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Any good Evangelion games?

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>merchandise often features main cast happy in fun situations and environments
>everybody on the show is depressed and then they all fucking die
Eva media franchise is pretty weird if you think about it

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>that Misato
Eva games worth playing are Neon Genesis Evangelion on N64 (probably the most faithful "Eva: the video game" to this day) and the classic Iron Maiden/Girlfriend of Steel.
I still haven't played the Saturn RPGs, but I think they're not very good. I've seen the FMVs of the first one and they're QUALITY-tier, so at least it should be fun to get some laughs from it. The 2nd game might be interesting plot-wise, similar to Girlfriend of Steel, but different outcome the new girls is actually an angel, but that game, and that girl, Mayumi, were never as popular as GoS and Mana, probably because it's not as polished (GoS was done in-house by Gainax, it had Princess Maker guys involved, and actual Eva TV staff doing the art).
The "Digital Card Collection" for Saturn is pretty interesting in its own way, it's barely a game, but it does have a bunch of mini-games, some better than others, none of them terribly good, but decent enough. You go playing these mini-games and unlocking "digital cards", so it's like collecting trading cards, and you start filling up a virtual card folder. Each card plays a short clip from the series, so I can imagine this was pretty interesting back in 1997, when digital videos were still new and novel. The best thing in this game is a series of 4koma strips that AFAIK were exclusively done for this game and can't be found anywhere else, most of them pretty great and funny.
Other than that, you got Super Robot Wars F and F Final, which were the first SRW entries to feature Eva units.
SRW Alpha also has the Evas.

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Around the action arc (eps 7 to 14), there's a lot of comedy moments when the characters are having a casual good time and laughing/goofing around.

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>Eva media franchise is pretty weird

It's beyond weird.

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why do people want eva games so badly? it really doesn't translate to videogames well

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File: 38 KB, 740x400, __ikari_shinji_and_kirishima_mana_neon_genesis_evangelion_and_1_more__fb073d6e9b0d065a3f63d2659c787fce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girlfriend of Steel
Kirishima Mana based girl

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There was a Flash game called "Neon Genesis Evangelion Dating Sim RPG" back in the day. I remember it had a really cool soundtrack. Pic related

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I want to play the dating sim with Doctor Pantyhose.

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It actually translates really well! For example to things like strip poker, or strip mahjongg, or maybe some kind of memory game where you match tiles to uncover naked girls. Really, the sky's the limit

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Just licensed fodder.

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damn that comic was really hot!
anymore please?

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Yes, if you search the artist name.

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who was in the wrong here?

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is that from GoS2?

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No, but Misato a best.
Now and always

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Sega's initial sponsorship comes full circle

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Mahjong Instrumentality Project

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kek, thanks for reminding me. Newgrounds, was it? Gotta remember to play it before December

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While mahjong game is a pathetic cash grab, this cover art is excellent.

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>Anno made the "I'm so fucked up..." scene specifically to call out coomers jerking it to Asuka
>literally all promotional artwork of Eva girls ever made is fanservice and fapbait

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The implication of Rei being thirsty for a cleanly-shaved Ikari is a bit disturbing, even by Eva marketing standards.

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Doe PS2 count?

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It has some really good presentation with nice sprite work cutscenes and stuff.
Another worhtwhile Eva game forhandheld is Shito ikusei, it's a sort of raising pet sim game where you play as kaji taking care of embryo Adam, sorta like a tamagotchi.

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Shito Ikusei is for Wonderswan btw, not Game Boy.

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Rei and shinji wouldn't say that

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Just in case, that's an unofficial fan game.

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What if it takes place during Episode 26?

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>>Anno made the "I'm so fucked up..." scene specifically to call out coomers jerking it to Asuka

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what if romance vn with hikari and touji?

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We all know Hikari settled for Touji because she knows Asuka would kill her if she tried to get with Shinji.

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the touji/hikari romance gets more time in the manga if you're interested

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>makes hawt secksy young girls
>nerds jerk off to it and make lots of porn
Anno is a ding a ling.

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he never said this

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I am jealous, I never found Bonjourno nor Logic Battle of the Shinji and Good Friends games. I liked Season of the Sakura, the path from the teacher to Ruri or Aki was best.

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still waiting for your rips

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jastusa [dotcom] [slash] classic-game-archive ... no spaces

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I mean your Evangelion collector discs and other Eva stuff you have.

