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retro games with this aesthetic???

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you mean games with underaged girls in hooker-outfits?

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Why do transexuals love sailor moon so much? I can't see it without associating it with twitter trans flags.

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Unrelated question, but why do transexuals love sailor moon so much? I can't see the blue girl without associating her with projared anymore.

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if you ever watched the original show (but not with the 4kids-edits and -dub), you'd know.

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Actual tranny here. Excuse the reddit spacing.

Despite being about girls doing girl things, it was also an action show, and one with lots of queer themes at that. So it's blurring the line between girl's shows and boy's shows. Most of us had our eggs start to crack from learning about the Sailor Starlights, or having the "guy that turns into a girl Senshi" idea ourselves.

It's actually funny, my dad was a super conservative christian, and he saw right through Neptune and Uranus right away, and was asking why those cousins were incestuous.

Back on topic: Can you describe the traits of the aesthetic you have in mind? I don't know if you want early 90s magical girls, blondes, that art style, help me out here.

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>we get to do whatever we want and people have to put up with it because we're special :)
Not for much longer. Your goodwill is about to run out.

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Dial 8 pls

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Kek yourself disgusting tranny

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Explain why trannys kill themselves unless there's an inherent chemical in the transgender effect on the human animal from a scientific, medical, and biological prespective.

Kill yourself. You fucking freak.
It must be inherent to the tranny condition that you commit so much suicide.
Die. Now. Everyone hates you and nobody buys your sick fetishistic disguise for a second.

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>I wonder why trannies kill themselves so much. Oh well, must be inherent to the condition.
>Now let me just type up this shitpost asking it to commit suicide...

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Games that look like PC Engine games?
Maybe try the PC Engine.

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>Actual tranny here. let me tell you about queer theory
seek mental help.

get mame and play the belt scroller

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>Explain why trannys kill themselves
>Die. Now. Everyone hates you
you just answered your own question, dumbass.

this. PC Engine is chock full of gal games.

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>Kek yourself disgusting tranny
They just need to be honest and objective towards themselves, I'm sure their dad's are disappointed they raised not only homos but liars.

How about Ghost Sweeper Mikami

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A girl doing boys things is not "queer" themes you fucking narcisist.

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If you commit suicide because someone tells you too then you are fucking retarded.

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No, games that make puritan americans seeth

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>t. seething trainnie

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If you're scorned everywhere and humiliated everyday you'd want to kill yourself too.

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Based and smolbrainpilled

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they're unhappy because they've created an impossible goal, it fundamentally denies the reality of who they are and what is essential in life, the more they strive towards it, the more they fall into deception, a black abyss, and the fact that people don't play along with their game reminds them it's impossible.


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Coombrain. Not a filfthy manly crossdresser

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If you're a freak of nature and an evolutionary dead end, and somehow you want the whole world to treat you like a normal human, you deserve to be scorned and humiliated everyday. Whether you believe in God or evolution, people like you are objective failures.

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How many women have you bedded anon, you sound like quite the lothario.

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Damn, how will I ever recover.

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two decent responses, yet the first thing he thinks of is playing with genitals >>6453807
trannies and coomers really are retarded

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reddit meme

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ass blasting

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It was merely a question
By answering the question

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probably something to do with how everyone pretends the characters are attractive despite all of them having hideous designs

ie utopia

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Have sex.

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i dunno, trannies and fags have a lot of sex, probably the most, and they're the most depressed, diseased and suicidal minority

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Thats like making fun of the crippled, anons. They're mentally crippled and you're not helping them, you're only worsening their conditions.

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Having bottom feeders halting human progress is not funny in the least.

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>he posts on the board for grown men who can't give up their childhood video games

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You're only 41% corrrect.

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Yes, liking video games is very bad, being a tranny however is perfectly healthy and normal.

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Both merit the rope

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You mean coddled everywhere and given protected status, given preference in hiring and admissions, have access to all sorts of free government assistance off the backs of working people, and can never be spoken out against publicly without massive career ending repercussions...kind of like the freak above admitted their rant. But how convenient now to play the victim when it's beneficial.

