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>it's a nu-falcom shitter episode

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What was wrong with the ys 1&2 remake?

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Let's not pretend that Falcom has ever made a good game anyway.

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Who is the artist?

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Joe Musashi

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Yoshitaka Amano

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FFIV, Donkey Kong,

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i'd rather play the version without always online timed events, network checks and constant load times that break the flow of gameplay, microtransactions and bullshit currency and fucked up physics in a lot of tracks. PS1 version is still best.

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Not when everyone important left after 3, 4 was saved by Hudson

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This. Hudson MADE Ys.

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I wouldn't call the PCE-CD version of Ys I-II obsolete because of the PC/PSP versions of it.
They're different enough from each other to give different experiences.

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The original plays better and is less cluttered.

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Wouldn't call anything obsolete because of remake since some people prefer one version over another.

Ys Chronicles is a nice remake but TG-16 is still a nice game. The streaming red book audio is still pretty damn good.

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True but it's not really a remake, it's an enhanced port. Those are almost always strictly better because they only add while taking nothing away.

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I didn't like this new art style

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The originals still survive on the fascination people have with how incredibly broken they are. That's something the remakes can't reproduce.

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I'm waitting.

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no voice acting
worse visuals
worse music

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Ain't no one got time to catch more than 151 pokemans

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Unless the original was an unplayable piece of shit that the remake fixed there is no such thing. Newer graphics and shit doesn't actually make a remake better. In fact they can often make it worse since older aesthetics are usually better than newer ones.

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Is marathon 1 supposed to feel slow and floaty?

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In what way is the original FFIV better than all of the remakes it's gotten, which have improved the script, added dungeons, and/or added new abilities?

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Pic related was a remake itself, dipshit.

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I got this for Christmas just like I wanted but not retro you fucking imbecile

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Squares shut down the remake, though.

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PC-88 Ys STILL has the best music, no remake ever did it justice except maybe the cool heavy metal ones on the PSP

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No game is rendered obsolete by a remake. There is never a reason why you can't play both.

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You made so many good points little fella! You're getting good at arguements :D

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they must mean the DS version, which, yes it is better than the original.

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the original feels retro though

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PC Engine OST is my personal favorite.

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>Muh extra boss

Yeah, fuck off.

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Remakes do overshadow the original. Search for any game, talk about any game, if it has a remake, it will be the one you see/hear about unless otherwise specified

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Okay? And? If the only reason you're playing a game is to talk about it with assholes online than maybe you need to rethink your hobby and why you're doing it. More to the point if nobody's already made a thread for it then there's nothing stopping you from getting that ball rolling. There will always be at least one other faggot who knows it.

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How has nobody mentioned REmake yet?

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Because RE1 is still great on it's own you gamecube baby

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I've been playing the RE1 port on DS and it still holds up

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That is a shit port and makes the game way too easy
I've been playing resident evil since it first came out, the remake is objectively better, but you're right in a lot of ways, as I do replay the original version more. For bnb some reason it still gives me spooks in certain areas, probably just nostalgia scares.

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not like the PS1 version was hard either

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Yeah, but the ds version is piss easy.

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yeah, I wish the rebirth mode was the same as classic except the puzzles would be different, dunno why they made it easier

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I wouldn't say any remake makes the older version obsolete and feel most of the time the remake adds forced shit which tends to hurt it than improve upon it. Love the ones that just smooth out the roughness while not trying to mess with it. Dragon Quest 1&2 on SNES are a nice since they just add a map which DQ2 kind of needed. And DQ3 SNES remake has some more extra stuff but can be ignored if you don't care about it (personality can be messed around with books and items, extra classes if you wish but can easily just go with normal classes, board game can be ignored, and the bonus dungeon is just optional if you don't care). FF1 PSX is another good remake since it just took the NES version and just fix the bugs which there was a lot and adding some basic QoL like better UI. Everything else pretty much plays the same.

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quit replying, dick sucking ass white boy

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>>6425329 (You)

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Never played the original Y's but I was just recently playing the remakes and I have a few issues with them. Not a fan of the bump attacks, the dungeons are just mazes with no puzzles, and the last tower in part 1 is way too big. Still like it though.

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The 3 rebirth games on wiiware that remade the gameboy games

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Sure, but a remake kind of replaces the original, do you ever see the original game been ported to newer systems when there is a remake? What I mean to say is that the remake always gets treated more favoriably compared to the original, (fan) translations,story continuity. patches/mods.

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Best to think of Ys 1 as taking basic idea of Hydlide and improving it in pretty much every way possible. I kind of like the simplicity of the game in a way. Overtime JRPG dungeons tried to become a bit too puzzley in ways that makes it hard to go back to. So just a maze like dungeon that you can get lost but not for that long is something I kind of miss in a game.

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Weren't they originals?

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Nah. They're far more charming than the remakes and play better too.

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That's Gold/Silver, which are too different to be replacements. The Red/Green remakes are much better.

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The Adventure Rebirth is ostensibly a remake of the gameboy game but it shares so little in common that it's pretty much a new game altogether. The rest are original.

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Also Ninja Warriors Again

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>Voice acting
Who cares?
>Worse visuals
Only if you’re an “old good, new bad” autist.
>Worse music
Second best after PCE. Can mod in any version of the OST in the PC port, anyway.

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>old good new bad meme
Typical zoomer non-argument

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God damn what a delusional post. Ys Origin and Oath in Felghana were some of the best action RPGs ever made.

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I hope they update Pocky & Rocky next

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>muh oath

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>cringe anime plots

yeah, no thank you.

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They're doing another one, that seems the most likely candidate

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>He says, while responding with a non-argument

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