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There's the N64 game which alright and possibly the most well know. Battle orchestra for the PS2 is a barely passable fighter but you get two new evas. The PSP game that follows the first two Rebuild films. it's probably the best soley eva game we got. Then we got some minigame and pachinko games on the DS. Obviously leaving out the Visual novel stuff. Next is just the super robot wars the best one is MX but he also shows up in F, Alpha, Alpha 3, and V

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Welcome to annie-may.

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Smiling rei looks like an entirely new character

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>The PSP game that follows the first two Rebuild films
You're talking about that rhythm game, 3nd Impact?

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It's "Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku".

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i wanna fuck cakes!

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Even If its not perfect, the best eva game out htere must still be eva2, ps2 or psp version depending on your taste. I mean, you can play as any character you want, you can literally fuck all the men and Maya playing as Ritsuko, you can uncover the secrets, you can fix Gendou and Shinji´s relationship, you can unlock special weapons, develop the type F armor, you can train in the shooting range to defend yuoself from the Intelligence goons that try to kill you if you know too much, NPCs can die ramdomly under certain circumstances, can save Kaworu, can make characters besides Misato go save Shinji when HQ´s raided, can visit Yui´s home, find the Nu Nautilus from Nadia, make Kaworu help you by recovering Unit 04, make Fuyutsuki go pedo on you If you are playing as Shinji, you caneven skip most fights and bullshit if you manage to escape from the city, which makes you either go ala Zeruel fight or have a game over, have to manage the reconstruction budget for the city etc, you can even make a form to change the vending machines at Hq If you play as the right characters!, I could go on and on.

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Yeah Evangelion 2 is pretty insane with all the "what if" scenarios, but I still think Eva 64 is a more impressive game when it comes to being a video game about Evagelion. Even if the gameplay is nothing really that deep or special, fighting 1 on 1 with the angels in real time (or 1 on 9 in the case of the Eva series) is still bad ass.
And even though the graphics on PS2 are more powerful than N64, there's something about them that look kinda soulless (I mean the 3D models of the evas, etc), whereas the N64 models still look impressive and more on-model with the originals.

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>you can even make a form to change the vending machines at Hq
And what effect does this have?

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>happy Gendo
>kawaii Asuka
>thirsty Rei
>that lady from Rebuilds
God, this image is cursed

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To be fair, "kawaii asuka" is how she behaved when she was around Kaji. At least until she found out Kaji fucked Misato again.

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Super Robot Wars, the games that have Evangelion, though there is one key difference, they are all different settings where various mechas are in the same world or there tends to be a multiversal event making various Earths fuse, meaning it's not just the Evangelion story, but various others at the same time.

This also means that the story technically tries to be the same as the show or the movies, but with extra people and units around, it also leads to characters developing differently, for example, Shinji tends to get actual supportive friends that can relate to him which tends to make him more confident, it also means that Gendo and SEELE never win, the guys were and are planning around the Evas and what some old scrolls mentioned, not these new fanged machines and people, they just think their ancient beings and new Evas will be enough to handle everything.

It...doesn't work that way, heck, see for example, SRW Alpha 3, which goes for the End Of Evangelion route and has the mass produced Evas powering up Eva-01, humanity starting to turn into goo...and then the cast being able to reverse things so that they don't turn into goo and can fight super basically God Eva 01 and beat it until it reverses humanity back to normal.

Basically, SRW has poor Gendo never winning.

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Apparently, one of the routes for SRW F Final has Kaworu as the final boss piloting Eva-03 (even though in this pic, he appears to be playable, not sure).
I should replay the game again and go for this route, because I don't think Kaworu showed up at all when I played it.

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I remember getting to the very end of the game and Rei asks me to come back to her room to tell me something. I'm ready to see some titties and then she tells me "I can't taste salt"

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Prove it

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He said it in an interview in '99.

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Prove it.

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I'm such a goddamn casual I'm waiting for a fan translation like a got dang moron.

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I'm not going to look through old defunct anime sites just to prove to some faggot Anno said "Fiddling their diddling." Why don't you prove you're not a faggot and find it yourself.

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Anno also said "Anonymous is a faggot" in an interview in 1995.