You live in a country where most of the elites are homo freaks just like you full of the same sort of hatred for the average man that you have and now you want to pretend to be oppressed. KEK of the year all years.

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You must not have netflix

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No, sweety, that's not how it works.

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The LGBT crew is often full of obnoxious and retarded people but man you guys take the cake. The dude simply corrected a (now deleted) post about sailor moon not being queer (it is) and you're all "KYS KYS KYS KYS KYS you triggered baby KYS"

Bunch of manchildren.

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41% yourself.

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they're just trying to derail the thread and get attention, don't fall for their narcissism and mental delusions.


Ghost Sweeper is nice but just too easy, unfortunately

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>trying to derail the thread
The guy literally said "back on topic" and instead it was followed by 4 "KYS" posts. Stop projecting

I'm a heterosexual cis male and proud to be. Thanks. I just hate retardation.

The game I just posted >>6454374

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You can't say one is okay and the other isn't.
At least this guy is consistent in his beliefs. I don't know why he's posting on this board though

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It’s like ministry work, to make sure you folk know you’re wicked

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This kills the have sex meme. I've been on both sides of sex having wall and my perspective hasn't changed for shit. If anything I've only grown more... I don't know about conservative, but against the faggotry commonly pushed.

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How the fuck did this go from sailor moon aesthetic games to crying about what you have between your legs? Holy fucking hell.

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Dial 8

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In answer to your question OP, there's Nakayosi World and Miracle Girls on the SNES.

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jannies want to watch /vr/ burn.

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Play Sailor Moon Another Story the evil Sailor Scouts were cool as shit

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doesn't retro street fighter have that look??

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Wait why is everyone talking about trannies lmao

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Also dont answer that

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>Actual tranny here. Excuse the reddit spacing.
Exquisite bait, anon.

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Mina best girl

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they allow consolewarring and bait threads, might as well allow the third pillar of /v/ as well

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Finally, a good fucking post.

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What is this Sailor Moon rip off in your pic?

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sailor moon artist challenge in social media

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>human progress
Intolerance is halting human progress.

>given protected status
Maybe if you stop harassing them, they won't be anymore.
>given preference in hiring and admissions
It's the fault of capitalism then.
>have access to all sorts of free government assistance off the backs of working people
They're mentally crippled. They deserve treatment.
>can never be spoken out against publicly without massive career ending repercussions
Again, capitalism's fault.
>You live in a country where most of the elites are homo freaks
I post in a board where most of the people are freaks.

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I literally can't cope with someone being different than me. Everyone should be exactly like me and everything should be about me.

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Why has no one mentioned Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon by Banpresto?

>I literally can't cope with someone not agreeing with my lifestyle choice and validating it everyday. Everyone should think exactly like me and everything should be about me.
We get it, fags ruin everything, including legit /vr/ threads. Narcissism runs deep.

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You're literally a living embodiment of subversion and brainwashing. The kikes sure did a good job.

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>capitalism has failed
This, but unironically.
Ask Cuba, Russia or North Korea if they have as many trannies as USA

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Hungry people have no time or energy to act like freaks.

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they could prostitute themselves for food, but they clearly have more morals.

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Ironically, Cuba legalized homosexuality long before the US public accepted it. A proof that it's corporatism that's making people insane.

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>A potential candidate would reskin as Super Princess Peach games

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You realize that many of these people just really love being the underdog, right? They don't want 'acceptance', they want to be oppressed because it makes them feel like heroes for fighting said oppression. When people tell them to kill themselves for being a tranny they'll think "I was right all along! Look, everyone, I'm being oppressed!". You give them what they want with your stupid /pol/ memes. Just fucking let it go, retard.

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>anime-based games allow

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>/v/ tier tranny discussion on /vr/
Oh for fuck's sake

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What morals? They abort (murder) their own children constantly, heavily pollute their air, the politburos' daughters are instagram thots, make defective health products, and pay other countries' leaders and corporations to spread globohomo and open borders. This is besides the fact that they're autistic ("muh literacy" = rate of re-education) and their idea of a good meme is pic related.

