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Who's the best OoT waifu, /vr/?

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5 is the only way to go

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8 claimed

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Sand Gal half breed

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Let's do this

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fuck 9, marry 3, kill everyone else

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True patricians choice

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3 would probably be the hottest if she had a better outfit and hairstyle.

7 might be best if she didn't have that gross inhuman head shape. Anthro characters are unpleasant-looking.

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gogogogo i better get a milf

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not a milf but good enough. plus i think being with her and working with the gerudo would make me fwb with nabooru

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Oh boy.

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Malon in any incarnation. Nothing like a hardworking farmgirl who's horny from seeing horses mate all day.

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raul julia

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>had to remove all the double entries because /v/ is a child and can't handle posts with repeat digits at the end
The best part of this image.

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Not OoT but posting her anyway

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Is it bad I don't recognize 3/4 of these?

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whichever had best doujins and 3D lewds

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OoT: Zelda

Entire franchise:

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OoT doesnt even have the best zelda

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Adult Zelda
If you chose 1, 4 or 6 please seek therapy.

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Dubs means poster's pick of the row.

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claiming mine

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>got cucked
Well fuck you too. At least it seems I'll get good sex. I don't even know the bitch though, must be from a non retro game.

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You forgot the Great Fairy.
she's always gigglin' whenever Link steps in to her fountain.
But yeah, for me it is and was always, 5. Malon.
milk trukk arive, amirite?
Also, roll.

And roll.

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5 or youre a dyke chode.

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Rolling Start

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They see me rollin'

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>waifu thread
go away

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>original, not DX Marin
t. my nig

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Let's rock and roll!

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>Not selecting the giant nymphomaniac
>Never being her boytoy plaything

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her horny team ninja redesign isn't canon and nobody wants them in-game triangle tiddies

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i know i will hate it.

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knew it

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if we're going that way you might as well go with the ones who don't have triangle tits and are actually canon horny for link

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She'll milk you for cummies.

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where is Navi?

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Rock 'N Roll

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i would fuck the shit out of ruto's underage zora pussy god she's hot.

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>too small to give you the succ so she starts giving frantic little kisses all over your dick

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This is canon.

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why are malonfags so autistic? not everyone else's fault they don't want the world's most boring waifu

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>Zelda canon

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For me it's Sheik

why not

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>forgetting the best zelda waifu
This woman is what all true warriors strive for

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Not rolling, just listing a few of my picks.
Top two faves are 50 and 30.
30 because I'm not insecure about my masculinity and can roll with punches; I'd enjoy having someone to banter with.
37 maybe because wholesome.
50 except I fucking hate kids. Would love some genuine affection and a partner I knew cared.
70 for a challenge to test the limits of my idealism.
80 just because I like to draw but suck at it
84 because I actually really like Maple's attitude.
90 because I never have enough time to do everything I want. Although I suppose with four of me there'd be four times as many things I'd want to do.

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S Tier: Ruto, Malon
A Tier: Zelda, Naburu, Shiek
B Tier: Impa, Saria
SSS+ Tier: Anju

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so 8 is fair game?

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Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin ro

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Well, she’s not really as old as a child...

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My negro. I well remember following her around the Stock Pot Inn wishing she’d choose me over Kafei.

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What’s the difference?

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I like young Impa in all the games she's in. Her fighting style in Hyrule Warriors was the best.

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fair game, got it

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link is the best zelda waifu desu

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Oh shit

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wow i just noticed i got her number too

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Malon and it's not even close

Pour one out for our based stinky girl Malon

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What the fucking autistic nasty ass shit is this

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so this is what being molested feels like

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>Can lactate
Absolutno based i redpilled

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I know right? Green nails are so much better.

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Why was this game's artstyle so amazing?

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One of these things is not like the others

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Calm your tits.

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I'm calm.

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i miss him lads

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*kun kun intensifies*

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98 is based actually

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Stop talking about Saria and start licking.

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>Impa has cameltoe
How did they get away with this?

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why is adult zelda so much sexier in concept art than in-game

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It was a different time, a better quiet one...

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Can't compete.

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Pls gib loli

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Zelda, Ruto and Malon


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>69, 90, 93
Who be these?

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rolling cuz i'm gay

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I think Malon was the closest person to actually grow up with Link as far as when the player have control over him. Saria though seem like the canon relationship though the player see very little of the relationship itself.

unironically rolling for 6

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I dunno 69 or 90, but 93 is an OC from Hyrule Warriors.

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90 is four swords Zelda

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how did i never realize that malon has a bowser slide

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93 is Lana

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>/vr/ constantly calls /v/ shit
>proceeds to make waifu threads just like /v/

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Thanks. Someday I will beat that and FSA.

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It's the boomer rite of passage to declare a particular thing bad, for attention. Hence how "capitalism", "Republicans", etc became buzzwords.

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hey, when a jan.ny isn't cleaning up, what's a simple anon gonna do?

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Because it is and waifu threads are the least problem while underage making threads while using oomer and other buzzwords is one of them

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Roll roll roollll

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That's literally nothing different than where I am at -____-

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I've seen the source images for several of these, and most of those I recognize are futa.

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t. salty vroomer
Remember that 1/5 of 388 is 77.6.

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You forgot your cancerous wojak with it oomer kiddo

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>he gets triggered by a drawing of a wrinkly white face

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>salty N64 has has the best racing games!
Don't become the tranny to own the tranny, anon.

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I'll politely ask you to stop only once. If you continue to post like this I will have no choice but to inform the moderation team of your low quality and troll posts.

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>the vroomer guy is still at it
What are you doing on a Zelda thread, ps1 fanboy?
Remember that this remains in the archives. Not good reputation for your kind.

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Looks like /v/ has polluted your mind with the last of us

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>bringing up stuff from the archive
Fuck off. People like you are so gay. Anonymity for a reason, you faggots.

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>Anonymity for a reason, you faggots.
Identifying shitposter faggots like you has been a thing since before you discovered 4chan, ps1oomer-kun.
Just admit you fucked up, and also waifu threads have been a thing since /vr/ started too, and it's not exclusive to N64 fans. Ask Tifa fags.

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whatever dude, get a life.

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Says the guy who spends his days shitposting on threads of games he doesn't like.

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Nabooru looks the same in both past and future
Best waifu, superior Gerudo genetics.

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Oh rollit.

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kinda weird she got no gainz from hauling massive armor and a battle axe for seven years straight

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I'm thinking it was more like she was imprisoned in the armor, but it was actually controlled by the witches magic, not actually handled by Nabooru herself.

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>has the gall to threaten others over "low-quality" and "troll" posts in a fucking waifu/coomer thread
A little self-awareness would be nice you know.

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>ywn tend to Malon's stinky feet after a long day on the ranch
Why even live bros

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This is terrible, only 47 is worth having

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waifu threads are classic you newnigger

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and wojak has been around since 2010, your point?

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Alright then

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So does Impa

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More like shit

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JACKPOT! Rollin' once

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2nd Roll

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Third and final

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That's quite a diverse harem, bro

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Worst artistry turnabout face.

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Waste of quads

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>time travel
I think I did well, chaps.

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I've read this VN.

>> No.6430428

I don't know any of these characters, but I pick number 5.

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0 is a man

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I've got to know.

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the great fairies are pretty hot


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Explain? /v/ drama or some shit? I was saying that anon sounds gay and cringe.

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Princess Ruto. However I may be influenced by the fact that she was my very first fap.


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rollin' for 6

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So, we've seriously begun to have waifu threads in /vr/ now? Have we sunk so low?

...Fuck it, rolling

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I suppose I'll throw my hat into this

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hit me