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That was 1996

Hideaki Anno, June 1996 issue of NEWTYPE
>"I think the people who are very much involved with the internet," Mr. Anno said, "have very narrow views toward life and the world. They're always in their rooms and don't go out very often to communicate in person. Because of their information on the internet, they feel they know everything without searching the real truths." They easily and anonymously say things that they would never say in person. "Their messages are like graffiti in a public toilet." They attack other while they are staying in a safe place. "They don't have anything certain to hold on... that's probably why they watch anime shows. I would like to add and say to those fans, hey, go out and visit towns. I am 35 now and I am realizing the importance of human contact little by little..."

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KEK I was completely making that up actually, surprised about this.
>only source online is 4chan and some forum from 2007

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>Anno made the "I'm so fucked up..." scene specifically to call out coomers jerking it to Asuka
uh no I don't think he did

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Yeah, the only game where this happens i think, i assume it was to give something different and EoE had only come out last year and SRW usually takes years to use a mecha series or movie, Evangelion was popular at the moment and they needed a last boss, so why not make Kaworu the last enemy in a route?

Poor Evangelion characters, the only thing they really have going for them is their AT Fields and everyone can just ignore them in SRW, only beings capable of causing impacts can actually be considered a threat, it's actually shocking that SRW has NERV and SEELE getting outright suprised when an Angel is killed by, say, Getter Robo because...dude, there are Super Robots and various others in the setting with various crazy energy sources and big weapons, did they really think AT Field would ignore all attacks except those from Eva's?

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I loved using the Eva units in SRWF, they have shit ranged weapon attacks but the melee attacks with the progressive knife are very powerful, and most non-boss units can't do shit to them due to AT Field.
I was surprised the first time I got an Eva shot down though, I think it was by Sati and her monstruous mech.
In the series, Nerv knows that some non-Eva weapons can penetrate AT field, but it depends on how powerful the AT field is.
I only managed to beat the angels on SRW F with the Evas.
On F Final, Evas were no longer that much needed though, I was mostly relying on Ideon and its ide power to defeat the most difficult missions. Although sometimes, I just let Eva-01 go Berserk and wreck everything, even if that means paying a lot for repairs.

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Redpill me on this. How do I get gud at the Gendo mini game?

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Just found out there is a long time running manga about an OL playing eva pachinko


Also more evangelion piko piko when dark horse?

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Just looked it up... they ship her with kaworu? But Kaworu is Asuka's bf!

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It is just a lookalike tho.

mana best girl

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A man of culture, I see.

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Yeah, every time Eva is in SRW, it's always a treat, mostly because it's fun shrugging off the AT Fields and completely derailing the plot, you kinda feel bad for poor Gendo in SRW, he never had a chance.

Funny how Gainax didn't want Evangelion in SRW at all, almost everyone thought it wouldn't fit as the plot would be changed and it had a reputation as a deconstruction of mecha series, but thankfully Anno told the rest of Gainax to shut up and let Evangelion in.

Mostly because Anno is an otaku and actually likes mecha series and outright admitted that Gundam, Mazinger Z and Getter Robo were big influences on Evangelion, well, that and Ultraman, but Ultraman has never been in SRW.

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Well that's the fun of SRW, right? All the plots get changed, and merged together.
As I said, AT Fields were never meant to be only neutralized with another AT Field, this was stablished in the Yashima operation episodes, when they break Ramiel's strong AT Field with the pulse canon (using all of Japan's energy supply).
However, I think Berserk Eva-01 was untouchable, at least on SRW F, I never played Alpha or the rest of the more modern games.
Is there any interview about the Gainax guys not wanting Eva on SRW and Anno approving of it that I can read?

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Actually correcting myself here, the AT Field thing was stablished in episode 1, when they drop the N2 bomb on Sachiel. They were able to break his AT field, but didn't kill him.

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>people shit on Mari but not on Mana

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She was always well liked.
I'm still reserving my opinion on Mari until 3.0+1.0 comes out, maybe Anno will make us feel ashamed of our words and deeds and actually give Mari an important role, but so far it's just fanservice and marketing fodder.
Mana barely had any merchandise made for her, I wish I could get my hands on some figurine of her.

>> No.6440414

Mari feels like a legit joke. Through the entirety of 3.0 she was talking in the background while everyone including Asuka were ignoring her. She had a cool moment with ZA BEASTO in 2.0 but besides that she's made for toys.

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Really says something about this place when that quote is brought up here on the regular, huh?