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>What is this Sailor Moon rip off in your pic?

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This is now a Franko: The Crazy Revenge thread.

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>possible comfy thread about aesthetics
>one tranny posts ONCE in response to somebody being buttmad about trannies
>entire thread falls into monkey shitfest

I probably need to find some trans ladies to discuss games with if this keeps up. I like video games, and I don't wanna have to sift through 400+ replies full of mspaint propaganda bullshit just to find ONE anon's cool experience with a rad game.

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Chinese gov't white-knights (as in, the ones actually from China, the types who actually made that "meme") are very different people compared to whoever you're talking about.

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El Viento and Annet Futatabi

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based, look at all the maddies

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puritans are more respectable than you sexbrain coomer zoomies

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nice logic, i guess you also accept pedophiles then don't you, you attentionwhore degenerate

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>the politburos' daughters are instagram thots

>> No.6458221

>all these (You)s
>not a single one asking for a picture of his boipucci
Fucking faggots.

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>xD it's funny because i called u a faget but im super gay

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A ton of arcade mahjong games from the early '90s.

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damn ryu, she's a child!

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You have been brainwashed by a tiny group of influential, rich, well connected activists. You can like cute things and not need to chop your dick off.

>> No.6458527

Hell in my country you can go to prison for just saying you don't believe transgenderism is real, or that gender dysphoria should be treated in other ways.

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black lady chibiusa was my childhood crush

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Yeah sure. Try being gay in Cuba under Castro.

>> No.6458543

virgin Ryu vs chad Guile

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Kek ibuki still wearing her ninja gear

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Adult chibiusa always made me diamonds too.
N-no, not the child one, no!

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Sailor Moon Another Story.
Great SNES rpg.

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Sailer moon for the SNES.

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>don't like a thread
>post something about being gay/a tranny to derail it
>entire thread turns into a political shitfest
>mission accomplished
And people wonder why there's a tranny infestation on 4chan

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too late anon, you like cnny now

>> No.6460773

wtf is cnny?

>> No.6460779

You knw, the thng whr thy tak yr jrb.

>> No.6460857

take your meds

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Why is this site so fucking obsessed with trannies?

>> No.6460925

Failure to be the little girl.

>> No.6460945 [DELETED] 

why are they so obsessed with grooming kids and invading video game communities to spread their trans-ideology? even /vr/ can't be free of their garbage

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They're the same. I've personally been around many of them for long periods of time. There are some defectors within that country but most are autistic dumbasses. Cope, retard.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=Go2f6Nl8Ys4&t=4m15s Also, recentky there have been some pics of Xi Jinping's daughter doing slutty shit during this pandemic if you want to search.

Taiwan numba 1

>> No.6461819

cte and fnny

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Why this disaster of a thread is allowed to exist?
/a/ and /v/ still seems to have moderation, why /vr/ was abandoned all of a sudden?

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Money Idol Exchanger

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Nice try fed

>> No.6462289

basado et rubelm-tableturado

>> No.6462290

Because nobody bothers to report when the op doesn't violate enough rules and new posts pile up faster than you can report.

>> No.6462361 [DELETED] 

The tranny that made this meme was too autistic to know how to edit out pepes fingers on the graph

>> No.6462612

ever since the announcement of new jannies it's been just complete shit.
>Because nobody bothers to report
lol no.

>> No.6463198

not wrong though

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My ban has been lifted and I'm not gonna read this trainwreck of a thread but I can finally say:
Yes, Street Fighter Alpha really fits this look

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Why were you banned, Anon?

>> No.6463498

I fucked hiroshimoot's mom

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>No Valis

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how about sexy parodius? play hikaru

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ur a dummy

>> No.6469564

this but unironically

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Why did I open this thread? It's one of the worst ones I've ever seen.

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yes. post eroges. and not get banned. maybe.

>> No.6472771

Tell me its fukken wrong