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Which of Sega's final two consoles had the better library?

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Saturn if you are japanese.

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>if you're neet otaku

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The problem with the Dreamcast's library is that all of it's AAA titles were brought to other systems unlike the Saturn. If that didn't happen then everyone on this board would be all over it and it's ebay price would be 3-4x what it is now.

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Most of the Saturn library is early 3D jank. The 2D games are great, obviously.
Most of the Dreamcast games reek of the "cool dude x-treme attitude" of early 2000's so they're annoying as fuck and haven't really aged well, but most are still playable. On average the Dreamcast library is better, but the Saturn's best is better than Dreamcast's best

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This is a good take

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I don’t know Japanese so Dreamcast by default.

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Saturn has far more variety if you can read Japanese.

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Saturn and you don't even need to be Japanese.
>>6435427 is correct. Dreamcast doesn't even have the best version of its best game, PSO.
The Saturn may have been a failure as a console but Sega were at their creative peak during its lifespan - AM2, AM3, Sonic Team and Team Andromeda were untouchable and cranked out AAA+ titles on an almost monthly basis.

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the Saturn's library is nearly twice as big, both are very strong for fighting games and shmups, but the rest of their libraries are almost opposites, the Saturn is good for JRPGs, strategy and text adventures (if you speak japanese), while the Dreamcast is good for racing, sports and survival horror games, it would be up to your preferences

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Saturn has more games, so saturn.

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>Saturn if you are contrarian.

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Dreamcast obviously.

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Saturn has higher highs but Dreamcast has more consistent quality

There isn’t a single game on the Dreamcast that approaches PDS quality

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Put all the best Saturn games together to form one ultimate super game, and it would still lose to Cannon Spike.

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saturn has more games that got little to no rereleases on later platforms.

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Both are amazing

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Nice list

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Dreamcast easily. The rate of good/fun games is much higher. Both consoles have a very unique vibe tho.

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Dreamcast for quality and quantity of great games. Saturn isn't far behind though, especially when including the Japanese library.

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Hating cool dude extreme city pop record vibes is a bad brand.

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Dreamcast. Although I still own a Japanese Sega Saturn because the Saturn library also has great games.

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I can't but Google translate can and that'll get me through the menus

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do you mean shibuya-kei, anon-kun?

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