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The crossovers with Evangelion are usually great, especially in Alpha. The first game had the Giant Robo cast figthing angels on foot.
Hell in Alpha 3 Shinji was one of the people telling telling Kira to get his shit together when he gets in a slump.

It's a shame how newer games with Evangelion based on the Rebuild movies are mostly the cast appears, fight a few angels, does his thing and is kinda forgotten while story goes ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA

IIRC Kaworu from SRW Alpha 3 s the same from F or MX (he mentions something about previous events in 4th wall breaking moment).

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I wanted to give it a go but I can't get it to run on Retroarch

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mana a cute
mari a shit

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It's just something i heard, as for other games, the Berserk Eva-01 stops being untouchable, i don't recall there being any other game where the Eva units are truly amazing and without a doubt top tier, even SRW V which has a great Eva 01 has the problem of there being Mazinger Zero, which is the unit the plot compares the most to and is both cooler and better.

They're never bad units though, just that you will usually find others to be better or they aren't so good it makes a difference anyways, as for the newer ones, starting with Alpha they just get easier and easier for a while, with AP being the notable exception, but they are still fun games.

It's mostly that they give more mechanics to the player, things like beam shields that ignore beam attacks are less common, heck, after Alpha Gaiden, most SRW games have it so that when you upgrade a weapon in an unit, you upgrade ALL of them rather than just one, which helps.

Some games are easy enough i can't see how people could lose, SRW W is a great example, or SRW J which has a lot of good units, you don't even need the super overpowered hidden Zeorymer unit, the game gives you Mazinkaiser and it wrecks everything.

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>Evangelion-themed Hanafuda game
Does it have voice acting?
Anyone here have a download?
I would REALLY like to play some hanafuda games with Rei.

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Probably photo-kun has it but he won't rip it.

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File: 1.87 MB, 2016x1512, Do_not_need_to.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

archive [dotorg] [slash] details [slash] shinji-and-good-friends-second-hanafuda-impact ... no spaces

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No real effect except an asset swap If I recall correctly. You must be playing as Misato, and maybe Ritsuko and Kaji to do this, Im not sure.

Most of the crazier optional events and stuff is available in the psp version which has one arguable flaw despite the other differences with the ps2 version, which is that its too easy in comparison.

The psp version is balanced in a way that the fights can be very easy as long as some basic stats like A.T are high, in fact, Its fairly common that NPCs kill the weaker angels before you can even get close, this can make your playthrough very standardized lets say, so you may have to go out of your way to have something interesting or different happen in some scenarios.

Getting the F type armour is pretty difficult if you dont manage to get 2 berserk events in the first fights, as even if you manage to do it too late, the game ends before its developed.
You can also seduce Misato playing as Hyuga, make Aoba get on his music career again, and make Fuyutsuki accomplish what Gendou couldnt and meet Yui, also Misato can reach a good ending where humanity is saved, and as Shinji you can even make Kaji help you enter the Central Dogma and explore it freely to discover secrets so you have to get IDs (even a Seele ID) from people to reach top secret stuff, which puts you on the target list of the hired guns.
Its a great eva simulator anyways, but in some aspects is rough on the edges with design choices like having two different stats that affect how you interact with NPCs and the generic ending for all characters(which triggers if you reach EoE) being kind of dissapointing, though It can be considered an incentive to reach the real specific ending of the character scenario.

>> No.6442180

>You can also seduce Misato playing as Hyuga
KEK what

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When you select a character scenario you have what you would call free play, you can do whatever you want in the game with whatever consecquences may follow until you reach EoE or the world´s destroyed before. however all scenarios have an specific "secret" storyline that, if finished ends the scenario and it gets labelled as complete, the objectives differ greatly depending o the character and can be somewhat obscure, the upside is that these storylines are unique events that are fully voiced and illustrated that cannot be triggered in other character scenarios. For example Misato has to stop Gendou´s plan discovering enough information and saving Shinji, Ritsuko has to sleep with all male characters and Maya to make Gendou jealous, Kensuke has to discover how to become an eva pilot, Maya has to... start dating Aoba to fix her eating disorder?!(for real!). Basically the real objective in Hyuga´s character scenario is to make sure that Misato doesnt die in any way, which makes her more dependant on him and indebted enough that she starts going to his place some noghts, the game is maximum comfy If you like eva.

