that even a thing outside of shitty mario maker levels

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So extremely rare instances of RPG's, and something that doesn't happen? I guess hypothetically that could be artificial difficulty, but the examples are so extreme that they cannot be meaningfully applied to anything that could be applied to checkpoints...or most things, really.

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I put what I wasted into my piggy bank as a form of punishment and saving practice.
It's not a swear jar, it's a belt jar

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Gradius and other games with checkpoints are fine, in my opinion, as opposed to games that just continue if you coin-feed. I wish more arcade games had checkpoints, perhaps as a dip switch option.

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Oh yeah, I also had an idea to tie MAME credits to something productive in real life that I could do to "earn" playtime or something. Mark 30 student essays--get 30 quarters for mame/FBA. But accounting gets bothersome and I never go through with it.

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>letting the game cuck you for virtual money instead of putting it on free play like you own the machine

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Yeah I agree, instant spawning is too cheesy and sounds like bait to burn through money for those who could afford it, but quite honestly, I wish specifically Gradius, with how powerup demanding it is, sent you back to the beginning of the stage if you died instead. I'd rather have that instead if spawn me right above an obstacle with an enemy swarm incoming and the need to upgrade my ship, it just makes me die more. Perhaps that was the point. Just one single checkpoint before the boss if anything would be better, since those are usually way easier than the levels themselves.

I am in the process of that anon, don't fret. I just hope you can git your head out of your ass before I get there tho, good luck.

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We've been freeplaying arcade games for twenty years now, son. You're the only one who's just discovering arcade emulation.

>> No.6464541

Lucky you. It would have been a retarded waste of time and effort.

I'm about as worried about you succeeding at that as I am the anon I replied to above succeeding in his shit.

>> No.6464561

I've been freeplaying arcade games for a lot longer than that. Tried emulating a few times but it was always a sad imitation of the real thing.

>> No.6464574

That sounds like a pretty good way to control game time desu, gonna try it out

>> No.6464575

Then you've either been freeplaying the same couple of boards for 20+ years... or you've waster literally thousands of dollars on used arcade PCBs. I can't even tell what's more pathetic.

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I was just kidding, mate. Don't get your dip switches in a bunch

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Well I on the other hand am genuinely starting to worry the damage to your spine and anus might be irreparable at this point, so I can just hope you at least get some cute nurses anon.

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It was fun during a charity game marathon to donate real money for every credit spent on some harder games. Gives the harder games some real stakes.

>> No.6464813

I just toss a quarter out the window every time I put another credit in.
My neighbours loathe me.

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That's some pretty sad cope there champ. Almost as sad as having to say "We've" because you're not even 20 years old.

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>watch longplay on YT so I can copy the strats
>hes using turbo
>on a beat em up

also how do I set that up there is no turbo option that I've seen in mame 0.220

>> No.6466783 [DELETED] 

you need the autofire plugin

>> No.6466820

seems like it comes included with mame, but I dont see a way to enable it, I read something about a plugin.ini but I have yet to find it

>> No.6466827

nevermind, it seems like you have to enable it in the main menu first

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>>hes using turbo
>>on a beat em up
he's a scrub with no self-respect, ignore the replay and watch someone skilled

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If you can't even git gud at shitposting how will you ever git gud at games?

>> No.6467382

Those are cheated. Also what game? In most it won't make a difference, the strats will be the same.

>> No.6467494

I mean, seeing as you're the one shitting up the thread with witless shitposts I would listen to your opinion on shitposts, you seem to be the only one who cares about it. Cause you are mister "I-I-I d-d-d-don't care i-i-if y-y-you o-o-o-or t-t-that other a-a-a-a-anon s-s-succeed", right. I am still speaking to that mastermind of witticisms am I not?

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>irony: the post

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Right. Should have known better than to pollute the thread with a retarded bitchslap fight with an attention-starved negroid.

Here's a diet 6467676(You) and my best wishes you get over your addiction anon.

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>irony II: a new cope

>> No.6468214

>>hes using turbo
>>on a beat em up
look up a random 1cc and unless it says 'real hardware' it will almost always use turbo, very few people seem to care. I mean posters ITT will claim to care, but most actual people don't.

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Is there any difference when playing beat'em ups with turbo? It's not like you can burst fire like in shmups with limited bullets on screen but unlimited firing speed. Doesn't it just turn beat'em ups into FFXV without any particular benefit?

>> No.6468291

The main benefit is that you don't have to mash the button, some games (mainly Punisher) benefit from this a lot because it gets insanely mashy during the gun sections. Besides that there are some scenarios where the consistency from autofire is beneficial, for instance when shifting in Final Fight, Captain Commando or Sailor Moon since you don't have to worry about syncing your button tapping and can just focus on turning around at the right time. In extremely rare cases the consistency can make certain strategies far more viable, for example the "stand and punch in the center of the ring" Sodom strategy works even with Haggar if you use autofire, but without it his punches will be too irregular to work. Overall it doesn't mean much, if you can 1cc a game with autofire, you can 1cc the game without autofire just as well.

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Oh, gee, alright, I see.

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oh holy jesus
maximus got into this time.

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I just keep credit feeding with the goal of trying to beat it with less credits the next time. Eventually I can get down to about four credits.

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I start to play them, get drunk, yell at my computer, then my gf, then I fall asleep, repeat

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