>> No.6442320

Forgot to add, as Hyuga, you have to also give her the classified documents you may hack for her, however this only puts her in danger as these items are consumables that only add knowledge to however opens them, so Its just her on the hit list, reason whty you have to give her items that also power up her personal defense stat, thats the gist of his scenario.

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new evangelion pilot from new evangelion game

I just wish someone would rip the sprites of BF and Dawn already

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>mobile game

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File: 135 KB, 500x250, Kotone Suzunami Plugsuit Front 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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the only legit one

>> No.6443891

That'd be because Mari's shit.

>> No.6443924

>tfw have to listen to normalfags give their opinions on this series now that it's on netflix

>> No.6444092

>Ritsuko has to sleep with all male characters and Maya to make Gendou jealous
>Maya has to... start dating Aoba to fix her eating disorder?!(for real!).
>Hyuga´s character scenario is to make sure that Misato doesnt die in any way, which makes her more dependant on him and indebted enough that she starts going to his place some noghts,
I need to learn Moonspeak posthaste.

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Based Pop'n Music poster

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This actually looks comfy as fuck. Did they just use the N64 game assets?

>> No.6444432

the evangelion expanded universe feels so wrong and unnecessary
Anno was right

>> No.6444445

>Anno was right
You people keep bringing up supposed things Anno said but never a single source lol.
Is Anno the most faked quoted person ever? After Miyamoto.

>> No.6445254

He is the one who asks for it to happen, how is he right?

>> No.6445282

is it still up ?
I need to play this

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So is there a list of ALL the /vr/ Eva games? I won't bother with non-retro because there's probably too much mobile/gacha shit.
-NGE (Saturn)
-NGE 2nd Impression (Saturn)
-Iron Maiden (PC/SS/PS)
-NGE (N64)
-Digital Card Collection (Saturn)
-Mahjong Instrumentality Project (GBC)
-Shito Ikusei (Wonderswan)
-Ayanami Rei Raising Project (PC/DC)
Those are the ones mentioned ITT that I've compiled, and added the Ayanami raising project game. I don't really know the names of the games on OP's pic (if they really are games).
it seems Gainax released a lot of games for PC, but most of them were card games and stuff. Any full list of those?

>> No.6445341


>> No.6445408

Mari's the Princess Sevenleaf of WEVA: YOU WILL (NOT) PASS!

>> No.6446208

>le bullshit homo jargon, hon hon hon
All French philosophers should be gassed.

>> No.6446564

I think as far as console games go you're covered.

>> No.6446572

The typing games could count too, I dont know the exact dates but some got out for DC

>> No.6447528

>Ayanami Rei Raising Project (PC/DC)
DS-edition with asuka-stuff (port of ps2-version, or something) got a translation-hack

>> No.6447618

Unfortunately no.

>> No.6447821

None of them have exceptionally good gameplay, but there's interesting stuff for fans of the series. Eva 64 is a must play if you like Evangelion.

>> No.6448117

it’s a damn shame

>> No.6448142
File: 147 KB, 1024x614, EVaVHS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to discuss Evangelion online has been shit since way before Netflix. Since it became too popular in the 2000s, a lot of tryhard special snowflakes won't stop acting smartass about Evangelion, doing "DID YOU KNOW" comments about Ideon, for example. /m/ hipster kids are especially guilty of this. Plus waifufaggotry from /a/.
The best time to be an Evangelion fan, at least in the west, was the late 90s. It was new, people weren't bitter/cynic about it, and no normalfag knew it even existed. And zoomers didn't exist yet/weren't conscious.

>> No.6449956

Why is Mockingbird's ass so RED and PLUMP

>> No.6450631


>> No.6451576
File: 365 KB, 722x460, Evangelion_Marie_Vincennes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not Marie
get on my level

>> No.6451782
File: 321 KB, 879x1588, anno thread on b, nov 2004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end. We'd sing and shitpost forever and a day.

>> No.6451954

>Marie Vincennes (マリア・ヴァンセンヌ) is a character from a card based role playing game.

>> No.6452696


>> No.6452723

Ahh, those VHS covers are so goddamn aesthetic. Also expensive. I had only the first one. After buying it I immediately got somewhat of a buyer's remorse, thinking its mad to pay 20 euros for 2 episodes pare tape, especially when DVD boxes were already sold for under 100 euros, second hand. Also DVDs don't get fucking jammed in your VHS player.
Good old times really is the biggest meme, huh?

>> No.6454075

VHS is the only proper way to experience how Gainax intended it.

>> No.6454078


>> No.6454679


>> No.6454854
File: 34 KB, 450x600, genesis14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, DVD is fine too. But only if it's the original japanese R2 ones.
The same way retro video games are meant to be played on SD displays, the same could be said about older video that was made with SD displays in mind, and at 4:3 ratio (unless it's a feature film, but TV series is 4:3, even some movies also originally used 4:3 due to animation studios reusing TV animation cells for films, then they cropped the image themselves to fit the wider aspect ratio for theatrical film).
The "2 episodes per tape" was faithful to how the original japanese releases were, with each "Genesis" (01, 02, etc) release containing only 2 episodes, on LD and VHS. Then when DVDs in Japan were released, it was 4 episodes per disc.
But yeah buying Evangelion on video was expensive back then. Buying anime in general was expensive, but I also have memories of Evangelion tapes being more expensive than the rest. Gotta say though, the quality of those ADV VHSs is great, it looks actually better than the DVDs ADV releases, which have a somewhat grainy image. I'm talking about the original ADV DVDs, the 1st press of them, not the Renewal or whatever. The ADV VHSs with 2 episodes per tape look and sound fantastic.
A curiosity about the way Evangelion was released on video originally is that Japanese people had to wait a while before they could actually buy any Genesis past Genesis:10 (episodes 19 and 20), Gainax/King Records stopped released the home video tapes/LDs, and it wasn't until 1998 or so that they continued with Genesis 11, 12, 13 and 14, after the movies were out. So, because of that, Japanese people only got the home video editions that are the "director's cuts" of episodes 21 to 24, not the original TV broadcast versions, but we westerners did get them, ADV got to release all 26 episodes on VHS in the late 90s, and they just went with the original TV broadcasts, since Gainax hadn't released the director's cuts yet.

>> No.6454864
File: 2.22 MB, 1142x1026, Second_Impact_Box_3_Cover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, in Japan, the original broadcast versions became some sort of a rarity, and the only way to watch the original episodes was if you had them recorded from TV. Meanwhile us westerners had little idea about the reworked "director's cut" versions of eps 21 to 24, and the only glimpse at newly added animation is if you happened to get a hold of a fansubbed VHS of Death and Rebirth.
So in terms of the "purest" way to watch Evangelion on DVD is to get the Second Impact Box sets, which include the original R2 DVDs at 4:3, with the original broadcasted episodes of eps 21 to 24. By the way, pic related, the 3rd Second Impact Box, includes the only DVD-ROM version of Girlfriend of Steel for Windows (original release was 4 CD-ROMs, this one is a single DVD).
In general, when it comes to DVDs, you want to avoid ADV's releases. Their VHSs are great, but their DVDs, not really, R2 all the way.
There's Blu-ray editions now, but those are HD, which is completely fine, but if you want to experience it on a CRT at SD, you gotta go with the R2 DVDs from 1998, or the Second Impact Box ones.

>> No.6454875

You're talking about 4:3 this and VHS that, but the blurays are also in the proper ratio with no bullshit cutting to widescreen. Also cartoon tape releases were always wasteful and inefficient, even western stuff.

>> No.6455041

Seeing characters that suffer happy fills my heart with warmth.

>> No.6455376
File: 36 KB, 384x384, NGEKIBA07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You're talking about 4:3 this and VHS that
But I was mostly talking about DVDs, not VHS.
I also said Blu-rays are completely fine, but they aren't in SD, is all.
>Also cartoon tape releases were always wasteful and inefficient
Have you actually watched the ADV VHSs though? These: >>6448142
They're very high quality, and actually better than the initial DVDs ADV made.

>> No.6456642

Thinking about playing Girlfriend of Steel on PS1, since I got a copy of it recently.
Just one question: does it have the nude scene or that's PC-only?

>> No.6456721
File: 233 KB, 340x378, Xenogears_box.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6456724

Man, people always said this was like Evangelion but it's way different. Completely fantasy setting instead of near-future (well, near-past as of now) modern setting, and the mechs/designs are nothing alike.
If anything, it reminded me of Escaflowne a bit.

>> No.6457130

It's because people are retarded and think anything with crosses and robots is Eva.

>> No.6457134
File: 25 KB, 959x296, xenogears.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Xenogears is a serious piece of literature.

>> No.6457306

>So, in Japan, the original broadcast versions became some sort of a rarity
they made a bluray-box just containing tv-edits. ("archive of evangelion" or something like that).

>Thinking about playing Girlfriend of Steel on PS1,
god, why.

>> No.6457308

No. Anno was a mistake.

>> No.6457867


>> No.6457876
File: 1.07 MB, 886x876, Genesis_13_LD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they made a bluray-box just containing tv-edits. ("archive of evangelion" or something like that).
Yeah, that bluray box is amazing actually, it also contains the original theatrical-only Death and Rebirth that was never released before. But I'm talking before the Second Impact Box came out, back in the 90s, japanese Eva fans had no way to rewatch eps 21 to 26 for a while unless they had the episodes recorded from TV on tape, since it took some time until they releases the following home tape videos/LD after episode 20. And then when they did, it was only the director's cut versions (which is ideal, but purist fans still wanted to also have the originals), in the year 2000 Gainax finally released the Second Impact Box sets, but in the west, we already had the original versions on video since years ago. Just a curiosity.

>> No.6457881

Doesn't the existence of games like this defeat the purpose of what the show was about?

>> No.6457889

The show was anti-hanafuda?

>> No.6457901

The show is anti-escapist-otaku-wank. I actually don't know what any of those games in the OP pic are, but there are quite a few Eva games that fall into that category.

>> No.6457905
File: 121 KB, 444x356, humanism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Xenogears but man, people who write posts like that are either 17years old or midwits who think (badly) namedropping concepts equates analyzing them.

I've spent the last 6 years studying esoterics and now Xenogears feels like someone read the wikipedia article on gnosticism and decided to cram everything without seriously analyzing what they read.

By the way, gnosticism as a whole is exactly that: Midwits profanes who didn't understand the esoteric meaning of christianity and made up a fanfic about how there are two gods, and the demiurge is an evil one... and the true one God is outside of reach unless you're a pneumatic... Basically, brainlets who didn't get that it wasn't two gods, but two faces of the same deity. God in its absoluity, and God interacting with His creation (see Maester Echkart and is distinction between God and Godhead to get it)


Still an awesome story. Copying every sci-fi trope from the last 30years makes it quite unique, paradoxically.

>> No.6457906

Well, I've read the 1993 Eva Project dossier, and while they mention that the idea behind the show was to make a "realistic" super robot show, that shows how piloting a giant robot might not be as cool as kids think it might be if it really happened to them (to be pilots and fight against deadly enemies), I don't think it was aimed specifically at otaku.
Shinji isn't otaku, his interests are uh... playing cello.
The otaku was Kensuke, but he was more comedy relief than anything.
People really love to overanalyze Evangelion and think that Anno hates otaku culture or whatever, but he is an otaku himself. And hanafuda card games are really harmless, really. Gainax did far worse than that lol, they have actual hentai games.

>> No.6457914

Are you familiar with VNs at all? There are tons of people that write reviews and analyses of VNs that read just like that. It's some of the most pathetic shit imaginable.

>> No.6457964

I enjoy short visual novels... My favorite is Saya no Uta and - despite some edgy sex scenes - this one is actually interesting because it plays with the reader's empathy through its visuals. You end up finding some scenes beautiful even though pure horror is happening in the story.

But yeah, I imagine that a lot of people who invested 100 hours in Fate stay night or Umineko would want to convince people they didn't waste time reading some adolescent fantasy and it's actually the best piece of literature ever made.

>> No.6457983

Yeah, Saya is one of the best. If you haven't read it check out Hanachirasu too. It's another great short one.

>> No.6457986

Thanks anon. I had never heard about this one. I'm adding it to the list.

>> No.6458780

>it also contains the original theatrical-only Death and Rebirth that was never released before
neat, gotta search for it

>> No.6458894
File: 70 KB, 512x389, unnamed (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do the laser discs measure up to the other releases? I got my hands on pic related and am thinking of collecting the rest too.

>> No.6460229

A small Eva turn-based game, apparently from Evangelion Collector's Disc Vol. 3, don't know if it's called anything else than Angels


>> No.6460735

Really neat little mod. Stylized Tokyo-3 looks really cool in Doom engine. First person Mechwarrior-like Eva game fucking when?

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